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My Long Ass Predictions post for Kyosei (second time around :P)

I don’t know how much of this is predictions or wishful thinking :P

I’ll be retracting some of my previous predictions from my older post throughout this new one. Also, I’m painfully aware that I suck at making predictions. Out of all the predictions I made for Soshitsu, only one ended up being correct.

I look forward to being proven both correct and/ or incorrect come September 30th :D

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After I took this boy’s picture, I was told by his mom how self conscious he is about his vitiligo that’s developed over the past year. She told me that he hates his lips. He avoids looking at himself in the mirror and can hardly smile in pictures because he can’t bear the thought of his “ugly” lips being preserved in photographs. Can y'all do me a favor and like or reblog this? I wanna show him this post so he can see how poppin he actually is. I want him to realize that his skin is flawless and that his vitiligo is just an additional mark of distinction to the already unique beauty that is Blackness, in all of its various shades.

in this era that we’re in, self-love is crucial and we can’t afford to have our black children facing the world with anything less than overwhelming love and pride in their skin.

*pretends I posted this 40 mins ago* so ummm yeah, valentine’s is definitely still happening for me rn!!! hahaaahaa
It’s date night for the babes~~ (also barlee owns my ass)


Harry and the little sleeping boy. 💛 

“We’re gonna sing, very quietly, You & I.”

This is Douglas, a happy hippo cared for by Steve and Anna Tolan in their wildlife rehabilitation center. Douglas loves to give kisses to those willing and he is good friends with a ferocious crocodile that lives in the same lagoon as he.

Okay, so correct if I’m wrong, but…  

…aren’t sharp weapons…

…that are also guns….


…like…really, really dangerous? Like just straight-up stupidly dangerous? Like “Hey, lemme just use these guns as nunchucks WHOOPS I SHOT MYSELF IN THE GODDAMN FACE.” 

I mean, look at Blake:

It’s a sword. But also a gun?? But she also swings it around??? While continuing to use it as a gun???? She is literally swinging around arguably one of the most dangerous-to-use weapons ever conceived?????????

  • Taehyung : But yours is clearly misguiding people from the truth!
  • Jimin : No it isn't!!
  • Jimin : YOURS is incorrect!! YOURS is misleading people from the reality!!
  • Taehyung : HOw dare are you!!!
  • Taehyung : I thought we're friends!!!
  • Jimin : That's what I thought too but apparently not!!
  • Taehyung : *Gasps*
  • Jin : Namjoon, what is wrong with those two?
  • Namjoon : Nothing important really.
  • Namjoon : Basically, Taehyung reported Jimin's Jinmin twitter account-
  • Namjoon : and so Jimin reported Taehyung's Taejin twitter account.
  • Namjoon : and now both of their account got deactivated.
  • Jin : ...
  • Jin : Someone please stop them.
  • Jin : Where's Yoongi when you need him?
  • Namjoon : Oh he is being grumpy in his room because Hoseok reported his Yoonjin account.
  • Jin :
  • Jin : Can you go and get him please?
  • Namjoon : No, I'm not talking to him.
  • Namjoon : That monster reported my Namjin fan fic this morning out of spite!
  • Jin :
  • Jin : Did anyone in this household not get reported apart from me?
  • Jungkook : Yeah, Hobi hyung.
  • Jungkook : *tap his phone*
  • Jungkook : But not anymore~
  • Jungkook : Ha! Reporting my Jinkook fan art doesn't seem like such a good idea now does it huh?!
  • Jin :
  • Jin : You know who should start reporting?
  • Jin : Me.
  • Jin : It should be ME!
  • Jin : I should be the one reporting y'all!