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Love me a bit of Rob x Reader! Maybe some on set flirting, first kiss kind of fluffiness? Some prompts I could think of: "We're not a couple!" "I knew it!" "I told you so." But it's 100% up to you xx

“We’re not a couple!” You screamed again, for at least the 500th time, filming your scenes with Jared, Jensen, and Rob. Truthfully, Rob and you had been together for the last three months. You’d decided to keep it mostly secret for the time being, to give yourselves some privacy.

“Right.” Jared sassed. “That’s why you sneak away together whenever you can, you show up together, you leave together, you’re always together.”

“Whatever. If they don’t wanna tell they don’t have to.” Jensen shrugged. “I just thought I was Y/N/N’s best friend. She used to tell me everything and now it’s like I don’t even know her.” Jensen dramatically turned away and you rolled your eyes turning back to Rob.

“Let’s go get lunch.” You sighed in annoyance. “I need some time away from the drama llamas over here.”

“Your trailer or mine?” Rob asked.

“Yours.” You said, lacing your fingers with his and pulling him away.

“No fucking on lunch break!” Jared yelled as you walked away. You raised your free hand, flipping him off without ever turning around.

Once you got back to Rob’s trailer he immediately slammed the door and tackled you to the couch, pressing his lips firmly against yours. “It’s been too damn long.” He breathed between kisses. “I hate not being able to kiss you or touch you here.”

“I know. I hate it too.” You sighed, kissing him back and tugging at his hair. “Maybe we should tell -”

“Rob, Y/N you’re needed on set!” Jensen opened the door first, walking in on you in Rob’s embrace, right between kisses. “I knocked but - I knew it!” Jensen yelled. “You are a couple!”

“I told you so!” Jared yelled from behind Jensen.

“Secret’s out.” Rob giggled, leaning in and kissing the tip of your nose. 

Some ppl in Phandom need to chill.. guys come on..

Guys. Some people in phandom are behaving very immaturely. I am shocked. Come guys. Take a chill pill and don’t be a drama llama. Here are my opinions-
1. About Japanese dialect used on dnp merch - Guys it’s their merch. They are free to design it the way they like it. No one is being forced to buy them. And from when did having a preference or liking different languages or the dialect become offensive????? I am Indian and I like English and I don’t really write or prefer my native language. Is that offensive?? No right. Then why pick on dnp for everything??? I feel cool and happy to see my name written in different languages and so does dnp. What’s wrong in that guys

2. About their monolid comment - Guys we all know Dan and Phil and their personalities. They are not the people who differentiate humans based on their looks, personalities, gender, race or anything. The comment about eyes was more about the FACIAL EXPRESSION and less about the race. It’s very simple. There is nothing offensive about said word ‘monolid’. Google it. We all do those eyes sometimes (like funnily suspecting something) right????? That’s it.. why shld they apologize for some silly bants???

As much as I love Phandom family, as a 28 yr old woman, such incidents force me to believe that there are still kids here who need to grow up and see the actual world. Don’t take everything so seriously guys. Life has many things to surprise you with.

Hope you all have a good day.


Drama llamas!

Hey kids! I know there have been some drama llamas about in the agere community!

 I am here to say that Childminds supports Self Dx as a necessary mechanism for those who do not have access to professional diagnosis due to money, strict guardians, location, guardians who dont believe in mental health services, those who physically cannot get to a professionals office, and more!

Dear friends, could you please translate this thumbs up emoji to English for me?

i mean, is it as sassy rude as it sounds in my head? 
(i have enough trouble understanding what people mean when they speak aloud and i don’t want to be a drama llama if i’m misinterpreting it)

(also here is the post in case you don’t believe me)

pls help?

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I don't ship Malora, but I can honestly say you guys have the best fandom around. All of you seem to be friends with each other all the writers and just the fans seem so close and you guys have no drama. I am in the Elsanna ship and its all drama, I wish our ship was as fun loving as yours you guys stay awesome.

Why thank you, Anon! I really can’t speak for the entire Malora community/fandom, but it is true that we seem to all be on friendly terms, as far as I know. 

Drama? We save that for our fic.  There’s no sense being catty with one another, unless it’s in good fun.  *waggles eyebrows* 

Sorry to hear that the Elsanna community is suffering a bout of the drama-llamas. I hope that gets better for you all soon.  

Here, take this smut dust with you. It might help.