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Yoonkook week - Day 4: free day

i miss hyyh and yes i know that kookie is from begin


The Lord of the Rings Meme  28. favourite family relationship: siblings

“My friend, you had horses, and deed of arms, and the free fields; but she, being born in the body of a maid, had a spirit and courage at least the match of yours.”  | “Yet between the brothers there was great love, and had been since childhood, when Boromir was the helper and protector of Faramir. No jealousy or rivalry had arisen between them since, for their father’s favour or for the praise of men.”


i was tagged by @betchnaesheim and @henrikholmz to post my home & lock screen and as you can see it’s talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before 

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Human AU. Kira knows she’s a good girl. She studied hard, went to college on a lacrosse scholarship, fell in love a couple times with nice boys. Then she meets Malia, who’s all fiery kisses and untamed beauty. Together, the two of them are unstoppable. 


                                    Light f a l l s into Darkness,
                                                       Darkness r e t u r n s to Light.


Shakarian: “Only You’re the One”