no doom

Doom’s Eye: “Princess Sally, this is Doom’s Eye of the Dark Arms. I come on behalf of Black Doom, Lord of the known universe. I am here to confiscate the chaos emeralds. Turn them over to me, or I will destroy your planet.”

Rotor: “All right, let’s not panic.”

Antoine: “Not panic? The scary purple alien thing is driving his alien battleship toward us. We only have four emeralds-”

Tails: “Technically only three working emeralds.”

Antoine: “That’s right. Thank you, Tails. Three working emeralds and a temple that’s, like, 10,000 years old.”

Eggman: “Actually it’s 10,600 years old. You see, it was built by my grandfather-”

Antoine: “Thanks, Eggman. Thank you for that. See? now is the perfect time to panic!”


Electric Wizard - Return Trip

The cluster missile is no more, say hello to the crush missile, this was actually what I wanted the cluster missile to be all this time but I was too much of a dummy to make this work proper years ago, and now it works proper! Using it conjunction with the blazter bullets is a good way to bring groups of enemies to a dead halt.