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Actually... yeah what happened to Yandere after he burned down the building?

Yandere watches the door of the new and improved Ego Inc., waiting for Wilford to come out and head to the pastry store down the street in search of his favorite strawberry cake like he does every Tuesday as a reward for not shooting anything vital. And right on the dot at 4:27 in the afternoon, Wilford, whistling and skipping along, heads for Charlotte’s Delicious Pastry shop.

Yandere kicks off the wall he’s been leaning against and melts into the crowd of pedestrians, head down as he follows the other figment all the way to the shop. Once inside, Wilford orders a slice of the famous twelve-layer cake and sits down at a booth by himself to eat it with a tall glass of milk. Yandere slides into the booth across from Will, with his chin still tucked into his chest.

“Excuse you,” Wilford drawls. “I don’t believe… I… Yan?”

The younger Ego looks up slowly, biting his bottom lip. “Hey, Wilford.”

Warfstache jumps up from the table and backs away slowly. “I thought you were dead. You-how did you survive the fire?”

Yandere glances around. “Can’t we talk somewhere more private, Will?”

“Fine, but I’m not taking you back to the Inc. The others won’t be happy to see you.” Wilford shakes his head. “Frankly, I’m not overjoyed about it either.”

They find a quiet part of the local park where they can “talk” and not disturb anyone. Yan ducks his head when Wilford immediately starts yelling at him. “What were you thinking setting fire to everything like that?”

“I was thinking…” Yandere shakes his head and runs his hands through his shock of red hair. “I don’t know what I was thinking! I knew you all would make it out alive… I thought that if I scared you, maybe you’d respect me a little more.”

“I almost died, Yandere! Bim could’ve died. Host still has nightmares, and the Doctor couldn’t work for weeks because of his burns.” Wilford’s hands are shaking, and he refuses to take out his gun because if he does, it won’t end well.

Yandere shakes his head. “I… Dark has done worse and you all still listen to him.” Yandere looks up at Wilford from where he sits on the park bench. “He manipulates all of you, and what have you done to him?”

Wilford shakes his head. “You’re not Dark, Yan…”

“And you’re not listening!” Yandere screams.

Warfstache takes a step back. “I thought you were my friend, but what you did to Amy and the others… I can’t touch Dark. He’s too powerful for me, and he-he hasn’t been the same for a long time now. But you-I trusted you.” Wilford shakes his head. “I never trusted Dark like I trusted you.”

“Will,” Yan starts, but Wilford cuts him off.

“I’m going home, Yandere.” He turns away from the younger figment, and goes back to Ego Inc. with his hands clenched into fists. When the others ask him what has him so wound up, Wilford doesn’t answer. He disappears into the studio, locks the door, and doesn’t come out for days. He never tells the others what happened.

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What about "Why do you smell so weird?” with adrienette? I love your writing btw! I wish I could be half as talented as you

Thanks, Nonny! Like with anything, writing takes practice and I practice A LOT, haha.

“Why do you smell so weird?” Marinette asked, scrunching her nose.

Adrien frowned and pulled his shirt up to his face. “What do I smell like?”

“I don’t know, just…weird.”

He lifted his arm and sniffed at his armpit. “Maybe I’m nose blind to it. I’m not smelling anything.”

Marinette leaned in, nostrils flaring. “Maybe it wasn’t you.” She tilted her head, letting her nose lead her to his messenger bag. “I think it’s your bag.”

Adrien rolled his eyes and flipped open the top. “Plagg!”

The kwami looked up with lazy eyes as he lounged on top of three open containers of Camembert. “You rang?” he drawled.

“Really? You had to open all of them at once?”

“I felt like bathing in their beautiful fragrance.”

Marinette peeked in and sighed. “I’m glad Tikki likes cookies. No one is ever upset about smelling cookies.” She kissed Adrien’s cheek. “At least you’re cute. It makes up for the constant stinky cheese smell.”

“I guess I’ve got that going for me,” he grinned. 

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Just smth i wrote because i was bored

Rain spluttered against the windows, creating a relaxing and comforting sound in the background. My stomach was comfortably toasty with the chocolate curls nestled upon it cutely as I read my book.

