no definite source for this tho

Honestly, I’d kill for more Marcus centric fics or any variation of these wrencus type scenarios that focuses more heavily on Marcus’ character.

• fake!married wrencus. Where Wrench isn’t the party that needs constant validation of his feelings. Instead it’s Marcus dealing with constant uncertainty in regards to his feelings towards Wrench, being black and queer + how living in San Francisco does little to dissuade the bullshit he has to face when dealt with both sides of that coin, and Wrench having to be the more proactive party to understand Marcus.

Lots of misconceptions, self discovery, and getting together. When they get married for real Miranda officiates the wedding and jimmy siska becomes the ring bearer.

• marcus getting to go to the Galilei museum on a date and getting excited about the exhibits on space ships or rockets.

• bottom Marcus (admittedly, I’ve thought about writing this for a while but just haven’t gotten serious until now. At least until I realized I can write decent smut.)

• Dedsec wondering where the hell Marcus is running off to on his off days until they find out he’s volunteering at the animal shelter. Specially to walk the dogs so they aren’t in their kennels all day.

• Marcus and Jordi doing anything together.

• Marcus dragging dedsec to a renfaire and everyone hating it but doing it solely for the purpose of seeing Marcus happy. They’re all forced to dress up.

• Marcus/horatio

• Marcus going on a wild ghost signals goose chase. He finds out Wrench is behind it but doesn’t get that upset since Wrench knows how excited he gets about deciphering codes and trying to figure out where the signals come from. Marcus mentions how there was one audio file he couldn’t decipher tho and Wrench is confused because he definitely didn’t make that file, they both end up trying to track the unknown ghost source.

• Marcus getting eaten out.

• Wrench and Marcus vigilante/super heroes au. All of dedsec has super powers and it’s more along the lines of kick-ass rather than straight up xmen type deal

The Flame Alchemist - fanart. I recently finished reading the FMA manga and I’m obsessed again with this freaking story.

I’ve been trying to draw Mustang for probably more than a month now and I finally made it. I’ve scrapped like 10 paintings of him so far jfc. Apparently the secret was to lay off the complicated lighting and just relax and draw. Anyway, not much else is needed to be said here. I like how this turned out and drawing the ignition glove was super fun^^ (i didn’t get to draw the lizard though :( ). Anyway, feels good to be back *single sparkle*

Made by jiyu-koya. Please, do not repost, do not remove source.

(minor rogue one spoilers) this is from the r1 concept art book. the ashy planet was definitely mustafar. vader could never shake the part of himself that still loved obi-wan. his lair literally looked out to the site of their duel so he could stew in his bacta tank full of regret and contemplate every mistake he ever made????? dude


The Vampire King and Third Progenitor of Germany: Lest Karr

“Ah - now just where did you get all of these pictures of me? I’m actually…rather quite concerned. Nonetheless, I’m quite impressive, wouldn’t you think? However…where in the world and when did Lord Geales ever treat me in that manner? That is very…worrisome and…rather alarming. I–no of course not! This most definitely didn’t happen! I…I have no memories whatsoever of such an event! Yes I’m quite sure! Stop accusing me of such nonsense!”

{ Permission granted by artist to repost and share!!! }}

Source/Artist: りつ(右)@r1kuuw


I Dare You - Chapter 6 - JohnTen - Mafia Leader x Detective - Soulmate!AU

Chapter 1 - Intro ; Chapter 2 ; Chapter 3 ; Chapter 4 ; Chapter 5 ; Chapter 6 ; Chapter 7 ; Chapter 8 ; Chapter 9

Word Count: 1485

Trigger Warning: Offensive Language, Graphic Descriptions

Genre: Angst, Mafia!AU, Soulmate!AU

Dedicated to: @johntenismyotp​ - Happy Birthday, darling! <3

There were a million and one things going through Ten’s mind, and the one that was unmistakably ringing through his head was him getting the hell out of there as soon as possible.

His stiff body started turning numb, and he faintly registered his hand trying to tug out of Johnny’s, who was latching onto his wrist and refusing to let go, eyes wide and pleading.

“Please don’t go, just wait and hear me out,” he whispered, giving Ten a longing look.

Ten was about to snap back or even start screaming until he looked Johnny in the eyes and saw the exact same emotions that had so often played inside of him during the past few years of his life.

