no evil

Discovering a new show...

Normal People: Hey, this looks interesting.

Me: Oh look, another fandom to sell my soul to.


New promo, not much to analyze, the usual things: Eclipsa doesn’t look evil but we don’t know about her past, Star and Moon having different opinions on her, she knows a lot about magic and Glossaryck, apparently… the most important thing is that she truly likes candies, and that it wasn’t just an isolated gag in Moon The Undaunted. She truly is a granny who always has some sweets in her pockets. 
But I don’t think she’s going to share.

Also super likely parallelisms with Star, for a multitude of reasons, from apparently having poor impulse control to… well, having falled in love with someone from outside the kingdom. Oh boy it’s going to be fun.

Friendly Reminder

There is no such thing as a bad fandom. Only bad people within that fandom.