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Battle Training

So here comes the final additional episode for the SnK 3ds game

To be honest I dun know what to say about this episode, in short, it is a Eruri novel written by Connie

  • Official synopsis of this episode is =>[Battle Training] Levi vs Erwin! What happens to these 2 big idols of all new joiners!?
  • The truth is, Erwin and Levi did not really fight against each other. Everything was CONNIE’S IMAGINATION
  • I completely do not know what happens to Connie but the only thing I can say is, Connie is a Eruri Shipper
  • Can you believe the Eruri picture above is something imagined by Connie?
  • According to Connie(’s imagination):
    • Erwin has sea blue and Levi has dark black eyes (Its difficult to explain,the words Connie used are typical fujoshi descriptions which you definitely encountered 100 times in Ao3)
    • Erwin is very good at using 3d maneuver gear and Erwin is almost as strong as Levi 
    • Erwin and Levi flirt with/ appraise each other
    • To Erwin, Levi is a person who he feels completely safe to give him(Levi) his(Erwin) back (“ 背中を任せられる”)
    • I dun know how to describe, visually ” 背中を任せられる” means a trustful relationship like below 
Levihan theory

The reasons why I think that the Levihan ship is the one which has the most chance to be canon, and why I think that both Levi and Hanji are going to die.

/!\ SPOILER /!\ To read this text, you have to know the events of SnK until the chapter 90.

(English is not my native language, please forgive all my grammar)

To begin this theory, let’s focus on Levi, on his character development over his life.

In last august month, the french Facebook pages L’Attaque des Titans France published on Youtube a long theory about the way the manga would end for each main characters, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Reiner, Levi and Hanji. (If you understand French, you can check the videos : here for the Shinganshina Trio , here for Jean and Reiner and here for Levi and Hanji ). I am mentionning their work because I am going to sum up and enrich their theory about Levi and Hanji.

In their opinion, Isayama destines one of the sadest end to Levi : the humanity strongest soldier is not only destined to die but also to suffer a long descent into hell. All his life was and will be only the spectacle of his relatives dying and it will be more and more dreadful for Levi.

It begins with his mother, Kuchel Ackerman. 

Remember the chapter 69. We have a flashback of Kenny Ackerman, finding his dead sister and his nephew. Levi is only a child but does not cry. Obviously he suffers, but he seems to demonstrate a high self-control, or maybe a high weariness. Maybe he would let himself starve, without Kenny.

So from his childhood, his life is marked by mourning. But he also seems to be strong and to bear the pain, to face it.

The next deaths he assists are the Isabel’s and Farlan’s ones.

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confirmation | erwin x reader

Prompt: “i reQUEST ERWIN FLUFF PLEASEEEEEE (maybe after he loses his arm and his S/O has to comfort him bc i feel like that would be really cute)”

Warnings: an insecure erwin, aw bby. and a frisky reader towards the very end.

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Erwin sat in the infirmary bed with his back against the headboard, brows furrowed as he gazed into nothing. His mind was off in its own world in deep thought about everything that recently taken place during the last mission, next expedition plan, his father and the basement, his arm… the love of his life.

Erwin smiled to himself as imagines of your smile popped in his head. That smile seemed to always take away all the fears and stress he had. That smile that made him feel wanted and safe. That smile that he fell for. But he couldn’t shake a negative certain feeling that sat in his chest not matter how hard he tried.

Erwin felt useless. Loosing his arm really took a hit to not just his confidence, but everything. He absolutely hated watching everything pass him by as he sat on the sidelines. Erwin was never a man that had a close relationship with his bed, he was always up busy running a whole branch of the military he barely had time to get some resting hours in. Now that he is a wounded soldier everything was put to a halt in the worst way.

Erwin’s thoughts were interrupted by three soft knocks at the door followed by a turn of the doorknob. You soon came into Erwin’s vision greeting him with huge smile. You  walked your way over and sat on the bed right next to him.

“How are you feeling?” Your gentle hand touched the side of his bearded face. You definitely could get used to this look.
“I’m feeling well.” Erwin said returning your smile. “And yours?”
“Pretty normal I suppose. I missed you though,” You smiled. “What have you done all day?”

