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14. Which MH character do you think you’d click with?  #Monster High Challange

Probably Abbey. I’m usually easier with boys, but Abby’s personality seems to be pretty chill. Her straightforwardness and practical thinking seem so refreshing to me. Oh my god, these puns weren’t intended at all! I just like to describe things very vivid. ~(^o^)~

This stunningly beautiful doll was repainted by NotOnlyDolls and she sent me the necklace, as well. PuppetLocker made Abbey’s clothing. Both its quality and detail are amazing and I can’t even imagine the amount of work which must have gone into this. I just added a little white tiger charm.

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【FACE UP】▪ Iplehouse-Claude by Aunus
[Iplehouse Claude]


lips walkthrough by Arlequeen M
Tutorial for painting lips on BJD faceups by Arlequeen


There you Godot!  *insert Bad Pun Husky*

Really, though, Godot is finished…for now.  He will get different eyes in time, but I do like the silver, so I’m in no hurry.  I don’t know if he will get facial piercings or not.  A teeny rhinestone in his nostril would be adorable, but I would want smaller than I have on hand.  Snarky bastard already stole the spiked choker that @mirrorada made for Tea.  I must admit, I am quite happy with how he shook out.  

Godot [Ringdoll, Lulu]


Volks Williams custom by gama__
[Volks SD16/17 Williams]