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similarities between Spirk and Sportarobbie?

odd question, anon, but i’ll humor you.

short, tanned and muscular: sportacus and jim kirk

tall, dark and handsome: robbie rotten and spock

distinguishable features (pointed ears, eyebrows, ect): spock, robbie rotten and sportacus

pale-skinned with dark hair: spock and robbie rotten

not of human species: sportacus and spock

ambiguously gay: all parties interact with eacother that involve touching and making certain eye contact and gestures. (this mostly applies to kirk/spock but go along with it. you seen how many times robbie is in sport’s arms.)

owner of long, graceful limbs. robbie rotten and spock

incredibly handsome smile with bright eyes: sportacus and jim kirk

dark lashes that could be mistaken for falsies: spock and robbie rotten

beautiful hair award goes to: jim kirk and sportacus

good at emotions: sportacus and jim kirk

bad at emotions: spock and robbie rotten

Honestly, Junkrat and Roadhog deserve way more credit for evading the authorities, and not just because they’re 7′3 and 6′6 with easily distinguishable tattoos and features. No, its because of they’re motorcycle.

Look at this thing.

Not only does it have the the most conspicuous sidecar humanly possible, but it also touches the ground. In a future purposely created by Blizzard so that all the cars are flying cars, they have a giant motorcycle with regular old wheels. How hard would it be to tell people to be on the look out for a non-flying motorcycle with a bright yellow smiley face sidecar?

But nope, Roadhog and Junkrat still don’t get caught. Even with all the odds against them, they’re both able to outsmart the authorities and that itself deserves some praise.


Little brother Oliver (who watches all these Scooby episodes with me) needed to go shopping in preparation for an ugly Christmas sweater contest.

I went along to help him out.

In the end… I found more than just reindeer sweaters.

I found way more than I bargained for.

Name: Terrifying Wizard Clown Doll

Distinguishing features: Mysterious yellow foot stains, “I’m so hungover” expression, feeling unusually heavy like it’s filled with wet sand

Perfect gift for: A kid you don’t like

Name: Broken Dog-On-Book Lamp

Distinguishing features: Damage like it’s been through a wheat thresher, soulless black eyes, random uncovered lightbulb sticking out the side

Perfect gift for: Grandma, she’ll prolly still like it

Name: The Twin Abominations

Distinguishing features: Look like eyeless ducks made of resin with no limbs, uncomfortably-flaky sides, having no conceivable use or purpose

Perfect gift for: Someone you want to give nightmares to

Name: Bacon Wave™

Distinguishing features: Hilarious premise, extreme overpricing at $2, allegedly being featured on TV

Perfect gift for: Someone who agrees that quotation marks exist for emphasizing, and should be put on the phrase “in your microwave.”

Name: Terrifying Hand-Painted Clown Chair

Distinguishing features: Just look at it, seriously

Perfect gift for: Anyone, at any time, for any occasion


Agi as Isabel Magnolia
Me (Dantelian) as Levi Ackerman
Lifelessly, Levi began to walk. As he did, he felt his foot hit something. The rounded mass rolled into a nearby puddle. Stained with mud, he couldn’t distinguish its features - but Levi recognized that unkempt red hair. ©


Lukumi: a religion, a people, and a language.

One of the distinguishing features of Lukumi as an Afro-Diasporic religious community has been the retention of archaic forms of the Yoruba language in Cuba. The language is a liturgical language now - used in our songs, prayers, and by elegun (priests mounted in possession) rather than conversationally.

Part of the horrors of the trans-Atlantic slave trade was the stripping of individual and cultural identities from enslaved Africans, and this was achieved in many places in the New World through banning and otherwise brutally discouraging the use of West and Central African languages. Lukumi, as a language, managed to be preserved by enslaved peoples who made creative use of the imposed Catholic system of cabildos de nacion - mutual aid societies under the patronage of Catholic saints. The cabildos allowed enslaved people and free people of colour to gather and perform seemingly Catholic worship “in the manner of their nation” - in other words, using the language and drumming styles particular to their ethnic group. The system of cabildos gave space for both enslaved and free people of colour to preserve a variety of West and Central African religions in 19th Century Cuba, including Arara, Abakua, and Palo. However, it was also allowed to flourish because the whites believed that keeping people of African descent separated by nation (nacion) would prevent them from organizing en masse as in the case of Haiti, which was a constant source of white anxiety during the 19th Century.