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i do au lists on ao3 but i saw that u said that someone should do a fic that avtually has something to do w/ forests and i think ur so cool so im just choosing to tell u what i thought up (im mostly too lazy to open a doc or whatever for my idea, so here u go) but ur bakunawa!michael lives alone in a forest & he likes to be alone, so everytime someone comes near he has his woodland friends make a lot of noise to make the forest seem "scary". but rly he's just a sweet dragon boy trying to sleep

sdhkfkjdfhkds that’s such a cute idea!!

i may have to disagree a bit tho. if michael were a bakunawa with the choice of living anywhere, he definitely would not enjoy living in a forest where the only sources of water would be a river or a lake (not enough for big sea serpent inside of him), plus im getting more of a classic fantasy vibe from the idea. but this idea is so cute i cant stop thinking about it. 

so, a possibility: jeremy who is cursed by an evil wizard (quite possibly named squip) to never be able to leave a certain forest. jeremy, despite his shit luck, makes friends with all the other inhabitants of the forest. theres brooke the water nymph and her best friend chloe, a wood nymph. werewolf rich and fae prince jake. jenna and christine the local witches by the border of the forest who help jeremy out with getting supplies from the village and try (but fail) to break jeremy’s curse. so he’s stuck in the forest, but it isn’t too bad, he guesses. he even has a bit of a job.

the supernaturals really dont like it when adventuring knights come in and mess everything up like take enchanted plants (”It hurts,” Chloe tells him, twirling her hair in her fingers as another flower grows. “It actually hurts when they take the plants.”) or go off hunting for bragging rights (”Hunters,” Rich shudders. In both his human form and his wolf form, Rich has burn marks all over him. “I mean, I guess it’s my fault for being a werewolf, right? Ha. If only our pelts didn’t sell for so high.”) or other stuff. so jeremy figures he can at least make himself useful by making the forest the scariest forest ever so that meddling knights will leave them the hell alone to live in peace.

jeremy regularly checks on the boundaries and spells that christine and jenna made to confuse and disorient travellers who get too close to the forest. if they get past that, jeremy has a whole array of stuff from fake glowing eyes to smoke bombs to an instrument that rattles like teeth in a jar. all stuff that makes people go “oh shit,” and riding out and away from the forest. jeremy does such a good job at making the forest scary, that the place gets a bit of a reputation. and reputations lead to attention. 

so enter michael, long lost childhood best friend of jeremy who was forced into knighthood due to a family debt, sent on a mission to uncover the secrets of the kingdom’s most mysterious forest. DUN DUN DUN!!!

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SPOILER ALLERT Aparently from a trustworthy source , kit is contracted for 6 episodes , emilia for 5 and she only doesn't appear in the 4th one , episode 4 is really interesting because only 3 main cast member are scheduled to appear Kit Harington , Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Isaac Hempstead Wright (with of course extras and minor characters)

As a trustworthy source i mean someone close to me that works in the business. He didn’t say anything else tho , so maybe episode 4 is dedicated to Jon trying to learn more about his father and talking to Jaime about since he probably knew him , maybe a Bran flashback at the tourney of Harrenhal where Lyanna and Rhaegar met , i don’t know tho , i only know about the contract of Kit and Emilia and the main cast of this episode. Oh and also Miguel Sapochnik director of episode 5 and 6 

Of all the asks I have received today, this definitely wins! Jon, Jamie & Bran the only principle characters in episode 4. Since the second last episode is most of the action, which in this case would be 5, what if 4 is an Info Dump episode where we learn all the answers of out Northern mysteries in that episode R+L=J flashback, Night King flashback & answers about the Three Eyed Raven’s magic, maybe even their crypts and the details of the last long dawn.  But why Jamie? What could his role be with Bran & Jon? Is Jamie, of all people, seriously the promised prince? All the mess with the wight hunt, walkers getting a dragon & the Dragonpit meeting, led to only one outcome - Jamie going North. That’s it! That was the entire purpose of Season 7, convincing Dany & Jamie to go North & give Walkers a means to get through the wall. 

Originally posted by flickervinyl

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I don't have any shrimp but I really really want to make a shrimp tank, because I think my betta would just call them lunch. I'm just not sure how to set it up, or what kind of shrimp I would want. Do you have any advice?

For some serious shrimp-keeping, I like Christina Ha and FlipAquatics (LupDiesel) on youtube :p

L.R.Bretz also keeps shrimp and runs a website as well!

