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SRL 2016 Tracks


This steep mountain pass was once used by some of the more thrill-seeking Iron Lords. Expect increased attention from the Devil Splicers, and an errant forklift.


A twisting track located in a region of Mercury overrun by Vex with multiple paths and multiple portals. The SRL is not responsible for any permanent reality alterations.


The massive turbine assemblies that serve as Campus Martius’s most distinctive obstacle are a relic from a lost Golden Age facility. The SRL uses them to power needed equipment for the races, but there are signs that some energy is being diverted to an unknown location.


Some might see racing through the heart of Vex territory as foolhardy. When Shaxx sent his Redjacks to mark up the SRL track on Venus, however, he ordered them to find a location worthy of the bravest and most skilled Guardians.


Have some gifs I made while doing the heart in Briarthorn and a screenie of my new Reaper, Erisdea! I’m totally in love with her color scheme.◝( ♡ᴗ♡ )◜

Before you start an illustration, get reference. As soon as you know the general idea of what you want to draw but even before you draw any sort of thumbnail, get reference, save it, make a pinterest board or a reference folder but just spend some time just grabbing visual inspiration. Props are hard- get reference. Environments are hard- get reference. Drawing characters interacting with an environment is hard- get reference.

your thumbnails and your sketches will be so much better if you just have that reference in your head get reference use reference love reference

How MC wins the families over

This is a continuation of “RFA++’s familes don’t like MC” which you should probably go read first. Just sayin’…..


  • Well, it turns out MC is actually some kind of super genius, she’s just really bad at doing school work
  • So when she’s talking with his parents one day, she casually mentions something she learned about quantum physics recently
  • They start talking a lot of random, deep academic subjects, and half the time, things go completely over one or the others head
  • Yoosung is able to keep up if only because she talks about this stuff at home all the time
  • He makes a half-joke about how MC has really helped him keep his grades up with all her random facts and crazy intelligence
  • Plus, she likes to change the wifi password and hide his gaming equipment when he needs to study
  • Instant respect


  • MC memorized everyone’s birthdays and bought them each a gift and sent it to them along with a card for each one
  • They’re all marked as “from Jaehee and MC” but it’s clear MC is the one sending them
  • After two years of this -despite the fact that Jaehee wasn’t even speaking to them- they sent a few gifts back along with an apology card
  • I mean, Jaehee and her family still don’t see each other, but they’re at least on good enough term to email from time to time


  • His parents are terrible actors, so MC knows right away that they don’t like her
  • To be fair, she doesn’t like them either
  • They’re snobby, plus she knows they used to put him down all the time about his looks
  • One day, when they’re all at dinner together, Zen’s mother begins ranting about how she has no idea where Zen’s coloring came from
  • Zen’s brother has the decency to try to quiet her down
  • Meanwhile MC speaks up and begins explaining the genetics of albinism and how she’s surprised they’re ignorant of such things considering they’re supposed to be highly educated individuals
  • She goes on to explain that, if Zen has kids, the only reason the kids would also be albino would be if MC had the genes for it as well
  • MC also tells them that she wrote a high school paper about albinism
  • After the dinner, his parents pull him aside as say that they like her
  • Zen says, “Good. Because I’m planning to marry her.”


  • Mr. Chairman found out about the prenup
  • What it outlines is that, if at any point it should become clear MC is not faithful, she will get nothing in event of a divorce
  • In fact, she will basically signs away her ability to get anything in the event of a divorce or the death of her spouse
  • Okay, in the event of his death (so long as it is not under mysterious circumstances), she just enough to give Jumin the funeral he’d wish for, and then go get an affordable apartment and hold her over until she can get a job
  • Mr. Chairman is…. shocked that’s she so willing to give it all up
  • And he can see MC is a strong, positive influence on his son
  • When Jumin complains to him that he thinks this prenup is unreasonably unfair towards her, Mr. Chairman explains that, if nothing else, it’s a great way for her to prove that she’s marrying for love, not money
  • Jumin’s just concerned that something will happen to him, and she’ll be left with nothing
  • Mr. Chairman has no choice but to approve of MC now, and has it arranged with her and a lawyer to have the prenup changed so she gets a significant amount in the event of tragedy
  • She sticks with original prenup out of spite
  • Mr. Chairman is proud to have this girl as his future daughter-in-law
  • Plus, after she marries Jumin, she ends up helping the company significantly as both a figure head and an actual leader because of her business degree


  • She brought ice cream, books, video games, and took Saeran for long walks in the park when he was feeling down
  • Okay, yeah, MC could be a little annoying or gross when she was with Saeyoung because, lets face it, they’re peas in a pod, but they’re in love, so whatever
  • Basically, Saeran was the one who went to Saeyoung and said, “If you don’t marry MC, I will, so get on it so I can have a sister.”
  • Saeyoung cheered and hugged Saeran so tight, he was afraid he was going to turn blue


