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names for tumblr, rated

Tumblr: whoever uses this is a cop. for example: hello, fellow Tumblr users. can you direct me to the marijuana blogs? 0/5, nice try officer

tumblr: boring. I don’t trust people who always call it ‘tumblr’. why are you so indifferent? what are you hiding? usually found in serious posts, too. for example: I’m probably going to leave tumblr. fuck you. why should you escape while I’m stuck here? 1/5

tunglr: amusing and yet innocent, a flippant dismissal of minor annoying content on the website, meant with no malice. reminiscent of the good old days. most likely suited for shitposts or fresh memes. for example: anyone else on tunglr wanna talk about piss? 3/5

tumblr dot com: rather ordinary, but when used in context is very good. best used to express sincere exasperation, for example: of course I’m comparable to a murderer for liking cheese fries, I would expect nothing less from tumblr dot com. 3/5 excellent. a subtle roast, indicating the many problems that come from using tumblr as one’s only source for facts. best used ironically after such a faux pas has been made, for example: the earth is flat? more great content from 4/5

tumblr.hell: accurate, more of a mood than a domain name. everyone knows what it means. can be used across a wide variety of posts and nobody is in any doubt of what the poster means when they say it. for example: i’ve seen so much knobgobblery on tumblr.hell that by this point my soul has left my body via my ass fuck each and every one of you. 5/5

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Now that you've mentioned Keith's bike I'm curious about where it may have come from. Another memento of his mom? Something that the people who brought Blue to Earth left behind?

Believe it or not someone was just talking to me about this. Credit to dhaarijmens who I… cannot @ for some reason, for this screengrab:

So the poster up behind Hunk’s head, at a glance, would seem to be an advertisement for the bike. Oh, mystery solved, it’s normal Earth technology and Pidge just had coincidentally never seen anything like it before. Pidge… the… science enthusiast. Hm.

So I went deeper.

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This is my last one-shot until July after I’ve finished my exams and I wanted to sign off with something fluffy. I was in Paris a few weeks ago, (devastatingly single on Valentine’s Day) so this is a one-shot borne out of my travels there and also what I felt like writing. Enjoy, and I’ll see you guys in a few months :)

Paris is one of those undefinable things in life.

People ask ‘What’s Paris like?’ but there’s no way to quantify the spectacle of it all, not one word to sum it up. Trying to explain something like Paris is like trying to explain the smell of coffee beans; they smell like…well, coffee beans. An empty sentence if ever there was one. And yet, as unexplainable as it, everyone knows exactly what it means.

Piper Chapman and the unexplainable go hand in hand.

How, exactly, does a WASPy college grad end up on a long haul flight from New York to Paris, fast asleep with her head resting on the shoulder of a heroin importer? People can ask questions all they like, endeavour to understand how Piper and Alex ever came to be, but the answer will always remain in a category above and beyond anyone’s comprehension. You ask Alex Vause why she’s perfectly okay, better than okay, with spending thousands upon thousands on this little blonde thing currently snoring into her ear, and she’ll just shrug, nudge her glasses and tell you she loves Piper.

It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

When Piper stirs about an hour from their destination, they’re all awkwardly tangled up in each other, the back of her head resting against Alex’s front with the brunette’s arms encircling her body. Piper turns drowsily and mumbles something into the material of Alex’s shirt.

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McCree is less than happy when the bounty on his head means that he’s banned from a mission, leaving Hanzo forced to take on an offensive role down on the ground…and not even the archer’s promise to return safely is enough to stop him from taking matters into his own hands. Written for McHanzo Week 2016. Day 4 Prompt: Role Reversal.

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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so do you have all the mcl merchandise you want now?

I wish! I actually have a post here (that I now have linked on my sidebar too) with Merchandise I’d like to find.