@shrimp-blr and @shrimpapalooza​ are blogs that I like to peruse for quality shrimp-related content :)

TheShrimpTank and TheShrimpSpot are also popular resources + forums! :p

this post is long and kinda rambly, so under a cut it goes

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Soul character analysis?

hoooo BOY you better buckle in because he is my favorite gotdam character and i have a lot of things to say about this boy

first off, let’s start out with a summary so ppl who don’t wanna read 4,000 words can still get something outta this: 

soul is a bit of an anomaly with his characterization in the beginning being VASTLY different from his characterization in the end: overall, he’s gone through the most change out of any character in the series. starting off, he was highly insecure and defensive, which likely could be the result of growing up under scrutiny: i have every reason to believe soul’s upbringing was not colorful or happy, but rather harsh and rigid. this is reflected in his desperation to scramble for an identity in the beginning (i have some theories about that). his turning point is when he’s infected with the black blood and begins to have more and more conversations with the Little Ogre- which made a few observations about him: he’s insecure. unsure. nothing like his partner. as the series progresses, he begins to gain confidence and lose that desperation to fit into a certain box and really starts to come into his own. he gains confidence in his abilities to think and analyze, as well as his abilities to support others. this shows his truly kind-hearted nature: a cool dude wouldn’t be a total jackass, right?

now for the REAL party (after the readmore)

just a warning, there will be a lot of mentions of mental illness (especially when it comes to his self-image) and unhealthy family relationships. if i need to add anything else to the warnings, please let me know!

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hetaliafandomhubepsilon  asked:

Hello! To start off your Ambassador work, can you tell us about snacks that are popular in your country? Thank you! (If you would like a different question, let me know)!

Okie Dokie let’s do this!

Popular foods/snacks in Ireland

(Please note: though most of these are exclusively Irish, you find similar products in the UK. For now though I’ll try and keep it 100% Irish!)

Tayto Crisps

Behold. The quintessential Irish snack. It doesn’t really get more Irish than this, and many Irish people living abroad would tell you that this is one of the number 1 things they miss about home. Think of any crisps you know, but better (and more flavourful). They come in a variety of flavours, (salt and vinegar, and smokey bacon to name a few) but nothing beats the great, iconic cheese and onion.  The Tayto brand is quite big here and has become a bit of a cultural phenomenon (we have an entire Tayto theme park for godssake).Other Irish crisps worth mentioning would be Hunky Dorys, Chipsticks, Wheelies, Hula Hoops, Kings, I could go on lads.

OH. And i think it’s also worth mentioning that Tayto/ Kings sandwiches with butter are quite popular here (it sounds weird at first but trust me you’re missing out)


Now I kinda had to do a bit more thinking for this as most of the stuff we have in Ireland is also available in the UK. But after brainstorming for a bit I have compiled a list of sweet things that can only be found in The Emerald Isle (oooh).

Kimberly, Mikado, and Coconut Cream biscuits

(Here they are! As well as lots of other things produced by Jacob’s and other brands based in Ireland)

(Very coconut, mashmallow-y based biscuits, very nice, Mikados being my personal favourite ;))

Snack Bars (the purple ones)

(and the pink ones)

I know Cadbury’s is a British chocolate brand, but from what I know, I think they only sell the yellow snack bar there, so technically these can count as Irish snacks whOOPS (they are missing out tho omg :O )

Dairy Milk Bars


Again, you can find these in the UK but some flavours are Irish exclusives, so they are definitely worth the mention too (like tiffin here for example!) :)

Honourable Mentions: Jedward Bars(???) and Tayto Bars (again, ???)

Yes, I know. I’m just as confused as you are. Truth be told, I literally forgot these even existed up until recently. They were just bars of chocolate with popping candy on the inside. “Jeadly”. 


Yeah, i wasn’t joking before when i said that we really like Taytos here in Ireland. So much so that they thought it’d be a great idea to combine Cheese and Onion Taytos with Milk chocolate to create this thing. While Taytos and milk chocolate go nicely together, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say they should be enjoyed seperately.

Unfortunately (if you look at it that way), both of these bars have been discontinued and are no longer available on the market :,(. 

*My Heart Will Go On faintly playing in the distance*


Red Lemonade

I wasn’t whether this could only be found in Ireland until I introduced it to some of the other Ambassadors who claimed they had never seen this before in their life so it’s goin’ on the list!

There’s this sort of urban legend that it was banned in Europe for being carcinogenic, but whether that’s true or not, we may never know…

Should we be slightly concerned? Probably. Do we care though? Not really lol


Another staple Irish beverage! Personally, I don’t really like this, but it’s the type of drink where you either love it or hate it, so please don’t let my opinion stop you from trying it if you ever get the chance!

and finally…


oh boi where do i even start

Tea is a VERY big part of Irish culture and the way someone takes their tea is taken veery seriously among some people.

