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Tea/Coffee Readings

How To

You need to find a cup with a wide brim that’s light in colour, find a wide saucer. Pour in lose tea leaves/coffee (you can buy loose tea leaves or rip open a tea bag) into you cup and add boiling water (Do Not add milk) Drink your tea/coffee while thinking about your question, if you dont like tea/coffee take a few sips. When you are finished drinking take the cup in your dominant hand and place your non-dominant handover the top of your cup. Turn the cup tree times in a clockwise direction. Pour any remaining water down the sink. Place the cup upside down on the saucer or a napkin and turn it clockwise three times, turn the cup over look for the leaves that have taken shapes. When you have finished your reading it is customary to turn your cup over, place your index finger on the base of your cup and make a wish

You can twist and turn the cup for new angles to find symbols in your cup, the closer the symbol is to the rim of the cup the sooner it will happen. the further down the longer it will take, tea reading can only predict up to a year. symbols at the bottom of your cup will take almost a whole year to take effect. Common Shapes

Abbey Freedom from worry
Ace of Clubs A letter
Ace of Diamonds A present
Ace of Hearts Happiness
Ace of Spades A large Building
Acorn Financial Success
Aircraft Sudden Journey
Alligator An accident
Anchor Success in business and romance
Angel Good news
Ankle Instability 
Ant success through perseverance
Anvil conscientious effort
Apple Business achievement
Arc Ill health, accidents
Arrow Bad News
Axe Difficulties and troubles that will be overcome
Bat False Friends
Bath Disappointment
Bayonet A minor accident
Beans Poverty
Bear A Journey 
Bed Inertia
Bee Good news
Beehive Prosperity 
Beetle Scandal
Bell Unexpected news
Bellows Setbacks
Bird Good news
Birdcage Obstacles, quarrels
Bird’s Nest Domestic harmony 
Bishop Good luck coming
Boat Visit from a friend
Book Open Expect legal actions, future success
Boomerang Envy
Boot Achievement
Bottle Pleasure
Bouquet Love and happiness
Bow Scandal, gossip
Box Romantic troubles solved
Bracelet Marriage
Branch With Leaves A birth
Bread Avoid waste
Broom Small worries disappear
Buckle Disappointments ahead
Building A move
Bull Quarrels
Bush New Friends
Butterfly Frivolity 
Baby Pregnancy, something new
Ball Completion 
Butterfly Transition 
Cab Disappointment
Cabbage Jealousy 
Cage A Proposal
Camel Useful news
Candle Help from others
Cannon news from a solider 
Cap Trouble ahead- be Careful 
Car Good fortune 
Cart Success in business 
Castle Financial gain through marriage 
Cat A quarrel
Cattle Prosperity 
Chain An engagement or wedding
Chair An unexpected guest 
Cherries A happy love affair
Chessmen Difficulties ahead
Chimney Hidden risks
Church Ceremony Unexpected money
Cigar New friends
Circle Success, a wedding
Claw A hidden enemy 
Clock Avoid delay, think of the future 
Clouds Trouble ahead
Clover Prosperity 
Coat A parting, an end of a friendship 
Coffin Bad news
Coin Repayment of debts
Collar Dependence on others for success and happiness
Column Promotion
Comb Deceit
Comet An unexpected visitor 
Compass Travel, a change of job
Corkscrew Curiosity causing trouble
Crab An enemy 
Crescent A journey
Cross Trouble, ill health 
Crown Honour, success
Cup Reward for effort
Curtain A secret 
Cymbal Insincere love
China engagement 
Chair A guest 
Clock Better Health 
Daffodil Great Happiness
Dagger Danger ahead, enemies 
Daisy Happiness in love 
Dancer Disappointment
Deer A dispute or quarrel
Desk Letter containing good news
Devil Evil influences 
Dish Quarrel at home 
Dog good friends 
Donkey be patient 
Door Strange occurrence
Dot money
Dove Good fortune 
Dragon Unforeseen changes, trouble 
Drum Scandal, gossip, a new job, argument
Duck money coming in
Dustpan Strange news about a friend 
Eagle a change for the better
Ear unexpected news
Earrings misunderstanding
Easel artistic success
Egg Prosperity 
Eggcup Danger is passing 
Elephant Wisdom, strength 
Engine news is on its way fast 
Envelope good news 
Eye overcoming difficulties, take care
Face setback
Fairy joy and enchantment 
Fan Flirtation 
Feather Instability 
Feet An important decision
Fence limitation
Fern Disloyalty 
Fir Artistic success
Fire achievement
Fireplace Matters related to your home 
Fish Good fortune in all things, health, wealth and happiness
Fist An argument 
Flag Danger ahead
Flower Wish coming true
Fly Domestic irritations
Font A birth
Fork A false friend, flattery 
Forked line Decision to be made
Fountain Future success and happiness
Fox A deceitful friend 
Frog Success through a change of home or job
Fruit Prosperity
Gallows Social Failure 
Garden roller Difficulties ahead
Garland Success, great honour
Gate Opportunity, future happiness
Geese invitations, unexpected visitors
Giraffe Think before you speak
Glass Integrity 
Glove A challenge
Goat enemies
Gondola Romance, travel