Harry and I had decided that we were going to spend this Sunday in bed, since the weather limited us with things to do. However, Harry had been a little restless, getting bored easier than me, who thoroughly enjoyed being curled up all day.

It was when I removed my hand from gently running my hands through his fluffy locks to turn the page of my book and didn’t return it when he spoke.

“Babeee.” He drawled. Immediately I retuned my hand to its previous activity, and he sighed in content as I lightly scratched at his scalp. From here I could smell his shampoo, vanilla softly tickling my nostrils everytime I ran a hand through.

It wasn’t long before a soft, warm, hand started stroking my side gently. At first I ignored it, just appreciating the closeness of our bodies.

But, that hand soon moved down to the outside of my thigh under the covers and when I ignored that it made its way to the inside of my thigh, which was bare due to my limited clothing.

In response to the soft touch upon my exposed thigh, I lightly scratched his head. This earned my a light hum of satisfaction before he placed a light, feather touch of his lips against where his head lay on my tummy.

However, this didn’t stop there as more of these ghost kisses were scattered around my navel, Harry’s touch on my thigh less light and more laden, having my leg twitching in response.


“Yeah babe?” He uttered innocently against my bare skin, nose also lightly skimming against it.

“What are you doing?” My attention was dragged away from my book as I watched him place sweet kisses upon me.

“Nothing.” He hummed against me, to which I placed my book to the side of me. This caused him to finally look up at me, frosty green eyes meeting my own.

“Is it because I’m not paying attention to you?”

A smirk tilted up the left side of his mouth as he lent up on his elbows, large hands resting on my stomach, almost covering it completely.


Using my other hand to play with his hair, those eyes closed in appreciation. Dark lashes fanned against his cheeks, one’s that forever made me envious.

“Do you always have to be such a baby?” I joke, smiling softly as his eyes snap open. Frown lines appear as he speaks.

“I’m not a baby.” But his lovely, pouty lips say otherwise.

“Sure you’re not.” I hum, watching intently as he moves up my body, closer to my face.

“Come ‘ere.” He sighs before I’m closing the distance between our mouths, engaging in a sweet, soft, kiss.

Blow by @provocative-envy Fic Aesthetic

Just another gift for her birthday since I absolutely adore this story and hope to see more of it one day. Happy birthday once again Andrea! 

“Granger,” he greets her, taking a long swig of beer.

She drops her carefully packed U-Haul box full of dishware. “Oh, my god.”

“No,” Malfoy disagrees, “definitely not God.”

She kicks the front door shut and blinks—once, twice, three times, even. He’s still there. “You’re—you died. I saw you.”

He squints at the ceiling fan and then hums. “Must be why I’m here,” he drawls, gesturing around her empty apartment. “Kind of a shithole, isn’t it?”

She stares at him, nonplussed and only vaguely offended. “It’s two blocks from the upper campus library.”

He snorts. “Priorities.”

“There’s a dishwasher, it’s not like I’m—wait, don’t change the subject. You’re dead. How are you—”

He cuts her off with a sigh. “It’s Halloween, Granger.”


“So,” he repeats, incredulously, “I’m. You know. A ghost.”

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What Happens On The Announce Table...

Pairing: AJ Styles x Reader x Dean Ambrose
Summary: Your boyfriend, AJ, decides to enjoy some alone time with you on the announce table. He even decides to allow you to indulge in one of your fantasies while you’re at it.


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You sat on top of the announce table, just hanging out, as you watched Dean and Roman messing around in the ring when they were supposed to be warming up. This was one of their rituals: before the doors open, they would get into the ring, run the ropes, practice some moves on each other and what not. You sitting on the announce table watching your friends became a ritual too. It calmed you down to sit and watched what went on in that ring…it helped clear your mind.

“Hey you.” A soothing southern drawl called to you. You looked over to see your boyfriend, AJ, walking over to you and sitting next to you. “You doing alright?”

“Yeah.” You nodded. “I’m doing good. You?”

“Yeah, same. So you ready for your match tonight?”

