no empire


GERRY DUGGAN (W) • Mike Hawthorne (A)

Cover by DAVID LOPEZ, Secret Comics Variant Cover by SCOTT KOBLISH


Deadpool’s sided with Hydra for too long… but no more!

He’s totally going to turn things around and take down Steve Rogers!

He’s going to put a stop to this whole Secret Empire once and for all!

Yeah… That’s the ticket…

Art Student AU

You’re a life model and I’m an artist, but a really slow one, could you maybe stick around so I can finish this brief please?

More Risace; I warned you I’ve got a lot of AUs sitting pretty in my head

Fuck Gramps.

The old bastard insists they go on to study higher education, attempting to strong arm them into becoming marines. 

As a member of the Whitebeard ‘Gang’, Ace had absolutely no intention of going to ‘study at a higher level’, but he’s not really been given much choice. So that’s why he’s studying something Garp would never approve of.


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Dawn Syndulla outwits her parents

Daughter: Mommy, I want a Loth-kitten.

Hera: No, baby. Maybe when you’re older.

Daughter: Daddy, I want a kitten.

Kanan: No. Maybe when you’re older.

Daughter: Like you?

Kanan: Yes, then you might have one.

Daughter: Daddy, open the box. I got you present!

Kanan: Oh no… I feel holes in the box. It’s meowing. I feel something fuzzy and purring. Sweetie…

Daughter: Daddy, since you old and can have kitty, I found a kitty and gave it to you. I’ll help you take care of it.

Kanan: Oh no, Hera, I can’t turn down her gift.

Infiltrating Hydra Youth Part 2

Hydra Youth Kid 1: How do I know you’re not a Champion?
Sam: If I were a Champion you’d already be dead.
Hydra Youth Kid 1: If you were a Champion, you’d already be dead.
Sam: Neither of us is dead, so I am obviously not a Champion.
Hydra Youth Kid 2: That actually makes sense.


Word Count: 2.3K

Warnings: slavery, violence, etc.

A/N: Here it is – the Roman Emperor!Kylo x Reader fic! I’m so excited to be writing this, and I hope you guys enjoy! I was thinking that this series will probably go on for 6-8 chapters, but if it really takes off I might consider making it longer. I also wanted to make a disclaimer about this series: I am studying ancient history and Rome so I am very familiar with the context, but if you do spot any historical errors please don’t crucify me, and sometimes I will make the decision of going against historical fact in order to cater to the story more. This chapter is very introductory, but I promise you every chapter following this one will be angst (and sometimes fluff) packed.

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A two page spread from 1995 showing off the leadership of the Machine Empire Baranoia from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger.

From left to right they are:

Kocha- The diminutive servant of the Emperor, this little robot can fire a beam that reassembles and enlarges a defeated agent of the Empire.

Acha- Kocha’s larger partner and the butler to the Emperor and his family.

Emperor Bacchus Wrath- A 600 million year old machine tyrant and undisputed ruler of the Empire. He views himself as a god of machines and superior in every way to humanity and all living things.

Empress Hysteria- The wife of the Emperor usually remains in his palace and rarely ventures forth.  She helps plan strategy with her husband and ironically despises humans for their emotions, which she considered a weakness.

Prince Buldont- Spoiled, Capricious and Pampered, this little robot is everything you would expect from a sheltered child raised to believe in his own superiority and status.  Though he seems useless at first he has big things in his future.