Gramophone Pleasure
Grapes Happiness
Grasshopper News from a friend 
Greyhound Good fortune 
Guitar Happiness in love 
Gun Trouble, quarrels
Hammer Overcoming obstacles
Hand Friendship
Handcuffs Trouble ahead
Hare News of a friend
Harp Harmony in love
Hat A new occupation 
Hawk Sudden Danger, jealousy 
Head New opportunities 
Heart Love and marriage, a trustworthy friend
Heather Good fortune 
Hen Domestic Bliss
Hill Obstacles, setback
Hoe Hard work leading to success
Holly An important occurrence in the winter 
Horn Abundance 
Horse Galloping Good news from a lover
Horseshoe Good Luck
Hourglass A decision that must be made 
House Security 
Iceberg Danger
initials Usually those of people you known to you 
ink pot A letter
insect Minor problems soon overcome
Ivy leaf Reliable friend
Jester Party or social Gathering
jewelry A present
jug Gaining in importance, good health
Kangaroo Domestic Harmony 
Kettle Minor Illness
Key New opportunities
Keyhole Beware of idle curiosity 
King A powerful ally
Kite Wishes coming true 
Knife Broken relationship 
Ladder Promotion
Lamp Money
Leaf Prosperity, good fortune
Leopard News of a journey 
Letter News
Lighthouse Trouble threatening
Lines straight and clear Progress, journey 
Lines wavy Uncertainty, disappointment 
Line slanting Business failure
Lion Influential friends
Lock Obstacles in your path
Loop Impulsive actions could bring trouble 
Man A visitor 
Map Travel and change 
Mask Deception 
Medal A reward
Mermaid Temptation 
Monkey A flattering mischief-maker
Monster Terror 
Monument Lasting happiness
Moon Full A love affair 
Mountain Obstacles, high ambition 
Mouse Theft
Mushroom Growth, setback
Music Good fortune
Nail Malice
Necklace complete Admirers
Necklace broken The end of a relationship 
Needle Admiration 
Net A Trap
Numbers Indicate a timescale, the number of days before an event occurs
Nun Quarantine
Nurse Illness
Nutcrackers Difficulty is passing
Oak Good fortune
Oar A small worry, help in difficulties
Octopus danger
Opera Glasses A quarrel, loss of a friend
Ostrich Travel
Owl Gossip 
Oyster Courtship, acquired riches
Padlock open A surprise
Padlock Closed A warning
Palm Tree Success, honour, happiness in love
Parachute Escape from danger
Parasol A new lover
Parcel A surprise
Parrot A scandal, a journey
Peacock Riches
Pear Comfort
Pentagon Intellectual Balance
Pepper A troublesome secret
Pig Material success
Pigeon sitting An improvement in trade
Pigeon Flying Important news
Pillar Supportive friends
Pipe Thoughts, solution to a problem, keep an open mind
Pistol Danger
Pitchfork Quarrels
Policeman Secret enemy 
Pump Generosity
Purse Profit
Pyramid Success
Question Mark Hesitancy, caution 
Rabbit Timidity, be brave
Railway Long journey
Rainbow Happiness, prosperity
Rake Be organised
Rat Treachery 
Raven Bad News
Razor Quarrels, partings
Reptiles Treacherous friend
Rider Hasty news
Ring Completion
Rocks Difficulties
Rose Popularity 
Saucepan Anxieties
Saw Interfering outsider
Scales A lawsuit
Scepter Power, authority 
Scissors Domestic arguments, separation
Scythe Danger
Shamrock Good Luck, wish coming true
Sheep Good fortune
Shell Good news
Ship Successful journey 
Shoe A change for the better
Sickle Disappointment in love
Signpost Draws attention to the symbol to which it points to
Skeleton Loss of money, ill health
Snake Hatred, an enemy 
Spade Hard work leads to success
Spider Determined and persistent. money coming
Spoon Generosity 
Square A symbol of protection, comfort, peace
Squirrel Prosperity, after a hard time
Star Good health
Steeple Slight delay, bad luck
Steps An improvement in life
Sun Happiness, success, power
Swallow Decisiveness, unexpected journeys
Swan Smooth progress, contented life
Sword Disappointment, quarrels
Table Social gathering
Teapot Committee meeting 
Telephone Forgetfulness causes trouble
Telescope Adventure
Tent Travel
Thimble Domestic changes
Toad Beware of flattery 
Torch A turn fir the better 
Tortoise Criticism
Tower Opportunity, disappointment 
Tree Changes for the better 
Triangle Something unexpected 
Trunk A long journey, fateful decisions 
Umbrella Annoyances 
Unicorn A secret wedding 
Urn Wealth, happiness
Vase A friend in need
Vegetables unhappiness followed by contentment 
Violin Egotism 
Volcano Emotions out of control
Vulture Loss, theft, an enemy in authority 
Wagon A wedding
Walking Stick a visitor 
Wasp trouble in love 
Waterfall prosperity 
Weather Vane a difficulty, indecisiveness
Whale business success
Wheel  good fortune
Wheelbarrow  a meeting with an old friend 
Windmill  business success
Window open good luck through a friend 
Window closed disappointment through a friend 
Wings messages
Wishbone a wish granted 
Wolf Jealousy, selfishness
Woman Pleasure
Worms Scandal
Wreath Happiness ahead
Yacht Pleasure
Yoke Being dominated 
Zebra Overseas adventure
Triangles Good Karma 
Squares Use caution
Circles great success 
Letters Usually refer to friends, family, and people you know
Numbers indicates time, months and years