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drarry + amortentia

Harry had just taken his seat next to Ron when Professor Snape swept through the door, his billowing black cloak bringing with it a cold wind that crept throughout the classroom. A shudder ran across the students, diminishing as it reached the Slytherins, who had grown adjusted to the piercing rush of the frigid air. Without a word, the greasy professor conjured a softly bubbling cauldron onto the surface of his desk.

“Today’s task,” he began in a slow drawl, “is to successfully brew the potion shown before you. I will not provide you with its name just yet, only the ingredients and instructions necessary to brew it.”

Just as those words left his mouth, pieces of parchment appeared in front of each student. Harry was a bit startled, as he had already begun to doze due to the sluggish pace of Snape’s speech. He adjusted his glasses and gave his hair a ruffle, leaning in to examine the page before him. After a bit of studying, he determined that it was a recipe of sorts, which was to be expected in a potions classroom. With a small sigh, he leaned back a bit on his stool and directed his attention back to the looming man before him.

“At the end of class, I will review your potions and reveal the name of the potion that you will have attempted to brew.” Harry let out another sigh at the professor’s emphasis on the word, “attempted,” which gave the impression that Snape didn’t really expect any properly brewed potions.

“Are there any questions?” the tall man finished. Immediately, Hermione, seated next to Pavarti, raised her hand, waving it about a bit in the air. Snape gave her a disdainful glance, and then proceeded to say, “Good. Now, begin brewing your potions.”

Hermione’s forehead wrinkled a bit in frustration, but she quickly shook it off, beginning to look over the parchment set before her. Just as the classroom began to spring back to life, Snape’s voice interrupted the commotion.

“Oh, I had almost forgotten.” he said with a sinister smile that made Harry grimace in disgust. “To add an element of challenge to your brewing, you will now be working with new partners.”

A collective groan echoed across the classroom. “Silence!” the slimy man demanded. “I will give you your partners now. Granger and Parkinson. Goldstein and Nott. Goyle and Brown. Weasley and Zabini. Longbottom and Crabbe. Potter and Malfoy-”

Harry immediately ceased listening after the dreaded words escaped Snape’s far-too-happy mouth. He dared a glance over at Malfoy, only to find the blond git glaring straight back at him. They engaged in a bit of a glare-off from across the room, until Harry was pulled out by a tap on his shoulder.

He looked up and was met with the chiseled face of Blaise Zabini. “Potter, if you don’t mind, I believe that I am Weasley’s new partner now.” the boy said with a slight smirk. Harry glanced over to Ron to find him positively green, and patted him on the shoulder with an unspoken “good luck” lingering in the air behind him as he regretfully made his way over to Malfoy’s table.
Harry kept his head down as he took his seat next to Malfoy, attempting to focus only on the parchment and not on the tall, pointy boy who seemed to be all angles next to him. Malfoy clearly wanted to ruin everything good in Harry’s life, taking it upon himself to break the tension-filled silence at their table.

“Potter, as much as I hate, and I mean absolutely despise, saying this, I think that we ought to work together, rather than fight over this.” At Harry’s incredulous look, he continued. “I would like a passing grade in this class, and I assume that you would as well. You’ve proven to have at least a bit of a brain hidden inside that abnormally large head of yours, so I think that if we… put aside our differences for the time begin, we will have a good chance of brewing this potion correctly.”

Harry continued to stare at Malfoy as if he had grown a third eye, and Malfoy, though tempted to now feel his forehead to ensure the absence of an abnormal growth, shoved down the urge and quickly continued. “Now, please do not let me lead you to believe that I doubt my own skills in potions brewing. No, quite the contrary, Potter. I do, however, doubt your ability to restrain yourself from wreaking havoc on my cauldron, so I think it would be best for us to work together, rather than against each other, for the time being.”

For a moment, Harry thought he saw a glimmer of hesitation in Malfoy’s eyes, but he quickly doubted himself as the grey eyes returned to normal. “Alright, Malfoy. Truce?” he said, with an extended hand.

Malfoy eyed the slightly calloused hand put before him, having a sense of déja-vu. “Truce.” he agreed, taking Harry’s hand and shaking it firmly. They both stared down at their hands between them for a moment, before quickly coming back to their senses and releasing their grasps, Malfoy clearing his throat and Harry rubbing the back of his neck.

