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This girl has been through so many changes! I’ve modified her face a little over the years (a bit of sanding here and there), and then more recently a bigger change was made to her eyes where I partially closed them to give a more dreamy look. The body art was really fun to do, and the doll’s sculpt made this even better - I think she really suits being nude all the time so I wanted to decorate her a little to really show her off! Doll : Limhwa To You Sara … #bjd #limhwa #limhwadoll #faceup #viridianhouse #edinburghartist #artdoll #customdoll #balljointeddoll

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14. Which MH character do you think you’d click with?  #Monster High Challange

Probably Abbey. I’m usually easier with boys, but Abby’s personality seems to be pretty chill. Her straightforwardness and practical thinking seem so refreshing to me. Oh my god, these puns weren’t intended at all! I just like to describe things very vivid. ~(^o^)~

This stunningly beautiful doll was repainted by NotOnlyDolls and she sent me the necklace, as well. PuppetLocker made Abbey’s clothing. Both its quality and detail are amazing and I can’t even imagine the amount of work which must have gone into this. I just added a little white tiger charm.

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now that the results are finally out i can share this with you guys on here too!

I painted this head for the DoA customisation contest a-and I got second place with it… I’m so shocked and happy, I NEVER thought I’d actually get anywhere near second place! The head will stay like this, I really fell in love with the mold all over again after painting this… Hope you guys like it too!

(i also made those custom eyes that i really ended up liking hehe)


【FACE UP】▪ Iplehouse-Claude by Aunus
[Iplehouse Claude]


When you try to draw the second best eyebrow in your life…😂😭

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May I present to you: my brand new - actually just slightly different - setup on my left shelf! You can find pictures of the right shelf here. I threw out the big box aka. my oc Ginger’s room to provide even more space for… you guessed it: even more dolls! We’re currently awaiting the arrival of her royal highness Amanita Nightshade. ✧⁺⸜(●′▾‵●)⸝⁺✧

As you probably already know, I’m a bit obsessed with colour coordination and arranging my dollies according to said aesthetic. After their personal photoshoot, everyone is given a carefully picked place in the group and just kinda sits there. That’s why I felt the need to give my precious ghouls some more attention and what started out as a hunt for picture-worthy details ended up as a series I’d like to call “My dolls and how I started to ship them for the single reason of them sitting next to each other”.

My first find was the arrangement of Frankie, Jinafire and Asha, who look like an infamous mysterious girl squad judging everyone and their mom. After that, I took a picture of heart eyeing Viperine and Ginger, who got photobombed by my beauty Gilda. Next up are my tinies Twyla and River, who I ship since ‘Haunted’. After that, the shipping went bonkers with Catty and Purrsephone, who look cute together, Catrine and Operetta, who might even make sense since they’re both on the artistic side, Skelita and Toralei, who make no sense at all, but they’re orange, so yay, Moanica checking out Cleo, who has non of this shit and doesn’t even want to be frenemies, Dracubecca admiring Batsy, who she share’s the capacity of an adorably sculpted face mold with, and Mimi and Vera, who could be alter egos of Spectra and Bonita and also hold hands (because their stands are trash and they would fall over otherwise, but sssh, it’s cute).

Sorry for the rambling. Here is a link to all my doll pictures, including Barbie and Pullip Dal as well. Have a wonderful day all you amazing fellow doll collectors! (๑╹ڡ╹)╭ ~ ♡