“Sit here.” Erwin said and you frowned knowing that he wasn’t in the best of moods lately.
“I’m sorry, honey-”
“(Name), do you still find me attractive?” Erwin blurted out. You looked at him with a confused and shocked look.
“Erwin, where did that just come from?” You asked as you furrowed your eyebrows and tried to search for an answer in his eyes.

“I just need to know..” Erwin said. A slight tint of pink on his cheeks.
“Of course I do.” You smiled softly. “Do you not think I do..?” You smile faded away slowly.
“I don’t feel like the man you want me to be anymore.” Erwin’s head dropped and so did your heart. You never wanted him to feel like this.

“Erwin,” Your gentle hand found its way under his chin making him look up at you. “I don’t ever want you to feel like this… You’re everything I could ever as for and more. Erwin, you’re more than I could ever ask for. You’re my savior and my lover. Don’t you ever forget that.” You finished.

“Even with my arm like this?” He asked. You leaned over to give him a soft kiss on the lips.
“Even with your arm like this.” You confirmed against his lips.
“And the beard..?” He questioned again and a small smirk played on your lips.
“Especially with the beard, baby.” You kissed his lips again. Your hand found its way the the button of Erwin’s pants and toyed with it. “Maybe I could show you how much of a man you are to me, Commander?”

Erwin smiled and felt like a ton of weight was lifted off his shoulders. That’s all he needed was confirmation of your love. Every now and again he just always needed a little confirmation.

Reblogging these in honour of dancing Levi…


“You didn’t dance,” Erwin comments amicably, as the carriage passes out through the Sina gate.
Levi can just make out the blue of his eyes in the dim glow of the swinging carriage lantern.
“Of course I didn’t dance,” he snaps, making no attempt to hide his irritation.
“Can you?”
“Can I what?”
Levi knows he’s being wilfully obtuse, but right now, he really is not in the mood.
“Can you dance?” Erwin persists, refusing to rise to the bait.
“What the fuck do you think?”
Erwin doesn’t need to say what he thinks.

After a gala in Mitras Erwin insists on teaching a reluctant Levi how to dance.


If Erwin was being honest with himself, which he is not, he would have to admit that he enjoys dragging Levi out to these galas and balls. He enjoys his surly presence, enjoys the defiant tilt of his chin as he glares at the nobles, enjoys his caustic comments, the way he bristles at any perceived slight to the Survey Corps or its Commander. But Erwin Smith is not an honest man and he will not admit these things. And most particularly, he will not admit, not even to himself, especially not to himself, that he enjoys the way the Captain’s dress uniform fits over his small lithe form.

Follow from Erwin’s point of view.

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How would Erwin, Hanji (and Levi, if you are getting too tired of writing stuff about him, don't do him, don't feel forced) react to their friend/lover being hot-headed (like most of the time they're calm and in control but if pushed enough they can totally lose it) I hope it's clear enough 😅

Erwin would find it amusing, and he would sit there quietly and watch his s/o as they exploded and ranted and raved. He would listen to what they had to say about whatever it was bothering them but then he would use those oh-so-charming people skills of his to calm them down and convince them it wasn’t worth it to get so worked up over. He would more than likely place his large hands on their upper arms to help ground them and give them a gentle smile before squeezing gently and pressing a kiss to their forehead.

Hanji would also find it highly amusing, but in a more laugh-out-loud type of way, and they would tell their s/o just how adorable they found them when they got all hot n’ heated. Hanji would enjoy the angry blush that would rise to their face and they’d take the moment to kiss each cheek with a snicker before tugging them to their side with one arm to give them a noogie. Hanji would then take only a brief moment to out-logic them as to why they shouldn’t be so upset and why being something else was much more beneficial~.

Levi would think it was ridiculous that they were getting so upset because Levi never really gets upset at much, but he’d sit through the angry tirade with his arms crossed waiting for the tide to calm. When they were finished, Levi would ask them if they were done and ready to move on with the day because he’s a no-nonsense type of dude and they definitely don’t have time for this in the world they belong to (plus he’s bad with words and doesn’t really know what to say anyway). As they were walking away or out of the room, Levi would take a moment to try and explain why they shouldn’t be so angry, and although it’s under his breath and he seems completely disinterested, in reality he’s trying his hardest to make them feel calm again because he cares that they were upset.

