no don't look at them they're terrible

fibro!tsuna and The Management (of pain)
  • WARNINGS: implied medication abuse, implied/proposed underage drinking.
  • ...
  • reborn: it doesn't matter if it's boiling hot outside, you will keep those mittens on at all times.
  • tsuna: fuck no, do you have any idea how uncomfortable that would be?
  • reborn: it doesn't matter if it's--
  • tsuna: let me rephrase that
  • ...
  • gokudera: juudaime i don't agree with this plan! you'd be putting yourself in harm's way, you'd hurt yourself!
  • tsuna: *staring at reborn like he's on The Office*
  • reborn: wait, gokudera's right. this Really Is a bad plan.
  • tsuna: i hope you're not going to tell me 'it's going to hurt' too, because you of all people should know i can tolerate up to broken-bone levels of pain
  • tsuna: unless i'm actually going to break my bones, then forget it
  • tsuna: i mean, i can't be hibari
  • hibari: little animals shouldn't push themselves that much
  • tsuna: see, even he agrees
  • ...
  • xanxus: i don't get it
  • xanxus: how is it you complain about every single fucking thing but are willing to go through with the stupidest most self-destructive plans i've ever heard
  • tsuna: you know that feeling you get when you work out too much and everything just hurts for two days?
  • xanxus: what about it
  • tsuna: that's me. all day. every day. For Eternity.
  • tsuna: pain is like a baby's caress to me.
  • tsuna: a screaming baby.
  • reborn: what did you call me
  • tsuna: caressing me with an hot iron poker
  • xanxus: you have a very shitty idea of a 'caress', baby trash
  • reborn: stop insulting leon
  • tsuna: leon is ASLEEP. like i want to be. right now.
  • reborn: you just woke up.
  • tsuna: i'm aware of that and i want to undo that ill-conceived action
  • tsuna: which brings us back to the first point,
  • ...
  • tsuna: so, hey, reborn. you have that doctor costume right? are you actually licensed?
  • reborn: why do i not like where this is going?
  • tsuna: can you please get me a refill of my meds
  • reborn: i'm not actually a doctor
  • tsuna: can't you pretend to be one? i mean they take you seriously anyway.
  • reborn: you realize that's almost breaking the law. that's literally skirting it. flirting with it. you're taking it to dinner.
  • reborn: not that i care about the law.
  • tsuna: at least you don't warn me about my liver
  • reborn: i won't, but i'm monitoring your intake
  • tsuna: rats.
  • tsuna: i mean
  • tsuna: not that i would EVER, because that would be Bad, but still
  • tsuna: Rats (tm)
  • ...
  • tsuna: *taking pills out of a tylenol bottle*
  • someone, probably xanxus: headache, baby trash?
  • tsuna: i wish.
  • tsuna: *chews pills like candy with a straight face*
  • tsuna: it's vicodin
  • tsuna: put your hand away, they're mine. reborn stole them for me.
  • ...
  • reborn: shouldn't you take some pain meds? you look terrible.
  • tsuna, dying: I'm Fine
  • reborn: i'm serious, take your meds. that's why i broke the law to get them for you in the first place
  • tsuna, still dying: I Did Take Them
  • reborn:
  • tsuna, definitely dying: I Haven't Stopped Taking Them
  • reborn: ..time to get you different pain meds
  • tsuna, practically dead: That Sounds Like A Swell Idea
  • ...
  • tsuna: what do you mean 'tolerable levels of pain'?
  • tsuna: i tolerate All Levels Of Pain
  • reborn: no you don't, you whine all the time about it
  • tsuna: it's either that or i knock myself into a coma, take your pick
  • ...
  • tsuna: *moaning and groaning, whining, the usual*
  • reborn: you'll be fine, you big baby
  • tsuna: yeah, but i'll be complaining the whole time
  • tsuna: wait
  • tsuna: did you, a literal baby,,,
  • ...
  • reborn: *gets tsuna a bottle of Expensive Italian wine for his birthday*
  • tsuna: Why
  • reborn: because you whine all the time
  • tsuna: you are not allowed to make dad jokes just yet
  • ...
  • tsuna: i can't even drink this, i'm underage!
  • nana: oh, honey, i'll supervise! i've heard it should help a little. it's fine. we can drink together.
  • tsuna: that is not what 'wine mom' is supposed to mean
  • ...
  • tsuna: plus, mixing alcohol and pain meds is?? a bad idea?? like it says so right on the label??
  • reborn: then just wait for a day when you're not taking any meds
  • tsuna: so, like, when i'm actually dead
  • reborn: jesus christ can you get any gloomier
  • tsuna: Is That A Challenge
  • ...
  • tsuna: look. look at this. look at all the spoons i have left to give.
  • tsuna: there are none. i have no spoons to give.
  • someone: shouldn't that be fucks? you have no fucks left to give?
  • tsuna: why would i want to give out fucks?
  • tsuna: all the fucks are for me.
  • tsuna: i only give a fuck about me
  • xanxus: *wipes single tear from his eye* that was beautiful
  • tsuna: thanks.
  • xanxus: you're all grown up and ready to destroy the world now

