no doubt about it they're related

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I’ve thought about this a bit and I’ve decided that since in most of the world, cousins marry regularly, I’m not going to worry about it. Darwin married his first cousin. So if they are related, I’ll leave my stories up.

However, I highly doubt that they’re related. Everything points to a different sort of relationship. It would be very poor writing if they turned out to be related.

The other day I had the sound off during the interrogation scene in TFA and Mr. Downing said ‘Wow, without the dialogue it’s really obvious that that dude is really into her.’ So I’m going to trust a non-fan on this one. He doesn’t care if reylo is canon and just sees what he sees. 

Don’t worry. It’s going to be alright. Reylo is the endgame, I’m sure of it.

Thank you for reaching out, Anon.

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I don't think any of them do genuinely think it's her though?? Like, that's the problem. They know full well it's not her in the video and yet they're still publicly proclaiming that it is in order to defame her character and cast doubt on the paternity of her child, and that's the grossest thing about this whole sorry story imo.

I’m honestly just shaking my head in disgust at this whole situation. Can I go on a tangentially related rant? I’m going to go on a tangentially related rant.

It’s so difficult to find fandoms that aren’t completely shitty towards women and queer people and POC, both in terms of the “cast of characters” (either actual characters or the real people involved) and the fans. The majority of the fandoms that really blow up online are fixated on the Adventures of Hetero White Boys, and then you can usually find a subset of the fandom that ships the fuck out of two (usually canonically heterosexual) of the aforementioned white boys. It happened with Sterek in Teen Wolf. Johnlock in the Sherlock fandom. Destiel in Supernatural. Stucky or Stony in the MCU fandom. And, to a degree that I’ve never seen before, it’s happening with Larry Stylinson in the One Direction fandom, and it’s so much worse, because these are real people. 

People tear into the boys’ girlfriends for no fucking reason. They call them bitches and whores and liars and golddiggers. They say that these girls are desperate for attention, and that they’re beards, and that they’re only going out with the boys in the band to get tabloid attention. They say that beautiful, talented women wouldn’t have any careers if not for the tiny scrap of fame that dating a member of One Direction gives them. They criticize everything about these women’s bodies, from the expression they have on their face to the way they hold their boyfriend’s hand to the way their stomach looks after giving birth. They post porn on the internet and say, “Look at this girl, look at her having sex. Isn’t she terrible? Isn’t it disgusting and shameful that she could ever use her body for anything like this?”

There’s a reason that fans hate these women. There’s a reason Zayn is the member of One Direction who has always gotten shit on the most, and there’s a reason his image was always supposed to “mysterious” and “exotic.” There’s a reason this fandom decided that Nick Grimshaw, an openly gay man, was a fucking predator who wanted to sleep with poor, innocent Harry Styles and get some more connections in the industry he already fucking worked in. 

It’s because no matter how much the hardcore Larries try to claim they’re progressive and open-minded and feminist-friendly and diverse and supportive of POC and passionate about LGBTQIAP equality, it’s fucking bullshit. They don’t care about anything except their ship, and the second something threatens that, they have no problem with showing how sexist and racist and homophobic and hateful they can be. 

