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Into the Woods (M)

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Summary: You and your friends have had this camping trip forever, and you and Jimin have been best friends for even longer than that. Every year you look forward to the trip as a time to spend time with your friends, but this year Jimin’s dick had to fuck everything up. Also his butt.

Member: Jimin

Word Count: 6.3k

Genre: Smut, Comedy/Fluff-ish

A/N: I’ve had this planned for a while, then an anon requested the first BFF!Jimin drabble and I cackled because y’all had know idea what was in store. Also has nothing to do with the musical Into the Woods.

You and your friends have had this camping trip forever, and you and Jimin have been best friends for even longer than that. Every year you look forward to the trip as a time to spend time with your friends, but this year Jimin’s dick had to fuck everything up.

“Good morning!” Hoseok shoots you his bright sun-like smile as you settle into the seat across from him at the picnic table. However, his smile is too bright for you at this time of day, especially considering you didn’t have the best night’s sleep. You can only answer him with a zombie-like groan.

“Did you sleep alright, Y/N?” Amber calls from where she’s helping Jin prepare breakfast. You open your mouth to answer that no you did not sleep alright because of the idiot you call your best friend, but a rustling from the tents interrupts you. As Jimin stumbles out flustered from your shared tent, Amber’s expression changes, immediately understanding.

“Oh, had a busy night?” She asks with a suggestive wiggle of her eyebrows. Okay, maybe immediately misunderstanding.

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Almost Home


Summary: Steve’s life has changed drastically since the 40s, but that doesn’t mean the 21st century doesn’t have some good things to offer. Like Tony Stark and his skilled fingers, for example.

A/N: It’s your birthday for 20 more minutes here, so happy birthday @thebest-medicine! This isn’t exactly like the idea you sent me, but I did include it briefly and I hope you will like it anyway!

I’m sorry to disappoint anyone who thought my summary indicated that something smutty is about to go down. It’s really the opposite of that.

Words: 2 050

Everyday used to start the same way. He’d wake up terrified, heart racing, wondering for a moment where exactly he was. He’d watch the sun rise as he ran and ran and ran through the outskirts of the city, pretending as if he really needed the exercise when in fact he just needed the escape. He’d get breakfast at the little café downtown and watch the people around him go about their days; days that had always looked the same.

For Steve it was nothing like his days used to look.

And now, several months later, it all changed again. He no longer woke up in his little apartment, but he always woke alone and scared. He no longer started his days with a jog, but at the gym, where he punched bag after bag until he got tired of having to constantly replace them. He no longer got breakfast at a café in his lonesomeness, because the kitchen in the Avenger Tower was always stacked with whatever you would even imagine having, and he almost never ate alone. It was different, but it was a different he liked better, in a way. It wasn’t the 1940s, but it wasn’t hell either.

Maybe one day it could be home.

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Obi locked the door to the shop somewhere at half-past midnight. He knew it was late, and the only thing he wanted to do was go collapse in the middle of his bed and sleep until Sunday. But the thought of Shirayuki saying that she was going to stay up and wait for him made his heart skip inside his chest. He thought about the way she looked on his workbench, streaks of grease staining her pale, freckled skin, and the way her eyes met his with something that could only be named as unquenchable desire.

[more under the cut]

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Because mnet is evil and the Produce 101’s sadistic, each team is handcuffed together for the day as a team bonding exercise.

Could be any team from any group battle performance.

Possible ideas to add in:

-”Are they still expecting us to practice our dance?” 

-The trainees fighting to be the ones on the ends.

-Figuring how they’re going to shower/pee.

-Yanking each other’s arms.

-”Don’t go in opposite directions! Don’t go in opposite directions!!”

-Someone cuts the cheese. There’s no escape.

-Breakfast time doesn’t go well. Or lunch. Or dinner.

-What is changing clothes? What is privacy?

-”They’re taking the handcuffs off before we go to bed right?”

All I Wanna Do [Gray]

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Artist: Gray | Word Count: 1.996

Ayeee this was from a long time ago, sorry it took so long to finish:( Anyways, check out the video of Jay Park’s All I Wanna Do collaboration with 1Million Dance Studio here, and you’ll get the idea of what the story is about;) Hope you’ll like it anon!<3


“Alright, everything’s set!” Jay cheered, “Let’s go home and get a few hours of sleep, and then meet me up at the 1Million Studio to shoot the dance practice.” Sunghwa nodded silently while Kiseok voiced out his fatigue by letting out a groan.