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Hello ! I love your way of writing, it's really pleasant to read you ☺️ How would Erwin, Levi, Jean and Eren react if their s/o ask them to take a bath together ? Knowing that they just shared kisses and it will be the first time they are naked in front of each other. And how do they act once they are in the bath with their s/o ? (Thank you and sorry for my bad english)

You’re english is great, don’t worry! And thank you!


-Erwin’s pretty busy, so it’s not likely he’ll have the time to.
-But if his s/o catches him when he has the time, he’d love to relax in a soothing bath with his love.
-He’s not nervous being seen naked by his s/o, and will be very calm about it.
-He loves to wash his s/o, he enjoys taking care of them.
-The bath can’t last very long, but it is still very relaxing


-He’s very opposed to the idea first.
-Sitting in a soup of filth with another person isn’t exactly his idea of a good time.
-He’ll do it if his s/o persists.
-He’ll admit, it’s not as bad as he thought.
-He couldn’t care less about being seen naked.
-He likes the feeling of taking care of his s/o.
-But there out of there as soon as they got it. He was shit to do.


-He’s totally up for it right out of the get-go.
-He’s all talk though. He pretends that he’s chill and doesn’t really care being naked in front of them.
-On the inside, he’s a mess of nerves.
-He’s blushing and stammering while their getting undressed.
-Once he’s in the tub, he’s nerves do not settle.
-His s/o calms him down by washing his hair and body.
-He’s the only one that really has the luxury of taking his time with this.


-Eren’s a blushing mess as soon as his s/o suggests the idea.
-He’s very nervous about his s/o seeing him naked.
-He agrees, but he’s a stammering mess as soon as his s/o takes off their clothes.
-Once he’s in there, he relaxes.
-He was so much stress in his life, so it’s nice to just take this time to be alone with his love.
-He loves to have his s/o wash his hair. He’s putty in their hands at that point.
-He’s very busy, still, but he cherishes the little time he has with them.

The subject of having children had come up several times before but each time both Erwin and Levi had agreed the timing was wrong due to career ambitions or just their personal feelings. It had been some time since the topic was last brought up but Levi felt the time was right. He repeated the things that would bring them both joy by starting a family, points he had mentioned on the subject before, but to add to those he asked, “Don’t you want to hear the quick patter of feet with the excited screaming of ‘daddy is here’ every time you come home?” Levi asked making himself comfortable on Erwin’s lap wrapping his arms around his neck. He eyed Erwin slyly giving him an expectant grin. Erwin knew he could never go against or deny the man in his lap. He stood lifting up Levi bridal style and carried him to their bedroom.

“What are you doing?” Levi asked surprised.

“If we’re going to have a baby we need to get practicing.”

“You idiot,” Levi said grabbing Erwin’s face in both hands turning his head towards him for a kiss.

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Lostcauses Fic: Aftermath

I posted the start of this last year as part of @birbwin​‘s #releasethedrafts thing, and it’s taken me this long to get round to finishing it.  Think it might have been better if I’d left it alone, but whatever, here it is. Set after the Uprising Arc. 

It takes three full days of briefings before they are able to put the pieces together and have a complete picture of the events that unfolded on all the different battle fronts; in Mitras, at the Central Military Police base, the Reiss chapel, the outer wall in Orvud district.  And then there are plans to discuss, Historia’s ascension to the throne, where they go from here, how to act on the new intelligence they have gained; that takes another two days.   But eventually the talking stops, the other military commanders and squad leaders leave, and Hanji shuts the door behind them, the last to leave as always.  And then it’s just Levi and Erwin, alone in a grand suite of rooms commandeered for military purposes in a convenient wing of the palace.

It’s the first time they’ve been alone together for… how long?  It could be days or weeks or months. So much has happened that Levi’s lost track of time, it ceased to mean anything the moment they parted ways.  All that mattered was surviving.  And somehow they have.  Somehow, against all the odds, they are both still alive.  

Erwin had listened to Levi’s report on the ambushes by Kenny’s men, the collapse of the cavern, expression impassive, betraying not a flicker of emotion, though his knuckles were white where he gripped the arm of the chair. Erwin’s briefing on his detention by the Military Police and subsequent court martial was terse and succinct, but one look at the vicious bruises discolouring his face told them all that his report omitted more that it revealed.  Levi didn’t need to listen to know what he’d been through; he had seen the scaffold with his own eyes.  It was still standing in the main plaza when they rode through Mitras on their way to the capitol.  Levi had reined his horse to a stop, dismounted, and looked up at the gallows.  Cold anger and bitter fear welling up in his chest, threatening to choke him as he threw his guts up on the flagstones.  