Though the language never stopped being used, fluency in Lukumi faded somewhat in the early 20th Century, which the old people often say was due to a lack of proper training. When Lukumi arrived in New York City in the late 1950s, African Americans entered the religion looking for a spiritual component to the growing Black Liberation movement. In particular, we credit Sunta Serrano Osa Unko (iba’e) for opening her ilé to African Americans. Early African American converts were most interested in emphasizing the Yoruba roots of the religion, and rejecting Catholicism, and part of how they did this was to focus on the Lukumi language. Thanks to their efforts to write down and translate back into Yoruba the Lukumi songs and prayers, the language was revitalized. Examples of this can be seen in the books of Baba John Mason, particularly Orin Orisha: Songs for Selected Heads.

Though some songs and prayers are not translatable to modern Yoruba - either due to being archaic regional dialects or due to the many subtle borrowings from other African languages spoken in Cuba (particularly Arara and Palo’s unique Bantu-Spanish bozale) - the Lukumi language continues to flourish today.


Bearded Pinnipeds-Bearded Seal

The bearded seal (Erignathus barbatus), also called the square flipper seal, is a medium-sized pinniped that is found in and near to the Arctic Ocean. It gets its scientific name from two Greek words (eri and gnathos) that refer to its heavy jaw. The other part of its scientific name means bearded and refers to its most characteristic feature, the conspicuous and very abundant whiskers. When dry, these whiskers curl very elegantly, giving the bearded seal a “raffish” look.

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We can express our feelings regarding the world around us either by poetic or by descriptive means. I prefer to express myself metaphorically. Let me stress: metaphorically, not symbolically. A symbol contains within itself a definite meaning, certain intellectual formula, while metaphor is an image. An image possessing the same distinguishing features as the world it represents. An image — as opposed to a symbol — is indefinite in meaning. One cannot speak of the infinite world by applying tools that are definite and finite. We can analyse the formula that constitutes a symbol, while metaphor is a being-within-itself, it’s a monomial. It falls apart at any attempt of touching it.
—  Andrei Tarkovsky, interview “Le noir coloris de la nostalgie” in Le Monde

Anna is a girl as she’s based off of a character design Dusty and Anna came up with our early friendship days. I was using her (and a ghost version of her) in RPs, but due to some harassment, I stopped RPing and ‘Anna’ became my online icon just like Chara is for Dusty.

It was a surprise to me that Anna was a character for the arc involving the children, Dusty and Tem were pretty secretive about it. It’s because Anna is pretty much me that we don’t allow people to RP as her. She probably looks so gender neutral because her hair is as short as mine in real life and she’s a young kid with no distinguishing gender features yet.

So short answer: Yes, Anna is a girl.

-Mod Anna

School Crush

Request: Can I request a oneshot about Dick’s school crush joining the young justice team and maybe one for Wally too???

I chose Wally.

@whovianayesha @too-many-fandoms666 @diana-jaffa @jadedhillon

Wally knew who you were the moment you stepped you foot in the mount justice. He could always distinguish every single feature of your form, from the very shade of the color of your hair, to your lips even if your mask covered half your face.

He had to talk to you, maybe tell you that you were his crush until some years ago. And that maybe he still liked you. But how could he?
It was a little hard. He was always shy around around you and nevertheless you don’t just go up to a person and tell them “hi, I know who you are, and you were my school crush, and maybe I still like you!”

No. Wally had to keep his charms and flirty ways. As long as he was covered in the yellow suit at least.

At first, he noticed that you hated his puns. You even punched him once because you felt offended and Wally could understand. So he stopped the puns.

Then again, you didn’t want his flowers either. He’d always bring you a flower, a rose, everyday. You’d always refuse to take them, being polite this time. You weren’t stupid. You knew he must have been crushing on you and you appreciated that, but you didn’t have time for games.
Wally though didn’t understand why you didn’t like the flowers. Every girl felt charmed, wanted, and blushed when he’d give them one but you? You were different. You weren’t similar to anyone. You couldn’t be called a spitfire neither a rebel. You were you. And Wally felt himself falling hard. Harder than he should have.

He knew of course, rejection would crush him. But he didn’t want to waste a second thinking that there was a chance you’d say yes. He had to be bold. He had to be simple.