“Well then, Potter,” Malfoy drawled, smirk returning to his pointed features. “Let’s get started.”

Harry took a deep breath and nodded, focusing his attention back to the parchment laid out in front of him. His eyes skimmed the words on the page, which might as well have been hieroglyphics, for he couldn’t understand the potions-language at all. Malfoy spared him an amused glance, and then decided to take pity on the other boy.

“Alright Potter, I’ll do the hard work, and you can be my second-in-command. Go ahead and fetch the ingredients on the list, will you?”

Harry didn’t bother arguing, and instead set off to the potions cupboard where various other students were gathering. Soon, he was walking back out with different jars and phials balanced in his arms and setting them on the table beside the cauldron Malfoy was currently heating with his wand.

The two boys worked in silence, with only the occasional request from Malfoy (Harry refused to refer to them as “commands,” since that made him sound like he was submitting to Malfoy). Soon enough, Harry was giving the potion a final stir, and Malfoy deemed it to be acceptable.

“Wow, Potter, I must admit that I’m surprised. We make quite the team when we aren’t talking to each other.” Harry responded with a lopsided grin, making Malfoy’s heartbeat speed up a bit, although he showed no sign of it on the outside.

“Yeah,” Harry replied. “Our potion smells great, too. Actually,” he continued, a small frown appearing on his face, “it kind of smells like… you.” Harry finished, looking up at Malfoy slightly, seeming almost embarrassed.

Malfoy wasn’t sure of how to react. “What do you mean, it smells like me?” Malfoy leaned down to the cauldron, lightly sniffing it. “What?” he murmured under is breath.

“What, what is it?” Harry inquired.

“Potter, this might be the oddest thing I’ve ever said to you before, so I apologize in advance. But, this potion sort of smells like you.”

Both boys looked at each other in confusion, and just as Harry drew in a breath to respond, Snape began speaking.

“Alright, that will be enough. It seems that most of you are finished, though you took quite a bit longer than I had expected.” The displeasure in Snape’s voice was clear. “We only have several minutes left in class, so I will study your potions afterwards. Now, though, I will tell you what potion you have all been brewing. It is known by the name of ‘Amortentia.’ Does anyone know what this potion’s purpose is?”

Hermione spoke up without being called upon. “Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world, Sir. It causes one to fall in love with whoever has dosed them with it. Its smell is unique to each person, smelling of what each person loves most, sometimes objects and sometimes the person with whom they are in love.”

Harry didn’t hear Snape’s response, he was too busy trying to slow his breathing back to a normal pace as Hermione’s last words clicked into place in his mind. The words “sometimes the person with whom they are in love” echoed in his mind, and he subconsciously turned to Malfoy, who was sitting at his side.

Malfoy had a somewhat horror-stricken expression, and a flush was rising up his neck and onto his cheeks. Both he and Harry were startled out of their thoughts with a brief, “Class dismissed.” from Snape. They eyed each other warily, unmoving in the crowd of students packing up.

“Huh.” Harry said.

“Huh.” Malfoy echoed. “'Huh’ indeed. Well, Potter, it seems to me like we have a lot to discuss.”

- - - - -

and that’s it! i’ve seen several amortentia prompts in my time on tumblr and i thought i’d provide y'all with my own take on it. i am by no means a writer, and this is the first thing i’ve ever written and released. so, here it is! feedback is appreciated :) btw, i’m posting this on mobile, so sorry in advance for any mistakes.

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41 & 51 for Captain Canary and 10 & 22 for Rogue Canary

Here is the Captain Canary one, I’ll post the Rogue Canary one separately and tag you.

41. “Stop complaining, you know you love it”
51. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
Captain Canary

               “You’ve outdone yourself Scarlet.” Leonard drawls, looking from the screen back to where team Flash is standing in the center of the Lab. He looks at Barry, who has an almost grin on his face. “This is, without question, the stupidest plan you’ve had yet.”

               The boy’s face changes from pleasure to exasperation, but it’s Cisco’s “Hey!” that echoes through the room.

               “What Leonard means,” Sara casts him a scolding look, then returns her attention to the team. “Is that we would love to help.”

