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who are the other two clan leaders? what do the leaders think of each other? Do any clans have alliances?

the other two are Fellstar of Shadowclan and Singingstar of Riverclan

Fellstar is currently the youngest leader in the clans. He maintains a confident facade, but (not so) deep down he is Sensitive and has a lot of ~internal turmoil~. 

Singingstar is deaf, but has an incredibly close connection with Starclan(and the Dark Forest). They are easy-going but surprisingly resolute when they need to be.

I haven’t yet introduced Sliverstar of Thunderclan or Cricketstar of Windclan but i will eventually lol. 

The arc with Morrowstar actually comes quite a bit later in my story! theres also another Skyclan leader (or well, two actually, but only one Starclan Approved™) between the beginning of my story and the time that Morrowstar is introduced. I’m still not completely set on the event timeline so im uncertain yet whether TC and WC leader positions change before Morrowstar is introduced but there is definitely some Major Events involving leadership in TC and WC.

BUT BASICALLY Fellstar n Singingstar are the two stable leader position holders throughout my story lol

As for alliances, at the beginning of the story SC/RC and TC/WC are the allied! Eventually the TC/WC alliance falls apart but SC/RC remains pretty stable. Skyclan…actually becomes allied with a rogue group later during Morrowstar’s arc! 

Fellstar and Singingstar also have the best relationship out of all the leaders. They’re on the same wavelength. THEY EVEN HAVE MATCHING LEG SCARS LMAO and matching prickly deputies. but anyways they’re both quite professionally friendly towards each other and Fellstar manages to get along with Badgerbite (Singingstar’s sister/interpreter/deputy) so that earns him bonus points haha.

Sliverstar and Cricketstar (or well. mostly just Sliverstar but their alliance drags Cricketstar into it as well) don’t really have great relationships with each other or the other clans but i haven’t introduced them yet so i’ll get to more about them later

“…a perforated metal exterior composed of layered sheets with diagonal crosses that result in a dramatic facade. The residence incorporates an ancient Roman retaining wall that leads to the Plečnik Pyramid, designed by Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik, which brings a bit of old to the new structure…”

Villa Criss-Cross Envelope by OFIS arhitekti

(If Hide is Scarecrow)

Hide and Kaneki learning sign language together (with Hide being totally extra and learning American sign language). Kaneki and he use it all the time at a rapid pace. When others see them, they find it hard to follow (they are learning too but Hide and Kaneki just pick it up quicker). Because rarely talks now because of his condition, Kaneki is finally able to see past Hide’s bubbly personality and see what Hide is truly feeling. Hide’s discomfort becomes more evident; his disapproval, sadness, loneliness, annoyance, anguish, all of it becomes more clear to Kaneki. He can truly see what lies beyond Hide’s facade. Kaneki can read Hide’s eyes, see what his smile is telling him. But Hide’s laugh, even in his condition, is still the same laugh Kaneki loves.

The Blog Is Changing...But Not Too Much..(Please Read!)

Okay, so I thought I’d take a quick moment to explain what’s going to happen with the blog as of right now and what all is going to change. Well, short answer: not TOO much will change. 

You see, due to some recent news, I learn that my music career (at least in the underground) might be picking up here soon. However, I realize my stage name and my art name is the same and has caused a lot of confusion for some of the people I wanted to work with recently on music. So, to keep my music life and my art life in two different lanes, in hopes on building a brand, I will not be going under the name Facade The Slacker on Tumblr anymore.

I will be going under the alias Captain Darko.

And no–the art isn’t gonna slow up or get worst or whatever. Actually, I plan to make bigger pieces, larger projects, improve on the art I’ve been putting out and  try to pump out more art quickly.

As for the blog layout, it’s getting totally revamped. I think a new name means a new look to the blog so here’s how it’s gonna go down.


I swear, I been on this site for half a decade and I always get asked when I was going to properly tag my shit, but was always too lazy to do it. So, now I’ll make it easier for you guys to get to my art faster.

Overall, I plan to make the blog neater and more attractive to the eyes. Y’all keep saying I need to update the look often..

Some of you are wondering why am I telling you this. It’s my blog, right? I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, right? Well, I don’t see it as that. I try to entertain you guys with the pieces I put out and I think it’s far to warn y’all when I do something noticeably different to the page. That and I don’t want to lose any of y’all during this change period. It’s gonna be different and it might pop off like I’m a different person, but no. Still that slacker y’all know and love. Just with a new coat of paint. I hope y’all stick around and vibe with me, even with all the changes, because the changes are happening right away.

Thanks for reading and understanding. The page is changing. The name is changing. Not the art and not me


shreikingbeauty a réagi à votre billet “yo guys. it’s the end of of the holidays for me. send me Graves…”

Graves headcanon: he puts on a facade that he is very dull and serious but he’s actually really emotional, like he spends his evenings with expensive chocolates, a glass of wine, a box of tissues, and a tragic romance novel, and just BAWLS over it


and when he comes to work the next day he wishes he could just go up to someone and talk excitedly about what a perfect and sad ending last night’s book had but he can’t because it would ruin his reputation 

he has dozens of romance books in his office charmed to look like Very Serious Political And Historical Books™

Queenie finds out by accident and once they’re past the embarrassment, Graves agrees to exchange books with her on a weekly basis. They meet up in his office around a cup of chocolate to discuss their favorite moments and so on. Graves has never been happier. 