Priority order for the items:

  1. The Button Set (Well, just Armin’s button mostly, but they’re really nice so I’d take them all)
  2. The Plastic Keychain(s) (Still haven’t found out… if there is a normal one or just the play one for Armin). Honestly tied with the Button set though.
  3. The Stickers
  4. The Notepad (or just… one of each of the pages would be fine)
  5. The Poster

I doubt I’ll find them (They’re not the kind of thing I’d expect to see people trying to sell if they were no longer interested in the game), but I can hope I guess. 


Animated Movie Posters Bring Action Back To Life

Films are a visually enticing experience for us and without a doubt, the posters have a lot to do with making our mind up about the movie. Using the latest digital media to turn these otherwise stationary posters of famous movies into a minute clip of a climax or action, these animated posters not only depict the movie, but also makes use of the visual impact which will leave the viewer engaged and reeling.

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They were all staring but what didn’t expect anything less from them. If she had been in their place she would have done it too. A girl who had been missing for five years just showing up at a New Years party? It would be a shock to everyone once word got around that Louisiana Chambers was back.

It had been so long the last of missing posters no doubt having fallen away years ago. Still she couldn’t help it having to go back. Murphy must have found love again, found someone to keep him busy rather than just wait for her. A piece of her hoped that he had waited for her, the last piece of her naive younger self.

As she made her way to him her heart was racing so loud she could hear it in her ears. As she made her way up to him she couldn’t help but smile, tears stinging her eyes. He looked him himself a face she had clung to all this time and it eased her some. “Will you kiss me at midnight?” She had asked so scared of his answer.

When he looked at her she couldn’t hold back the tears. A sob escaped her lips and she nodded. “Yeah- it’s me it’s really me.” She whispers. She quickly moves to wrap her arms around him and hold onto him tight. She should tell him where she was and what happened but right now she can’t. Right now all she can do is hold on and take in that touch she had missed so much.

“I know you’ve probably got some girlfriend to kiss at midnight but what you say? For old time sake?” She asks, nuzzling her head into the crook of his neck.

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So I just got this postcard this morning, and I am so excited!! Ahh thank you so much Hannah, this little postcard finally made the long trek all the way to Australia! I was stoked to support you then, and I can’t wait to see what awesome things 2015 bring for you!!

I’m making a prediction: Tomorrow,  we’ll get an honest to god,  Cockles kiss

No hands in the way …

No on-the-cheek bullshit. 

But a full on,  lips touching,  real, no-question-about-it kiss.

It’ll be quick,  just a peck, really– but a kiss none the less. 

This is my prediction for Sunday,  Jus In Bello 2016.

A serious post about Team Delusional

I freely admit that in recent weeks my TD related posts have devolved into pure snark and mockery, and generally speaking I don’t regret that. However, what it does mean is that my original intentions with TD may have been lost. So I wanted to bring back a post I made in January of this year, in answer to an anon asking WHY I care about TD

 It can be found HERE, but I’m going to cut and paste the body, because I’d like people to read it:

“Why do I care so much? I care because I am seeing post after post from vulnerable young women talking about how believing Beth is alive has saved them suicide. I am seeing posts about people spending days sobbing over Beth’s death and only being happy when they think about how they know she’s coming back. I am seeing people saying they have nightmares every night about Beth, but now they know she’s coming back, they are okay. I am seeing people talking about severe depression, mental illness, self-harm and the only thing keeping them balanced is their belief in Beth coming back.

I care because I am SCARED for these people. I am scared that this massive boiling pot of reinforcement that is going on in the Team Delusional tags is going to end up in some horrible tragedy.

I just want these people to look at the facts - the ACTUAL facts, not the convoluted, tenuous, theories that are being posted by their tag-mates. I want them to realise that it is very likely that Beth isn’t coming back; to contemplate how they are going to cope when she doesn’t; to think about finding some other passion or fandom to give them the good feelings that being a fan of Beth gave them.

Because right now, I don’t see anyone on the tag talking to their friends about the possibility that things are not going to work out how they imagine, and preparing their vulnerable friends for the worst.”