  • “It’s bad enough I have to live in Rika’s shadow in the RFA, but with them, I understand. Rika was their friend, their ally, their supporter. But to you, she was just your sons fiancé and you met maybe five times? Knowing Jihyun, he probably didn’t tell you this because he didn’t want you to worry, but let me tell you a few things about Rika. She was a master manipulator, and abusive. She almost destroyed your sons career by blinding him, and he let her because he thought he was helping her. She did so much damage to him, mentally, emotionally, and physically, that he’s very lucky to be alive right now. So I don’t care if you don’t like me. Whether we stay together or not isn’t up to you. But don’t you EVER say that Rika was better for him. And please don’t compare me to her.”
  • After her little speech, MC stood up and walked out of the room to calm down (and prevent arguing)
  • V and his family were speechless
  • V was extremely proud of her
  • His family may not have liked her at the moment, but they respected her and couldn’t think of a reason to argue with her
  • Well, except to ask V, “Is what she said true?”


  • Saeyoung finally approaches MC and talks to her about her involvement in Mint Eye
  • MC explains that she was kidnapped, tattooed, and chained to a wall while they attempted to brainwash her
  • Apparently, the way she acted in captivity reminded Saeran of himself as a child under the reign of their mother, so he made a deal with MC
  • She pretends to be brainwashed and does whatever he says, and he would free her
  • He knew Rika had a plan to infiltrate the RFA and Saeran volunteered MC to act in their place
  • It worked, got MC out and into the apartment
  • He honestly saved her from months of torture
  • She’s only considered a “former member” because she has the tattoo
  • Nothing more
  • Saeyoung feels guilty, but approves of her now because she’s something that his brother wants to protect
DIY Maid Harness/Belt

Some lovely people have asked how I made my apron-styled harness for my Halloween outfit, so here it is!

Materials and equipment you will need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pleather - 0.5 x 1.0 metres/yards should be plenty
  • Craft foam - I used 1mm thick foam but you can use thicker foam for a chunkier look
  • Buckles x 3
  • Paper fasteners, or actual rivets x 4
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors - fabric and craft
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine

In this I’ll be using craft foam with fleece-backed pleather to create the look of a thick leather belt. You can use actual belt weight leather strips instead for a more authentic look. Also, the back bow of my harness is a detachable bow from a handbag, but you can make some extra straps and assemble a bow from them yourself.   

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Because no one ever said saving the world would be easy. Get ready to slay every witch and soldier of Darkness that stands in your way… and look fabulous while you do it, too!

After getting such awesome feedback from my Sports Anime Workout Routine, I decided to make another one - this time, inspired by the kickass magical girls of the anime world!

Just like before, you don’t need ANY equipment for this routine! No gym membership required - you don’t even have to leave your room or put on real-people pants. (Bless.) If you’re more advanced and want to bump it up a little, add some 5-15 lb. weights on some of the moves, but otherwise, all you need is your body!

Here’s how it works: Queue up all of these songs, whether it’s in iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, or another music player of your choice. Hit “Play.” Your goal is to get through all of the designated exercises before the song is over. If you don’t make it, replay the song until you’re done! Then move on to the next one. Try to rest as little as possible between each exercise (and each song!) for the best results.

If you’re struggling and want to give up, keep pushing. It’s when you want to quit that the magic starts to happen. Believe in yourself and your own abilities. True power comes from within, after all!


Cardio: Sailor Moon Crystal - "Moon Pride"
Arms: Puella Magi Madoka Magica - "Connect"
Legs: Princess Tutu - "Hall Om Mig"
Core: Card Captor Sakura - "Platinum"

As always, if you still (somehow) have energy left after all of that, burn it out in the bonus cardio round:

Cardio Burnout: Revolutionary Girl Utena - "Rinbu -Revolution-" (Updated 03.01.15)

For more anime-related workouts, check out my workout tag! :D

No pet is an easy pet.

Starting to get increasingly annoyed with people comparing hedgehogs to other small mammals like gerbils, hamsters, etc., even when they’re trying to use it as an argument that hedgehogs are higher maintenance. Yes, hedgehogs might need more equipment due to heating needs. But no, hamsters & gerbils aren’t “easy” pets either. They’re just much more common and the neglect and misinformation given out for them is much more widely accepted & ignored.

No pet is an easy pet.

Every animal has specific care needs. Every animal needs the proper enclosure, the proper handling and attention, and proper diet. Some are easier than others. Some might work better for a person’s schedule than others. All of them need to be researched for, all of them need their enclosure set up appropriately, all of them need some kind of continuing care & attention.

None of them are “easy”. If you want easy, get a stuffed animal or a pet rock.

