no doubt spiderwebs


🎶I’ll call you later. Yeah right.🎶

No Doubt - Spiderwebs


No Doubt - Spiderwebs


- east of eden // zella day
- amber // 311
- free fallin’ // john mayer
- lost in my bedroom // sky ferreira
- hypnotic // zella day
- first date // blink-182
- spiderwebs // no doubt
- feeling this // blink-182
- big jet plane // angus & julia stone
- do my thang // miley cyrus
- come around // collie budz
- teddy bear // melanie martinez
- smells like teen spirit // noah gundersen
- our july in the rain // he is we
- telegraph ave // childish gambino
- good girls (acoustic) // 5 seconds of summer
- badfish // sublime
- three little birds // bob marley
- nobody’s home // avril lavigne
- girls like girls // hayley kiyoko
- goner // twenty one pilots
- baby // war paint
- mad hatter // melanie martinez
- sk8er boi // avril lavigne
- blood bank // bon iver
- i kissed a girl // william fitzsimmons
- you and your friends // wiz khalifa
- here’s to never growing up // avril lavigne
- she talks too much // elohim
- ace of hearts // zella day
- tag, you’re it // melanie martinez
- sixteen // real friends
- cry baby // melanie martinez
- riot girl // good charlotte
- l$d // a$ap rocky
- not enough // avril lavigne
- easy // son lux
- my happy ending // avril lavigne
- losing grip // avril lavigne
- it wasn’t me // shaggy
- jamming // bob marley
- fall to pieces // avril lavigne
- heart’s on fire (acoustic) // passenger
- soap // melanie martinez
- divorce and the american south // aaron west & the roaring twenties
- just like a pill // p!nk
- who owns my heart // miley cyrus
- hot // avril lavigne
- all the time // jeremih
- sippy cup // melanie martinez
- thank god, sarcastically // bobby meader music
- twin size mattress // the front bottoms
- day is gone // noah gundersen
- dreams // fleetwood mac
- milk and cookies // melanie martinez
- san antonio fading // noah gundersen
- brooklyn baby // lana del rey
- nobody’s fool // avril lavigne
- man down // rihanna
- what’s my age again? // blink-182
- sober // childish gambino
- neon light // blake shelton
- first defeat // noah gundersen
- comlicated // avril lavigne
- fallingforyou // the 1975
- mrs. potato head // melanie martinez
- she’s so mean // matchbox 20
- day n’ night // kid cudi
- permanent december // miley cyrus
- training wheels // melanie martinez
- alphabet boy // melanie martinez
- d.j.’s // sublime
- compass // zella day
- in my room // knuckle puck
- play date // melanie martinez
- stressed out // twenty one pilots
- cake // melanie martinez
- ashtrays and heartbreaks // snoop lion
- angel with a shotgun // the cab
- bouncing off the walls // sugarcult
- like real people do // hozier
- don’t wanna be your girl // wet
- pacify her // melanie martinez
- she’s kinda hot // 5 seconds of summer
- new americana // halsey

Remember these? They played in the background while you were growing up. 

Three hours of annoying alt and pop rock from the 90s to the early 2000s. Some of these songs you love, some of them are your guilty pleasures, and some of them you want to annihilate with flames and sledgehammers.


come out and play the offspring (1993) smells like teen spirit nirvana (1991) sex and candy marcy playground (1997) you oughta know alanis morisette (1995) father of mine everclear (1997) only happy when it rains garbage (1995) wonderwall oasis (1995) one week barenaked ladies (1998) parallel universe red hot chili peppers (1999) bitch meredith brooks (1997) sabotage beastie boys (1994) killing in the name of rage against the machine (1991) everlong foo fighters (1997) inside out eve 6 (1998) save tonight eagle eye cherry (1997) semi-charmed life third eye blind (1997) meet virginia train (1998) float on modest mouse (2004) jumper third eye blind (1998) name goo goo dolls (1995) hey jealousy gin blossoms (1989) spiderwebs no doubt (1995) creep radiohead (1993) santeria sublime (1996) drive incubus (2001) she likes me for me blessed union of souls (1999) somewhere out there our lady peace (2002) send the pain below chevelle (2002) my name is jonas weezer (1994) 3 AM matchbox twenty (1996) hanging by a moment lifehouse (2000) grey sky morning vertical horizon (1999) kryptonite 3 doors down (2000) i hate everything about you three days grace (2003) closer nine inch nails (1994) chop suey system of a down (2001) blurry puddle of mud (2001) bittersweet symphony the verve (1997) rockabye shawn mullins (1998) she’s so high tal beckman (1999) tubthumping chumbawumba (1997) fly sugar ray (1997) say it ain’t so weezer (1994) hand in my pocket alanis morisette (1995) why don’t you get a job offspring (1998) what’s my age again blink-182 (1999) 