“Do Sunghwa and I have to be there?” Kiseok whined, “I’d like to catch up on a few nights sleep, if that’s alright.”

“I’d like to sleep a whole day too, if I can.” Sunghwa followed suit while letting out a yawn, stretching his hands up in the air.

“Come on guys, just a few hours, please?” Jay pleaded, “I don’t know anyone there, and I’d like to have you both accompany me, at least. I’ll treat you both to food after this, alright?” And of course, the two wouldn’t let down an offer for free food, and probably because the two didn’t have enough sleep to think thoroughly.

“Meet me up at seven there, got it?” Sunghwa and Kiseok agreed, and the three of them packed their bags to quickly get back home and get a wink of sleep.

“What time is it now?” Sunghwa asked when they got inside the elevator. Kiseok brought his left hand up to glance at his watch.

“Around five past thirty in the morning,” Kiseok said, “That means we get at least thirty minutes of sleep, I guess.”

“That’s for you both,” Sunghwa cried out, his right hand flying up to the bridge of his nose to pinch it gently, “My apartment is an hour away.”

“Get breakfast then,” Jay gave him a pat at the back in attempt to comfort the older, “Or hang out somewhere around Gangnam first.”

“Well, I’ll do that I guess.” The three arrived at the lobby and walked out of the elevator, and Sunghwa soon fished his phone out to call a certain person while the two CEOs waited for a taxi.

“Who are you calling?” Kiseok asked in curiosity, peering in from behind Sunghwa’s shoulders.

“(Name).” Sunghwa mouthed, and soon Jay and Kiseok heard your cracked voice from his phone.

Jay raised his eyebrows at how Sunghwa’s expression changed drastically the moment he heard your voice, while Kiseok was having thousands of guesses in his mind regarding the weird emotion painting his face. They both silently tuned in to Sunghwa’s expression.

At first, you wanted to throw your phone aside hearing the loud ringtone echo through your room. But then when you saw the name of the caller flashing at the screen of your phone, you had butterflies in your stomach and pressed the green phone symbol in no time, because this is Sunghwa. And if it weren’t because of the feelings you have for him, you wouldn’t have picked up the call in the first place. Maybe Sunghwa wanted to talk about the dance collaboration between Jay and 1Million Dance Studio, since you were one of the dancers in the collaboration.

“Sunghwa? Why did you call?” You asked, not even trying to hold the yawn from escaping.

“Let’s get breakfast, (Name). I can pick you up in ten minutes.” Raising your eyebrows in confusion, you slowly got out of bed and pushed your duvet away.

“What? It’s five in the morning, Sunghwa!”

“Please? Or if you want me to crash at your apartment, that’s fine as well.”

Kiseok and Jay shared a look with each other, knowing full well seeing the expression on the producer’s face. Sunghwa had a hopeful look in his eyes, yet there was warmness in it as well as something Kiseok and Jay identified as love. Jay knew now how Sunghwa had some sort of feelings towards you, who was a friend of Jay even before you knew Sunghwa.

“Just pick me up in ten minutes and let’s get breakfast near Han River.”

“Cool, see you there.” Sunghwa ended the call while he had a smile on his face now, as he then bid goodbye to the older two and got inside his car.

Meanwhile, Jay and Kiseok were trying hard not to cringe and burst out laughing at the even that unveiled just now. Now, everything seemed to make sense since the two of them would glance at each other with emotions shared only between you two, and how you and Sunghwa were always together. And it seemed it wasn’t unrequited at all, Jay concluded. It was all so obvious, yet you two couldn’t see it in each other’s eyes.

And with how long this was dragging on, Jay decided to help you out as your friend, with the extra help of Kiseok to end the cheesy and shy act and take it to a whole new level.

“They’re so foolish, it’s about time we help those lovebirds, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I can’t agree more Jay.”

An hour and a half of chatting and trying to keep Sunghwa awake, you finally arrived at the 1Million studio, and you surprisingly made it in one piece despite your black haired friend’s soul is partly wandering dreamland. But it was worth it seeing Sunghwa half asleep, as he looked like a sleepy child ready to hit the bed. He was whining about wanting to sleep so badly, but you managed to drag him to the studio anyways. Jay and Kiseok were already there as well, and the dancers are doing warms up already. So you pushed your bag to Sunghwa and joined them, since you were going to join the shooting.

“Okay, so now we are going to shoot the first team. Jay, Sori, May, and Mina, please come forward.” The cameraman instructed, while you and the other dancers stepped back and sat near the walls.

