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Titled: Say it Again

(This is in response to Rick telling Dwight to “get on his” knees, and Michonne’s reaction to that sexy phrase afterwards. )***

Michonne knew that Rick was agitated.
His brow furrowed as he paced back and forth in their living room, thinking about Dwight, and their upcoming battle.

“Rick,” she said softly.

He slowed his pace, turning to face her.
“You ok?”

“Yeeahhh,” he drawled. “Just thinking. Trying to figure out if he’s on our side, or a snitch.”

Michonne nodded, and moved towards him.

“I have a confession,” she said, as her eyes scanned his body.

“When you told him to get on his knees…I..” she bit her lip, eyes downcast as she rubbed his chest gingerly.

“What?” Rick squinted his eyes at her, eager to hear her answer.

“It really turned me on.”

His head tipped to the right as a smirk crossed his handsome face.

“Oh yeah?” he inquired, moving his hand to smooth the skin on her arm, his ego elevating at her sexy admission.

Michonne nodded, feeling shy, but boldness crept up inside her as it always did with Rick.

Everything was easy with Rick, and she always felt like her true self with him.

“Say it.”

Rick stared at her, still grasping her arm.

“Say it again,” she requested, as eyes narrowed into a sultry gaze and locked with his.

Rick’s breath hitched and his cock twitched. He licked his lips at her while she stared at him expectantly, her full lips parting and pushing out a puff of air.

His eyes flickered to her lips, and then back to her eyes, while his heart began to increase its pace.

“Say it again Rick,” she asked him again, sending desire churning into the deep recesses of his belly.

“Get on your knees,” he growled huskily.

A shiver went through Michonne’s body as she slowly slid her hands down his chest, stomach, until they came to rest on his belt.

She paused and looked up, locking eyes with Rick while he stared down at her. His hands hung at his sides as he rubbed the index finger and thumb of his hand together, a habit that he often did when looking at Michonne.

It was a small gesture that he had developed over the time he spent in her presence.

Michonne had noticed the gesture too. She took various courses in psychology during her college years before she became a lawyer, and she assessed that the gesture was a means for him to self-comfort, or caress.

Since he only did it when talking to her, she reasoned that he was stroking his feelings, or calming his emotions so to say. His emotions towards her to be precise.

Michonne had always been good at reading people and knew then that he had feelings for her, for not only did his eyes tell her that much–but his entire body couldn’t hide it as well.

But she’d only allowed herself to notice all the signs, in retrospect–when she became open to a relationship with Rick.

And now, all she wanted was to give him pleasure as he had done so many times for her since the moment they shared their first kiss.

Rick shifted slightly on his feet.


“Shhhh..” she quieted him and began to unbuckle his belt while taking periodic glances upward as his face.

She unzipped his jeans and opened them, then pushed his pants and underwear down, pulling out his hard cock which was red and throbbing.

“Mmmm,” she moaned appreciatively and shifted forward on her knees.

Rick released a shaky breath as his hands clenched and unclenched while he watched her.

He watched with anticipation as she slid the tip of his cock into her mouth, surrounding it with her plush lips.

Rick let out a strangled gasp and his brow furrowed while his mouth hung open as he stared down at Michonne.

Slowly, she took his entire length into her mouth.

The feeling was so exquisite that his legs trembled and his stomach tightened.

Michonne grasped his shaking thighs, then slid her hands over them and pulled his pants all the way down to his ankles.

She then slid her hands behind him, grabbing his muscular buttocks with her slender fingers.

Michonne pulled him deeper into her mouth, holding onto his tight little ass.

“Ohhhhhh….” Rick moaned, and the sound shot a bolt of arousal to her quivering womanhood.

“Fuck, Michonne,” he gasped, and she moved into a sensual rhythm–her head and slender neck moving as she bobbed on his hard erection.

She held on to his buttocks, pulling him deeper into her throat, all the way to the hilt.

Michonne fought her gag reflex against his heavy and large cock as it weighed on her busy tongue, filling up her pretty mouth nicely.

Another deep shiver moved through Rick’s body as Michonne continued to work him over.

“Oh…” he couldn’t help but to moan, as he felt her tongue circle around his cock , stroking the underside before flicking across the head.

