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How Does Alcohol Make You Drunk?

As you know, I started university this year and since then I have made some embarrassing descisions as a result of alcohol consumption. Making this educational infographic about the science behind drunkeness balances it all out right..?

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will you write wedding vows for the anxious

i swear that i love you even when i hate myself
even when the world is 
louder than my own breathing
even when the sky 
forgets how to hold up
i will remember how to
hold you

and that in holding you
i will remember 
how the legs of my fears 
are how those fears
stand up
and i will stand up
every time i want to 
curl up

because love isn’t about avoiding the fear
it’s about seeing the fear and saying
what i have 
is more precious
than anything you could hold over me

I know they originally did want fnv to be playable after you finish taking the dam, but without that hh feels like a really weird dlc to me. Mostly because theres this war on the horizon that the courier has the key to, and suddenly it just like… guess ill take this random job and go to utah. And you cant take companions, so it’s literally just a huge ollie outie, and its funny but also…kinda sad

the actual conversation that went down between Shanks and Ace & Sabo, as revealed by the Vol 87. SBS corner —

Ace: Master Red Hair! I would like to formally express my thanks for taking care of my little brother!!

: My name’s Sabo, nice to meet you. I’m also Luffy’s big brother! You have my gratitude too! Thank you very much. In the future as well-

: Ahahaha! Oi, that’s enough fellas! I get it already. Just come over here and drink up!

‪reputation + alcohol

‪🍹 But you can make me a drink

🍸 Whiskey on ice, sunset and vine‬

‪🍻 Drinking beer out of plastic cups‬

‪🍷 I’m spilling wine in the bathtub‬

‪🥂 We’re so drunk‬

‪🍾 Swimming in a champagne sea‬

‪🍺 Cleaning up bottles‬ on New Year’s Day

‪🍷 Drinking on a beach, with you all over me‬

🥂 You’re the toast of the town babe

🍸 I knew it from the first old fashioned we were cursed