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I know you'd rather work for it but I have spent so much time deriving pleasure from looking at your blog that I'd love to be able to give you some money in thanks for all that pleasure, the same way I give to podcasts I like, and I know you don't get a ton from S6 fees. I wouldn't consider it a donation at all--just a long-overdue payment for all the enjoyment your art has brought me.

oh my god this is so nice!!! you are so nice!!!! At least let me draw something for you Q o Q <333

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Jane reacting to having read Detective Pony.

The fun thing about Detective Pony as written is that it acts as a vector for Dirkness - not in the sense that the self-splinter he laid into the book is going to hop out the other end and graft itself onto a new host, but in the sense that the key element of being Dirk, fragmentation, is contagious - the thing about revealing your fuckedness to a person before whom you had hitherto masqueraded as unfucked is that it immediately creates double consciousness within the afflicted party, having as they now do to contend with two of you, the fucked and the unfucked, which in turn creates two simultaneous states in them, the comfortable and the uncomfortable, the put-out and the not-put-out - and because it is in the nature of unfucked people to resist splinteredness - because properly functioning psyches, like properly functioning bodies, are self-healing - a person who finds themselves with a double consciousness not derived from culture or illness but from a particular, modular aspect of their lives will begin to contain and recontextualize the source of the split - a fragment of inconvenient information lodged in the mind is covered in mucus and pushed to the surface, where it can be expelled - so the incompatible coexistence of My Friend Dirk and My Fucked Friend Dirk is rectified, and only My Fucked Friend Dirk remains - the bit of empathy, patience, generosity that could be afforded to Friend Dirk but not for safety’s sake to Fucked Friend Dirk is sealed off and discarded - and, through an entirely natural process that nobody can be blamed for except the guy who invited Fucked Friend Dirk over in the first place in the form of a stupid fucking art project that got away from him, the splintered audience becomes whole again by reconciling the part of themselves that really cared about him away - it’s math, the straight line between two points - the guy who wrote this can’t possibly be the guy you respected and trusted, so he isn’t anymore, thought Dirk, as he duped himself a brand new copy of Detective Pony and started the fuck over from scratch
Report: Trump transition ordered government economists to cook up rosy growth forecasts
The Trump University economics department strikes again.
By Matthew Yglesias

As the White House staff tries to put together a budget for President Donald Trump, they face a fundamental problem. Trump has promised to cut taxes, increase spending on the military and infrastructure, and avoid cuts to Social Security and Medicare. The only way to do that without producing an exploding budget deficit is to assume a big increase in economic growth.

And Nick Timiraos at the Wall Street Journal reports that Trump is planning to do just that — by making things up.

Deep into his story about Trump budget hijinks, Timiraos reveals that “what’s unusual about the administration’s forecasts isn’t just their relative optimism but also the process by which they were derived.” Specifically, what’s unusual about them is that they weren’t derived by any process at all. Instead of letting economists build a forecast, Trump’s budget was put together with “transition officials telling the CEA staff the growth targets that their budget would produce and asking them to backfill other estimates off those figures.”

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Also just wanted to tell you Fun Fact about the Watchers, the Aramaic word for watcher is derived from a word meaning "awake, wakeful, to wake up, etc" so watcher comes from the sense they are alert etc and the corresponding Greek word, egregoroi, also means awake. Maybe a double meaning in that they wake up others? ~seraiah

I love this fun fact! Thank you for sharing :)

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What does it mean when your "cherry popped"? And like does it happen for everyone's first time?

so the term “pop your cherry” derives from the instances where sometimes, during a female’s first time having sex, her hymen is broken and in very rare occasions, there is some very light blood.

keep in mind, this doesn’t happen for everyone. some women’s hymens aren’t intact by the time they lose their virginity. And if it is, that DOES NOT mean it’s going to bleed when it’s broken.

I cannot stress enough that this does not happen for everyone. It doesn’t necessarily hurt the first time you have sex, although sometimes it does. For me, it didn’t. For most people I’ve spoken to, it didn’t hurt for them either. It varies but don’t let that scare you; make sure you tell your partner to keep with a pace that makes you comfortable and to watch to make sure you aren’t in any pain.

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i think the reason m/m shipping is so predominant in fanfic/fanart culture is because the majority of derivative/transformative work creators are women or otherwise femme and
1. women are socialized to view other women as sexual and romantic rivals, so having a female character involved makes the story less enjoyable to consume or create. 
1(a): While some may argue that “Well, if the characters are interested in each other, this is a moot point,” I argue that it’s far more common and more unpleasant for a woman to run across scenarios in which she perceives that she has lost her chance at a male’s interest to another woman, than in which she percieves she loses her chance to a man; thus lessening the impact. Also, due to casual biphobia all over the place, women “losing” that male interest to a man may think “Oh, he was never attainable [ie, the man is not interested in women at all]  in the first place!” So the loss is lesser and less painful; the woman has no personal stake if she is rejected on circumstances that do not weigh on her appearance or personality but simply on her gender.     
2. woman are also socialized to downplay themselves in larger culture and discouraged early in fandom involvement from making “self insert” characters
3. using two male characters allows for more erotic enjoyment in the sense of “what’s hotter than 1 hot guy? 2 hot guys!”
4. writing m/m content also allows the creator to feel they are being socially progressive via representation of oppressed group and/or by creating queered derivative/transformative works    
5. a lack of interetingly written female characters in the broader scale of media means that writers of derivative works have vastly more examples of interesting and well written men and comparatively few examples of well-written women. their work reflects this. 