I wrote that in January, and it deeply saddens me that it appears to be horrible relevant right now with someone from the TD tag. 

At the time I made this post, I received a lot of hate in response - most of which told me to mind my own business, and many people telling me that TD took care of their own and were friends looking out for each other.

But this is the point, that is NOT what Team Delusional has done. Team Delusional has fed into a state of belief that is NOT healthy for many of these young women.

These are women who are basing their happiness not just on Beth’s survival but on WHO Beth is - and as TD portrays it - who she will become. Instead of focussing on how wonderful Beth was as a character, what she stood for and did for them as viewers and fans, TD has stripped so much of that away in portraying it as only being the appetiser to the REAL Beth story.

That’s not true and it’s not healthy. Beth isn’t coming back, and by focusing on this idea that she is TD has not only delayed and denied the ability of much of her fans to deal with the grieving process for her, they have done so in a way that takes away much of what MADE her a great character. This means that when she DOESN’T come back (and she won’t) that TD believers have a double blow, because not only won’t she appear, they have also put all her significance on what she MIGHT have been, instead of what she WAS.

Take for example, the “new sheriff in town” idea. This was foreshadowing, but the idea is that she has YET to live up to this title, that it’s yet to happen stops people from appreciating that she ALREADY WAS. She did amazing things at Grady and managed to help Noah twice. She saved Carol’s life. She helped Dr Edwards change, or contemplate change anyway. She did all of that already.

She ALREADY overcame her suicide and depression and it was shown from season 3 onwards. She looked after Judith, she supported Maggie and Hershel, she kicked ass when Glenn and Merle were fighting. She helped defend the prison form the Woodbury attack. She enjoyed a happy relationship with Zach. She helped Michonne understand she was part of the family. She sacrificed her safety to find the children. She helped Daryl talk about his past, and gave him hope that there were good people out there. She sang and she had hope.

THOSE are things that do not change even though she is now dead. Her character HAD the on-screen conversion to a strong, hopeful, loving girl that people want for their characters.

By focusing on her story not being finished, on saying there MUST Be more she MUST come back and take down Terminus, or Grady, or the Wolves or Negan; she MUSt become a leader; she MUST have a full relationship with Daryl; she MUST become bad ass - you are denying that her success as a person had ALREADY been achieved. 

The phrase “Beth Greene deserved more” and the associated beliefs that go with it imply that there NEEDS to be more to Beth’s story for her to be WHOLE. This suggest the transformation she already went through wasn’t completed until she did greater, BETTER things. 

She already did them, and the refusal to accept that isn’t helping anyone.

When someone is depressed, you don’t say “well, I’m sure nothing bad will ever happen to you in your life again, so don’t worry about it.” You acknowledge that life will be shit from time to time, so you help give them coping methods to get through those times, and help focus on the GOOD THINGS they have and have experienced.

TD’s insistence on focusing on what they are sure is yet to be has stopped many people from dealing what what already is - that Beth is dead. 

Please don’t tell me that people have dealt with it, because I read the tag, I see what people say when they see something that makes them suddenly question TD and worry she really is dead. The talk of “punches in the stomach”, “feel sick”, “unable to cope” and the anger from these people shows how important it is to them that Beth is still alive, and that they are not emotionally prepared to deal with it if she is not. When they should ALREADY have dealt with it a year ago. But the rise of TD has stunted that emotional healing process, especially when any time there is doubt TD posters will tell everyone to stay calm and believe because she IS alive, she IS coming back.

She’s not. And that’s why for the past year whenever I KNOW something TD has been saying is wrong (based on facts) I will say so, because I cannot bear to see these unhealthy, unhelpful hopes being built on garbage, lies and people who are ignoring the truth.

I am BEGGING you. If you are basing a lot of happiness on Beth returning, please walk away from TD now because Beth isn’t coming back and the longer this goes on, the bigger a deal it has become to some of you and the more it’s going to hurt when inevitably the truth is realised.