Sunghwa couldn’t seem to hear Kiseok’s voice explaining a few things, despite his boss being right beside him. His eyes were focused toward you, who were talking to another dancer, and he couldn’t help but smile a little seeing you laugh, and Sunghwa thought it was the cutest thing he saw today.

“Hey! What are you smiling at?” Kiseok’s voice suddenly entered his mind when the older nudged his rib, “Stop staring at (Name), I’m briefing a few things for you here.” Sunghwa’s eyes turned wide hearing what Kiseok had said, but he tried to think that his friend was only saying that jokingly.

“O-Oh, sorry about that, I spaced out,” Sunghwa laughed dryly, scratching the back of his head, “What were you saying?”

“There will be three teams to shoot the video, and each team consists of three pairs, which means six dancers in total.”

“Oh, alright, I got it.”

It didn’t take long before your team was up, which means it was the last team to perform. But the information that was revealed before the shooting was shocking, which caused confusion between the dancers.

“I don’t think Baram will be able to make it.” One of the dancers said, informing about your dance partner’s whereabouts.

“What? Is he still sick?” You asked, feeling concern wash over you.

“Yeah, his fever hasn’t gone down from last night,” He frowned, “I’m afraid we will have to pick a replacement for him.” You sighed, eyes glancing around the studio.

“Alright, any of you want to replace Baram?” But your question was met with silence from the other dancers, since they barely got any of the moves down.

Jay and Kiseok gave each other a smirk, knowing there was a chance to start their plan today. Kiseok then glanced towards Sunghwa, who looked just as confused as you are. He didn’t waste any moment to open his mouth and speak his plan with his deep voice booming through the room.

“Sunghwa wants to!” Kiseok yelled out loud, raising Sunghwa’s hand up. Meanwhile Sunghwa was frozen on his spot, as all the attention were on him.

“N-No! I don’t want to.”

“Oh, don’t be shy Gray! You said you memorized the moves just from watching them. And besides, if you messed up a little, the fans would still love you!”

At this point, Sunghwa was shooting daggers at Kiseok and Jay because the glints in their eyes say it all. They knew damn well about his crush for you and the two couldn’t seem to stay silent about it. And as much as Sunghwa doesn’t want to look like a wimp by backing down, he doesn’t want to embarrass himself in front of you, everyone inside the room, and the public when the video is released. Before he knows it, a hand was lured in front of him, and you were waiting for Sunghwa to take your hand and let you help him up.

“Come on! It’s alright if you make mistakes,” You giggled, “Just follow my lead, Sunghwa, I’m sure you won’t do that bad.” Sunghwa didn’t know if it was because of the glowing smile you had, the crowd that cheered him on, or the adrenaline from his fast heartbeat, but he ended up taking your hand anyways.

You were sure he was way bad than the other dancers, but you tried to think that he won’t do that bad, right?

“Well, all is set then,” The cameraman said, sparing a glance towards Jay, “I want everyone in position and try to relax a little in this shoot, just to adjust with having Gray here.” Everyone nodded and got into position, and Sunghwa couldn’t help but panic a little inside his heart, knowing everyone’s attention was on him.

When the song started to play, Sunghwa thought to himself that he’s doing pretty great in the first few seconds, even though he would glance at the other dancers. And then the two male dancers joined and you shifted your position beside him, portraying May J Lee in the first team. And that was when Sunghwa almost lost it as his cheeks were dusted slightly in pink when you didn’t hesitate to touch him. It was a part of the choreography, but the way you were staring so deeply into him made his heart beat faster than the beat of the music.

And then before you shifted to his left and let the other female dancer to move beside him, you had to lean very close to Sunghwa, and it was as if Sunghwa was caught in the moment, he leaned in and gently pressed his lips against yours, causing screams of joy and squeals to erupt through the whole room. But instead of pushing him away, you closed your eyes and leaned deeper, circling your arms on Sunghwa’s neck while he pulled you closer by your hips. The song was still playing in the background and the other dancers were still dancing, but that didn’t seem to stop the silent confession of love between you two.

As you parted away from Sunghwa, you were now gasping for air but you had a huge smile on your face. This all felt so surreal, and you were questioning what had just happened a few seconds ago. But judging by the looks everyone had, the kiss did happen, although you still find it hard to believe.

“What was that?” You asked, completely forgetting that you still had to dance. Sunghwa grinned widely and held your hands with his, with the feeling of happiness fill his heart.

“That was my love confession for you, (Name),” Sunghwa chuckled, eyes glancing down in shyness, “I love you for so long, and I guess your answer is that you would be mine as well?”