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Levi has wrapped his keffiyeh around his head leaving nothing but his eyes showing, and settled back against the cab of the pickup. Erwin has nothing to keep the dust off his face, but he’s glad he has his shades to shield his eyes at least. The dark lenses also allow him to examine his new companion. Levi is short, there’s no other word for it, tiny really, but there’s nothing slight about him. He’s strong and wiry and Erwin can’t keep his eyes off the golden swell of his forearms folded across his chest. It’s his eyes that really captivate Erwin though, sharp and clear and grey. Erwin could drown in eyes like that.

No one can tell how much i love “Cardamom’s” @lostcauses-noregrets and @birbwin. My art earlier doesn’t represent decently i wish this one showing enough how i adore the writers and the story.

L for Love, L for Levi

Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead as he tried to work with a needle that was smaller than his pinky. He bit his lip, thick, clumsy fingers trying to weave a straight line.

“Shit.."Erwin cursed as he pricked his finger for the 10th time in the last 5 minutes. He was Erwin Smith. Commander of the survey corps. Top of his class as a cadet. Big, brawny and with a sharp intellect. Embroidering a fucking hankerchief should NOT be this complicated.

The door creaked open and Levi poked his head in. "You cursed?”

Erwin stashed the handkerchief between his thighs.

“Uh..yea just alot of paper work.."Erwin tried to sound calm. As calm as he could sound given the fact that the needle was piercing his inner thigh in earnest.

Levi arched an eyebrow at the lack of papers on Erwins desk.


“Levi..go ask Hanji for the documents she was working on."Erwin blurted out a random task.

"Uh..sure. Are you sleeping alright? You seem distracted.”

“Yes..Im fine. Now the documents please."Erwin answered curtly.

Levi nodded and left and Erwin let out a breath of relief.

"Now listen to me you little shit..Im the commander..not you. You will offer up your heart to me and embroider this handkerchief..or else I will shove you up a titans ass!"Erwin scowled at the needle.

Erwin Smith, youre losing it, he thought with a small laugh.

Hours passed by the time Levi was able to get away from Hanji. Apparently they didnt have any documents but they did want Levi to listen to every excruciating detail of their latest theory.

He went back to Erwins office to give him an earful, only to find him asleep at his desk. Levi shook his head and walked over, ready to carry him to his room when his eyes fell on the white, satin handkerchief clutched in Erwin’s right hand.

He tugged it out his grip and his eyes widened. A clumsy L was embroidered at the edge of the fabric.

"Happy birthday…"A sleepy voice got his attention. He looked up at a bleary eyed Erwin.

"Its not my birthday..”

“You dont know that. It could be.”

“Its not."Levi rolled his eyes. "Go to bed”

“Well even if its not…"Erwin grabbed the hand in which Levi was holding the handkerchief. "Im happy you were born…and that you chose me.”

Levi snorted. “Fine fine you sap…now let me bandage your fucking hand before you die from blood loss. could a tiny ass needle cause this much damage!? Youre hopeless.”

Erwin smiled.

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I don't know if you are the type of person who fangirls a lot but what do you think will be your reaction seeing shirtless-win (Erwin shirtless) animated on the next season? Would you be willing to do a theory post on how he got those damn abs? I mean he works a lot on his office, how does he have time to work out!? (It's okay if you ignore this ask lol even I find it weird)

oh my sweet summer child… I am very much the type of person to fangirl but since I’ll be watching with my family, I will attempt to keep my theatrics internal.

In truth, that scene is going to be heartbreaking. Erwin is trying to adjust to his disability and is facing the somber reality of the Uprising he’s orchestrating. Pixis isn’t exactly on his side. He’s just ordered the torture of Sannes. Meanwhile Levi has likely just seen Kenny for the first time since he was abandoned as a child. The kidnapping ploy has failed and within hours Erwin will be arrested for the murder of Dimo Reeves. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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i have a simple but angsty headcanon request if it's not too much trouble? how would erwin and levi react to seeing you die on an expedition. thank you in advance 💕💕



  • Levi wouldn’t know how to react. He’d drop to his knees and just stare in shock.
  • He’d beat himself up over your death.
  • He wouldn’t eat or sleep for a couple of days, and he’d be much more bitter towards everyone.
  • Because of your death, Levi wouldn’t pay attention to much in the next expedition, thus causing him to get injured or lead him to his death.
  • Levi would lock the bedroom you slept in and forbid everyone from entering.
  • He’d constantly sleep in the bed you slept in, remembering your scent since you were no longer with him.