Penalty Flag Pops

Yields as many as desired

The things you’ll need

  • Assortment of lollipops
  • Yellow napkins
  • Scissors
  • Yellow ribbon

Let’s get started!

  1. Cut ribbon into pieces a few inches long.
  2. Place a lollipop at the center of a fully opened napkin. Wrap the napkin around the head of the lollipop and tie in place with a ribbon strand.
  3. Snip the extra ribbon on the ends and fluff out the napkin ends.
  4. TaDa! A fun and easy way to call penalties on your friends on game day!
Teenage overwatch AU
  • Tracer: the poster girl, the cheery girl that is always making everyone smile. Always knows the right amount to help but not enough to make you feel stupid. She invites people out jogging all the time, no one ever shows up to her races though because theyre all terrified of her girlfriend
  • Lucio: the musical one, always got his earphones in. Buys really expensive musical equipment and somehow never needs money. His grades have gone to shit but he's been picked up by a some musical college (lucky bastard)
  • pro gamer and rich daddy, aces school despite skipping tons of classes. Spends entire weekends in her room with Lucio. Are they dating? No they just really like eachother... It's totally platonic... Mostly
  • Junkrat: fucking mess off a human being. Lives mostly off of stolen food but trust me, he's not short of stolen money. Works as an auto-mechanic for fun with Roadhog. No one's knows what Symmetra see's in him.
  • Symmetra: Moved here from afar and has her own apartment. Basically a kid mastermind who dreams of being an architect. No one knows where exactly she came from but she receives money to study abroad. Junkrat is asked to wash himself before he's allowed to enter her apartment every day. Very clean and neat anD NO THAT ISNT A HICKEY ON HER NECK!! DONT LOOK!!
  • McCree: orphaned from a young age and recently adopted by the Amari family. Rides an obnoxious chopper motorcycle everywhere. He gets along amazing with everyone who doesn't try to threaten his little sister. What about his mom? Trust me, she can defend herself.
  • Pharah: Military daughter. Mom's almost always out so basically raised herself. Stong and independent from a very young age and wasn't sure about adopting an older brother till she met him. Now they're inseparable. Secretary crushes over Genji's girlfriend.
  • Hanzo: one of the son's of the Shimada family. Probably the shadiest of family as well. Really good at school though and leads the photography club. He's also pretty fucking good at it so no one complains. No one's knows much about him, well... Except his secret boyfriend.
  • Genji: The better known son of the Shimada family. Majors in athletics and teaches the other kids parkour in his free time. People are starting to suspect he isn't human with how good he is. He can be a little violent but Mercy keeps him in check and she is the light of his life. They talk for hours everyday. Double dates with Tracer and Widowmaker are often scheduled.
  • Mercy: This girl has her life in check! She's doing well in school, always seems to be organised and also dates one if the hottest guys in the athletics group. Everyone envies her but they all know how hard she works so no one is jealous. Everyone assumes she is super innocent but they couldn't be more wrong. There is mass panic whenever she talks about her sex life with her friends.
  • Zarya: strongest, gayest, and scariest woman around. Scares off grown men and women with her looks. Training for the whatever competition is next. She's either in the gym or helping out her "friend" Mei with some resurch. She keeps denying it but there's absolutely something going on there. Meanwhile Mei never comes outside so no one has really seen her but they've seen pictures. How can someone as big as Zarya date someone so small!!?
  • Widowmaker: French. Hot. Terrifying. She always wears super tight clothing (party on tracers request). Everyone is scared of her. Once she opens up to someone she will do whatever they ask as long as they keep a secret for her. No one's knows what the secret is because everyone is too afraid to tell. With murder anyone who threatens her friends, but she doesn't have many. The only people she really trusts and Mercy Tracer and Genji. And judging by some of the sounds that come out of her room over the weekend, she must really REALLY trust Tracer.

Pocket Mirror by Daniel Schofield

Daniel Schofields designs are characteristic for being reduced to it’s minimum. The Pocket Mirror is a combination of two main things every well equipped home entrance needs, a mirror and a key bowl. He describes it as “a companion to make sure you have everything you need and look your best”.

We don’t need more money, we don’t need greater success or fame, we don’t need the perfect body or even the perfect mate. Right now, at this very moment, we have a mind, which is all the basic equipment we need to achieve complete happiness.
—  The 14th Dalai Lama


A gf of mine asked me to make a program for her based on her goals and minimal equipment that she has at home. She was wanting to lean out and improve her muscle definition and body composition but only has time to workout about 3 days a week. I thought I’d share it here for anyone who has similar goals!

Equipment needed: dumbbells and a bench.

You can substitute many of the exercises with things like resistance bands, kettle bells, or just body weight! Most of the exercises can be googled and you can get video demos so you know you’re doing them correctly, however if any of you have specific questions you can shoot em over to me in my ask box!