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Day 2 of 176 of filming Riverdale’s Season 2 is not wrapped yet but there’s so many updates and photos on set, it’s amazingly hard to keep track of it all! So this is one dump post for all the stuff that’s been shared on twitter today. Lili and Cole were spotted by fans on set yesterday rehearsing for a scene at Poptates where they keep entering the door (Juggie opening the door for her of course) the gentleman that he always is. Then you see KJ hanging out with Lili and Cami and Mads in a trailer where he ate flowers off the top of her hair ew lol….

Funfact, last season, Madchen did a quick tour around the trailers and shared that Lili, Cole and KJ shared a trailer during season 1 whereas Cami shared with Skeet and Madchen shared with Marisol. Wonder if the arrangement is still the same this season.

 The most spoilery pic of the day. Jughead repping Serpents tee and FRED IS ALIVEEEEEE or rather on set…hehe

A BTS shot on the set of the Andrews house cos you can see lil Archie in the photo….

Blurry candids of Lili and Cole on set of Poptates yesterday during their rehearsal, taken by fans.

Chuck is back on set too and Lili shared a shot of her in the makeup trailer.

Plus Cole and KJ were spoted at Starbucks by fans

Before they headed to set, Lili and Cole were spotted by fans as well running some errands ~ lucky peops in Vancouver seriously. The cast will be there for ten months so there’s tons of time to spot them around Vancity! Plus, the filming ain’t even over yet….



Usually I don’t dare sharing doodles who are not really related to blesstale but I don’t mind me doing it this time? With some step back, I find me kinda stupid to not share them, I should feel free to post anything here. @A@’
So, I’m sharing some this time! 

Horror!Sans @sour-apple-studios
Dusttale!Sans/Murder!Sans @ask-dusttale
Atcham, Lou, Joris (Dofus)
Cherry @cherryful-life

Phem @v@
Hope ya like it!

Lapidot week #4 2017 - Day 4 (June 23rd) - Free Day - Fooly Cooly AU

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I dunno. this was just on my mind. 

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Found a website called Line of Action that offers free images for hand, feet, body, pose practice and it’s honestly a blessing. It’s been a while and it’s super important to have practice. The neat thing about the site is that you can actually set a timer and the pictures will change according to how long you wanna spend on them. These were all set at 2 minutes. Just wanna get the idea down faster. But I’m kinda happy with them? They sorta look like HANDS. LOL


edward and lydia mbs for @ram-magic

ok so i got this message n i am,,,,, like i cant just answer it on regular messaging format lmao. i get this ask a lot in diff variations and i thought for once, i should just,,, compile a BIG list of reasons why i love the idea of a friendship between darkstripe & mapleshade and why its one of my fave missed wc opportunities ,like god. dammit. i love them

but yeah this might get long lol so i’ll be putting it under a cut 2 save u all from this hellfire cus im gonna be Rambling about these two for a bit

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