The studio was filled with awes and then people started to chant to accept his love and be his. And of course, you didn’t even need to think about the answer, as you gave him a short peck in a teasing way. The warmth and love was evident in Sunghwa’s eyes, and you felt like you’re on top of the world with your crush loving you back.

“Of course I do, you’re all that I wanna do, Sunghwa.”

You can read the updates here:

Note: This is purely Vhope fanfic. It has moments of jealousy with Jihope and Yoonseok, but Vhope is the main story here. V and Jhope love each other more than they each want to admit. They’ve been hiding their true feelings from each other for so long, and can’t bare it any longer. One of them is about to crack. It’s time for them to confess.

I lie awake at night, staring into nothingness. I can’t fall asleep, no matter how hard I try. I find peace in knowing I have him. I know he’s right there next to me.
I can hear his breathing. I can hear the soft whimpers escape his mouth. I want to move beside him and hold him in my arms; thread my fingers through his soft hair.

I peer up at the top bunk. Even in the dark, I can see the outline of Jimin. He’s sleeping on his side, but you can hear the soft sounds of deep sleep. I hesitate—I don’t want to wake him. He can’t see this.

I place my hand softly on Hoseok’s shoulder, moving beside him as I slide into his warm bed. He stirs just slightly. I snake my left arm around his waist; pulling my body close to him so I can feel him against me. I breathe in his scent. I love the smell of him, especially when he nuzzles against me.

He turns to face me, looking at me with a telling expression. Even in the dark lighting, I can see his shiny eyes staring into mine.
“Mmm.” He breathes.
“Hi.” I whisper, stroking his ear. I can’t help but smile, just being next to him.
“I felt you against me and had to wake up.” He said, his voice thick and aroused.
“I couldn’t stay away, I’m sorry.” I say, although I don’t really mean it. I am unapologetically in his bed.
“Will we ever be alone?” He asked, placing his hand on my chest. My heart was racing, feeling his warmth.
“I hope so.” I breathed, nuzzling my nose against his. He swung his leg around mine, shifting his weight onto me. I felt my whole body tighten, the feeling of him just too much for me to bare.
“You really drive me nuts.” I hissed, unable to control the desperate rasp in my voice. I wanted him so badly.
“You can’t just climb into my bed without any intentions, Tae. You’re no angel.” Hoseok teased.
“I have very clear intentions.” I whispered, my hands trailing down his back; lower and lower. He moaned lightly.
“I think I need you to spell it out for me then.” He said, pulling back my hair with one hand, and releasing me swiftly.
“What about Jimin?” I had to ask.
“What about him?” Hoseok smiled devilishly. He rested his hand on my cheek, pulling me closer to him. I could feel his breath as our faces stood just an inch from one another.
“You’ve ruined me, Hoseok. Fucking ruined me.” I breathed.
“Good.” He said.

Chapter One
We all wake up early for rehearsals and dance practice. Hoseok is the first to leave our dorm, since he leads our practices. I miss him on those mornings that he escapes so quickly. The breakfast table isn’t the same without him there.
“Morning.” I brush my teeth as Jimin groggily brushes his hair beside me. He gives me an acknowledging nod, and closes his eyes sleepily.
“Hyung left early.” He adds. I nod.
“I don’t really feel like dancing today.” I say. Jimin looks at me with a strange expression.
“Since when?” he asks. I shrug.
“I think I’m coming down with the flu or something. I just can’t find any energy.” I say.
“That’s because of the tour. But it’s over now. We can finally rest and just relax.” Jimin assures me. I exhale and sigh.
“It’s just one giant cycle, isn’t it? Comeback, tours, prepare for comeback, tours…” I trail, staring at myself in the mirror.
I dreamt of forbidden things all night. I didn’t want to wake up.
“I think Jin’s breakfast will give us an energy boost. I smell pancakes.” Jimin said happily, more awake now.
“Maybe we can get there before Jungkook eats half the table.” I say, a twinge of hope in my voice.