               He rolls his eyes, but the rest of the team smiles and Sara jumps right in to catching up with the others and discussing the details of the mission. Leonard moves to lean in one corner of the room, arms crossed as he observes the team. Eventually the S.T.A.R. labs team splits up and Sara approaches him. “Tired of making nice with the heroes yet?”

               She leans next to him, shoulder pressed against his, “Quit complaining, we both know you have a soft spot for helping these kids.”

               He looks down at her, “I don’t know what you mean.”

               She smiles, using his crossed arms for leverage as she pulls herself up for a soft kiss. “I promise I won’t tell your secret,”

               He smirks, “They wouldn’t believe it anyway,” he shifts, catching her waist to keep her close, head dipped but not quite close enough for their lips to touch. “I’m Captain Cold, no good thief, remember?”

               She scoffs, “It’s not like you to be modest,” She brushes her nose against his, “We both know you’re one hell of a thief.”

               He hums his agreement, lips coming into contact with hers only moments before Cisco’s voice reaches them. “Captains! Time to get –” He cuts off as he rounds the corner, meeting Leonard’s irritated glare.

               “Ramon,” his tone is dangerously low.

               “I’ll um…just…” he looks at Sara, “Teams about ready to go.” Then he darts around the corner.

               “He’s lucky I promised Lisa I wouldn’t hurt him,” he gives a disgusted look down the hall.

               Sara just laughs, pressing her lips to his swiftly. “Come on, we have a hero to save.”

               “Fine,” he gives her a sideways glance as they walk, “But this plan isn’t going to work.”

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A shippy 74 for Tim and Damian? :D

74. Are You Challenging Me?

Damian’s 27, Tim’s 30s.


When Tim walked in, he…smelled something. Something almost…good.

He followed the scent into the kitchen, found Damian in front of the stove, stirring.

“Food?” Tim asked dumbly. “You’re cooking?”

“Don’t sound so surprised.” Damian drawled. “I’m making your favorite.”

“Oh?” Tim sauntered up behind him. “Are you making it the special way I always do?”

Damian turned to face him, and Tim couldn’t help but smile at the ladle in his hand, the apron tight across his chest. “Are you challenging me on how I’m making our dinner?”

Tim leaned closer, ran his arms around Damian’s waist as he leaned against him, and smirked. “And if I am?”

Tim laughed as he kissed Damian’s cheek. Damian gave him a warmer smile and held him just as tenderly in return. “Then you won’t be getting any dessert.”

The Toad Question

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V

“Shut up!“ 

The shrill words echoed off the walls and Neville grimaced. He didn’t know whether he liked or not that he could recognize the voice immediately. 

Neville looked carefully around the corner and saw that in effect, it was Pansy. She was standing in front of a Slytherin boy he didn’t recognize, probably older, and a Ravenclaw girl who appeared to be his girlfriend. 

“Oh come on Parkinson, can’t you take a joke?” the girl said. 

Pansy pointed her wand at them threatenenly. “Don’t mention him again,” her voice was ice as cold and it made Neville shiver. 

“You’ll have to specify,” the boy drawled. “Are you talking about your toad… Or your boyfriend?” he smirked. 

“Wait, I thought her toad was her boyfriend,” the girl laughed.

The Slytherin boy smirked and shook his head. “No, no. You got it backwards. Her boyfriend Longbottom is a toad.”

As if in slow motion, Neville watched Pansy swing her arm back before firing a spell with such strength that he thought she might fall back. But she didn’t, and the purple light illuminated her skin rather beautifully as dozens of purple balls started hitting the couple all over their bodies, leaving marks on their skins. The girl screamed out and they both ran away, the balls following them.

Neville could tell that Pansy was about to turn around then, but he couldn’t move, he felt frozen in place. Pansy’s eyes locked with his and in a second she was all over him, pushing him back into the wall and holding her wand against his side as her other hand was wrapped around his wrist.

“What the bloody hell did you say about the other night?” she snapped. Neville was about a head taller than her, but he had just witnessed a pretty nasty spell from her part, so he told himself it was okay to be terrified. 