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Headcanon that thats actually real Jeremy from RT and he snapped when all the people he looked up to got murdered, Lindsay's ghost semi possessed him, but despite getting agent Kojima to join with them, they're really terrible at being evil and agent Mica knows its them and is just humoring Jindsey like 'oh no that poorly disguised trap nearly got me, maybe next time buddy *pats*' and Matt and Trevor come along for the ride too trying to make sure Jindsey don't hurt themselves

There are already headcanons for this, holy fuck you guys

Sentence Starters {Lord of the Rings: Two Towers Edition}
  • "I know. It's all wrong..."
  • "There's some good in this world... and it's worth fighting for.
  • "What we need is a few good taters."
  • "What are we holding on to?"
  • "Oh come on, we can take 'em!"
  • "Leave now, and never come back!"
  • "I cannot jump the distance, you'll have to toss me!"
  • "A red sun rises... blood has been spilled this night.
  • "You have some skill with a blade."
  • "Leave me alone, snake!"
  • "I fear neither death nor pain."
  • "You're late... you look terrible."
  • "Can't you hear yourself? Don't you know who you sound like?"
  • "What can men do against such reckless hate?"
  • "Whatever luck you live by... let's hope it lasts the night."
  • "Keep breathing. That's the key. Breathe."
  • "Look at them... They're frightened. You can see it in their eyes."
  • "There is no promise you can make that I can trust."
Steven Universe starters
  • "That's exactly what <pronoun> said..."
  • "This is only the beginning! .... of my ESCAPE!"
  • "Looks like another waste of my time."
  • "This is a stealth mission! You're making too much noise!"
  • "No, fool!"
  • "You're no <relation> of mine!"
  • "Even coins don't want to be around me..."
  • "Another one of <pronoun> temper tantrums..."
  • "Why must you destroy the things I love?!"
  • "I tried to help you! You wouldn't listen!"
  • "I'm going to tell them. I'm gonna tell them everything!"
  • "Then you really are better than <pronoun>."
  • "We all only get what we deserve."
  • "That's it! It's confirmed!"
  • "Haha... you care about me."
  • "I'm gonna disappear without ever making a single friend..."
  • "You keep saying that but you don't know what you're doing!"
  • "Um, excuse me, but you're wrong."
  • "Who are you supposed to be?!"
  • "Oh-ho-ho-ho-hooo! Stop! But really, please stop."
  • "I'm just one big, super wrong, good-for-nothing dud with a yoyo!"
  • "They say two wrongs don't make a right, I guess I'm living proof that that's true."
  • "Yikes. They are really bad for each other."
  • "Are you questioning my authority?!"
  • "It has no functional purpose, it just makes me feel bad!"
  • "No~!"
  • "We're not like anybody~!"
  • "You were fated to lose the moment you came out wrong!"
  • "You here for a rematch?"
  • "Ew! That's disgusting!!"
  • "That little <person> is in big trouble."
  • "You're just a phase. You know that, right?"
  • "Alas, poor <name>, I knew <pronoun> well."
  • "You shouldn't be anywhere near the fight! You're too important!"
  • "And then I'll die."
  • "Fool me once, shame on me."
  • "You'll never catch me, you turkeys!"
  • "Don't know, don't care."
  • "This is life for you now! Endless suffering!"
  • "This is so embarrassing!"
  • "No, I just really like that show."
  • "It's not about us!"
  • "Yeah, you tell them, <name>!"
  • "I think you can stop being such a dink to <name>!"
  • "<name>, come on down!"
  • "Look. Tell me you don't see the resemblance."
  • "Of ALL the indignities!"
  • "You can't manipulate me, <name>!"
  • "Watch your head."
  • "Actually, do forget that one."
  • "No, <name> would never do that!"
  • "Aw curses! I can't believe we've been caught, and by none other than <name>!"
  • "Anyone else got something to say?"
  • "Ever see 'sink the dink'?"
  • "But, look at all this cool stuff they're doing!"
  • "What a BEAUTIFUL day!!"
  • "Whose terrible idea was this?"
  • "Hey, little friend."
  • "Why are you laughing? Why are you crying?"
  • "What do you know?! You've never even met her!"
  • "It doesn't have to make sense. It's entertainment."
  • "That would explain a lot."
  • "Yup. They want us bad."
  • "If I'm not back in an hour, call the police!"
  • "<Pronoun>'s dead to me."
  • "I don't wanna hear anything you say, unless it's "sorry"."
  • Person: yeah, I'd like to know why the final problem was such a terrible episode--
  • BBC: they're not gay
  • Person: ...
  • Person: fine, cool, i don't ship them or anything but what about the awful quality and plot holes--
  • Person: um ok but what about the lack of resolution and implied misogyny--
  • BBC: *gesticulating wildly* N O T G A Y
  • Person:
  • Person:
  • Person: oooh, i get it... are they gay?
  • BBC: *laughs nervously* why would you think that?
  • BBC: *looks into the camera like they're on the office*

