no excuse for animal abuse


Translation: “I was never considering going vegan in the first place and now I have another ridiculous excuse to keep unnecessarily buying animal products”

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In your experience, do you think that most people truly just don't care about animals and the environment? Like are just apathetic and have no desire to change? I have friends that know pretty much everything about how farmed animals are treated, how animal agriculture destroys the planet, and how our resources could be used so much more practically with plant based options, but they still eat meat. They're not sociopaths, just self centered and unwilling to change their lifestyles even slightly

I think most people do care, they just don’t translate that care into action. I think there can be a lot of reasons for this, it can be out of ignorance of not knowing what they should be doing, it can be out of a sense of powerlessness because they don’t know how to help, or it can just be that they do care but not enough to actually do anything about it. Contrary to popular opinion, most of what animal rights activists are doing is just trying to help people translate their existing values into action, into behaving in a way that is consistent with them, rather than convincing anyone to change their ideas and ethics.

Keep in mind that eating animals isn’t something most people make a rational decision to do, it’s what you do when you’re on autopilot. Social norms are extremely powerful, not to mention the overwhelming propaganda we’re subjected to every day. These aren’t excuses for contributing towards animal abuse, but they do factor in to distorting our choices and making us feel less responsible for our actions. I think it’s always best to try to see the best in people and encourage them to live up to it, as difficult as that can sometimes be. 

i guess i underestimated how gross this fandom really is? hope nyall realize someday how fuckin bugly it is to excuse an animal abuser who said they have had rapist thoughts and also tried to make boo feel bad bc he didn get hung up on him when they broke up like…. honeys.. sweeties…. *todd voice* grow up

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For the ask ship thing, solangelo if ya will and if ya do thank you lol

-who said i love you first?: Nico and he was a total butt about it too. Will found out that Nico had apparently been saying it to him for weeks but in Italian. Will would’ve been mad if he weren’t so freaking happy

-who laughs when the other trips?: Nico but he doesn’t full on laugh, he chuckles and then mercilessly teases Will about it for an hour

-who pays the bills?: Will had to show Nico how to do it and then he continued to pay them after that

-which one makes a bigger deal around the holidays?: Will outwardly does and forces Nico to wear festive clothes and ugly sweaters but Nico secretly love it and the holidays, especially Halloween

-who’s more clumsy?: Naturally, Will. He’s very articulate with his hands but he has two left feet. Nico is only clumsy when he’s flustered, like when Will overtly flirts with him in front of other people

-who checks their daily horoscope?: Nico does but only because he thinks they’re absurd. He still heeds their warnings, though he wouldn’t admit it

-who sings louder in the car?: Will and he always tries to get Nico to join in because Nico has the most AMAZING voice and when he sings in Italian, Will absolutely melts

-who leaves the cap off the toothpaste?: Will does but Nico tries to time it so that he’s finished after Will and just puts it on for him

-who is more up to date in pop culture?: Will. But his version of “up to date” it watching all the new releases on Netflix with Nico and then looking up articles on them

-who insists on going to see the newest movies?: Will but he insists on seeing the things Nico loves but is too embarrassed to go see so that he has an excuse to watch them

-who cries when the abused animal commercials come on?: Will gets a little upset when he’s alone but when Nico’s there he’s too distracted by his boyfriend’s righteous anger and has to calm him down

-who’s the lighter sleeper?: Nico. He’s so used to having to be super aware of his surroundings that he can’t relax enough to go into a deep sleep. Will is a rather light sleeper too, which really helps when Nico’s have one of his Bad Nights

-who believes in ghosts?: Nico and it’s an undeniable fact to him. He won’t even argue people on it, he just says they’re real and stops the conversation. But then he later goes and rants to Will about how anyone could possibly believe ghosts weren’t real

-who does the grocery shopping?: They both do and they do it superbly. If it’s a planned trip, they’re in and out like that, perfectly coordinated so that they both go get what they need and meet back at the cash register in record time. But when it’s not planned, Nico has to pry Will away from all the stuffed animals he wants to buy Nico

-who updates their facebook status more often?: Will. He likes sharing medical articles and absolutely bombarding people with Nico’s face. Pictures of Nico passed out on the couch with half his limbs hanging off are his favorite.

nothing excuses animal abuse.
doesn’t matter if it chewed up something that was important to you, that doesn’t excuse it.
doesn’t matter if it made you angry on accident, that doesn’t excuse it.
it’s a fucking innocent ANIMAL they don’t mean to harm things. they don’t mean to make you angry. they don’t know how you feel a lot of the time. they also don’t know why you’re fucking abusing them. nothing excuses that shit.