no disrespect ;)

Arya: takes revenge on the Freys, mentions everyone but Robb

Dany: calls Torrhen Stark the last KINT and doesn’t mention Robb

Jon: tells Theon he betrayed his father’s memory but doesn’t mention Robb

Also Jon: gives away the north on a platter even though Robb died for it

The Winterfell crypt: doesn’t have a Robb stark statue

My husband Robb Stark, the rightful King in the North has been disrespected and neglected on this show as of late and I for one will not stand for it.

ok i already wasn’t stoked on the chainsmokers collaborating with bts but the fact that they have the nerve to make a joke about people in china eating dogs and then try to play it off as though they’re “raising awareness” is absolute bullshit. (full video here.)

how are you going to sit there and laugh about a controversial issue in an asian country when you’re about to benefit from exposure that an asian group is going to stir up for you?? 

not to mention, their careless joke spreads the notion that all chinese people eat dog when, in reality, the majority of the general population, as well as the government, don’t support the yulin festival and the initial protests against the festival were started within the local chinese population. 

the stereotype of all asians eating dog has always been a harmful one and one that’s based in the idea that asian cultures are somehow “primitive” in comparison to western ideals. 

laughing over a tasteless joke is bad enough but using it as an excuse to pretend they’re activists is worse. honestly these white boys can peace the fuck out and i hope bts pulls the song they collaborated on together  👋🏼