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Hi !! I wanted to tell you that your headcanons are amazing !! Actually i spent near 12h on it each weeks XD so could you give us some yandere bmp butlers please ? And princes to if you have time ... Aniway thank you so much for that amazing blog of yours ! E

Thank you so much !! <3 The fact that you spend so much time on my headcanons without cringing makes me smile xD

I did yandere butlers right here: (;

Wilfred: He saw Claude glance at her once, and he was through. His calm facade slipped and he yelled at him with pure hatred in his eyes, and swore that if he ever even stepped foot in the same room as she was, he would kill him. MC would be shaking, and before she managed to escape the room, Wilfred picked her up, slung her over his shoulder, and brought her to his bedroom, which he declared the only place she would be allowed to live in. Later on that day, the butler of Philip had a taste of poison in his tea.

Keith: No chill. He beat the shit out of whoever was even a centimeter too close to her. Literally. His knuckles would be cut and bruised afterwards. MC was scared to death of him, and since he didn’t want her to run away, he bought gold chains and binded her up with them. He made sure to conceal her away, and marked her every night so she knew who she belonged to. His technique of murder would be reckless af, all the anger he felt would transfer to the knife he used to stab them violently again and again even after they were confirmed dead.

Roberto: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Once he found out who his potential rival was, he befriended them right away. After he earned their trust, he made them follow him out to an abandoned building, and when they weren’t looking, drugged them and placed them in a safe. He locked it and left them to starve and die. When MC asked about the mysterious disappearance that was shown on newspapers and TV, he shrugged with a smile and kissed her. Little did she know.

Joshua: Did some hours of researching poisons and watching murder shows in private. A normal murder would be way too messy, so he invited his target up to the mountains. He didn’t want to waste anymore time he could be spending with his beloved MC, so he put his foot out, and the nuisance of a human being fell to his death, which was later deemed as an accident. He made sure to punish her that night for letting them get close to her by biting down on her neck until it bled.

Glenn: Yu was his first mission, no surprise. Since Yu was always with him when he practiced his archery, he decided it was the perfect time. When Yu thought he was focusing on the target, he quickly snapped back and made the arrow hit his chest instead. He made sure to clean up all evidence, including the body, and claim that Yu had disappeared into the night. He held MC close during the grieving process, but what she didn’t know, that when she buried her head into his chest, a grin spread across his face. Nobody could get in the way now.

Edward: Surprisingly, he decided to be bold and stab his victim. The blood on his hands was such a beautiful hue, and he decided to paint a cage with it. When he trapped MC in the cage, he told her how hard he worked on it for her. Once she started screaming for help, he tied a satin washcloth around her mouth, but not before planting a bruising kiss on her lips. He smiled creepily before turning out the lights, leaving the room, and locking the door. “Goodnight, my little caged rose.”

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"which isn’t your place if you’re not homosexual, like I am" Honey, you sound like you're 12. People can have opinions regardless of their sexuality. Look and listen; I see through your facade. You're abusing situations and drama to gain more followers.

sure, you can have “opinions”, but that doesn’t mean they actually carry any weight. I can have all the opinions I want about a form of racism against a race I am not a part of, but my opinion means jack shit compared to those who are actually a part of it and actually affected by it.

that’s not the argument of a 12 year old, that’s just common sense. you don’t get to decide to and for a group you aren’t a part of what does and doesn’t oppress them. you just don’t.

and you might want to get your glasses checked, since I actually expected to loose followers and get a fuck ton of hate forcing me to close my inbox once he replied.

just cause that didn’t happen doesn’t mean that was my goal.

and besides, if what I’m doing is feeding off drama, why are you here, fanning the flames?

cause trust me, the one thing someone who loves drama wants is someone to argue with, and I am an avid blocker. anyone who shows me they can’t have an educated and polite discussion with me or doesn’t have anything I’m curious to hear about (such as your bullshit claim), I block them on sight, and nothing ends drama and arguments like blocking the other person.

Khada Jhin’s vanity is a learned vice.

Before he was Khada Jhin, and more the wily, disagreeable Sochi Yang, his self image was an oversight: something to be looked after only when he was through with seething and filling himself with distaste for the many frustrations he suffered from his father and the responsibilities shunted to him. When that facade fell apart and took Sochi Yang’s world with it, Khada Jhin was the result of that running away; but he was young, inexperienced still, and thoroughly paranoid of what lay ahead of him.

It was not until Khada Jhin stopped the buzzing and realized his obsession with Daisuke Emiya that he learned the value of vanity. As Emiya lay dying, his lips cut and slashed from his last duet and his chest bleeding bloody from the worax horns pierced into it, Jhin happily sapped every lady vestige of his withering away and walked out someone else, believing that he had absorbed Emily’s qualities within him through that final duet. Emiya was fickle, precise, talented and deeply narcissistic.

Khada Jhin, not unlike a child miming his betters, reflects that very internalization. He has only grown into those traits since as the years have developed.

As for Emiya, his body served well for the moment it did on his family’s mantle.

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(gargoyle anon) A really cracky theory I had for a while. UT puts Claudia's cinematic record in Lizzy for the time being until he can make or revive Claudia's body, so he sends Lizzy back home and everyone has to deal with Lizzy's new identity crisis. And it's really weird cause she's still Lizzy but acts like Claudia at times because of her memories in side of her. And her mind is close to giving in since she has all these secrets and facades she puts on. I dunno, it's reallly cracky.

I wish you were writing this arc instead of Yana :’)

I am down for this! It’d be super surprising if it turned out Lizzie’s “muted” personality was because she’s not herself anymore. And Lizzie herself doesn’t know she has Claudia in her, while Claudia secretly works within Lizzie to finish whatever it is she didn’t in life. 

This is a classic Gothic heroine storyline and I love it. I don’t care how cracky this theory is, I like it!

I sometimes go to China Mieville to remind me how limber the language can be, and to get a style in my head that guarantees I won’t repeat so many words. Today I’m working on Dishonored fic and reading this page:

“It was an ugly port. They were wary. This was not their territory … churches with cement facades mimicking antique curlicues, banks using slate in uncommon colors, achieving only vulgarity.”