  • Erwin would feel more guilty than anything. He’d act like it was just like anyone else’s death, but he’d secretly contemplate over it and beg you to forgive him.
  • He’d also talk to Levi about it, but it didn’t make him feel much better about the situation. 
  • Erwin would visit your grave whenever he could and leave flowers, letting everyone know that he still thought about you.
  • His eyes would become a darker shade of blue since he had lost one of the people that meant a lot to him.


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[1 of 2] If Isayama 'resets' Levi then all his character progression goes to waste, but no one expected him to let Erwin die either, did they? After Levi had that 'breakdown' when he thought Erwin was dead it revealed the true depth of his feelings for his liege, and if (more likely 'when') the next time he is faced with the choice between his Promise and Freedom he was to pick Freedom, I would be heartbroken.

[2 of 2] I’m just getting very worried about all the lurking and eavesdropping he’s doing, and how his character might progress beyond his Promise to Erwin. It would be so disappointing. I just get the feeling that Isayama is showing us Levi’s eavesdropping for a reason, he always has a reason for everything he draws. Everyone is expecting him to go after Zeke which is usually when Isayama blindsides us. Are you feeling a sense of dread about Levi too?

Yes, Anon, I am feeling a sense of dread about Levi.  In fact the way Levi looks perfectly expresses the way I currently feel about the manga. 

I think you’re absolutely right, Isayama is showing us these scenes for a reason and I’m fearful of what that reason might be.  We can criticise Yams’ writing on all kinds of levels (and by god, much of that that criticism is justified) but he is very thoughtful and careful about what he shows us. He draws every thing for a precise reason, even if it takes months, or even years, to reveal what that reason might be.  So yes, I wonder if at some time in the future, when Levi is in extremis, we’ll see another flashback to him standing in the shadows listening to Flocke’s words. 

I also wonder if Levi will ever be able to fulfil his vow to Erwin.  I’ve been concerned about this for some time now.  I can’t help wondering if something or someone will prevent Levi from fulfilling his final promise to Erwin to take down the Beast Titan.  That would be a cruel irony.  However Levi is not a mindless weapon, he is not a killing machine; he may be driven, but he is not stupid.  I don’t think he will kill without reason and though his vow may stand, he surely also understands how much the world has changed, so perhaps a different approach will be required.  Having said all that, nothing and no one can change the fact that Zeke was personally responsible for killing Erwin Smith and as long as Yams does not reset Levi’s character I can’t believe that he will let Erwin’s death go unavenged.  Mind you, I never expected Erwin to go un-buried and un-mourned either…. 

traumaticteacups  asked:

14. “You don’t remember?”, if you are still taking prompts?

“You don’t remember?” Mike asks, confused. “How can you be so certain that something’s significant if you don’t remember what’s significant about it?”

Erwin traces the edges of the seashell and runs his finger over its ridges. A memory calls to him just on the edge of consciousness, like a half-remembered dream. He recalls the sea and the sand - but that doesn’t tell him much. He’s the captain of a sailing ship. Half his life is spent at sea, and the other half is spent just a stone’s throw from the shore.

“I can’t say,” Erwin replies. “I feel as though there’s a memory related to it, but I can’t quite grasp it.”

“That’s not like you,” Mike says, and Erwin has to agree with his first mate. He has an exceptional memory.

“I suppose I should hang onto it until the memory returns.” Erwin puts the shell on top of the small table in his cabin, right next to a pile of charts and maps.

“If you won’t rid yourself of it, at least put it in your trunk. It’s in the way when you leave it there,” Mike says. His eyes dart to the shell and then away, obviously unnerved by something.

“It’s not in the way at all,” Erwin insists. “But it does seem to be unduly bothering you.”

Mike sighs, frustrated at how easily Erwin’s read him. “It’s an ugly thing, and a strange smell clings to it. It makes me uneasy.”