“Morning.” Suga says groggily, pouring a heap of syrup over a pile of fluffy pancakes.
“Jin hyung, we love you.” Jimin salivates at the sight, running quickly to grab a plate.
“Manager said he wants to talk to us about something today.” Rapmon said, once we were all sitting down. Jungkook was shoveling food into his mouth faster than he could chew.
“Slow down, vacuum!” Jin joked. Jungkook just shrugged and ate more.
“Something serious?” Jimin asked. I sat there quietly and ate. The atmosphere was always quieter without Hoseok, but it wasn’t exciting. Without Hoseok, it just didn’t ever feel right.
“Sounded serious.” Rapmon confirmed. I sighed, leaning back in my chair. There was always something.
“Hoseok said to be at the studio by 8. It’s 7:20 now, so we shouldn’t be late. He woke up super early.” Suga said. I didn’t have any issues with Suga. He and I got along well. But he was always looking out for Hoseok so publicly and adamantly. It’s like he wanted to be known as Hoseok’s shining star. Just because I didn’t profess my love publicly like Yoongi… I still felt just as strongly about Hoseok. More so than anyone knew.

I was thinking about our press tour in Osaka last week. Hoseok came out wearing his leather jacket and tight black jeans with a hole at his knee. He looked so ridiculously good, I could barely control myself. He looked at me once—just once. But the look in his eyes made me want him right then and there. The way his tongue brushed swiftly over his lips—such a tease. If only Hobi knew the affect he had on me—the affect he had on everyone. The unattainable angel. Hoseok hyung.

“I won’t be late.” I said, finishing up my fourth and final pancake. Jungkook had already eaten ten—I’d counted.
“Well now that you’re awake, I won’t worry about you Tae.” Rapmon joked. I was always the latest sleeper.

When we arrived at the studio, I spotted Hoseok immediately. He was wearing gray sweatpants and a navy hoodie, his bang drenched in sweat and his lips parted sexily. As he walked towards us, I did my best not to look at him. Whenever I looked at him, I found it hard to regain focus.

“Jin hyung, thank you for those pancakes this morning.” He said, resting his hand on Jin’s shoulder. Jin shrugged and smiled modestly.
“I’m glad you got some before these monsters.” He said. We all started stretching, settling around the room. Hoseok smiled, nearly sending me to my grave. He glanced my way, his eyes settling on me.

“Hi.” I said quietly. He came next to me, placing his hand on my lower back.
“You sleep well?” He asked, his fingers trailing lower. I closed my eyes. ‘Focus, Tae. Focus on stretching.’
“I had good dreams.” I said. His eyebrows raised.
“Me too.” He said.
“You look like you’ve been working hard, hyung.” I said, my eyes trailing down his body. He breathing hitched.
“I could be working harder.” He said, his voice low. His eyes bore into mine so intensely, I had to coax myself to break away.
“Always the critic.” I responded normally, fully aware of his hidden intention.
“Stretch well, Taehyung. You’ll regret it if you don’t.” He smiled, his hand squeezing mine before he walked away.

I struggled to regain composure, never used to seeing him so beautifully in his element when he danced. When Hoseok danced, he became another person entirely. I’d never seen someone so graceful and sexy at the same time. He drove me insane.

“Namjoon, you need to match the rhythm a bit more. You’re a little too slow right now.” He offered lightly as a critique.
“And Jin, do something with your hands when you dance.” He added.
“And Taehyung…” He started. The room went quiet. I’d never been called out in front of everyone before. He usually pulled me to the side to critique me. He knew I preferred that. So when he called my name, I froze.

“If you’re not going to pay attention, just go back to bed.” Hoseok said. I felt my heart drop into my chest, the sound of his harsh words hitting me deep and fast.
“Hos—“ Jimin started to say, coming to my defense. Hoseok shook his head.
“I know when Tae is motivated and when he’s not. I’ve known him long enough to say that with confidence. So please, don’t defend him when he knows full well his mind is elsewhere.” Hoseok said.

Well yeah, my mind is on you! That’s what I wanted to say. But instead, I focused on how he’d just called me out in front of everyone.

“Yes, hyung.” I said, stepping outside the studio to get some air.
“Wow, Hobi is testy today.” Jin noted, joining me outside for a break.
“I don’t like that he said it, but he’s right.” I admitted.
“Why have you been zoning off so much lately?” Jin asked. I couldn’t tell him the truth.
“I’ll try and get more sleep. That should help.” I said.
“You want me to go talk to Hoseok?” Jin offered. I shook my head.
“I will.” I told him.

We practiced for another hour, my body drenched in sweat. Everyone was sitting on the wood floor, chugging water and panting.
“Hoseok hyung, can we talk outside?” I asked, trying to say it softly and subtly. He nodded, getting up.
I trailed behind him, seeing that the other members had noticed us go out.

“I’m sorry.” I said, leaning against the wall. He exhaled with a sigh, sliding down to the floor. I joined him there. He opened up his palm, resting it on my thigh. I slid my hand in his, his fingers closing around mine.