Types of Overwatch Players
  • The Semi Casual: You're an average gamer whose here to have fun but still wouldn't mind wining. Maybe you just want a new loot box, maybe you've been invited to a friend's rad new custom game-whatever the reason, you have time off from work or school and need to unwind. If you need to play healer, you'll play healer. Your team could use a second tank? You can play Widowmaker the next game right? You're comfortable with almost all game modes but will dive into Competitive if you're feeling confident. Your POTG is a welcome surprise and something you likely worked to earn through teamwork.(Possible Mains: Lucio, Orisa, Zarya)
  • The Glory Hound: You have one objective and it's definitely not the one you're supposed to be defending. You want your Play Of the Game and anyone who steals your kills is getting cussed out in the group chat. You could care less about team composition, you have your main and anyone who tells you to switch is just jealous of your awesome skills. Similar to The Single Player, teamwork is not your priority as everyone is just a pawn to your inevitable success. Your team winning is cool and all, but what you really want is for YOU to be the winner. You are a monster in Competitive but in the worst possible ways. (Possible Mains: Bastion, Hanzo)
  • The Sore Loser: You define unreliable. You may as well change your last name to Left The Game, because that's what you're always fucking doing. If a team isn't upholding to your standards, you'll ditch before you even see the inside of your spawn room. If any of your teammates are any less than three stars, they don't deserve the right to brush screen names with you. And if you choose to stay with a team the whole way, you BETTER be winning or else you're out. Despite your incredibly selective choice of teammates, your friend list is completely empty and you scoff at anyone who dares send you one.(Possible Mains: Symmetra, Hanzo)
  • The Party Goer: You're here to have fun. "It's just a game" has been hardwired into your code as you don't do jack shit for your team, you're more concerned about showing off your new emote in the heat of battle. You're a talkative fella with a whole wheel of the most grating voice lines your character currently has. Who cares if you win? At least you'll be in a hilarious pose in all of the kills cams. Your teammates may admire your casual nature, though you're so casual that you've become an inconvenience. Yeah, you'll get eliminations every once in awhile but it's only because no one laugh emoted back at you yet and you have ten seconds left to move this truck (Possible Mains: Junkrat, D.Va, Winston)
  • The Grudge Holder: You are out for blood, my friend, and it's rooted in a deep, personal hatred from a certain someone on the enemy team. Your worst enemy is the kill cam because it has the audacity to catch an image of you dying and forever cementing your target throughout the rest of the game. Fuck your team, you want to get even with that one Pharah who blew you up from across the map. And that McCree who had the nerve to shoot a Deadye in your direction? He's screwed once you get out of spawn. Your teammates have been spanning Group Up for five minutes straight but you're still waiting for that bullshit Symmetra to show back up so you can kill her again and teabag the corpse. (Possible Mains: Widowmaker, Roadhog, Mei)
  • The Single Player: You are a lone wolf through and through, here to carry your team with a twenty player kill streak with a single use of your Ultimate. You're the guy who rushes into enemy lines without a plan, relying on your own bravado to keep you alive before you're spamming for heals half way across the map. You're likely oblivious to what you're supposed to be defending...Or are you attacking this time? Nah, doesn't matter! You got your main before anyone else did so you get to show off your rad skills. God help anyone playing healer. (Possible Mains: Genji, Soldier 76, Reaper)

Simo Häyhä - “The White Death”

Häyhä’s count of 542 kills is an all-time record for a sniper in any conflict and was achieved in only 98 days of the ‘Winter War.