List of Underland Creatures + Naming Themes (both canon and fanon, feel free to request additions)
  • Humans/Killers: Old English names (often names from Shakespeare plays, or relating to Shakespeare), Greek or Latin names, or names derived from Greek and Latin roots of words. Ex. Henry is a name from English royalty, Nerissa and Perdita are names from plays, Judith and Hamnet are Shakespeare's own children's names, Luxa means "light" in Latin.
  • Bats/Fliers: Names from Greek mythology, often gods and goddesses. Ex. Ares, god of war; Nike, goddess of victory.
  • Rats/Gnawers: Names relate to a physical characteristic or how they operate in action. Sometimes they are compound, made-up words, or just regular words having to do with violence, gore, or sickness. Ex. Goldshard and Pearlpelt's names describe their coats, Ripred and Lapblood's names refer to bloodshed, and Mange, Razor, and Snare are all simple words that humans came up with.
  • Cockroaches/Crawlers: Simple, one-syllable names, with hard consonant sounds. Ex. Temp, Tick, Min, Pend.
  • Mice/Nibblers: Math and science names. Ex. Cartesian coordinate system, Newton (as in Isaac Newton the scientist, or Newton the measurement of force), Scalene triangle.
  • Spiders/Spinners: Names ending in -ox or -ex. Ex. Gox, Treflex, Reflex, Wevox.
  • Fireflies/Shiners: Names relating to light. Ex. Photos (meaning "light" in Greek) Glow-Glow (obvious reference to glowing), Zap.
  • Lizards/Hissers: We only know one Hisser in the series, but knowing that her name is "Frill," as in the crown around her neck, I'd say Hissers probably name themselves after physical attributes, similar to the Gnawers.
  • Ants/Cutters: Although we never learn any Cutter's name in the series, there's been fanfiction written about the Cutters, where all the ants have numbers instead of names, because there are so many of them and think like a hive-mind.
  • Snakes/Twisters: There's been some discussion about how Twisters would be named, but they don't seem as intelligent as some of the other creatures in the Underland, so it's doubtful they'd have names that translated into English.
  • Scorpions/Stingers: Again, we don't learn the names of the Stingers in the series. We could safely assume that they're named similar to Spinners, though, with names ending in X.
  • Moles/Diggers: There was a popular post by CROWTROLLS about Diggers' names. We came to the conclusion that the moles would have names in their own language (in the books we encounter a mole in passing that Gregor states had a name no one could pronounce), and also an English name relating to rock or gemstone words. Ex. CROWTROLLS has a Digger OC named "Rhodochrosite."
  • Feral cats/Clawers: CROWTROLLS made a post a while ago about if cats were in the Underland, they'd have names coming from "Swing Era" books and stories. The examples given were Cheshire, Rip Van Winkle, and Ahab.
  • Wolves, coyotes, and feral dogs/Howlers: Names of famous military leaders. Ex. Ulysses, Ambrose, Lee.
  • Rabbits/Hoppers: There's a small headcanon going around about plant-themed names for Underland rabbits, specifically, the scientific names for plants. KOOTIBANG has a Hopper OC named Teosinte, which refers to a species of grass.
  • Wasps and hornets/Jabbers: No headcanons yet.
  • Bees/Buzzers: No headcanons yet.
  • Bears/Grumblers: No headcanons yet.
  • Turtles/Snappers: No headcanons yet.
  • Worms/Wrigglers: Some people were doubting the sentience of the worms, and if they would be smart enough to have names, but there aren't many other headcanons for names yet.
  • Lobsters and Crabs/Clickers: No headcanons yet.
  • Ferrets/No name decided yet: No headcanons yet.
  • Badgers/Snufflers: No headcanons yet.

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Ya know I really hate Nash Grier a whole lot bc he is a total asshole, but I'm sure people have messaged u saying how ur videos "saved their life" so why are you botching about what they're saying? I mean yeah he sucks no doubt about it, but idk you don't make sense

I find it very hard to believe that I actually have ever “saved someone’s life” but I do things to help people through hard times. I made a short film when I was 15 so that people with symptoms of depression could relate and get help, I spent a lot of time on my song Hey September which is literally about letting people know they’re worth it and to get through hard times, and like next year I’m going to try to start a foundation for teenage depression/suicide awareness. like I’m doing shit for the purpose of helping other people, but even then I don’t think I’ve saved anyone’s life. so I don’t get how people can say someone like Nash Grier has saved their life tbh

some finnpoe prompts

  • “look, i know that you’re wearing a stormtrooper uniform and i’m wearing a rebel pilot uniform, but if we take off all our clothes than we’re just people ;)”
  • “poe i crashed my ship again come get me”
  • poe’s baby droid likes finn more than him and poe is highkey offended
  • “be safe” “you too” “no dammit come back here and kiss me goodbye you jerk”
  • “i know all about waiting. for my family.” “we’re your family now rey we are adopting you you’re our daughter now go clean your room”
  • “finn do you still have those handcuffs ;)”

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Have you been keeping up with anything anti or MM related? Just wondering if there's a possibility that Sam could be in Montreal? I am a nervous shipper. I know it's about just loving them and it doesn't even matter if they're really together or not but I would like to think they are but I get my doubts and seasick and what not. I know you're usually rational about this. Thanks!