“Lieutenant, it’s merely a shell. It’s not like you to be superstitious.”

“But it is like me to trust my gut,” Mike says. “And that shell feels cursed.”

“There’s no such thing as curses. But if you insist, I’ll put it away.”

Erwin reaches for it. His fingers brush the top, and again he’s struck with a vivid memory of sand and surf and the sharp, fish-like smell of a beach. Reluctantly, he pulls his fingers away.

“After I remember it’s significance, of course,” Erwin continues. “Now, I believe you and I have a ship to run, and we have little time for this superstitious nonsense.”


The shell remains on Erwin’s table for two years.

They put into port in a small, remote fishing village Erwin’s only ever been to once before. The shell, which Erwin has barely paid attention to for the past two years, starts to draw his eye with alarming frequency. He finds himself absent-mindedly touching it whenever he has the chance, his hand pulled to its ridged surface like a magnet.

On a moonlit night, Erwin takes the shell and leaves his ship.

Only the moon and stars guide him as he walks along the beach, breathing in the familiar smell of the ocean and listening to the crash of the surf. The white foam tips of each breaking wave catch the moonlight and glisten with an ethereal light. Erwin climbs onto a rocky outcropping and waits. He waits for a long time, but the creature appears, just as Erwin knew he would.

Erwin kneels down at the rock and reaches toward the dark waves below, holding out the enchanted shell that had been given to him two years before. A scaly tail and a pair of fins flicker over the water, and then a pale, slender hand reaches out of the sea to take back his token.

Erwin remembers, now. He remembers receiving this charm, designed to take away Erwin’s memory of a forbidden encounter until such a time when he could return to this beach.

And he remembers the face that now looks up at him in the moonlight, and the taste of salt water on its lips.

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Hi mom it's been a while!! I've written you since last year in April and it really amaze me how patient you can be answering so much stuff, some of them are cool, funny, sad, real life but others are just annoying or rude, still you answer to everyone I couldn’t do it or maybe be like fuck you or lol, but you're more like Erwin polite, think of others, give a good answer, such freaking sassy, encourage, gives support and makes us laugh. Thanks for creating this account. XOXO Little seed 04'16

Thank you! I got to admit sometimes I really think to myself “what’s wrong with you guys” but it’s also a lot of fun and most of you guys are wonderful! So of course I wanna answer all of you the best I can!

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Levi Will end up moving his loyalty (NOT THE BOND) and admiration from Erwin to Armin, the last answer is so freaking obvious. I hated this horrible interview. :'(

I take it you’re referring to the interview in the character guide book?  If so, I don’t think that’s really what Yams is saying.  All the translations I’ve read have stressed that Armin will fill the place in the “organisation”, i.e. the Survey Corps, left by Erwin’s death. One translation I read goes on to ask “Levi will look at Armin to fill it up maybe?”  The question mark is interesting as it harks back to the editor’s note on chapter 95 “For whose sake is Levi, who lost Erwin, fighting for?”, and also  Hanji and Levi’s conversation with Armin in chapter 85.  Hanji tells Armin: 

“You’ve been entrusted with Erwin’s life as well as the power of the Titans.  No matter what anyone says that is who you now are.  We’ll be expecting you to contribute even more to humanity now Armin.”

While Levi responds:

“Don’t get it wrong, you could never replace Erwin, but its true you have a power no human has.”

There’s clearly a lot of speculation about how Levi will react following Erwin’s death and I think the SnK marketing team aren’t above ratcheting up that speculation, hence the leading questions.

However it’s also worth noting that in the same interview Yams agrees that Erwin was an “irreplaceable person” to Levi and that Levi has been adrift since his death.  

So I think we will see Armin play a more central role in the Survey Corps in the future, but I also have a sneaking feeling that Levi’s focus will be elsewhere. 

tiny twink looking 4 big dicked daddy

Levi posts an ad on craigslist in the personals section. Somehow, he’s lucky enough to get Erwin. (nsfw, daddy kink)

This is stupid. This is so stupid. I’m going to get murdered. Shit-

Levi’s thoughts were racing as he stood outside his hook-up’s apartment - Smith was the guy’s name, right? - trying to build up the courage to knock on his door.

Admittedly, posting an ad on craigslist at four in the morning three days ago titled ‘tiny twink looking 4 big dicked daddy’ probably hadn’t been his brightest idea, but actually responding to one of the messages he’d gotten and going to the dude’s house wasn’t either.

