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I have so much love for this game! 

I honestly see a lot of myself in Mae. I only wish I had her sense of humor! And Jack made this such a wonderful experience! I think I found my new favorite series and I’m looking forward rewatching it many times. If you see this, dude, thank you. <3

In any case, here’s the whole batch of edits in one post! 

All stills from ‘Come Meet Me!’, gifs from, uh… multiple episodes of Night In The Woods.

jackietheslovakgirl  asked:

Hey Steph! I need help with finding a specific edit. You see, all the data on my phone was erased due to a bug and now I can't find this one edit that I used as my wallpaper up until now. It's the promo picture for TFP (the heart shaped wall, the exploded 221B, Sherlock sitting on chair in the middle, John standing next to him) but it has a pink tone and there's hearts everywhere and it's super fab and gay. Please please please, can you help?

Oh Lovely, I don’t have that one in my blog tags, so maybe someone can help out here! Anyone?