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You got me into electro swing (bless you, Justine) and Caro Emerald sure makes those Snazzy Bops like Just One Dance almost gives me stripper!Yuuri vibes and I'm living for all her other albums

i have @victorsporosya to thank for introducing me to the magnificence that is caro emerald and y o u a r e s o r i g h t just one dance does have amazing stripper/escort vibes it is very fitting for TBE i would say ;) 

lance: we should have like…a team voltron sleepover.

pidge: but we see each other all the time? and sleep in the same place? what’s the use of a sleepover?

lance: pidge…we can play truth or dare. you know what that means. 

pidge: [quietly] we can finally dare keith to show us his cryptid conspiracy blog. shit. we need to have a team voltron sleepover.