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you're making it seem as if what Erwin went trough couldn't be treated with the help of his loved ones. Like Eren, he was suicidal until Historia talked some sense into him. Erwin could've been helped as well, could've been supported and understood, but it seems Levi took the easy way out.

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Anonymous what is up w that anon geez. why are they acting like levi deciding to let erwin rest is an easy thing for him??? its not like hes all happy and singing ~not gonna bring our commander back to hell lol~ it visibly impacted him and his reasoning very much relates to the deep bond and respect he has for erwin??? just bc the manga doesnt show how he copes doesnt mean it doesnt exist. the eruri doubter anons are confusing me. its like they forgot the past 80+ chapters exist.

ETA another Anon in the same vein

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Anonymous said:Not to come off as rude or anything but I wonder if these people who think Levi simply ‘let Erwin die’, who are convinced he chose Arm*n because he was being ‘altruistic’ with the kids, who think Levi would easily move on to another liege or who are even convinced that Erwin somehow told Levi to choose Arm*n have actually read the manga…

I’m just going to let these two three Anon’s answer each other….

Fwiw, this doesn’t look like taking the easy way out to me.

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I really like the little detail of how whenever Levi wants to be more personally comforting, he crouches down to the other person's level. W/ Mikasa when discussing family ties, w/ Eren after the Reiss Chapel rescue, and now this moment in chapter 80 after Erwin breaks down and spills his secret. It think is adds to how Levi's more expressive w/ body language

Ahhhhh @zooperzs, your beautiful ask inspired me to create something of a “Levi’s Body Posture” master post :) I’ve included all the moments where Levi uses his body language to be comforting, but also those where … well… let’s just say he’s expressive in his anger too. 


In the chapter that introduced us to Levi, he fell to his knees to clasp a dying soldiers hand and comfort him during his final moments. Levi doesn’t stop until Petra assures him the soldier is dead.


He’s not exactly kneeling, but Levi’s relaxed and casual posture was the perfect way to get his traumatized teens to open up as they dealt with their messy feelings surrounding the death of the female MP.

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I’m back with a new Eremin sketch!

I kinda imagined how Eren and Armin would have different reactions towards seeing ocean. Eren would probably be amazed, laugh and run around< while Armin would be so stunned he wouldn’t move for a moment. He wouldn’t believe the fact his dream was finally fulfilled, maybe he’d even drop a tear or two. Then he would cautiously come to water and touch it, try its taste maybe.. Like, embrace it all slowly and extremely carefully.

PS: Isayama, thank you so much for the last chapter. I loved Erwin, yes, but I couldn’t imagine snk without Armin. For me it was the lesser of evils, but all Erwin-fans, I’m really sorry! 

i know we’re all dying to see erwin’s 9/10 combat skills in action and i’m betting we get to see that on season 2

but then again, remember how he was just about to go on a mass-titan-killing-spree to get to eren and le wild titan appears and takes him by the arm in its teeth

and the next thing we know erwin’s one-armed and slicing eren free from bertolt…

remember how the anime makes really good 3dmg and action sequences

imagine already amputee erwin soaring past the myriad of hungry titans – friendly reminder that to kill them you need TWO ARMS to swing TWO BLADES – with blood and gore on his sleeve, determination in his eyes, just so he could get to eren and take him back. with only one arm, he could not possibly defend himself so well, and would have ro rely soley on his 3dmg and excellent motor skills to avoid the titans and imminent death

which he fucking did. and he brought hope back to mankind, time and time again

i’m excited to see erwin finally using the 3dmg to its full purpose and swinging blades all badass and shit

but it also worries me, and despite the fact that i already know how things would unfold, i cannot be sure if i will ever be emotionally prepared at all


They call Erwin fans salty! I dont get how saying the truth and expecting some respect for the COMMANDER is being salty and i sure as hell dk why Being sad over losing someone u love so much is being salty ?! What do you call those idiots who ignore how disgusting , disrespectful , ungrateful and selfish their FAVE chracters are and even DEFEND them and just go out telling us to CHILL bc they are just happy it turned out the way they wanted!!?? Its just so unfair ,it just hurts so much Erwin deserved so much more , THE LEAST y'all could do is to give him and his fans the respect they deserve…

FallRW Day 03: Criminal

Honey & Spice: Eight years after leaving the syndicate, Levi has found peace, love, and family. However, despite the promises Erwin made of protection, the past comes to call, and to collect.

“And I can only imagine how much trouble that causes for you.”

Petra chuckled as Erd Gin lamented over the nine year old girls in the elementary school and their unrelenting infatuation with his son, Farlan. Reaching into her display case, she pulled out a cupcake, boxing it up and sliding it over the counter.

“Tell him to give that to his favourite one,” she said with a wink, waving her hand when he offered her payment.

“You’re going to get us all in trouble,” Erd muttered, shaking his head.

The door to the bakery opened, jingling the little strap of bells she’d hung there for the holidays and she leaned over to one side, smile bright on her face.

“Welcome!” she greeted, “feel free to look ar—“

Her words were cut short as the four men stepped into the shop, fully armored in bullet proof clothing, weapons drawn. A unicorn insignia was sewn onto the sleeves of their coats and she swallowed, taking a step back.