Rick hissed–overwhelmed by pleasure, his hips now moving of their own volition into against her mouth.

He let out a strangled whimper and pulled away from her, needing a brief pause from the sensations bombarding his aching body.

“W–wait,” he half-moaned.

Michonne stared up at him mischievously. “What’s the matter baby?”

“You’re just so–so much. It feels too good, and I don’t want it to end just yet,”
he said with a smile, his voice shaking.

“Well, you set the pace then baby,” she said, shifting on her knees, her sultry voice causing sensations in his over stimulated body.

Michonne loved the bewildered and horny expression on his face. Her panties were soaked through with arousal.

Never had she received so much pleasure, simply from giving pleasure to a man.

Rick bit his lip as his stared down at her full lips, alluring eyes, and beautiful face.

“Take my mouth, the way you want it,” she whispered.

Rick growled then widened his stance, and held the base of his cock with his right hand, squeezing it. He moved his other hand to the back of her head, and gripped her locs.

Slowly, he fed her his cock, plunging into her mouth, and then pulling it out with a “pop.”

Michonne moaned. She loved when he took charge, and felt herself getting even wetter.

Rick fed her his cock again, letting out soft grunt as he did so, while she reached under and caressed his heavy testicles while squeezing his ass with her other hand.
He plunged into her mouth over and over, hips rolling seductively as she stared at his flexing abdominal muscles.

“Fuck,” he moaned, feeling a deep tingling sensation within his testicles that moved through his cock.

“I’m gonna come soon.

Fuck…Michonne…you’re gonna make me come,” he moaned as his mouth hung upon and his eyes squeezed tightly closed.

Rick’s head fell backwards, his curly hair shifting as he plunged deeper into her mouth, grunting, plummeting into the throes of passion.


Michonne moaned in response, losing her breath now as he thrust deeper into her mouth

He was fucking her plump, hot mouth, and she loved it.

She pulled back from his vice grip and stared up at him as he looked down now, meeting her eyes with a carnal gaze etched in his.

“I want your come Rick. Come in my mouth so I can taste you.”

He gasped as a pained expression crossed his sexy face, and watched as Michonne moved back on his cock, sucking vigorously and pulling him into her mouth.

She sucked and licked at him for a few minutes more, while his buttocks clenched and he moaned in sync with her soft whimpers.

Rick felt the tell-tale wave mounting in his body, until suddenly–he exploded, his orgasm ripping through him like hot ether.

“Fuck!” He grabbed her hair tightly as he pushed deep into her mouth, holding her in place as his cock erupted in hot spurts into her sexy orifice.

Michonne let out a high pitched moan as she tasted Rick’s salty, sweet seed in her mouth.

Rick’s legs shook and buckled while she tumbled backwards, him on top of her, his hips still at her face while she continued to pull him into her mouth.

He landed on his hands, and his injured one stung somewhat, but the sensation only seemed to heighten his pleasure. His legs were spread astride her body.

Rick whimpered and she continued to suck on him as scorching cascades of desire flooded down his spine and through his cock. She had no choice but to swallow his essence. So much was released in her mouth–and she loved it.

“Damn–fuck Michonne!” he gasped.

She finally released him from her mouth, giggling as Rick rolled to the side on his back, and Michonne laid on hers.

She stared at the ceiling for a moment, listening to the sound of Rick’s haggard breathing beginning to slow.

From her peripherial vision, she could see that Rick’s face was covered with his forearm, and his chest expanded with deep breaths.

She smiled to herself, knowingly, pleased that she had just rocked his world. “You okay?” she asked, still looking at the ceiling.

There was a slight pause before he responded in a low, “Yeah.”

Rick reached down and palmed his dick, which was still semi-hard, and another shiver went through him. He realized then that his pants were still down to his ankles as he turned to look at her.

“Damn Michonne. That was just…wow. That was something else.”

She grinned, and turned her head to look at him. “I’m glad you enjoyed it Rick.”

He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him into an embrace, kissing her forehead.

“You’re amazing baby. I love you, but I think you’re trying to kill me before the war even begins,” he said with a low chuckle.

Michonne stiffened in his arms and for a second, he wondered if he had upset her by mentioning dying and the war in the same sentence.