Here he was though, on his fucking doorstep because he’d been hot in his picture and polite in his e-mails. Physically, he appeared to be exactly Levi’s type: tall, blonde, athletic, and older than him, but not too old.

Not in his 60’s like the gross, wrinkly bald guy who had messaged him. Levi shuddered thinking about it. No thank you.

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Eruri Fic Rec List

Okay, so I’ve seen lots of Eruri fic recommendation lists and there full of the same 10-15 fics give or take a few so I’m going to make a rec list of fics that I love but never get the love they deserve! So all the big name fics will NOT be on this list! I still love coffee shop, gilded by night and like like but it’s time for some others to shine!

Also as this is my list it will mostly be fluff, gen, angst, crack and other oddities that fall out of the normal porn filled Eruri fics, so if you looking for PWP and like like, sorry lots of other lists will have those ones.

Scared by BleedingDeath

Short fic, one shot. Levi has nightmares and goes to make sure that’s all they are

Citizenship by Cherry

Short fic, one shot. Humanity has won and Levi & Erwin are getting ready for Erwin’s victory parade, Also on Erwin’s birthday

blankets by rizythewriter

Short fic, one shot. When Levi wakes up from his naps, he finds that someone has been covering him with a blanket and want’s to find out who. 

Chocolat by InstantPsycho

Short fic, one shot, 1st person from Levi. Erwin had a gift for Levi, something he was never able to have in the underground

Warmth by makuroshi

One shot. Levi is scared of Thunder and goes to the only place he feels safe during those nights.

Car Crash Hearts by sharmanat0r

My favourite in the Domestic Boyfriends Serie. On their way home from the movies on a snowy night, things take a bad turn. 

My Captain, My King by asuralucier

Multi-chapter, hasn’t updated in a while. When the King dies, the royal court has come to collect the next king from the Scouting Legion, Leaving Levi with little time to reluctantly take over Erwin’s duties and sort out what feelings he may have for the soon-to-be king of humanity

In which Erwin reads the newspaper by epithalamium

Short fic, one shot. When reading his morning paper, Erwin finds that the gossip has turned to him (and Levi)

Attachment by Cigamina

Multi-chapter, hasn’t updated in a while but its long chapters and well worth the wait! Alternative back-story where Erwin comes across a boy who fights with no intention of loosing what’s his. (started before ACWNR) My personal favourite back-story for how Erwin & Levi met.

welcome to the scouting legion, leave your sanity at the door by vype

I’m reluctant to call what’s in this one “porn” but this is one of the funnest things you will ever read, and it’s meant to be funny! Just read it!

For the Soul by daphnerunning

One shot. Levi is sick and is positive he will die from this illness, Erwin brings him something for his cold. I was debating on putting this on the list, as it was quit popular when it came out but but it could use some love now-a-days

points of devotion by fealle

Long one shot, fill from the kinkmeme. Erwin and Levi meet again and again in different lives but the outcome changes vary little. I highly recommend this one! I was checking it daily on the kinkmeme when they were filling.

meditation (i thought of you) by coinseller

Multi-chapter, finished fill from the kinkmeme. This one does have some porn in it but I love it to much to leave it off, as it’s gotten less attention then it should! Takes place after WWII, Erwin is an American soldier waiting to go home but meets a French musician that has him reconsidering.

Bad Decisions by dark_as_leila

Multi-chapter, fairly new. Modern school AU with a twist! Levi is the teacher and Erwin is his student! Most likely will have porn in later chapter but even without being a fill on the kinkmeme, its everything I asked for in a prompt so go read it!

Thumbelina by FreyrFnk

Started as a one shot but turned to multi-chapter, Hasn’t updated in a long time but it will be; one day ;~; . Levi has woken up from a night of drinking to find that he has somehow become a child! Erwin takes care of him well Hanji work on fixing it but Levi is just too adorable as a child. As I said before, this was originally a one shot but I bugged the author enough that they kept it going (don’t worry, it was a trade off for some scenes in my fic.) If you ever need to be cheered up, read this one! you won’t be disappointed!

Not an Eruri Fanfic by zelshin

One shot, short fic and grade A crack! Tired of all the levi/eren in the Levi/Erwin Smith tag? Well then this one will give you a rundown of what to expect should you want to check one of those out.

