no drama


You don’t have any bullshit drama.
You haven’t peaked too soon. And your peak won’t be in high school (thank the Lord)
You’re doing amazing in school.(I did anyway)
You’ve sharpened all your other qualities, so now you have an amazing personality.
No kids.
No issues.
You’ve formed a creative mindset.
Clear(for the most part) headspace.
Goals and motivation.
Everything is on point, so when the physical #gloup happens, and matches everything else,shit, you’ll be unstoppable.
Ps. And you’ll know that life is way more than looks.
(Speaking from experience.)
And ugly is a relative term.

This is for those who think I’m going live life down and sad , because someone isnt around or in my life.. 😂😂 I know i fucked up. And I apologize to that one person that I hurt.. 😟😓 I’m only human so I’ll make mistakes that I won’t make twice. I’m not trying to be bitter, I’m trying to get better. 😊 If you’re not willing to help me on this journey then kindly exit ➡🚪.. I don’t need my daughter in a toxic environment im sorry.. 😒✌✌

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hey I’m looking for some discourse free and friendly age regression and stim blogs. basically, I’ll follow you if ur not constantly posting about how much u hate dd///lg and u post things with a million banners tha tell ppl who aren’t a part of ur community to reblg when they aren’t doing anything wrong. I mean of course you can post that ns//fw blogs can’t reblog, but I’m just tired of seeing so much discourse in the communities. I’m an age regressor without a label btw. my blog is always sfw. It’s going to be mainly kidcore but also has pokemon posts and wholesome memes on it.