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Lost ~New Beginning, Old ends. Part two.

So here is part two of the lost series I’ve been working on. I hope you guys enjoy this. This idea brings tears to my eyes. The only thing I can think of is being in Dean’s shoes. Anyways Like, Reblog and follower for more stories like these. 

Lost Master List 

Written By: redlittlefox

Word count: 1.5k ( Kind of a short one but it sets up everything.) 

Dean X Reader, Reader X New character

Sum: What if you fell in love with Dean Winchester? And what if you forgot him?

Warnings: None.

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[ To L.O.V.Es ]

Since NU'EST comeback will be next month, and we all get more and more excited day by day, I just wanted to say some words to you all, in hope you may read this and think about my words. All these words come from my heart and I never lied in any points I'Il tell about. You may see this as my opinion, less or more about my view of the fandom itself or things that we should change….. 


I am/was in some fandoms, and I am/was “just one fan of many” like not really known in any of them for sth I do something for this fandom, not drawing not translating not subbing, and back then I was just one of these who kept asking others to translate and sub and get jealous over anything tiny thing and stuff…you know when I started being a k-pop fan back in 2006 until 2008 I was like that. Now I know why People started turning around and went their own path, away from the fandom…..they got annoyed because too many complaint and only want and not give. Some people will never change in that. 

I don’t look for fame….I don’t wann be like a god or sth to you, lol no,  I just wanna be helpful, useful and I wanna feel needed in this fandom, like all of us want to be. We are a family, so why all this hate, all this jealousy over silly things…fighting over couples and so on…..because this fandom is weak. I can’t do anything more than just being a help to others and I want others to feel the same happiness as I do feel when I am with L.O.V.Es. I want to make everyone feels inportant and needed and also that all fans are connected and thrust each others, love and care about each others, and be friendly with each others. I hope someday, L.O.V.Es will be a strong and most sweet and lovely fandom in this world. I want to erease the peoples hate in their heart so we all can be like that. 

Each L.O.V.E is important, each of us is needed, and each of us can help, everyone needs to know that - and everyone needs to understand that!


Things like:

“Your Blog is the best”,

“You look fake like that”,

“You send yourself asks to get attention as well”,

“It’s unfair that you have so much money to send gifts to NU'EST!”

“NU'EST will never get as big as others”

“___’s drawings are the best”

“You are not useful to this fandom”

“You are the nicest”

“You do that for fame only!”

“You suck! You update too slow….there are better ones like_____ and ___ as you!”

“(couple) is real!”

“(couple) is not real- they are fake, ___ should take his hands of ___. ___ belongs to  ____ ”

“I hate (membername)!”

….and much more….


These things hurt, and will people make angry, jealousy and they gonna start argumenting about silly things. Silly things - can also mean changes in NU'EST….Things we all know off, and actually as L.O.V.Es just should accept the way they are or rather should not spread hate and cause people to fuss and make people leave because it just HURTS! 


== NU'EST-M and Jason

“ I won’t support Jason.”

“ I hate Jason”

“Jason can go back to china”

“Jason should die, he is ugly, he is dumb etc”

“I will support NU'EST, but not NU'EST M”

“I will come back to this fandom as soon as Jason disappeared and NU'EST will be back to 5”

== Ren and JR has a nose job!!!

(((The whole topic is just…….come on….seriously, first you make a elephant out of a mouse when you found out about Ren and his nose than you try to find anything about the other members as well….If you don’t know why Ren did a nose job…..theen why do you keep complaining? I know one of the main reason. If I had the money I had a nose job done already too, but Ren had a reason you know, so why hate him now?))

== NU'EST hair change

“They dyed JR’s hair to blond to get more popular than Ren”

((EXCUSE ME WHAT THE HECK?! =.= I dunno but…you seem to be only a Ren biased non k-pop fan right? Actually alot of groups change they hair with every comeback…from style to hair color!)

“Ren should cut his hair finally!”

== Just about NU'EST 

“NU'EST should go back to their old sytle of music!”

“They will never win an award!”

“NU'EST are just average - (other group) is better than them!”

“NU'EST can’t sing….!”

“I hate how Ren is so popular….”

“I don’t like how Ren is put in the middle and not JR as it used to!”

== About Couples

- sending couple fanarts to the members SNS

- asking Aron on MA about couples

- Baekren vs JRen shippers war

- Tell on other people/members not to touch the member because he would belong to ___. 

- Getting angry when others do not ship the same couple as yourself 

- getting too hyped about shipping and stuff and actually forget about the joy and the music

== Aron “Woman - Man” incident @ MA

((Not gonna talk about that again…we lost many fans through that incident..just i have no words for this that we most of L.O.V.Es actually made Aron suffer so still hurts!))


You see…..until now I collected some (sure there are more) incidents that make us fallen apart…slowly….one by one. Because we keep complaining…like about of everything….