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day 06 - dancing

Zimbits Battle of the Blades AU

so. well. Y’all remember this post? About a Canadian TV show that makes hockey players learn how to do pairs routines with figure skaters? It’s Jack and Bitty now. Leggo. 

  • It’s a year or two after Bitty graduates from Samwell. He won the Frozen Four in his Senior Year, and Jack has a Calder trophy and Stanley Cup win under his belt. They are both publicly out, but they’ve kept their status as a couple lowkey for now. 
  • The execs in charge of Battle of the Blades decide they need a new gimmick to increase ratings. Enter: Queers!!! On Ice!
  • They want one F/F and one M/M pair of skaters, in addition to the regular straight couples. It’s easy enough to find female skaters willing to pretend to have a gal pal, and the NWHL has several out queer players, and yet…
  • The producers can literally find no male hockey players or figure skaters who are a) available, b) notable public figures, and c) willing to spend months within inches of another man at all times, except for Jack and Bitty. Fuck it, the producers decide, and make some calls. 
  • Cue the Intense Relationship Discussion.
  • Bitty would love to figure skate again, and Jack thinks the cross-conditioning sounds like a good idea, but both of them have reservations about the public scrutiny this will put their relationship under. 
  • Enter George with a life-saving idea: what if they announced their relationship via the show? They’d have to pretend to just be good friends early on, but then Jack could gradually dial up the heart eyes and Bitty could stop self-censoring, and by the end of the show they would have “started dating.”
  • The two of them agree to George’s proposal and filming starts.
  • All the hockey players are sent out on the rink in hockey skates first, and Bitty pulls off a flawless double axel the second he gets on the ice. “Dear me, I must have forgotten which skates I’m wearing!”
  • Jack Zimmermann, hockey god, falls flat on his face the second he puts on figure skates. He and Bitty unintentionally recreate the “Toepick!” scene from The Cutting Edge at least twice. 
  • Lift training is a total wash. Half of it is unintentional flirting- “Yes, Mr Zimmermann, your hand is supposed to go on my butt.” “I see you’ve been keeping up with your squats, Bittle.”- and the other half is Jack screwing up and Bitty nearly dying, as per canon.
  • The judges are always commenting on what great chemistry the two of them have, probably because they were linemates back in the day, right? “Well,” says Jack, “we’re a team.” 
  • Dear lord the interview segments are ridiculous. 
  • Half the time, Bitty’s explaining some bullshit heteronormative requirement of pairs skating, and the other half he’s slowly but surely unloading Jack Feels™ onto the audience.
    • “Rule number one, never fall for a teammate.”
  • Meanwhile, Jack isn’t even bothering to hide his crush on Bitty/Bittle/my partner/Eric- what he calls him depends on how adoring he is at the moment.
    • “Jaw-dropping. Awe-inspiring, the best thing that’s ever happened to me… wait, this was supposed to be about the Stanley Cup win, not being on Bittle’s line? Yeah, that was nice too.”
  • Around Week 4, the entire nation of Canada needs to know- are they partners, or are they partners? 
  • Every. Single. Song. fits the dramatic arc of their “new relationship.” Canadian hits? “Stop Desire,” Tegan and Sara. 80s week? “How Will I Know,” Whitney Houston. Hollywood? “I’ll Cover You,” RENT.
  • They get to the finale on the combined strength of Jack’s cheekbones and Bitty’s media savvy. Ransom sends them updates on his family’s latest adoring comments. 
  • Of fucking course their last skate is to “Halo.” What is this, amateur hour?
  • Of fucking course they win. What is this, Yuri On Ice?
    • Yes this headcanon was 37% inspired by the fucking Episode 12 pair skate but that’s a whole other kettle of fish
  • When Jack hears they’ve won, in the “heat of the moment,” (read: in a carefully choreographed move endorsed by George months ago) he sweeps Bitty into a show-stopper of a kiss. 
  • The nation of Canada gets a little weak at the knees. 
  • “So, yeah!” Bitty announces in his last interview segment, post-win. “Me and Jack are dating!”
  • This is getting super long but then they’re a public couple and they donate the money they won to You Can Play and the SMH Squad hosts viewing parties for every episode, thank you for your time.

All’s fair in friendship and espionage.

DEATH IS A PLACE. but i forget where it is . . .

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