“I just don’t want you to lose focus.” He said sincerely, squeezing my hand before letting it go. I looked over him. His eyes were dark and serious, but yet somehow, in his miraculous way, there was warmth in them, too.

“It’s hard.” I said. He laughed lightly, nodding.
“I know, trust me.” He said, leaning his head against mine. We sat there for what felt like hours, not saying a word but knowing exactly what the other was thinking.

I didn’t have this with anyone else. Just Hoseok. I had never met somone who made me so nervous, so happy, so giddy with excitement—I’d never met someone who could make me or break me with just a smile.

“Oh here you—“ Jimin exclaimed, cutting his words short. I don’t know who pulled away first. But we were spotted.

“What are you guys doing?” Jimin asked, eying us with a confused and shocked expression.
“Oh, I was just comforting V after yelling at him.” Hoseok shrugged—impressing me with his ability to tell an innocent lie. I could tell Jimin didn’t fully buy it.

“Manager is here. He wants to tell us about an upcoming event.” Jimin said, getting to the point quickly.
“We’ll be right in.” I said. Hoseok exhaled, standing up before I could say anything.
“Hyun—“ I started to say. Hoseok shook his head.
“It can’t happen. It just can’t.” He walked away, the look in his eyes crushing the happiness I’d just had.
Hoseok and me—we just… there was so much left to say.

We walked back in and waited for our Manager to come talk to us. I didn’t really care what was about to be said—I was just watching Hoseok look anywhere but at me. My heart sank to the bottom of my chest.

Manager walked in, wearing ridiculous lime green pants and a checkered shirt. His fashion sense was one for the books.

“Good morning, guys. As you all know; the industries main event is happening at the end of the month. The Emerald Ball. The Emerald Ball is the most publicized media event of the entire year. It is also a tremendous honor to be invited. This year, the organizers made quite a large announcement. For the first time in the events history… guests may each bring a date. “Manager said.

The room had already been quiet, but now, it was completely still.
So many thoughts raced through the heads of the members. And then suddenly, a chaos ensued. Jin shot out of his chair.

“I can bring a date!?” He exclaimed. I immediately looked to Hoseok, who was laughing at Jin’s excitement. He suddenly glanced my way, and I dropped my eyes in an instant. He always caught me staring. I was always red and blushing.
“Actually, you all need to. It’s for our image. It will look good if you have a few female friends you can invite. You guys need to branch out more and not just stick together anymore. You need to network.” Manager said.

“We have to bring a date?” I asked, peeved by the idea.
“Yes.” He said.
“Can I bring a guy friend?” I asked. Half the room laughed, but Hobi didn’t.
“No. No guy friends. Just female friends—or whatever they are.” Manager said.
“Fans like to know you guys are popular with the ladies. It helps your image.” He said.
“Jhope… you’ve actually been formally invited already…” Manager’s voice trailed off.
“Huh? By whom?” He asked.
“Taeyeon.” The whole room gasped.
“She… she wants to go with me?!” Taeyeon was the most popular female singer in Korea.
“She told me that she thinks you’re handsome and funny. She really wants to go with you.” He said.
“If you turn her down, you may as well be the dumbest person in this room.” Manager said bluntly. Jhope laughed nervously. I froze as he looked to me.

“I’m flattered. Well, my heart may not belong to her but… we’ll have a wonderful time together.” He said.
“Who does your heart belong to?” Suga asked, his curiosity spilling out like a broken water dam.
Hoseok’s ears turned red, his eyes meeting mine. He looked away, scratching his arm nervously.
“You, of course.” He swooned. Everyone laughed.

Everyone but me.

Hoseok was being pulled away from me, quickly and aggressively. I couldn’t bare it. Hoseok was going to learn just what he was missing—and I’d show him.

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Exploring in Love//Shawn Mendes

Anonymous asked: Can you do an imagine with Shawn where he’s in disguise so he can explore a city without being recognized and he falls in love with a girl he meets? Ty

A/N: Hey thanks for the request! I had started this imagine the other day and my hand hit something and I erased everything. So I hope this is just as good!

I finish getting ready hoping that Geoff won’t wake up and come and get me, before I leave. 

I’ve decided to go out and explore the city I’m in without any body guards, or with Geoff. I just need some time to myself to be a normal 17 year old. 

Trust me I love touring and playing my music to the world, but sometimes I just need space.

I place my sunglasses over my eyes, up my hood up, quickly leaving the room. 

Geoff wasn’t in the hall or downstairs at the hotel breakfast, my escape is going as planned.

