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Diabolik Lovers LOST EDEN [Tsukinami Shin - Dark No. 01]

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Cannon’s note before you start:

万魔殿 / Banmaden > Tsukinami sibling’s residing place

ピーナツくん可愛いすぎる (´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥`)♡

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rules: take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture

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Okay, les daré mis spoilers~

Los estuve ignorando pero me comí el spoiler de que Kou conoce a sus padres en LE, no sólo eso si no que también sueña con su madre.
También se puede saber su verdadero nombre :o

En la ruta de Subaru, este es super maduro(hasta donde vi) a comparación de Ayato sabe que tiene que mejorar para controlar la fuerza, cuando Ayato esta todo el puto día ‘’No te preocupes, ORE-SAMA LO TIENE TODO RESUELTO’’

Bueno, era eso(? Al terminar a Kou y Subaru me enteraré~

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Wouldn't Carla know that Shin isn't a first blood bcuz he would recognize that he had a diffrent scent from an actual first blood? Also I kinda feel sorry for Giess about the whole ho thing with his wife rn

I wish the scene had been like

kino: hey carla, shin isnt ur real brother maybe

carla: he’s the spitting image of my dad and i personally can confirm that he came out of my mom’s vagina so can you please leave me alone im trying to die over here


— i can’t lose you. 💍

cc KeepHopeAlive
– they’re so married 😭
– this took too fucking long to finish i apologize
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Dark Fate Krone: Finally, a mother that truly cares for both of her sons and tries to help them in any way she can to save the First Blood race and keep them safe. Lost Eden Krone: Yeah she been fuckin other dudes too.

krone was out there bein a good mom and cordelia called her and was like “look u gotta stop with that, we have a reputation to keep. I found you a hot werewolf bachelor” and krone was like fuck it yolo

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Awwwwww~!! I love his real name~! I'm dieing over here ;;w;; I was reading that one ask about something about mothers and then it said Leona (emilio/kou's mother) And I freaked out! Thank you for clearing it up for me~!!

no prob!!! I was really happy when I found out too lolol

I think the mukamis had a rough time in lost eden but they got some stuff cleared up that they needed to clear up, yknow? like I know they were really upset about learning how awful karl heinz is, but I think it wouldve been bad if they had gone through their entire lives thinking that he was a saint. ;-; like it’s sad but it needed to happen yknow?

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That means that the only mothers in all of DL that have been loyal are: Christa, Beatrix, Leona (Emilio/Kou's mom), Yuri's (She has to exist), and Kino's ('Cause he doesn't have one)

au where the compassion of yuri & yuri’s sweet single dad makes kino realize that there is good in this world and kino doesnt end up super evil