The Winter War erupted in 1939 with the Soviet invasion of Finland, and the mild-looking Simo was called into service.
Despite vastly outnumbering the Finns, the Soviet Army suffered massive casualties due to their inexperience, the freezing temperatures and of course, Simo Häyhä, all of 5'3"(1.6002m) tall.

For those 98 days, Häyhä conducted lone missions to the front lines, tormenting the Russians and picking off soldiers one by one, until he was shot and injured by an exploding bullet a few days prior to the war ending. The bullet had crushed his jaw and blown off part of his left cheek.

Häyhä, in many ways, had the perfect preparation for becoming a sniper. He grew up on a rural farm and loved to hunt.
His specialty were foxes, one of the more difficult animals to hunt, due to their small stature, speed and ability to hide. He would test himself with birds which would flee at even the slightest sound, reflection or sudden movement.
He felt no hatred for the enemy, instead, he only concentrated on ensuring his weapon was well supported and stable, and that his personal feelings and emotions would not impinge on his ability as a marksman. Häyhä did not mind spending hours upon hours on his own and would even go to his shooting ‘nests’ at night to ensure they were well hidden and strong.

Especially in the -20 temperatures of the Finnish winter, proper gun maintenance was essential to avoid it jamming. His gun was a Mosin-Nagant M/28-30, one that he had owned before the war, without even a telescopic sight.
Häyhä, when conducting his operations, took every detail into account. He would even pour water into the snow in front of him so that the muzzle blast would not expose his location by disturbing the light snow. (Excerpt by Author Taipo Saarelainen, The White Sniper: Simo Häyhä)

(Simo also kept snow in his mouth while sniping, in order to prevent steamy breaths from giving away his position in the cold air.)

Simo Häyhä passed away in 2002 at the age of 96.

(Photo source - Finnish Military Archives)

(Colorised by Paul Kerestes from Romania)

OTP Idea #814

Imagine Person A and Person B get into a relationship together. They believe they’ve reached the point where they should introduce each other to their parents. Little do A and B know is that their parents were high school enemies and still harbour this hatred for each other. The parents discreetly try to keep Person A and B away from each other so that the parents don’t have to act nice around each other, causing a rift in A and B’s relationship.

5/5 10k appreciation posts!


I’m a part of my high school’s speech and debate club–the best in Washington State (as in the school w/ most speech/debate points). This is my first year in the club, but I’ve already learned and improved various skills. The events I have/am participating and competing in are: Speech - oratory and impromptu; debate - policy. Without further ado, let’s begin…


  • Speak with emotion/variety. The last thing you want to do is to bore your audience. You must keep them focused by not having a monotonous voice.
  • Speak clearly/enunciate. This applies for both speech and debate. If your audience can’t understand you, then there’s no purpose of your speech. 
  • Used organized hand motions. Another way to keep your audience’s attention is to use appropriate hand gestures. Don’t exaggerate them, and make sure it correlates with the speech. Make sure your movements are sharp an try to keep your fingers together if possible.
  • Don’t sway or do distracting things. For 2 reason! 1) You want the audience to focus on your speech, not your actions. 2) Moving randomly is a sign of nervousness
  • Use your space. Now this doesn’t mean pacing back and forth. I mean strategic movements. An example could be moving to different spots for each major point. 

  • Try to avoid filler words like “um.” Filler words make you seem unsure/nervous, and it makes your speech sloppy. It doesn’t matter if your speech is impromptu. Just take a short pause instead.
  • Engage/relate the speech to your audience.This keeps your audience from being bored and makes your speech memorable. This also means keeping EYE CONTACT.
  • Memorization/preparation. Of course you want your speech to be finished. I always look for memorization as a plus. It’s quite annoying when someone keeps reading from flashcards or a power point. Furthermore, memorization would help you pay attention to the other tips I’ve mentioned.
  • Don’t repeat yourself. It’s just like an essay. No one wants to hear your same pointed repeated four times with slightly different wording. The speech gets boring and frankly, it shows lack of skill.
  • Use smooth transitions. It’s really awkward when you move choppily from one point to another. Instead, use transition words or relate one point to the next. 

Some of these points can also be used for debate. 