What did the military police want with her bakery? No. She shouldn’t kid herself. She knew exactly what they wanted.

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Grief Study No. 2

Erwin left behind a lot: clothing in the closet, the right arm of each shirt shortened into a knot; unerasable ink stains on a shining wooden desk; echoes of speech and laughter; memories, grief, tears.

Are you willing to give your heart to humanity? Are you willing to die if ordered to?

For Levi these questions faded, and in their place…

How are you? How was your day? Are you feeling okay? You look more grumpy than usual. Do you want more tea? Would tea make it better?

He found it difficult to drink tea with no one gently nagging him to hold his cup properly. He found it difficult to do anything. Slaying titans came naturally, mechanically. Risking the lives of his squad members came easily, as he was almost numb to it. It. The possibility of loss. It. The hovering shadow of death sinking its teeth over his shoulder and into his heart. It. Erwin’s…

Erwin’s void. Following him. Hanji’s imprecise fulfilment of the void of Commander. Levi not fully giving his heart to her, having already given…

Erwin’s warmth, the memory of it replaced by a cold hand, a cold, still heart pumping nothing, beating out no more rhythms as Levi lays his head on Erwin’s chest one last time.

It’s been a long time, he thinks, though it’s only been some months. He has tried successfully to not count the days, the hours, the moments since loss. It’s winter now. Hot tea consoles him, warms him from the teeth to the belly.

It’s been a long time since he’s admitted to the empty air, “I love you,” something Erwin never heard, but surely knew nonetheless. From his endless devotion: I love you. From his fierce fight outside the walls: I love you. From his final, choked goodbye: I love you, and I always will.

Because insecure Erwin is my absolute guilty pleasure


Levi has memorised every inch of Erwin. Studied his body with his eyes, his fingers and his lips. Every pattern, ridge and groove he can visualise with ease.

So many nights have been spent appreciating that man in a room painted amber, the brush a flame flickering at the bedside, spilling over creased sheets and warm, kiss-marked skin.

In his golden hair, his sculpted broad shoulders and the intense blues of his eyes, Erwin is beautiful.

Like a favourite book, Levi feels himself drawn to read it again and again, fingers skimming over well-worn pages.  

Blind with lust he reads the scope of Erwin’s skin with his fingertips, each bump and ridge like braille, his scars like stains of red ink inscribed on his skin. Memories forbidden from fading, sewn to his skin with threads of silver and pink.

They are beautiful in a way. All merged colours and twisted shapes. Unique tattoos each with a story to tell.  

And Levi hates them.

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Erwin Smith’s descent into insanity is pretty wonderful. The funny/tragic/interesting (depending on how you see it all) thing here is that this continues to show how similar he is to Eren.

He’s painfully single-minded, just like Eren and just like Eren, everything he’s going through is slowly eroding him from the inside. If by any way the single goal he has so far focused on (the truth) does not come to light/he does not reach his goal, he’ll probably break.

The only difference here is that it’s a little bit more subtle of a erosion than Eren’s.

Rather than something like this:

It’s something like this:

Though this is pretty close:

Keep in mind, this is just conjucture based on a few spoiler translations and images. But Erwin looks anything but sane and composed on several of those pages.

So chances are that he not just dies, but is completely insane by the time he does as well.

Attack On titan is such a positive and cheerful story.

Erwin finds the sea

He could see Erwin already waist-deep before he managed to get in to his ankles. It was larger than Levi had expected, this vast lake of saltwater. It stretched its fingers toward to horizon and even beyond that, swallowing the sun in its gaping expanse.

Currently, the only thing Levi thought about was how sticky it made his skin.

“It’s beautiful,” Erwin sighed a few feet ahead. The man took it in while Levi crept his way deeper, white pants rolled up to his knees.

“It’s sticky.”

The blond turned his head to answer Levi, and for once his face was beyond gentle. The permanent groove that had made residence between Erwin’s thick brows had departed, and there wasn’t a sign of the stressful years spent reaching this point.

“It’s filled with salt,” said Erwin. “It’s amazing, if you think about it. Salt is so expensive, and here,” the man opened his arms wide, “it’s everywhere you look.”

Levi had a few choice comments concerning the resemblance to sweat, but he uttered none. This was Erwin’s time. He’d be damned if it were ruined somehow. The kids were off down the shore exploring how far it went, and Levi could see their smeared footprints between the licking waves.

Turning at the sound of a splash, Levi caught sight of Erwin right before the man dragged him against his chest. He stumbled with the depth, felt his toes sinking into the bottom before finding stability on top of Erwin’s feet.

“Bastard,” Levi grunted into the man’s shirt, “I didn’t want to get wet.”

Erwin said nothing. Instead, he kissed the crown of his head, then his hairline, and down the bridge of his slightly sunburnt nose. Levi fell hushed. He allowed Erwin the relief; he deserved it more than anyone.

“I found it.”

Gunmetal eyes flickered up to meet deep blue. “You did,” agreed Levi wholeheartedly.