As I’m one of these ones from L.O.V.Es who knows NU'EST since predebut and started being a NU'EST blog some time around their debut..I sure know everything and saw everything and lived along L.O.V.Es and so on.

I remember L.O.V.Es who were really active but then suddenly disappeared and never came back, not only fansites…who got annoyed by peoples behaviour and also by these who edited their fantaken photos even though not allowed and still some gave a warning and people still didn’t they close down. Or these who actually did some amazing things for this fandom but didn’t really got what they hoped for and received complaints or just got used and didn’t feel loved here anymore.


We sure have more good points, but let’s try to change the bad points first, we need to change, each of us. 

I want to point out things we really need to get rid off and things we need to do to archive these things I pointed out just before: 

I want to make everyone feels inportant and needed and also that all fans are connected and thrust each others, love and care about each others, and be friendly with each others. I hope someday, L.O.V.Es will be a strong and most sweet and lovely fandom in this world. I want to erease the peoples hate in their heart so we all can be like that.  ]


{ Stop complaining about ‘going back to their old music style’ }

- I know we all loved FACE, it was they debut MV/song and it’s now one of the most viewed korean MVs. I guess most of k-pop fans know this song, and lots of non k-pop fans also watched it and were fond of the song and lyrics. But you know NU'EST tried to show us fans that they are able to show also other styles of them, they showed us their different sides by trying a new music style each comeback so they prove they are not only able to bring a dark themed song but also hyper cutely friendly or slowly romantic songs as well. They also improved they dancing skills and singing skills and they sure grew alot^^ I was always a noona to them (not to Aron tho) but I really felt like a noona to them at the beginning - but why do I feel like calling their oppas all of that sudden? lol I guess I am not the only one….

{ Accept any new hairstyles or haircolors they are trying }

- I can feel with many of you I guess when I say I felt like crying when Ren cut his hair shorter and dyed it brown/red last year….but I accepted it without even saying a word about it because our Baby never changed besides from his looks lol he is still him. The same with Aron~ 

- Also it’s totally normal for a k-pop artist/group to change their hairstyle and color pretty much withe very comeback so sure none of them can ever have forever their recent hairstyle lol and mostly it’s decited by their company who to have what style and color….(but i guess pledis is here little bit more open?)

{Don’t see everything so negative…. }

- If you already are saying NU'EST won’t win any award..saying they won’t be big as any other group…that hurts many of us fans….these things ..negative things are upsetting us, through we won’t loose hope, but they still are not nessesary to say right before their comeback.

- If you don’t like a song of them just don’t leave NU'EST and our L.O.V.E fandom! If you really love NU'EST and really are a L.O.V.E you would still support them, no matter what. 

- Also if you are saying your opinion about NU'EST, please be sure that you did a good research first….“NU'EST are boring..” ?  Then you sure need to watch their shows, and If you still think they are boring, then okay. Not everybody has to love NU'EST. But saying things about NU'EST that are not true or spreading your own opinion to make people not to like NU'EST is not the right way….


{ Do everything as we get told by the members/staff }

- If Aron told you to stop spamming on MA,or if he says to stop asking about the comeback or sth…I think we should just do as he says don’t you? 

- “DO NOT EDIT!” If you see this, why do you still edit fantaken photos? Because of many people who edited fantaken photos, we already lost many of great NU'EST photographers….do you want the others to leave too? Actually I am happy that we seems to learn from that, not to edit, as I rarely see edits of fantakenphotos lately ^^

- DON’T REUPLOAD/Share on other sites : You may also see this lot of times…okay…my videos also got reuplaoded many times and I know you just wanna gain views with them…..okay, but it would be nice if you stop doing that. And also videos uplaoded on the official channel of NU'EST…why do you reuplaod these????? The more people watch on other accounts the less we get views on the official one! So - PLEASE DO NOT REUPLOAD NU'EST UPCOMING MV SEVERAL TIMES ON YOUTUBE! - please. Also about official japanese fanclub photos….don’t spread here or twitter as well. (I may write something about that topic later as well)

{ Be friendly with each other }

- Be friendly wherever you are to anybody (to anybody of L.O.V.E fandom and k-pop family), even if you are angry at the moment but hate wont help to erease hate you know~~ 

- spread love and try to be friends with anybody of the L.O.V.E fandom. If you want I would even make sth like a blog where L.O.V.Es look for penpal/mail friends worldwide, or L.O.V.Es who wanna find L.O.V.Es living in the same country ^^ You easiest way would be randomly sending L.O.V.Es an ask and talking with them to get to know each other. I am shy too, many as well, but as long as you are nice to each others nothing bad would happen ^^

- Don’t try to make some people feel unnessesary or lonely by ignoring and telling other blogs that they are the best. It just makes people sad and make the blogowners rivaling against each others by being the fast one to uplaod or sth.