“Nothing, I swear!” he shook his head. “Someone must have seen you when you entered the greenhouses!“ 

Pansy looked thoughtful for a second before narrowing her eyes again. “If I find out it was you…" 

She let the threat hanging in the air, levaing Neville to imagine what she’d do to him. Pansy emphasized her seriousness by pushing her wand harder into his waist, making Neville wince. He couldn’t help but notice how close she was and his heart started beating for reasons other than his fear.

 "I hate to be the one to say this,” Neville stammered, forcing himself to speak as to not have any more trouble with Pansy. “But, do you know what’s gonna happen if someone sees us like this.”

To his surprise, Pansy blushed, and even though it was probably the wrong time to be thinking about it, Neville thought that anger and pink cheeks made her look rather pretty. They stared at each other for a second before she stepped away.

Pansy shook her head and laughed humourlessly to herself. “Of course you didn’t start the rumor. I forgot you don’t have the guts to pull something like that.”

Her words made something inside Neville flare with anger and he found himself balling up his fists and stepping closer to her. Pansy raised an eyebrow but didn’t back down.

“You’re right,” Neville said and Pansy chuckled again.

“You’re admiting that you’re gutless?”

“No!” Neville snapped, tired of being humiliated. Pansy looked shocked at his reaction and even took a small step back. “You’re right I didn’t start the rumour. But it’s not because I’m gutless, it’s because I’m not a bad person. And if I wanted people to think we were dating, I would just ask you out.”

Neville thought she might blush again, but her expression changed suddenly and she was frowning. “What are you talking about, Longbottom?”

Neville couldn’t say he was certain of what he was talking about, but he knew that he was not going to let Pansy treat him badly anymore.

“Let’s go to Hogsmade this weekend,” he said.

Pansy’s brown eyes went wide. “What?”

Neville’s conciousness finally caught up with him, and he realized what he had just said. He tried not to panic, but the looming silence between them was making him increasingly anxious.

A group of people was aproaching from down the hall to Neville’s right, he could hear the steps and conversation getting louder. Pansy noticed them as well, and with one last surprised look at Neville, she turned on her heel and walked quickly away torwards the dungeons. 

Neville relaxed, thankful that he no longer had to face Pansy after what he said. But as much as he felt relieved, something would continue to bother him for the next few days, because he had asked out Pansy Parkinson, and she didn’t say no.

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"That's what she said." Thad and Nicki?

August 31st, 2017.

“I think I’ve met smarter rats,” murmured Thad, shaking his head as he looked over the club from the balcony above the dance floor. He licked his lips, and, from behind him, Nicki could see the temptation in his eyes, the curl of his tongue pushing slightly against his upper lip. The beady look in his eyes that made one thing very, very clear, and the people down below, cleaning up for tonight’s party, were completely unaware.

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Prompt fill for @locitarose

10. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
22. ““I swear it was an accident.”
Rogue Canary

 Post S2

               “So,” Leonard drawls out the word, looking between Sara and Mick as they sit around a small table in a dingy bar. “Which one of you wants to tell me what’s going on?”

               “About what?” Sara asks with a tilt of her head.

               “With what exactly it is you afraid of.” He looks between them, “I’ve seen the way you two look at me when you think I don’t know,” he frowns, “Like you think I’m going to try and run, or –”

               “Disappear?” Mick offers.

               “Or that,” Leonard nods.

               Sara sighs, and his attention is drawn to her. “It’s not anything you’ve done, if that’s what you’re asking.” She runs a hand through her hair, “It’s just after everything that happened with the Legion,”

               “Sara,” he frowns, “You know that’s not –”

               “Of course I know that’s not you,” She shakes her head, “But sometimes I’m afraid you’ll turn around and it won’t be you looking back at me.”

               “Blondie’s right.” Mick shrugs, “There’s times I think maybe you’re just in my head again.” He takes a swig of his beer.

               “We’ve lost you once…not keen on doing so again. That’s all.” Sara shrugs.

               “Is that why you locked me in our quarters when we first got back?” He quirks his brow at her.

               She flushes, “I already told you that was an accident.”

               “Sure it was,” he smirks.

               Before she can retort a body is thrown across their table, the three sharing looks of gleaming with mischief. Leonard motions to the growing commotion, “Ladies first.”

               She laughs, “Always such gentlemen.” And with that the three are on their feet and in the middle of the chaos.