She turned to look upward at his face, her eyes glistening.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” he caressed her cheek as an expression of worry flooded his face.

Michonne shook her head. “ It’s just… I love you too Rick.”

Rick smiled, and pulled her into kiss. He could taste himself on her lips, which turned him on again.

“I love you so much Michonne.”

Rick rolled Michonne onto her back and settled in between her legs, kissing her deeply.

“Wait–wait,” said Michonne, breaking their passionate kiss.

“Perhaps we should take this upstairs before someone catches you with your pants down.”

Rick smiled. “Oh yeah. Right.”

Story: Say it Again
Question for hijab wearers!!

-drawls out of the pit of my online hiatus for question- 

YES HELLO FRIENDOS so I’m making an animated film based in a California-esque street set in the 80s. I have a bunch of montage characters that pop up during the film and I wanted to make sure I had some diversity in it. I want to feature a person of the Middle East, specifically someone Muslim, considering there was a boost of immigration around this time, and then the 1979 Revolution in Iran happens just before my film’s timeline–because of these events I’m not sure if immigrants would have been more prone to head coverage or not.

SO IN BRIEF: What did Muslim American immigrants wear during the 80s? 

I’m designing characters somewhat based on visual stereotypes and pop culture trends. Here’s some examples:


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2 + coldatom

“The way you flirt is just shameful,” Ray announced one day. It took Leonard by surprise, but sure, he’d bite. Maybe he’d get a little entertainment out of it. It wasn’t like he was wrong, suggesting he’d been flirting with him, but he had an appearance to keep. So, he raised an eyebrow, and hyped up his signature drawl.

“Flirting? I think you’re reading a little too much into it when I call you Pretty Boy.”

“Okay, really. You can drop the act. Mick told me you like me, or at least you’re attracted to me, or something. He said the pulling pigtails thing was just how you showed your affection. And the stealing wallets. You’ve been trying to impress me. Which, okay, I’ll admit, your skills are impressive, but in my opinion they could be put to better use than what you use them for, like maybe you-”



“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.”

Ray blinked.


“Would you prefer if I flirted with you like that instead?” Len asked. Ray furrowed his eyebrows together.

“Well, I mean… Wait. Wait a second, you actually have been flirting with me? … Hey! Don’t walk away from me! Leonard! Get back here!”

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Vampire! Kiridai with a male so. Just random fluffly slice of life scenario please.

And then Admin Neon wrote all the tropes, harrharr

Hanamiya: “I’m not going to do it,” he growled, moving past you.

Hanamiya shoved you to the side, though not with enough force to knock you down. He was annoyed, hoping you’d stop asking him if he could transform into a bat at will. It had been stupidly cute the first time, but now? He wished you’d never found that old book on mythical creatures and their many forms. It would’ve saved him so much trouble.

“I’m not going to do it for as long as you live.”

Seto: “I wasn’t lying,” he drawled, climbing in to where he’d sleep for the day.

You had suspected it to be a joke when you heard vampires slept in coffins, but the cushioned box in the middle of Seto’s room was far from being fake. In fact, it looked like it had been bought just a few days ago, the wood shiny with polish and the interior fluffy and plush. How in hell’s name were the two of you supposed to fit in that thing together?

“Guess we’ll have to stick close together,” he suggested with a devious grin.

Furuhashi: “We can’t leave just yet.”

Groaning, you gave Furuhashi an exasperated look as he postponed your outing for the umpteenth time that day. The time was ticking away, daylight burning and the sun setting by the second, but he was still refusing to even step out of the household. Even underneath all his layers and an sun umbrella at the ready, he hesitated to leave.

“You really want me to burn, don’t you?”

Hara: “I’m just not sure I look okay.”

Hara grinned as he adjusted the tie he’d borrowed from you around his neck before fussing with his hair. Looking into the mirror, he messed with the tufts on his forehead that he couldn’t get quite right. There was teasing in his tone and you knew why. The damned man couldn’t see himself in the mirror. He had no reflection whatsoever.

“What do you think?”

Yamazaki: “D-Damn it,” he cussed.