Oh yes, I’m keeping up with the latest shat from Shat. This latest dustup seems related to the Daily Mail article since if a relationship is going to be publicly acknowledged as the article hints somewhat strongly is the case, then Shat’s position in the fandom as the head antishipper becomes obsolete. And that will ruin all his fun. But if you consider carefully what he has said and what he has avoided saying you will see that this current attack has no more substance than his prior ones-and actually even less. He had to admit that Sam has stated that no one speaks for him about his relationships and that this includes William Shatner. So in essence whatever Shat says is simply his opinion- but is it the truth? Shat stated that this opinion is based on the IFH and in the first attack cited an article that was directly drawn from the IFH. So Shat’s opinion is no more believable than the IFH- and given that celebrity relationship denials are basically celebrity relationship confirmations I’m going to disregard Shat’s opinion about Sam and Cait. And disregard any implications about any other relationships that he might imply Sam is in because that is all he does- imply- he is very clever at implications but never actually says anything of substance or about any specific people. It’s all hypotheticals and generalities dressed up and designed to make you think he has stated an actual fact. He is very, very good at making trouble without saying anything that would actually get him in trouble. That is why he is still here- he hasn’t done anything actionable towards Sam, reprehensible perhaps, but not actionable. All actionable words are for the little guys like shippers who lack the funds to fight back.
As to Sam being in Montreal. No. His media times don’t really coincide and if he was in Scotland he would be at the gym. It’s the first place he goes and there is ALWAYS a pic!! And he isn’t posting whereabouts and there are no fan sightings so he isn’t anywhere else that he can admit to being either. When he is alone, or supposed to be alone, he makes good and sure it is documented with fan spottings or lately with pap pics like in NYC. That makes a pretty strong case for Portugal- with Cait. They have a few weeks until filming starts in August- just enough time for a last getaway before its back to work for a year!

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I can't wait for the second season and for the rivamika fandom to awaken after seeing all their badass scenes and maybe even gROWING AND MORE PEOPLE JUMPING ON THE RIVAMIKA TRAIN *gasps* CAN YOU IMAGINE? !!! (Actually I kinda doubt that cause then they'll be talking about all the ackerbusiness and how "they're related" but it's ok to dream c': )

I’m hoping more people jump on the rivamika ship when season 2 airs too! We’re a tiny crew right now but we have plenty of room aboard our battleship!!

Fans who are drawn to rivamika are pretty open-minded, I think; the preexisting shippers didn’t let the Ackerbusiness get in the way of the ship so I’m sure there will be new fans that don’t mind either/ship them in an AU-sense. Or at least more people will see them as a serious BROTP and that will inspire them to share platonic headcanons, art, fics, edits, etc, which is just as awesome imo. So long as Levi and Mikasa are together and interacting I’m satisfied, the romantic stuff is just a bonus. ^^

I just hope the anime doesn’t attract too much negative attention to the rivamika fandom… When a pairing starts to gain popularity, a troubling amount of haters tend to follow, unfortunately.

But hopefully the anime clears things up better so there will be less confusion about the Ackerstuff. There seems to be many readers who skimmed over that Kenny flashback, but the anime might do a better job at explaining how Mikasa’s family is “branched off” from Levi’s, and that non-Ackerman/Asian bloodlines, aka the majority of wall settlers, are connected by the same bloodline too, as Grandpa Ackerman stated. Maybe once that episode airs there will be less people accusing Levi of being Mikasa’s dad and similar nonsense like that. xD