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Hi! Sorry to bother you but I was hoping if you could answer my question. I just got in Rusame quite recently and I was wondering when the ship actually became popular? I know the most popular ship started way back in the beginning but I have no idea when RA also became quite popular. Thanks in advance!

Hey! No worries, I’d be more than glad to explain my OTP :)

It’s understandable really for you to wonder why RusAme became quite popular because yeah, their interaction is not that many compared to other popular pairings, and they’re often shown to be not so friendly with each other. 

If you want short answer: it’s all thanks to amazing fanworks created by talented RusAme fans. Idk exactly when it’s first considered popular but I can think of 3 phases (2009 LJ phase, 2012 Tumblr Phase, 2014 Tumblr meme phase) where the fandom produces many popular fanworks. For super long and detailed answer, it’s behind the cut here:

(I checked on mobile and somehow the long version doesn’t show? But just open this on browser and you’ll see the longer version. Sorry for the inconvenience!)

Edit: I surrendered. I remove the read more so here it is:

1. The LJ Phase (2009)

The reason why RA becomes quite popular is due to amazing fanworks created by dedicated and talented RA fans. I think it begins to gain popularity somewhere around 2009, when an amazing historical fics titled The Chosen End at LJ focusing around RusAme history was created, and somehow it begins to attract many talented artists and writers to RA fandom. Well idk maybe it begins even before that but I don’t know other famous fanworks for RusAme that’s older than TCE. TCE basically opened hetalia fandom eyes that RusAme used to be friend before cold war and I guess it’s a really phenomenal fanworks that’s being so thorough with historical facts.

The fandom grew and even made a small community at LJ which consists of making fanarts and fanfics and it’s wonderful. But unfortunately one day, some immature fans that I assumed became jealous of RA growing popularity, began to bash RA and TCE Authors in some confession blog. And I guess some RA fans told the TCE Authors about this…and idk if that’s one factor of the Authors dropped TCE and left RA fandom, but I once read a post where they said they couldn’t take it anymore and then stopped writing for TCE. 

2. The Tumblr Phase (2012)

The RA fandom continued on despite TCE no longer updated, but one by one, those talented artists and writers began to leave RA fandom as well. But there’re some who stayed on and continued making amazing fanworks for RusAme, and somehow the fandom is migrating from LJ to Tumblr. 

The RA fandom began to become quite popular again on Tumblr thanks to active amazing askblogs and creative fanfic writers that keeps creating popular fanworks for RA, RA fans were growing again but sadly, at this time many fans were immature and so many ship wars are lit. There’re many negative opinions thrown for RA fandom, and there were also a few RA fans who’re hostile towards other pairings’ fans. It’s the era where Hetalia is still in its glory and so many fans are enthusiastic about it. Despite all the ship wars, RA fandom is still active with many amazing fanworks created.

3. The Tumblr Meme Phase (2014)

I think this era is where RusAme finally is considered as ‘Popular’ among hetalia fans. I think it’s thanks to that epic (sorta) RusAme red telephone comic that managed to get hundred thousand notes, along with a popular meme blog that happens to fall in love with RusAme and even making the ‘Space Gays’ term popular. Both blogs were very popular back then, and they created many RA posts that racked in thousands of notes regularly. Besides those two, there are also many talented fanartists who frequently draw RA and thus, RA posts began to roam everywhere with thousands of notes. There are also RA Fanfic writers who wrote popular RA fics with hundreds of reviews and It’s no wonder then many hetalians now deemed RA as popular.

Sadly, this era somehow “watered down” RA’s complex history and thus making many old and recent famous RA fanwork creators to leave the fandom one by one. Imho I love both meme and complex RA so it’s really sad to know both sides can’t get along in tandem but I guess hetalia dying is also a factor why many RA fans left the fandom.

And now, RA fandom is still active thanks to some dedicated fanartists and fanfic writers who regularly posts RA fanworks. It’s maybe not as booming as back then when those famous RA fans were still in the fandom, but from time to time, amazing fanworks are created and gaining thousands notes or hundreds reviews that makes this fandom still quite popular. Well hetalia is already >10 yo so it’s understandable to see fans leaving one by one, but I’m content with our current fandom. Ship war barely exists, fanworks are still roaming and could be enjoyed every weekend, and I think as long as it makes you happy, popularity really doesn’t matter anymore.

Phew somehow it’s got so looong but honestly I’ve been wanting to create this kind of post so thank you for giving me a chance and a push to do it. RA is a complex ship that needs many thoughtful thinking and perception to finally get the appeal of it, so it’s understandable many people are perplexed like you too of the reason why it can gain its current popularity.

Lastly idk if you already like RA now or just simply curious of ‘wth some ship with minimal positive interaction could become so popular??’, but if it’s the later case, I hope maybe someday you could begin to like RA just like other RA fans do too :)

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every time these people are like “their relationship can be healthy don’t demonize it uwu” what i hear is “it’s okay for 19-year-olds to date 15-year-olds don’t demonize it uwu” and i’m just… please stay away from teens i’m begging

god if they actually think this way in real life im genuinely worried for the teens they know,, so many otayuris are adults and its like ?? literally stay away from teens and children dont apply your nasty ship logic to irl relationships 

A lighting exercise I had a lot of fun doing.

Fireplace story time at its finest.

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sorry it jus wasn't specified as just friendship??? and I was frreaking out bc like ??? that would be so fucking gross and I just was really worried that u actually like,,, shipped it

no no no oh dont worry!!!!! ew, no. i thought it was like… obvious but i understand and dont worry, its cool. its all about that third wheeling for izzy. or for alec, when its the quality Bestie time for izzy and magnus, but still!!! all good and platonic!! honestly i could never ship malec with anyone else thats just absurd

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Who is your all time favorite ship? Like from anything

it’s them