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why do you think ichabod's family storyline isn't as compelling as abbie's? i'm not asking as if i disagree (i think his family drama is absolute trash) but i'm wondering why you think it might not be resonating with fans like abbie's does? do you think it's because it's unrelatable?

Well, I think the biggest problem is that Ichabod isn’t a character that’s designed to have so much dramatic focus. His development and storylines are undercut by his own premise.

Crane works best when he’s used for humor or exposition, because it doesn’t require you to really dig that deep into his character. When he’s discovering something from the 21st century or is out of his element, he shines. Or when there’s a ton of dialogue that reads like a lecture, it’s best when given to him since that fits his character, i.e. the professor from Oxford. When the writers try to bring “realistic drama” into Crane’s storyline, it falls apart rather quickly. Crane is an outlandish character, so any serious attempt at grounding what he’s going through is hard to digest and comes off as ridiculous. If Sleepy Hollow’s storytelling was structured differently, I don’t think Crane’s storyline would be as tedious.

The show does a lot of “What you thought was one thing in the past is actually something completely different” storytelling. That works for Abbie because her past is still with her in the present - Jenny is around. Joe is around. Corbin, Lori and Andy all are/were around. We meet people who knew her before she met Crane, like Sheriff Reyes and Luke, or even randoms like the bank teller in 2.03 and the case worker in 2.04, so her past is still relevant. The supernatural has a presence in Abbie’s life, but it isn’t the reason for everything that happens to her. Her relationships exist outside of the supernatural. Her life exists outside of the supernatural. Abbie exists outside of the supernatural.

