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its already Lance’s birthday in some places so happy birthday to my wonderful son who i love!! who would have thought that in a little over a year i would have grown to love this boy so much. its amazing to me how in just two seasons this guy has become my world. im not sure how old he is now but i know he has an age and today he is older and that is definitely something to be celebrated. i am so proud of him for being such a brave, and intelligent, and witty, and beautiful, and kind young man. he’s growing up so fast right before my eyes and in such unexpected and interesting ways. i love this kid so much and im wishing him the happiest of birthdays!!!


My Mishima charms finally came in and they’re so lovely! I’m so happy ahh…./cries into hands/

Anyway I have these up for sale on my etsy (new because my sis is on vacation and she closed her store LMAO so I was forced to make my own) the link is the source at bottom left corner of this post because tumblr is an idiot and will hide posts with external links or click here if you can’t see the source link (only works for PC people)

He is 2 inch clear acrylic, double-sided. Comes with metal moon charm and clip-on metal keyring! I’m selling him for $8 USD + shipping (Canadian shipping, so shipping will not be as ridiculous internationally or to america ffff)

Created FAQ Page for Daycare

Hellooooo, it took me goddang long enough, but I finally made a FAQ page for Moosen’s Daycare! This has basic information, such as what the daycare idea is about, how to “apply” and interact, who the care-takers are, who the parents are, and most importantly, who the kiddos are! (( x ))

It will probably be updated as the idea grows and more kiddos are sent in or new info pops up ;)


Buster Keaton’s speaking debut in Free and Easy (1930). 

Meant to be funny, it just came off as insulting.  Asked to say a few words before a send off crowd at the train station for Miss Gopher City Elmira Plunkett’s Hollywood excursion, Elmer, her manager, is drowned out by the band and departing train.  Compounding the situation is the inadequate sound system being used to record the send off.  Buster’s meant-to-be-funny croaking comes off as hard to hear and unsatisfying.  Instead of our funny man shining in his speaking debut, he comes off as dim as his dim-witted character Elmer.  I just cannot forgive MGM.

ik someone already asked Lauren Montgomery this but what flavor cake do you think would be Lance’s favorite? im baking cupcakes and i cant decide on a flavor.

My eyes are the perfect reflection of how exhausted I am after travelling all day. But I am finally back in Puerto Rico for the first time in 7 years! This trip is also special because I get to be a tourist for a couple days before we do the usual and head to my mom’s hometown to see family & laze about on the beach. So excited!


Hungry? Want to have something that’s filling but you don’t have the energy to Make Something™? Then this amazing recipe is for you if:

1) you have a microwave

2) you one (1) potato and a bowl to put it in

3) hot water

Put the potato in the bowl. Fill it halfway with hot water. Stick in the microwave for 10 minutes (time varies with size of potato).

Go to your fridge and see what you have to put on the potato. Cheese? That’s perfect? Butter? GREAT. Half-empty can of sweet corn? Excellent. Leftover baked beans? Wonderful. Collect toppings on the counter and get a plate out. Halfway through the microwave time, pause it, flip the potato and poke holes in the top with a fork. Assess softness. Resume.

When the potato is done, take it out carefully (remember you’ve got hot water) and plop it onto your plate. Cut a cross into the potato. Add butter and other meltable toppings while the potato is still very hot. Add more toppings. Grab that same fork and enjoy.