Now, Forever by Kuri

Long fic, one shot.  Erwin finds a child who reminds him of the one dear person he lost years ago. This is one that has and will appear on many rec lists but I NEED this on mine! Not only is it one of the most moving fics out there but it is a kinkmeme fill for one of my prompts. It came months and months after my prompt and I had given up hope on getting a fill so started one writing it myself when the wonderful Kuri came along and not only filled it with everything I asked for but hit a lot of things I had drafted for my version and even more! This is a MUST READ for all eruri shippers!

Lavender by ImperialMint

One shot, long fic. Levi’s birthday is coming up but Erwin has gone missing! Not only that but there is a duckling that has been clinging to Levi well Erwin has been gone

Recall by Feli_nya

Multi-chapter, a new writer so please be kind when leaving comments. The cast of SnK has been reincarnated in modern time and Levi has his memories and want to go out and find Erwin, even if he is a child living in an orphanage… When a woman is interviewing him for possible adoption , her husband comes in late and Levi is left speechless as Erwin stands before him. Erwin and his wife adopt Levi and he soon finds that Erwin has no memory of their past life! Levi takes matters into his own hands to try and get Erwin to remember their past. This one is super cute but the chapters are short. Like I said before, keep in mind that the author is still new to fanfic’s so there are errors on occasion but it won’t get in the way. Might seem slightly OOC at the time but it is a AU and its never OOC enough to pull you out.

Now I would like to take this moment to shamlessly plug my own ongoing fic Levi Thumb I’m on hiatus at the moment but at more then 50k words, I should have the next chapter up before you finish, should you start ^__^;; Levi Thumb (pre-cannon, I started before ACWNR) is about a Fairy Levi that Erwin has somehow summoned to be his new corporal. For as crazy as it started off, it’s become something I never saw coming.

I’ll also take one last moment to shamelessly plug the rest of my work that you can find here Hope_Loneheart

anonymous asked:

An imagine about Levi x Reader's wedding (could you please write down Hange, Erwin and the 104th trainee squad's opinion about the couple?). Thanks

((sure thing!))
((also, do you mind if its fem!reader? I have no idea how I’d keep this one gender neutral, sorry!!))
(((Marco is alive in this ok bye)))

Levi: He stared in awe at his soon-to-be wife, who was walking down the aisle in a beautiful white dress. The rest of the guests were looking at her too, admiring how beautiful she looked. Eren, Mikasa, Marco, Reiner, all of the cadets that moved to the Survey Corps were there, and all of the veterans too. Levi’s eyes started to tear up, and he tried to convince himself that he wasn’t about to cry.
____ reached the end of the aisle where Levi and the priest were, and glanced up at Levi, who mouthed “Wow.” This was the greatest moment of both of their lives.
Vows were said, and finally the priest guy said:
“You may now kiss the bride.”
And Levi did.
The stayed in a passionate kiss for a few seconds as the rest of the crowd cheered. Levi and ____ released each other.
“I love you, Mrs Ackerman,” Levi mumbled.

anonymous asked:

(Question contains possible spoilers for some.) Considering Eren's behavior during the serum bowl, his friend vs the commander, do you think he will interfere if and when Levi fulfills his final vow to Erwin of killing the beast titan since it's his brother vs the captain?

That’s an interesting question Anon and not one I’d really thought of before.  I’ve had my suspicions for a long time now that something or someone will prevent Levi from fulfilling his vow to kill the Beast Titan, or that if he does kill him, there will be unforeseen consequences.  We know how much Yams loves fucking with his characters dreams after all. I’m not sure Levi’s vow is the same as a dream, but if he does get to confront Zeke again, I don’t expect it to be a straightforward fight.  What I hadn’t considered though was that Eren might be the one to prevent him fulfilling his vow.  To be honest I’ve been so uninspired by the mango recently that I’d forgotten that Eren still doesn’t know who Zeke is.  It’ll be interesting to see the impact of that revelation.  The serum bowl was a shit show but it certainly left little doubt as to where Levi and Eren’s loyalties lie.  I think there is a distinct possibility that they may come into conflict again, particularly if one stands in the other’s way.  Whether Zeke turns out to be that point of conflict remains to be seen.  

Thank you for your interesting ask Anon!