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Harry’s nostalgia for a time not his own should be obnoxious but it really, really isn’t. It’s a love for an aesthetic, a love for art and a part of how he chooses to express what he loves most out of life, and I completely understand that. Vintage-looking photographs of long legs and collars, literally baring his chest, styled specifically, cozy sweater in fields and at home, mostly looking right into the camera lens. I’m actually in love with this Harry, and I’m especially in love with the way he expresses himself vocally, even as vague as he is, because that’s all part of it. His love for his band, his love for his experiences and his love for himself are genuinely inspiring. I’m glad to read that he’s happy. Good for you, Harry.


This was taking too long so I rushed it so I can finally post the damn thing lol.

Please do not take this mini comic seriously– It was just an excuse to draw He Tian loosing his cool around Mo Guan Shan for once and this is what I came up with… Pfft, even I can’t imagine what his smile looks like! XD IT’S TOO PURE…! ಥ‿ಥ

Zhan Zheng Xi and Jian Yi were a bonus– They were originally just plain angels but I thought putting them in would be funnier :P


Guess who had too many races on their plate and hasn’t been able to fully train for the Chicago marathon?

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Guess who, subsequently, is going to drive the struggle bus from the time the gun goes off until he crosses that finish line?

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Guess who doesn’t really care because he has nothing to prove and plans on simply enjoying his time in Chicago??

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I am happy they put in Day of the Dead stuff in, but it’s mostly centered around the Mexican celebrations.

In contrast, Panama’s is super boring. My Day of the Dead cc would involve actions such as “Clean Grave”, “Pull Weeds”, “Leave Flowers” and “Be Scolded for Running Around and Making Noise”.