For Crane, everything about him, including his existence, is entirely dependent on the supernatural or is just downright ridiculous. To start off, he was apparently at every event in the Revolutionary Era and knew everyone…ever, so yeah, it’s hard to really take him seriously from jump. So then we’re left with his relationships providing insight and backstory, but that works against him as well. All of the people who knew Crane should be dead. All of the meaningful relationships he developed when he was younger should also be long gone, because unlike Abbie, his past should not carryover into the present. So how do the writers get around that? By doing wacky shit. Bring his best friend back by making him a headless demon soldier of the apocalypse. Make his wife a witch over 200 years old that was trapped in purgatory. Make his son a warlock who was buried alive and still living now. And then how do they create meaningful relationships between Crane and characters he had no contact with for 200 years? By centering their drama around hurt feelings, love and secrecy, because those are the only things that could arguably last for so long - and that in and of itself is a huge stretch. Nothing about what happens in Crane-centered storylines is organic, so trying to ground it in reality is even harder to wrap your head around. The only time it has ever worked IMO was when Ichabod learned he had a son. It was one of those few times for Crane where it was a realistic story (learning about being a father and dealing with the loss of a child you never got a chance to meet) that was put in a supernatural setting. It worked because it was human, and you could at least understand Crane’s loss, even if you found it uninteresting.

I swear, it’s like Crane and Abbie’s storylines are unintentional antitheses of each other. Abbie lives a grounded existence that is elevated by the supernatural. Cranes lives a supernatural existence that is grounded by reality. The problem is that works really well in one case and not the other. It’s much easier to digest that everyday occurrences are really fueled by otherworldly shit as opposed to crazy shit being born from relatively normal things. For example:

  • Lori committing suicide and suffering from mental illness being revealed as her being tormented by demons for protecting her children vs. Henry selling his soul to the devil and murdering people to bring about the end of days because his parents hurt his feelings
  • Jenny committing multiple felonies being revealed as an attempt to protect her sister from being hurt while Jenny was possessed vs. Abraham becoming the Horseman of Death and wanting to murder Ichabod because he wants to marry Katrina.

When you compare them to each other, Crane drama just looks…fucking ridiculous and petty. And until the writers figure out a better way to do his storylines and family drama, it will continue to be lackluster.

I think one of the most interesting & important things about Alex & Piper is their introspective deconstruction & subsequent inversion. like Hannah’s been pointing out a lot lately that Alex has always been presented as the Femme Fatale™ but this season kind of completely obliterated that with the constant stream of “you are not cut out for murder” from almost every character around her. but I think that’s still only like a small sliver of it tbh. when the show started the Alex we were presented with was so in control & cool & just… devastating. & the Piper we were presented with was meek & scared &… the total opposite. & then the season progressed & ended with Piper nearly beating another inmate to death with her bare hands & it became clear that she’s so much more than the wispy blonde lady the world sees her as. I just think it’s so interesting that this show presented us with these two ideas & then completely deconstructed them; wispy blonde woman has mad anger issues & depth, & cool controlled badass is TERRIFIED & has no idea what she’s doing. but like… the thing that makes it even cooler is that after they took that deconstruction they then INVERTED the ideas completely. & PIPER became everything we initially thought Alex was (but it was a warped twisted version because it’s never what Alex ACTUALLY WAS, it was just a mimic of the false projection we were all initially fooled by) as Alex became the one who needed protecting, she became the OPPOSITE of femme fatale which is essentially a clearer version of the false Piper idea we were initially presented with. like. Piper & Alex are so goddamn interesting as individual characters but when you look at their development as a couple too it’s crazy intriguing. like how in the world do people think they’re boring???


how can a show acknowledge how much a character has suffered (lapis’ ‘I was terrible to you!’) and then turn around and make them into the bad guy again and continue to punish them for…. what??? being big and strong and menacing-looking????? cause i really can’t think of any other reason lmao

like i’m still super hyped and the leaks made me super happy but i just

wish they weren’t making jasp suffer endlessly lol

just have to wait for the episode and see what happens i guess

The Amazing Adventures of Commonwealth Tumblr
  • British Tumblr: I feel so bad for Yanks because they don't have table legs. Their table tops just rest directly on the floor and it must be terribly inconvenient. I'd post a picture of table legs so they could see, but they're probably better off not knowing what they're missing. #JustLittleBritishThings
  • Australian Tumblr: Hang about, mate. You call them "table legs"? Ridiculous. Those are barnsnoodles. How do you even look at a barnsnoodle and think "table leg"?
  • Canadian Tumblr: Excuse me, those are actually called timlimbs. I didn't think anybody else knew about timlimbs, since you can only get them at Tim Hortons.