As I remember there was a Starbucks not to far from here, so I start walking. I look down as my phone chimes with a text from Geoff. 


Yikes he’s mad that’s for sure.

I bump into some one and they fall to the ground. 

“I’m so sorry.” I mumble noticing her on the ground and her coffee split, not on her thank god.

I reach my hand out and she takes it standing up.

“Don’t worry about it.” She smiles a gorgeous smile. 

“Let me buy you another coffee.” I smile looking up noticing the Starbucks sign.

“Thank you……” She trails off.

“Shawn.” I answer then gasp.

“You okay?” She asks slightly concerned. 

“Yeah. I just thought you’d be freaking out right now. I’m not very good at this whole disguise thing.”

“What do you mean?” She asks as I hold the door open for her.

“I’m famous. Do you not know who I am?” I ask. 


“I’m Shawn Mendes.” I say quietly.

“Ohhhh.” She says. “My friends are going to your concert tomorrow.” 

“You aren’t?” I ask.

“I don’t listen to your music.” She says.

“You’re joking.” I smile playfully.

“No. I really don’t.” She giggles. “I’m sorry.” 

“Well let me buy you that coffee and I will let you listen to some of my songs, on one condition.”

“And that is?” 

“You show me around your beautiful city.”

“Deal.” She smiles.

She goes and sits at a table as I order the drinks. I sit down next to her handing her her coffee. I take out my phone going into iTunes. I plug in the headphones handing her one.

“Thank you.” She smiles. 

I press on Stitches and put my phone down.

“Ohhh. I know this one. This is Stitches. I’ve heard it on the radio.” 

“And she knows a song.” I laugh.

“Isn’t Treat You Better by you too?” She asks.

“Yep.” I answer.

“I like that one a lot. It’s really good.” 

“Thank you.” 

“Okay so this is probably my favourite shop for chocolate. I always come here.” She says.

“What’s so special about it?” I ask curiously.

“I don’t know,” She says looking up at me. “I guess they just have really good chocolate.”

I nod. “Fair enough. So you said this is the heart of downtown right?”

“Yes. But don’t get mistaken for the other downtown, on the other side of the city. It’s in a bad area. Don’t get me wrong lot’s of people go there, just not alone.” She says. “I’m not trying to be stereotypical, it’s just not the best part of town. I mean doesn’t every city have a good and a bad part of their city?”

“Yes. I would agree with that.” I chuckle looking down at her.

“Oh, okay good.” She sighs. “Why does your phone keep going off?”

“My friend and tour manager Geoff is very angry at me for leaving without anybody to watch me.” 

“Aren’t you like 17 though?” She asks.

“Well more like 18 today.”


I laugh as she pushes me. 

“Why didn’t you tell me.” 

“Ah, didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.” I answer truthfully. 

“Don’t you think you should get back. They probably want to spend your birthday with you.”

“Tryna get rid of me, eh?” I joke.

She giggles as we start walking back.

“I had a really fun time with you y/n.” 

“I had fun too Shawn.” She smiles.

“Well this is it.” I sigh not wanting to leave the company of her.

“I know you’re not a big fan but, I’m going to give you a front row ticket and 3 meet and greet passes to the show so that you and your friends can meet me. I want to see you again.” I say handing the ticket and passes to her.

“Thank you.” She says.

“One more thing.” I say looking into her eyes.


“I want something from you, for my birthday.”

“If you want me number…” She giggles.

“Well, yes, but there’s something else.” I smile shyly.

“Which is?” 

“This.” I say leaning down and attaching my lips to hers. She quietly gasps but presses her lips to mine. We pull back and she hands me her number on a piece of paper. I hug her tightly, kissing her temple. She waves as she walks away. 

“I wanna see you again.” I yell after her. 

“You will Shawn!” 

It Was Platonic

Title: It Was Platonic
Pairings: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1107   

Prompts 3 and 40 from this list 

“Okay, no, we just saw you guys making out. What do you mean it was platonic? Just admit it already”

“You have their shade of lipstick smudged on your cheek! What do you mean you’re not going out”

It was rare you and Peter got time alone in the facility, you were both two of the youngest in the Avengers which meant everyone treated you like their children and kept you both away from each other to stop anything happening. Which of course caused you to rebel and meet up when everyone was asleep.

What you didn’t expect was for Bucky and Sam to both be up at two in the morning sitting around the indoor pool having what seemed like a polite conversation. Those two men were the exact reason why Peter had buried his head against your shoulder, still holding you against the tiled wall which moments ago he had you pinned to, making out with you heavily.