“I need to tell you something” he said and you felt as if every bad thing you’d done in your whole life passed before you. Soon, you were hidden in a dark corner and Wally felt his courage disappear. He felt so foolish he brought you here and now his insecurities ate him. You were going to reject him.

But you didn’t.

You couldn’t deny the attraction between you and Wally yourself. Nobody could actually. You knew him of course since high school and he was the one who inspired you to join this hellish team. He did good and so you wanted to. You didn’t want him to go away from that dark corner, it’d be your only chance to show him you weren’t a bitch; that you had regretted for acting so horrid to him at the beginning.

Your body acted before your brain and it was only a second after that you felt your lips on his. Both sets were chapped; the cold was unbearable these days, but they seemed to fit one another like gloves do to hands. Your hands, covered in your finger-free gloves tangled around his head, and your fingers run his foxy red hair. They were so soft, softer that yours and touching them made Wally moan, which you enjoyed.

Yet, no words were spoken until the two of you pulled back, taking your masks off in the process.

“You knew tight?” You asked in a sad tone, hoping that he wasn’t disappointed that it was you who just kissed him. Wally nodded, his eyes almost asking you the same thing. And you gave the same response. It didn’t matter for how long. Just that you could finally have eachother, which was such a relief. Neither of you would have to hold back their feelings anymore.

  • Interviewer: So, what do you love about each other the most, what is cute thing the other does, when did you first realize you liked the other, what are your significant other's best qualities, what are their distinguishing features, what are your favorite things about each other?
  • Magnus: Oh, where to begin... *goes on a 12 hr rant about how great Alex is*
  • Interviewer:
  • Alex: Eh idk he's pretty cool for a dungus
  • Interviewer:
  • Interviewer: anything that you don't like about the other?
  • Alex: Finally, a question I can answer, where to begin...
The characteristic and distinguishing feature of medieval Jewish magic was the function which it assigned to the angels, the agents of God. The magical use of angels was of course predicated upon the assumption that the world is very thickly populated with them, and that they play a unique role in nature. The figures vary from a mere few hundred thousand all the way up to 496,000 myriads—and these are only partial estimates. We may readily believe this when we learn that every single thing on earth, animate or inanimate, from man through all of creation, birds and beasts, trees and brooks, even to the last blade of grass, owns its angelic representative above. This is the heart of the angel-lore. Houses and cities, winds and seasons, months and hours and days, each star above, each speck of dust underfoot, no thing in nature or in fancy exists independently of its
memuneh, its heavenly “deputy” (literally, “appointed one”).
—  Joshua Trachtenberg

A reminder to Battery City citizens living on the fringe to report any and all seen criminal activity out there in the zones. Those who provide details concerning wanted terrorists and their associates will be rewarded accordingly.

Wanted for criminal activity:

Originally posted by clvudia

Name: official identification unknown; suspected to be missing citizen Ricardo Godinez (Ricky Rebel). [Known alias:Show Pony”]

Gender: M

D/O/B: unknown

Height: approx. 5ft9

Weight: unknown

Ethnicity: unknown*

Distinguishing features (i.e. hair, eyes, etc.): unknown*

*Distinguishing dress: blue/white polka dotted tights; black roller skates; cropped white shirt (black print: “NOISE”); blue helmet with black visor.

Known associates: [”Doctor Death Defying”] (official identification unknown). [“DJ Hot Chimp”] (official identification unknown).

Suspected associates: James Euringer [“Agent Cherri Cola"]. [”News A Go-go] (official identification unknown). [”Val Velocity”] (official identification unknown).

Last reported in Zone 3.

(please note that this individual is armed and dangerous to Battery City citizens. Approach with extreme caution.)

updated 6/23/??


More progress on the new ‘walker! Trying to figure out her color identity; I’m split between RU and RG. I’m not horribly interested in making her Temur, its gotta be one of those two.

She’s a natural born pyromancer (not quite as prodigal as Chandra, but not a pushover by any means), but she’s an Archeologist by trade, traveling the multiverse studying ancient ruins and artifacts. Not sure how to represent that mechanically; Green works with history through graveyard recursion of permanents while Blue does it with Instants and Sorceries. 

Not sure about the bottom of the robe, I kinda based it off the Skyrim wizard robes but it’s not finalized.