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steve/bucky/sam. eventually bucky does come back to them. sam takes that as his cue to leave. bucky and sam give each other the "talk", both mistakenly believing that the other one is going out with steve. steve would like them to know that there is enough ~FREEDOM~ to be shared lolol if you get his drift

I have to say, Sam Wilson falls under a category I really love and vaguely lump together under “WOULD LOVE TO SEE MAKE OUT WITH HERO, WOULD NEVER DO IT”. Like I’m sure he’d love to tap that and yet he never would because a) wow, issues, he’d rather not be working at work AND working at home, and also b) like Bones McCoy he sees the position of being someone’s friend as being more valuable than putting his face against Steve’s face, as glorious as that would undoubtedly be.

I guess it’s an ace thing or whatever. ANYWAY if he and Bucky ever got into a pissing match over Steve, or if they were trying to not step on each other’s toes over a relationship I think it would actually be more likely to be his friendship? Especially for Bucky because in the context of how he perceives himself and how the world perceives him, he’s always been Steve’s Friend and Brother and while it is manifestly a bad idea for Bucky to be Steve’s Friend and Brother now, he reasons, it still hurts to let someone else into that role. (Yes I’m aware that Bucky prewar was probably the one people remembered more but to a real extent, in the first movie Bucky himself revolved around Steve in a way that makes you wonder if you weren’t supposed to go there why did they hire Sebastian “my two main acting skills involve kissing dudes and also crying a lot” Stan.) Whereas Sam is like, Go! Be free! Repair your relationships! By the way Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is repealed FYI and Bucky is like, What the fuck are you talking about, and Sam dispenses a few home truths about one thing the modern world has sort of gotten right.

And then Bucky’s just like o__________________o because cultural homophobia plus deeply ingrained protective instincts toward Steve equals wow that never even crossed his dear little mind before but now it’s all he can think of like for forever. Then he’s like BUT DON’T YOU WANT TO – because Bucky can’t honestly not imagine soaking up Steve’s everything jealously for himself (oh man do Bucky and Tony not get along) and Sam’s like, Well I guess but crazy.

Then they stare at each other for a while and Bucky says very quietly as if it’s being torn out of him, that he wants Steve to have the best. Of everything.

And Sam’s like OH JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ and says Can I give you a hug buddy and Bucky allows him, warily, and by the time Steve wanders in after a full day of having terrible ideas with Natasha and bickering with Tony, Bucky is clinging a little desperately to Sam and Sam is holding onto him, tight tight tight, and Steve freezes for a second. Sam looks up and says, Get your spangled ass over here, Rogers, and Steve bolts over and piledrives into them, into a long hard hug that lasts for what seems like forever.

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not all Muslims do horrible things like that. I'm a Muslim and I hate what they're doing bc it goes against my and other Muslims morals. Please don't group us with those people. It hurts to know that people look at us like monsters

Not all KKK members do terrible things or physically hurt people.

But if you’re tied to groups that have been known historically AND EVEN TODAY to slaughter people who disagree with them, you’re going to be viewed as someone who supports those acts.

It’s up to you to change. To change the way people view your religion, change the religion itself itself or move away from it. But it’s all on you. Instead of messaging me telling me how you’re not a terrible person, maybe focus on what are you doing to change the violent Muslims.

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my family is terribly disappointed in me for not having higher aspirations, i am going to school for cosmetology and they're all angry at me. they don't understand that i am just trying to make myself happy. i enjoy doing hair, makeup, beauty things. they just look at it in a way of me not being rich.

Not only are you doing something that makes you happy but think of all the people you’ll make happy by giving them confidence in their appearance. Your parents should be proud.