“Hey guys…what you doin’ ” Sam asked you with a knowing smirk. Of course he knew what you were doing.

“Just coming for a late night swim, saw Spidey out and decided to bring him along.” You told them both and pushed Peter away from you gently.

“Okay, no, we just saw you guys making out.” Bucky  spoke up and you raised your eyebrow. This was only the fourth time the super soldier had spoken to you since you arrived just under a year ago.

“It was platonic.” Peter said quickly, rubbing the back of his neck. “We’re just friends.” You groaned and tilted your head back against the wall. That was the best he had? How did he even become an Avengers when he lies like that.

“What do you mean it was platonic? Just admit it already.” Sam laughed, clearly enjoying how awkward you and Peter had just become within a matter of seconds. “Last time I checked friends don’t make out with each other, especially like that.”

“You know what? I’m going to try go back to sleep instead of bed. C’mon.” You sighed and grabbed Peter’s hand, pulling him away before he could embarrass you any more.

“Be safe! Use protection” Sam yelled at you as you shut the door, only just managing to hear the high five him and Bucky exchanged followed by boisterous laughter from the pair.

You kept hold of Peter as you all but dragged him back into your room before pulling him onto your bed. “Next time it’s probably easier to just let me do the talking if we get caught again. Saying it was platonic was the stupidest lie ever.”

“Sorry.” He smiled and kissed the top of your head as you buried yourself into the covers then against his side. “But you know they’re going to find out sooner rather than later now that Wilson knows?”

“We’ll figure something out tomorrow. Just sleep for now.” You told him.


The next day you were up, showered and dressed before Peter had even woken up. After another twenty minutes of tidying you threw the damp towel, that had been on you hair, in an attempt to wake him up.

“What was that for?” He groaned and pulled your pillow over his face to hide himself from the light streaming through the open window.

“I’m lonely and you won’t wake up.” You told him and walked over to the bed before sitting on his legs with a smile, pulling the pillow from his face. “I distracted myself from waking you up for as long as possible but I’m done now.” You told him and leaned down to give him an awkward hug while he still laid down.

You placed a gentle kiss on to his cheek when you sat up slightly, brushing your hair back so it wouldn’t be in his face. “You should probably go back to your room and change now though Pete, before going to see the others anyway,”

He nodded and sat up, holding you on him still. “I’ll see you later then.” He smiled and gently threw you off while you laughed.

He kissed you gently before walking over to the door. “Pete! One more thing, what do you do if anyone asks about last night?”

“Don’t tell them it was platonic?” He asked with a smirk before winking and leaving.


By the time Peter had made it down to the kitchen for a late breakfast everyone but you were there and they were all in the middle of talking about where you both were.

“Maybe they went out for breakfast?” Clint chimed in. “Considering we won’t let them sit together it wouldn’t surprise me if they’d tried to escape.”

“Trust me, they’re doing more than escaping for breakfast.” Sam muttered into his cereal. He chewed his mouthful before looking up at the others who were now silent.

“What do you mean?” Tony asked as he put his coffee cup down on the side. Tony was basically your dad on all the team, he was way more protective of you than anyone else which would be hard to beat considering Steve threatened everyone you had a chance at being with to the point where they left.

“They’re going out.” He said bluntly, almost excited to see Starks reaction.

“They’re what!” Tony said loudly and got off his chair ready to go find them both.

A new voice suddenly joined in. “We’re not going out.” Peter told them and made his way to the fridge without looking at any of them, knowing he’d probably say something stupid.

“You have her shade of lipstick smudged on your cheek. What do you mean you’re not going out.” Natasha asked, sipping at her water with a smirk. She just wanted to join in.

Peter’s hand quickly flew to his neck, was she even wearing lipstick this morning? How did Natasha even see that?!

“That’s….um….not hers?” He tried to lie. You were right. He definitely could not lie.

The minute Peter spoke Tony had pinned him against the now closed fridge door. “We told you not to go near her.” He told him lowly.

“With all due respect, sir, I don’t think that’s your choice to make.” Peter said, trying to appear confident but it was hard when the Tony Stark had hold of you.

“That’s where you’re wrong..”

“No, I don’t think it is.” Peter cut in. “She appreciates you all but she is old enough to make her own decisions you know?”

Tony looked at the younger Avengers with wide eyes. He had certainly not expected him to talk back to him. Tony let go of him abruptly. Maybe he was being too protective. “Get out of here and go find her. I’m talking to you both later.” He muttered.

He was pretty sure he’d never seen Peter leave a room so quickly.