  • Know your audience. Are you speaking to a judge who did debate all throughout high school and college? Or are you trying to convince your class that the Mongols had a bad effect on world history? Knowing your audience will help you direct your speech to make your arguments more appealing. Perhaps you need to explain jargon, such as “voting issue on topicality”, or you need to speak slowly so that your audience can understand you.
  • Set a good pace. Do you need to speak slowly to be more understandable/convincing? Or do you need to speak as fast as possible (aka spreading) to get all your arguments within an 8 minute constructive? NO MATTER WHAT SPEED, ENUNCIATE.
  • Use credible sources. Some debates end up being which author/article is more recent or credible. Make sure you don’t use a blog, but instead find authors that are specialized on a certain topic. For politics (especially fluctuating ones), find recent articles like on news websites. If you have a more psychological or long term argument, find a very thorough and eduated author, ad the date doesn’t matter as much.
  • Try not to drop arguments! Unless dropping an argument won’t do any harm to your side, don’t drop it. Sometimes during your very last speech w/ time constraints, you may drop if you’re losing the argument or if dropping won’t make yoou lose. But you don’t want to concede anything. Every time you drop something, your opponent can use it to their advantage. If the other side does drop, call them out and tell them that they can’t bring it up again.
  • Fake it till you make it. Even if you don’t believe in your side, pretend that you do. Only by believing in your arguments, you can win. Make sure you sound confident and add a little sass if you want to (lol I add too much sometimes). If your opponent asks you a question and you don’t know the answer, BS it. Just don’t concede or hesitate too much. If you want to be mean (like me) when your opponent doesn’t respond well, drill them down on that one question or say “okay they don’t know their case well so NEXT!” Anything to make your opponent seem full of flaws.
  • Find your opponents’ flaws. I already mentioned this previously, but to convince your audience/opponent, you have to seem stronger and more correct. Point out any illogical arguments, uncredible sources, contradictions, etc. You can also WEIGH IMPACTS. Whatever you do, don’t insult them directly (e.g. you’re so dumb and bad at debate). 
  • After the debate, congratulate and be polite to your opponent. Unless you’ve suddenly become mortal enemies with hatred as intense as the fiery pits of hell, please do this. It’s bad sportsmanship if you don’t. I know you might be salty, but forget about what actually happened during the debate for a moment. Stand up, walk over to your opponent,and shake their hand. Tell them “y’all did really well” or “y’all probably won.” Idk but BUILT A NICE FRIENDSHIP <3
To survive in this high-pressured, crazy world, most of us have to become highly adept at self-criticism. We learn how to tell ourselves off for our failures, and for not working hard or smart enough. But so good are we at this that we’re sometimes in danger of falling prey to an excessive version of self-criticism — what we might call self-flagellation: a rather dangerous state, which just ushers in depression and underperformance. We might simply lose the will to get out of bed. For those moments, we need a corrective — we need to carve out time for an emotional state of which many of us are profoundly suspicious: self-compassion. We’re suspicious because this sounds horribly close to self-pity. But because depression and self-hatred are serious enemies of a good life, we need to appreciate the role of self-care in a good, ambitious, and fruitful life.

do NOT point out someone’s eye color for no reason.

bad ex: he looked around with (color) colored eyes

this is very distracting and unnecessary and keeps the writing from flowing. is their eye color relevant to the story? if the answer is no, then don’t point out their eye color. this also goes for other things such as hair color, skin tone, etc.

when you’re describing someone, it’s fine.

ex: she had (color) hair and (color) eyes

if their eye color is relevant, it will most likely be something like this.

good ex: the teacher looked at me with her cold, (color) eyes and i immediately sank in my seat.

this is relevant to the story. you’re describing her gaze, so it’s relevant to point out her eye color. if you’re talking about the noun already, then bringing up an adjective or description is fine. bringing up a description when no description is needed makes it obvious you’re just trying to boost the word count. more words doesn’t always equal better quality. more description doesn’t always equal better quality, either.

bad ex: she looked at me with her brown eyes.

that’s basically saying, she looked with eyes. well duh, what else is she gonna look with? doesn’t saying it that way sound weird and unnecessary?

good ex: she looked at me with her brown eyes full of sadness.

this is where bringing up the color is relevant. you’re describing how her eyes look: sad. mentioning that they’re brown helps bring up a better visual of how her eyes may look.

another good ex: she looked at me with her brown eyes. i love brown eyes.

this is, again, where bringing up her eye color is relevant. the protagonist mentions they love the color brown. does that mean they’re going to fall in love? do they feel sick from hatred, since their enemy has an eye color they can’t help but adore? it all depends on what you’re writing.

normally, mentioning her eye color for no reason like this would be bad and distracting, but the protagonist obviously has some sort of fascination with brown eyes, thus making it relevant to mention the color.

i’m not the best at explaining things, but hopefully this helped some people realize their mistakes! this is just something i’ve noticed when reading stories that really irked me, so hopefully some people learned from this ouo


C’était la Guerre des Tranchées / It Was the War of the Trenches (1993) is a French ‘comic’ book written and illustrated by Jacques Tardi and dedicated to his grandfather who fought ‘in the trenches’ (a French euphemism to talk about the First World War).
The book is an accurate depiction of the life on both sides of the Western Front, recounted through a multitude of mainly French soldiers’ letters, and is well known for its graphic representation of WW1.

