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PERIOD AU – requested by anon

As the mystery around the murder grew ever thicker, their chance meetings grew more frequent. The pressure on Mr. Strike was not one of a humble nature, the looming threat of repercussions dangled ominously above his head. Were the case to remain unsolved, he would have to face an outcome of unimaginable largeness that involved his future as a private investigator. And amidst the complications and uncertainty that plagued the complex case, Miss Ellacott had proven to be a distracting assistance he could not afford. 

The Duchess of Cambridge presents The Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award to Carlos Perez Naval during The 2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards at The Natural History Museum on October 21, 2014.

A message for the Choices fandom!

Okay, so I needed to type this out and send a message to my fellow Choices players here on Tumblr. I saw a post commenting on PB’s recent message for our fandom, criticizing us and how much we like to complain and whine about chapters, content, and changes. I’m writing this not as an attack to that post, but I guess as a counter-opinion to it.

I’ve been in this fandom for a long time already. I’ve been playing this game since there was just three books, and I’ve been lurking in the fandom just as long. It’s only been recently that I’ve started to post and share content with the fandom (my Jomes memes and male LIs posts). But yeah, enough about me.

Ever since before I’ve seen that the tumblr fandom is really vocal about critiques and opinions. We openly voice what we want from PB, and sometimes some people go too far and at times we might sound whiny, but I believe that we come from a place of love rather than hatred.

We love this game, so we say what we feel can improve the story. We say what we feel can improve our experience. We say what we feel can make the game grow in the right direction. And we’ve seen the changes - male MCs, a trans character, a wide selection of bisexual icons, just to name a few.

Tbh, I disagree with what I read that PB is ‘calling us out’ on that post. I really believe that they really try to listen to our input and our concerns and try to address them. From the tone of the message, they really do try to hear us out and appreciate our suggestions.

So yeah, we might be one of the smaller fandoms, but please DO NOT STOP making your voices heard. Don’t stop asking for Most Wanted Book 2. Don’t stop questioning why we are forced to be romantic towards Liam, when we want to romance Hana or Drake. Don’t stop asking for representation. Keep telling PB the points that they have to improve on. Do so respectfully.

In the same way, I encourage you guys to call out any discriminative and disrespectful behavior within our own fandom. I was just recently made aware of recent drama that had passed and all I have to say is this - keep fighting the good fight, and be uncompromising but respectful. Discourse from a place of love, but never settle for mediocrity.

Sorry for the long read but yeah that is all. Love you, you weird weird fandom.

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9.03 is such an underrated episode. I loved how it delt with Daphne dealing with being the "other woman" and her/Roz going to Heather's office was so iconic, I wish we had more scenes with the 2 of them doing stuff together. And the Martin/Frasier scenes were pure gold too (and had one of the best credits scenes in the series). If the rest of the season had been this good I would have ranked it much higher.

Roz and Daphne need more plots together!!! And ia, it wasn’t perfect but I like that it starts off as a typical sitcom jealousy plot, but then at the end you can see why Daphne got insecure because of the specific circumstances of her and Niles getting together. 

And the Martin and Frasier subplot is genuinely one of the best.

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I mean, if Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle got engaged after all their history, I do not lose hope for Matt and Elektra. (even if they are from another company jsbfhsdbf)

it did definitely cross my mind ngl but in general bruce and selina’s relationship has always been treated with a lot more thought and like…. dignity than matt n elektra’s??? like they actually make it seem important, selina is pretty much THE batman love interest whereas every girl matt’s dating is The One because no writer can stick to one concept for more ham a week, whilst elektra only ever gets to sulk about matt on her own like dc LOVES selina where marvel doesn’t really give a shit about elektra so as always……. the prospects of them bein happy are characteristically bleak