I’m not even exaggerating when I say that Irish people drink a LOT of tea. And I mean a lot. ( As of 2014,The Republic of Ireland even outranked all of Great Britain combined, though it has declined since then i cri)

The most popular brands of tea here would be Lyons or Barry’s (You have to pick one of the other, never both)

Generally, it is served with milk and/or sugar, or just plain black. A lot of people are very particular with the way they like their tea. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to make tea for someone, proceed with caution.


(the milk always goes in AFTER, you monsters)


Anyway, I think that’s all I have for now! Did I miss anything? If you want to know more about Irish cuisine, or anything about Ireland in general, feel free to drop an ask or message and I’ll be happy to help!

Slán agus Beannacht!


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"compulsory heterosexuality" is a term coined by a TERF to erase to existence of bisexual women. i recommend not using trans exclusionary radfem terminology.

aw shit thanks for telling me anon

EDIT: Looked into it more, and the most I can find is an essay called “Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence” by Adrienne Rich, who was definitely a terf, but it’s also been used in other instances by non-terfs on rare occasions.

anonymous asked:

you guys cracked me up with your live reaction videos ahahaha i hope you make them the rest of the season! man tho i wish i had friends to watch figure skating and freak out over yuzuru with...

Awww thanks dear :3 Yuzuru is such as source of joy and @yuzuruspoohsan makes it a hundred times better (and crazier 😝😝)
I’m not sure how our schedules will match for the following comps but I think Su will definitely do hers so look out for those :D (I’ll do recommendations for her FS snacks at least, the popcorn was such a success hehe)

detvardet  asked:

Unpopular opinions? It's not necessarily about the plot, but it's about what i think could happen, does that count? ♡ I think in some reality there's a chance of the creators giving us no source of info about Mickey nor his comeback for a while and then dropping the bomb out of the blue and hitting all of us with a huge plot twist in which he somehow manages to get back to Ian and make all of us happy again. Nice concept tho isn't it ( ̄▽ ̄)

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

It’s looking like that’s how it’s going to work. I’m hoping so! They brought Jimmy/Steve back without the cast ever knowing so it’s definitely possible! If they do that though, it’s so important that they don’t throw him away again. If he comes back, he really should come back for good. I hope they do him justice either way.

anonymous asked:

Did you know that All Might is canonically bi, it was rumored to be false but author has actually confirmed it

as far as i know that was still a false rumor and i really doubt the author would confirm it, i definitely need a source to believe it.

someone edited the wiki “quoting” horikoshi saying all might “likes boys and girls” as it was put but there was no source & the only other edits to the wiki that person made were total jokes (similar to how ppl edited endeavors & minetas wiki to say shit like Rat Bitch) so im 99.99% sure its still just false info.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice or resources about training Service Dogs with ASL? (Or another blog to asklol) i guess im asking if a dog can be trained with signs instead of verbal cues?


I have met dogs and seen cats who were trained with signs instead of words, so it’s definitely possible. Plus lot of things we say to dogs are often accompanied by gestures. So I know it works in theory, but I have no sources or anything, sorry. I think it can’t be that different to training with verbal clues tho.

Maybe these people could help you out:

Mod T

pervorsitas  asked:

trick or treat!!! only if u wanna tho!!

Send ‘Trick or Treat!  🎃’ to my inbox and I’ll give you a treat! | very selectively accepting. 

                                                                                     a giratina - dawn playlist. art source.

a long way down - OBESØNall stars - martin solveig | levitate - galimatias | fountain - iamamiwhoami | pacify her - melanie martinezpoltergeist - banks | sunrise/beautiful - ta-ku | still I rise - thutmose

                                                                                          — for @pervorsitas

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Who's MPD?

umm MPD is..

…jimin’s dance and aegyo ultimate bestie

…rapmon’s occasional stuntman

…taehyung’s umm……

…jinnie’s m-jagi

…bangtan’s best pal

…bangtan’s santa

he’s also

…bangtan’s additional dancer

but tbvh, MPD is definitely who we want to be because..

oh and not to forget he’s also one of us <3

*ARMY MPD gif source @eatjin (x)

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On a Scale of 1/10 how adorable are Baal and Gaki? (I know the answer is 100 but hey, let us hear it from the source ;))

They’re very good boys. 10/10 definitely. But adorable? I don’t know if I would call them that O: so sweet you think so tho!