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Hello guys! So about a couple days ago, I hit a very lovely follower milestone! So, this is kinda late due to me having exams and all that lame stuff….Anywhoo, I would have never expected this blog to have this many followers since I made this blog purely because I was bored and couldn’t fall asleep lol. Okay well moving on, ever since joining, I’ve met/made so so many friends and it’s so great because everybody is super lovely!! The people I follow are extremely talented individuals and I admire all of them so much and so I thought I would make a lil follower appreciation thingy. So yeah without further ado, here’s just some wonderful blogs that deserve lots and lots of love and thank you so much! (✿ ♥‿♥)

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how can a show acknowledge how much a character has suffered (lapis’ ‘I was terrible to you!’) and then turn around and make them into the bad guy again and continue to punish them for…. what??? being big and strong and menacing-looking????? cause i really can’t think of any other reason lmao

like i’m still super hyped and the leaks made me super happy but i just

wish they weren’t making jasp suffer endlessly lol

just have to wait for the episode and see what happens i guess

New Reblog/Comments Insanity

Followers, et al.

If, like me, you’re finding issues with the new reblog/comment/layout system, not just because it looks pretty horrid, but because you find it difficult to read/navigate, please, please reach out to support with feedback. Constructive feedback. 

There have been so many “wow, this sucks” posts and yeah, it does, but if you don’t respond to the staff and support team, through official channels, with actual constructive reasoning and expression, it doesn’t help change anything. 

I’ve seen a few posts from people with dyslexia having issues. People with other visual/neural impairments, too. Even for me (O), I get migraines and having to separate icons/photos from text to follow a thread in this new system is literally causing my brain to hurt. 

So if you want something changed, if you want the staff and support team to maybe start listening to users for once, bombard them with real, constructive criticism of features. Tell them what’s wrong and why and what might help fix it, with as little vitriol and swearing as possible (it may take a couple drafts – walk away and cool down if you get worked up before sending anything). 

Be helpful. Be honest. Be constructive. Go leave some feedback here: support