{ Be thankful what we have and stop complaing about what not }


It’s true, we don’t have much translators, but it would be nice to not keep on complaining about that none would like to translate and sub anything within a day….I don’t know how to explain it to you, but as a translator myself, I surely can tell that translating and subbing is not as easy as it seems to be. Especially if not korean or japanese is your motherlanguage, and you just learned by selfstudy. My korean is limited, I may understand lots but I really can’t form that into sentences - sentences that sound good even said in english. My japanese is limited as hell - for Kanji I still use a dictionary lol, i never really learned Kanji….besides that I only learned for 2 years when I was around 12-14. Also I do translate because I want to help you all, I want you to enjoy the same as me, that’s why I just even do this. I want us to be a family who shares everything with each other (if its not not allowed due rights).

And I think I speak for all k-pop fans who ever were/are in a subbing team or tranlate by themselves…it’s just a lot of work and alot of teamcooperation is needed to be a fast and good subbing team.

Some of you just keep complaing about slow subs, or not even subbed videos….um then I think the main reason would be …because nobody want to do help, or think they can’t (what’s for sure isn’t true), because everybody can help - you don’t need to know korean, chinese or japanese…you just need the will to help and also time. Just think about it, will you? ^^ And I am speaking of name of THENUEST  staff, Haru, ohmybusan (aka Lin), Zinz, Lei, and some other when I say we really would appreaciate if some just really offer their help, stop complaining and just support us.


We are kinda lazy writers right? Indeed I am one lazy writer too….*sigh*

We kinda have not not so many as other groups…..well, let’s change that. There are actually some great fanfiction writers out there and also here in Tumblr, but let’s try to write more ffs ^^ Promise? I will uplaod mines this year as well (they are still in german..too lazy to translate in english OTL) But If anybody would just try, and share with us we all would appreaciate it ^^

{ Stop making feel NU'EST uneasy and to do things what you want them to do }

-  Sending our boys JREN, Minron, Baekmin, Baekren or any couple photoedit or fanart won’t help them in any way….instead they would feel uneasy. I don’t really know what you want to reach with that, but even if they really like each others they won’t be able to confess, and you can’t make them love each others in that way if they are just only really really good friends. Yeah I know, I talked alot about that couple thing in this Text, but you know that couple stuff really annoys me sometimes….

- When keep bothering Aron about his blond hair, his way of speaking about things, or anything else related tom our boys what they need change….I don’t really understand people who try so hard… what about Baekho loosing weight? Telling Ren to do this and that with his hair or keep telling him back then his nose would look like himalaya? They don’t need to change in any ways….they are as perfect as they are. They can do what they want! We sure can say our opinion but you may try to express it different….like “I like ___ better on him, because…” and not “Please brown, I hate blond dyed haired people, so I hate you now” ((This actually was an comment by someone under Aron’s IG photo….))


{ Buy their Albums }

- Do as much as you can by buying their albums! If you need help in any way, just go ask us other L.O.V.E, I doubt anybody would not wanna help you ^^

{ Watch their Videos / MV on the official YT Account }

- Also as I said before ..don’t reuplaod them again and again…. just to gain views :/ Just watch as much as you can, again and again.

{ Vote }

- Voting is really important, so when we have to vote for sth like mnet best album or sth, once again, let’s get together and be strong. We are small, but we are strong if we show our will. So this time we gonna make NU'EST be in TOP 3, if not winning #1! 

{ Projects }

- Go go join any projects by L.O.V.Es for L.O.V.Es or NU'EST. Even if it’s just saying 3 sentences to NU'EST, spending 1$ for a members birthday gift or video project, ANYBODY CAN HELP - so I wonder why not many help? Can you give me a reason for it? So this year, please let’s join as many projects as possible, the more than better ^^ 

{ Translate, Sub }

If you know korean, japanese, chinese, have good english skills, are skilled in encoding, subbing, or anything related to that, please try to help out, you may go ask me or THENUEST who is currently looking for staff~

{ Fanarts }

If you are skilled in drawing, than draw for us ^^ We would love to see your artwork ^^ And believe me, none would not wanna see it ^^ 

{ Edits, Gifs }

Are you able to make edits or gifts? Wow great, then show us please ^^ (Remember not to edit fantaken photos…!)

{ Fanvideos }

Can be anything - collections of cuts, FMV, Couple moments etc…I am really a fan of funny NU'EST videos lol cause these idiots never fail to make me laugh ^^

{ Fanfictions }

Are you a writer or just some skilled in writing and wann share with us your stories? Even if you are still unsure because you don’t think you are so good, please don’t hesitate to let us read~~~

{ Help }

If you can help in any way, support us fans or supprt NU'EST, just do so and don’t forget that we all are a family and we relate on each others.


So, that was it…wow kinda reaaaa~~~~lllllly long text…o_O

I’m sorry(;_;) I didn’t expect it to write soo much…um..I just noticed that I took 4 hours to write that down………lol over 17000 letters….

Wonder if you really read that all..I guess not ;;

Well… [ Yours Rainb0wMiLLi, a hardcore L.O.V.E ]