Yamazaki couldn’t help but wince as he dabbed the cotton swab against the corner of your lips, knowing it would sting. You hissed and he did the same as it soaked up the blood that had started to bead on your skin, disinfecting it. He could still taste the copper-like liquid on his fangs from where he’d gotten just a little too rough in kissing you.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized, a rare occasion.

Carnival (RWBY Snippet)

Weiss glared at the plush toy at the far end of the stall. This… this thing had dared to defy her! Well, that would end here. Slowly, carefully, she raised the toy rifle to her shoulder and pulled the trigger. The projectile sailed through the air… and thudded into the back of the stall, missing the plush toy by at least two or three inches.

“Wow,” Yang drawled stopping beside Weiss. “You suck at this.”

“Oh, really?” Weiss snapped. “How about you try?”

Yang smirked back. “Gladly.”

Five minutes later…

“This is harder than it looks,” Yang muttered.

Weiss snickered. “Now who sucks?”

“Oh, I’m doing better than you. I’m not missing by that much.”

“You know,” Blake said as she ambled over with a hotdog and a soda. “You should just get Ruby to do this.”

“I am not going to beg my little sister to win a carnival game for me.”

“I am a Schnee. I can do this on my own.”

“At this rate, both of you will run out of money before you win that plush toy.”

“Did someone say plush toy?” Ruby zipped over. She had a bag absolutely full of plush toys. Looking behind her, Weiss could see stall owner after stall owner slumped over in absolute despair. A few of them were even crying, and one was simply staring into the distance. “Hey… I haven’t won any plush toys from this stall yet.” She slapped some money down on the counter and gleefully took aim. “So… I get four shots, right? And there are four of us. Cool.”





Less than ten seconds later, Ruby was the proud owner of four new plush toys, and yet another stall owner was left in despair. She handed one to each of her teammates before skipping off with hers. As they watched her go, Yang nudged Weiss.

“And this is why we’re banned from every carnival in Patch.”

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Can I have any sort of Tyler Coe/reader that's fluffy with smut implications ? <3 the world needs more TyCoe

“Ta da!” you jumped from behind the bedroom door to show of your cosplay of your character that you were playing on wearing to RTX.

“I have no idea who that is,” Tyler admitted, “But you look gorgeous as all hell.”

“I know but what about the costume,” you joked, gesturing to the short dress.

“Oh, well that. That is doing all sorts of things to my imagination right now,” Tyler drawled as he took a few steps closer, placing his hands on your hips.

“Oh really?” you questioned, standing on your toes to give him a soft kiss.

“I think we should play a few of these ideas out,” he scooped you up and heading back into the bedroom.

You let out a soft yelp as your feet left the floor. You laughed, “Tyler I worked hard on this we can’t mess it up.”

“Exactly why it’s coming off right this instant,” he replied with a smirk.

Haikyuu!! Drama CD「ど忘れの゛ど゛」
Feat Bokuto Koutarou, Akaashi Keiji, Shirofuku Yukie, Konoha Akinori
Haikyuu!! Drama CD「ど忘れの゛ど゛」

Haikyuu!! Drama CD feat Bokuto Koutarou and Akaashi Keiji! Based off the Fukurodani omake here.

My friend translated this for me some time ago, and Fukurodani fans, please share your joy with me!! More insights into Akaashi’s character (AND HIS VOICE IS JUST NNGGH!) and yell with me about cinnamon roll Bokuto! 

Akaashi: Otsukaresama desu.

Bokuto: Why is that so?!

Akaashi: Hmm? Only Bokuto-san is here?

Akaashi: Mmm, everyone is late to arrive for club activities today.

Bokuto: Ask me “Why”, Akaashi?!

Akaashi: “Why”, Bokuto-san?

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Okay, mr. snazzy koala and sinatra mouse were pretty fun.

Imagine flirting with Dean


You’d been hunting with the Winchesters for three months, and Dean had been hopelessly flirting with you from the very first day.

For three months you’d been shrugging off these advances, but eventually you decided to throw him a bone.

“How about,” Dean suggested as the two of you walked out of the police station, “Once all this is over, we get Sammy a separate motel room so we can celebrate in style?”

You hummed, contemplatively.

“How about,” you countered, stopping and turning to face him, “You buy me a drink first?”