Updated Dec 2014: shuffled the order, swapped out six songs for others, and edited the tracklist to show the year of album release, because someone was doubting my 90s street cred  


Part 3/3


  • “So leave a message and I’ll call you back.”
  • “My dreams become nightmares, ‘cause your ringing in my ears.”
  • “And it’s all your fault, I screen my phone calls.”
  • “I’m walking in the spiderwebs.”

Simple Kind of Life

  • “I’m so ashamed, I’ve been so mean.”
  • “I was obsessed, with a friendship that no one else could touch.”
  • “And all I wanted was the simple things, a simple kind of life.”
  • “Would it start all over again?”

Don’t Speak

  • “I really feel, that I’m losing my best friend.”
  • “Don’t speak, I know just what you’re saying.”
  • “You and me, I can see us dying, are we?”
  • “I know what you’re thinking and I don’t need your reasons.”


  • “I kinda always knew I’d end up your ex-girlfriend.”
  • “Why’d you have to go and pick me?”
  • “You’re wildness scares me, so does your freedom.”
  • “I hope I hold a special place with the rest of them.”

Trapped in a Box

  • “I know others with a box of their home.”
  • “All I thought for myself is now destroyed.”
  • “We’re all trapped in a box.”
  • “It distorts my vision, it closes my eyes.”
Playlist Shuffle Tag

I was tagged by @end-of-a-century (Thank you) to do this playlist shuffle tag

Basically shuffle your music device 10 times and list the songs that appear and tag ten people. Simple as that.

1-Blur - The Universal

2-D12 - Fight Music

3-Marilyn Manson - The Fall Of Adam

4-Nine Inch Nails - Underneath It All

5-Blink 182 - San Diego

6-No Doubt - Spiderwebs

7-Tool - Aenima

8-Sum 41 - Pieces

9-Gorillaz - Andromeda

10-CHVRCHES - The Mother We Share

I Tag:
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Paraíso - A Michiko to Hatchin Fanmix

A fanmix for Michiko to Hatchin, a show about love, determination, and kicking ass.  These are song for all of those things, and then some.

We Run This Missy Elliot || Tigerlily La Roux || Shut Up and Drive Rihanna || Bad Girls M.I.A. || Spiderwebs No Doubt || Dança Molengo feat. Rizzle Kicks Bonde do Rolê || Dance Apocalyptic Janelle Monáe || At Home Crystal Fighters || starChiC (Niki Minaj Cover) Bonde do Rolê || Ya Viene el Sol Ozomatli

listen [8tracks]

I got tagged by @l970 to shuffle my songs and post the first ten that came up so here we goooooo

1. Make Yer Mark - The Garden (ahhhh this song is so good live! Fletcher has a great drum sound on it)

2. Big Toe - The Growlers (fun fact: this sounds EXACTLY like London Calling by the Clash)

3. Daughter - Pearl Jam (fun fact 2: this is one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs)

4. Milk It - Nirvana

5. Look Back and Laugh - Minor Threat

6. Spiderwebs - No Doubt

7. Go With the Flow - Queens of the Stone Age

8. Deadhead - Teen Idles (one of my all time fave punk songs)

9. Soaring - Puzzle

10. The Way You Used to Do - Queens of the Stone Age (IF YOU HAVENT LISTENED TO THIS YET DO IT NOW ITS SO GOOD)

The Signs as 90′s Songs

Aries: Dixie Chicks - Cowboy Take Me Away

Taurus:  Blind Melon - No Rain

Gemini: The Cranberries - Zombie

Cancer: Backstreet Boys - I want it that way

Leo: Phil Collins - You’ll Be In My Heart

Virgo: Bush - Glycerine

Libra: Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever

Scorpio: No Doubt - Spiderwebs

Ophiuchus: Everclear - I Will Buy You a New Life

Sagittarius:  Britney Spears - …Baby One More Time

Capricorn: 4 Non Blondes - What’s Up

Aquarius: Christina Aguilera - Genie in a Bottle

Pisces: Aqua - Barbie Girl