“They’re shooting men… This is normal, because it’s the war of the trenches which has been going on for three years now…
…the most surprising is that there are still traces of life left in these holes, with all so many shells they’re dropping on so little ground.

Those men have dug trenches, made shelters in the earth and learned to live in the mud like rats. These ones are French.
Facing them, it’s the same thing, but the trenches are better organized because they are German. The French say ‘les Boches’ when talking about their enemies, out of contempt, hatred, or perhaps stupidity, because this is indeed what this is about about when one is talking about war.”


Ever since President Annoying Orange von GrabbyHands came into office, there’s been a lot of chatter about Orwell, and 1984, and whether this or that is Orwellian. Amazon was actually sold out of copies of 1984 for a few days after Kellyanne Conway said that falsehoods being spread by the administration were “Alternative Facts.”

So today I want to talk about 1984, what “Orwellian” actually means, and how Orwell explores the impact of language on thought and dissent with NewSpeak in his novel. And, at the end, we will look at how these concepts do and don’t apply to today’s political climate

Transcript below:

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Enemies to Lovers Masterlist


More Than He Bargained For - Yuri made one mistake. One. But, since it resulted in police bringing him home, his parents put their foot down. Now, he’s being sent away for the summer to learn his place. He’ll be staying with the Altin family and learning from their son, Otabek.Aka, the one where Yuri is a rebellious shit and ends up spending the summer with Otabek and falling in love and shit.

the taste of ash on my lips, sweet bruises on my hips. (TW) -  in which Yuri is burning himself out, and Otabek can’t help but be drawn to the light like a moth drawn to a flame.

Sold My Heart to Dance, Now I Want it Back -  Yuri is a principle dancer in Russia who has lost his motivation. Luckily for him, Victor and Yuuri are starting their own company and they want Yuri. The only problem is they don’t want him to dance alone.


Edges of Morality  - The war between avians and humans is at its worst when Yuuri begins working for Metro-Sig’s Avian Detention and Research Center, thinking that he can help end the war through non-violent means. It’s all black and white until Yuuri realizes that the prisoners of war in his care are actually being tortured and experimented on.

Cinderella is a Fucking Thief - An infamous professional thief of Russia known as Eros was given a mission to steal the queen’s crown. But, fate always brings him to meet the famous detective and Eros’ no. 1 enemy, Agape. Who knew that these two foes would have their darkest secrets hidden from each other especially about their true identities as they slowly unfold the pages of secrets of their story?“So, we meet again, Eros.” A lingering smile was present under the white mask of Agape as he looked at Eros’ expression; which was smirking back at him, chuckling softly under his black disguise, “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Wherever I go, you are there. Don’t tell me your eyes are on me?” Agape smirked, “What if it is?”

My Heart is Strong (The Warrant’s on my Head) - Viktor has grown used life on the wasteland; though he lacks company, his notoriety serves as a warning to enemies.Upon the arrival of a lone, dark-haired rogue, his position changes drastically.(In which Viktor is a known enemy to the totalitarian government, and really can’t afford to form any bonds with… Well, with anyone.)

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches - A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.

to be a star is to burn -  There was just something about the skater that always got under Viktor’s skin, that had him itching, and what was worse was that Yuuri seemed to know it. He seemed to be able to look through Viktor and within a second pinpoint every flaw, fear, and anxiety. It grated on him, especially as Viktor was known for his feather-light disposition and natural confidence. Yuuri’s endless brown eyes always seemed to be appraising Viktor, and something in the set of Yuuri’s jaw made Viktor feel like he failed the assessment somehow.

it’s not like i’m falling in love - Victor Nikiforov and Katsuki Yuuri are private detectives.But they’re not just that, no, they’re mortal enemies. (Victor’s pretty sure his hatred originated from the several occasions on which Yuuri had basically stolen his case – why the hell would Celestino give a murder case like that to a fucking rookie, anyway?)And when they’re both assigned to the seemingly mysterious (and practically unsolvable) case of Guang-Hong Ji’s sudden disappearance, all hell breaks loose.