Dean paused, his lips parting and closing again as he tried to process what you’d said. His eyes narrowed slightly while he studied your expression.

“A drink?” he asked, and you nodded. “I can sure buy you a drink, sweetheart.”

His cocky drawl was back, pretending as if getting flirtation back from you hadn’t completely knocked him off course.

“It’s a date,” you confirmed, starting towards the car again. “But first, let’s gank this sucker.”

Cecil’s TAZ Fic Recs

Lookin’ for a good TAZ read? Here ya go. :M Cecil Approved™

(authors, if you’re on here and you want off, please don’t hesitate to let me know!)

Title: Tidally Locked by umbrastaff (@umbrastaffs)
Rating: Not Rated
Ship: F/F (Maureen/Lucretia)
Characters: The Director, Maureen Miller, Lucas Miller, Merle Highchurch, Magnus Burnsides, Taako, Angus McDonald, Killian, Carey Fangbattle, Boyland, No.3113, Johan
Summary: An AU where Lucas has the Temporal Chalice and Lucretia reflects on her life with him and Maureen before the bureau really got started.
Notes/Warnings: In progress.

Title: Some Poppies Grow Golden by umbrastaff (@umbrastaffs)
Rating: Not Rated
Characters: Roswell, Sheriff Isaak, Ren, June, Magnus Burnsides
Summary: Roswell flies back to Refuge for a visit. Seeing Isaak wasn’t in their plans, but things never really do go that smoothly.
Notes/Warnings: implied/referenced abuse, references to mind control.

Title: Salvation June by WolffyLuna (@wolffyluna)
Rating: General
Characters: June, Ren
Summary: Ren and June talk about flowers.
Notes/Warnings: A very sweet series of moments between found family. Fluff.

Title: Where We Go From Here by cassowarykisses (@cassowarykisses)
Rating: Teen+
Characters: Roswell, Sheriff Isaak, Cassidy, Ren
Summary: After the loops end, Roswell has to decide what to do with Isaak. It’s not an easy choice.
Notes/Warnings: Implied/referenced abuse, references to mind control. 

Title: We Two In Vermilion by fraudoc (@magnusthehammer)
Rating: Gen
Ship: M/M (Brad Bradson/Magic Brian)
Characters: Brad Bradson, Magic Brian, Avi, Killian, The Voidfish, The Director
Summary: Brad waits for Brian for one week, then two, then three. Mostly hopeful, always worried. Traitors didn’t deserve funerals, but maybe fiances did.
Notes/Warnings: Major Character Death (canon)

Title: Yeah, It’s Cool, I’ll Be OK by PrincexN (@princex-n)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Johan, The Voidfish, Original Characters, The Director
Summary: He doesn’t tell anyone about what he’s found. For one thing, Johan doesn’t want to have to explain what he’d been doing out there in the lake. For another thing, he’s curious as heck.
Notes/Warnings: There’s suicidal ideation in this. This was also inspired in part by my own fic,The Deft Bowman!

Title: Brother, You Will Return by placentalmammal (@placentalmammal)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Magnus Burnsides, Killian, Carey Fangbattle, Merle Highchurch, Taako, Julia Burnsides
Summary: Magnus Burnsides, after everything.
Notes/Warnings: Hurt/Comfort, post-canon. Lots of dogs in this one. 

Title: Magnus Burnsides’ Day Off by Schgain ( @waterloggedsoliloquy ;3c)
Rating: Gen
Shipping: Magnus/Julia, Background Ships
Characters: Magnus Burnsides, Merle Highchurch,Taako, Julia Burnsides,  Magic Brian, Hudson, Jenkins, Angus McDonald, June, Roswell, Istus
Summary: Magnus runs errands. Things quickly get out of hand. The feelgood modern au fic where everyone is safe and happy is here!
Notes/Warnings: In progress. References to trauma. 

positivity post for all of the chubby girls out there. the girls that are too ‘fat’ to be skinny and too 'skinny’ to be fat. positivity for the girls with soft round bellies and cute love handles. with stretch marks like lightning bolts shooting across skin like the night sky. thick thighs and cellulite and arms with a little bit of flab. we are so beautiful and valid and worthy of love. ♡♡♡