The Folly of Fate - Guang-Hong - heir to his family’s underground vigilante syndicate - is chosen as a sacrifice to the gods, but what that entails, no one seems to fully understand. What exactly is waiting for him in the heart of the forest?(Or - The Mythical Creatures AU Absolutely No-one but the Author Asked For)

Michele Crispino/ Seung Gil Lee

Mickey Always Sucked at Gay Chicken -  Michele would take a bullet for his sister, even if that bullet was the hot, vaguely sociopathic Korean skater who Sara had a major crush on.

Seung Gil Lee/JJ Leroy 

In the Motions -  The last thing Seung Gil would welcome into his life is an epic, international romance worthy of Korean drama adaptation.
He doesn’t want it. Doesn’t need it.

shortcuts -  A year later, back in Moscow.


Lessons We Learned - Love didn’t come easily for him like it did for people like Yuuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov. Yuri had been abandoned more than once, he wasn’t stupid enough to his emotions or those of others lead him astray.A look at how Yuri Plisetski learned to want more from life than just victory.

unadulterated loathing -  Yuri glares at him, hands clenching, daring JJ to close the distance and give him a reason to connect his fist with that chiseled jaw. He receives a smirk for his trouble and JJ draws back. It’s a long moment before he finally breaks the silence. “You’re every bit the force of nature I knew you would be,” he says, almost reverently.

It has always been my ideal in war to eliminate all feelings of hatred and to treat my enemy as an enemy only in battle and to honour him as a man according to his courage.
—  Ernst Jünger

more enemies au doodles

“keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

like really, very close

intimately close

so close that you can feel your enemies breath on your neck

and you shiver with hatred and… anticipation?

turn around and look your deep into your enemies eyes, letting your gaze drag down to their lips, your eyes intense with desire. push your enemies up against the wall.

make out with your enemies.”


MAGNIFICENT CENTURY MEME: [3/5] characters: Hurrem
I am Alexandra la Rossa, I have never shared my grief with anyone. I threw my pain in a deep wall. I dumped them into the sea. The wave came and took them away. I answered all the things that hurt me with laughter. I only cried my tears for my family. I created a Sultana out of this slave girl. And now, I am in the place where my life and my fate changed, in Sultan Suleyman’s Palace. The Palace I had wanted to destroy on their heads is now my home. How could I have known what my heart that stopped for revenge, would start to beat again for love? I am Hurrem. Sultan Suleyman’s slave. His cariye. His Sultana. The mother of his five childern. His lawfully wadded wife Hurrem. I was loved and I still gained the hatred of my enemies. I gave life and I took it. I am the one who rose from being a slave to the top of the world. I am the one who passed through fire and ambush. I burned and I put fires out.


Keith stood on the roof, watching as the sun set behind the trees surrounding the palace. It was beautiful, almost like Earth’s sunsets. This would be the perfect scene for a cheesy romance novel. But… Keith didn’t have a lover. Shoot, at this point, he didn’t even have friends. All because of his stupid, stupid DNA.

He was being ignored and sneered at by Allura, and Coran wouldn’t talk to him, only sending him pity glances. Lance was nervous, Hunk was scared, Pidge was always on edge, and Shiro… Shiro, his own brother, was having small panic attacks every time he was in the room.

He gazed at his purple hands, which were covered in soft fur. He was a monster. His kind had destroyed planets and enslaved people. Keith couldn’t blame his teammates. He was the enemy.

Hatred rose in his heart, and tears stung his eyes. Why him? What did he do to deserve this? Tears cascaded down his furry cheeks, and he felt bile rise in his throat. Maybe he should jump. Then his teammates wouldn’t have to deal with a monster anymore.

Do it, his brain told him, jump so they didn’t have to deal with a monster.

Stay, his heart said, they’ll come around. Who will pilot the Red Lion? She still accepts you, remember?

Keith did remember. When he told them he was part Galra, they started shouting. Allura to get away, just go, he shouldn’t be here anymore. Shiro had backed against a wall, and when his arm started glowing Keith ran. He ran straight towards Red’s hanger, and she opened up, soothing his sobs. She was the only reason he was still here.

But he couldn’t stay here any longer.

He wanted one last look at himself. His knife was hidden, attached to his chest. He removed his jacket and shirt, slightly shivering. Taking the knife out of its sheath, he looked at his reflection. Dull golden eyes, hair stringy and fur matted. His ribs were clearly seen through his furry chest. How long had it been since he’d eaten? 2 weeks? He wasn’t sure. Every time he’d try to eat, someone else would be in the kitchen, so after a while he just gave up.

Keith laid the knife down next to his jacket. Maybe someone would find it. Who knows.

He walked towards the edge of the large castle, taking one last look at his home. A panicked voice swept through his head.

My pilot, why are you doing this? Stay, please! I need you… they need you… Red was saying. Keith looked at where the hanger was located, about six stories under his feet.

I’m so sorry Red. Forgive me, and with that last thought, Keith jumped.

They were all eating dinner, laughing and joking around with each other. But the laughter was hollow, their smiles fake. Lance couldn’t take it anymore. They had been avoiding talking about Keith for over two weeks now.

He set his fork down. He cleared his throat, watching as the others each turned to face him curiously.

“We can’t avoid talking about Keith forever.” He said, watching as their expressions turned to sorrow, thinking about their teammate. They never saw him anymore. After he turned into a full Galra, he seemed to stay away from them, and Lance knew it was their fault.

“He’s still Keith. We sh-” Lance was cut off by a roar, so loud he had to cover his ears. Everyone else gripped their heads, looking scared and worried. The roar was followed by a loud explosion, and the team looked at each other before racing towards the command center.

Allura quickly scanned the castle. “Something happened to Red’s hanger!” She shouted, and they quickly pulled up the footage. They saw Red desperately clawing at the walls, growling. She seemed to grow more and more agitated before she blasted the wall to her left. Red rushed out, and Allura switched to another camera just in time to see Red catch a falling figure.

The paladins looked at each other in horror, before racing outside. Turning to the side of the castle, they saw Red laying down, gently holding a shaking figure in her front paws. Allura took a step forwards, trying to figure out who it was. Had an intruder gotten in? Why would Red- oh. Oh.

“Keith?” She called out, despite her hatred for the paladin. Had he fallen from the balcony?

Red stood up, gently pushing the shaking figure behind her. She then turned back towards the group and growled at them. It was threatening, and she positioned herself to pounce. They recoiled, shocked, and Red seemed to think better of it before sitting in front of Keith, hiding Keith from the rest of the group.

Allura looked stricken. “Red… why?”

Red spoke, and everyone could hear her. She sounded livid, venom seeping into her voice.


Pidge looked at Red, stunned, before she started crying. Keith tried to commit suicide… because she couldn’t get over how he looked.


Hunk hung his head. Keith tried to die. Tried to get away from… him.

Lance gulped, truly realizing the situation. They would’ve lost Keith, the best pilot of their generation, his rival and friend, all because of something he couldn’t control.

Shiro sunk to the ground, realizing that Keith wasn’t the monster here. He was. His brother tried to kill himself, and it was his fault.

Coran wiped tears from his eyes. Why didn’t he do anything? It’s was still Keith, and he had been stupid enough to ignore that.

Allura just stood there, speechless, before realizing it was her fault. She had caused another person, her friend, to be in such misery that he’d try to end his life. What would her father say?


She turned around, gently nudging Keith and purring softly. He was shaking, sobs racking his body. He spoke between cries, hiccuping softly.

“W-why didn’t y-you l-let me d-die?” He sobbed, clutching Red as if she was his lifeline. Which she was, in this case.

She heard the gasps and quiet crying of the others when they heard him speak. She hoped they’d die of heartbreak. She looked in surprise as Keith struggled to get to his feet, the lack of food catching up to him. My pilot?… she asked mentally.

Can you help me? He asked, and she nodded, helping him turn around and face his teammates.

Shiro died a little. Keith was so skinny, his fur and eyes dull and dead looking. Pidge just rushed forwards, hugging Keith tightly. She muttered apologies through her crying, tears soaking Keith’s stomach. Lance and Hunk followed, clutching Keith in a giant group hug. Shiro followed them, also hugging Keith. Allura and Coran stayed to the side, and when the group hug finally broke, she rushed forwards, tears mixing with her words, making them come out slurred.

“I’m s-so sorry. You are part o-of this team to, and I failed to t-take that into a-account.” Keith smiled softly. Red felt his mood shift, and she grunted. He’d be okay.

He’d be okay.

Memory Keeper || Bucky Barnes x Reader

{summary: can a memory keeper help the tortured soul of a winter soldier?}

i need to re-write everything from scratch ;w; my laptop just died on me and i’m trying so hard to make this work.

I’m sorry if this is shitty and not that great 。゚(TヮT)゚。

as a general disclaimer, I know that there are millions upon millions of Bucky Barnes x readers out there, so if this is similar to your story or any of your favorite stories, just know that it is purely a coincidence and that every story that I post is based on my own work.

warnings: some shameless smut and angst

**please don’t plagiarize this story or repost it anywhere.**


“Are you sure you want me to do this?”

“I’ve never been more positive of anything else in my life.”

Your gaze was filled with uncertainty as you looked from the blond man to the man settled on the bed of your guest room. When Steve Rogers had arrived personally to your home with an unconscious, dark haired man on his back, you knew that you would have to deal with yet another patient hoping to be ‘cured’ with your memory manipulation.

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