no definite source for this tho

(minor rogue one spoilers) this is from the r1 concept art book. the ashy planet was definitely mustafar. vader could never shake the part of himself that still loved obi-wan. his lair literally looked out to the site of their duel so he could stew in his bacta tank full of regret and contemplate every mistake he ever made????? dude


The Vampire King and Third Progenitor of Germany: Lest Karr

“Ah - now just where did you get all of these pictures of me? I’m actually…rather quite concerned. Nonetheless, I’m quite impressive, wouldn’t you think? However…where in the world and when did Lord Geales ever treat me in that manner? That is very…worrisome and…rather alarming. I–no of course not! This most definitely didn’t happen! I…I have no memories whatsoever of such an event! Yes I’m quite sure! Stop accusing me of such nonsense!”

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Source/Artist: りつ(右)@r1kuuw


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I haven't been diagnosed but I have all the symptoms...Even so everyday I think I'm just faking™ and have to prove I'm valid and give myself le Flashback™ (The sources of my PTSD is so weird imo tho....But I wanna talk to someone about it cus it's weighing heavy on my chest)~Cyn who's deep in feels and needs a hug

i didn’t really have a definite source of my ptsd, one thing happened when I was really young and then a lot of other trauma just like shot everywhere and it got Bad™ and i need Constant Validation™

- mod joey

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its the area around the sump pump. gives me the creeps.

but really tho the concrete floor, the sounds it makes, and also the fact that it leaks and that the only light source in that part of the basement is a single light bulb dangling from a string there’s definitely something otherworldly living in the shadows behind it

Madam Secretary Re-watching-1.03 ″ The Operative”

Just some random thoughts while re-watching my beloved TV show.
Be aware that this might be loooooong.  Including meaningless murmur, totally fangirling over certain lovely couple and my love for this show.

“We spy because we love.” huh?

“Cool.  Do we get free steak?
“No.  Just like no free rides. ”

Oh, I definitely not blaming you guys tho…

“ Just don’t give away Latvia. ”
Elizabeth is actually adorable here, and that kiss, chu <3

“ Your source wouldn’t be invited to sit in the Situation Room on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons. ”

You know. what’s really intimidating is that she looks like a cute cinnamon roll but actually could kill you by just staring at you.

That’s not forget she is, indeed, good at talking to people.  (and I love her blue dress)

 Oh, and then I told him, that “My wife can handle herself, pal. ”

How can you not love this man who defended both his own ethics and beloved wife at the same time?

The McCord family scene is always heart-warming.
(Love how they shot this scene.)

"You okay?”
“Yeah…No.  Work is tough.  
And I have to be able to turn it off before I come back here.”
“You were very present with the kids before.”
“And now I want to be present with you.”

One of many reasons I admire this couple is that they talk to each other.  Actually talking and listening and communicating, I mean.

“ Who says you have to be a bad boy to get the hot girl? ”

This scene is so so important to me. (Not just because it’s hot and Tim Daly is incredibly sexy here.)

This is the moment that I know I am screwed, I am completely, totally stuck with these two and this show.  Before then I was just treating M Sec as one of many TV shows that I enjoy watching until now…

Oh boy, I hope you understand how I was feeling, it’s like a fire being lighted all of sudden and my love for these beautiful people has been burning since then.

(I am really suck at describe my own feelings, pardon me if you will.)

Also, God bless Tim Daly.  He looked like he is in a dream when telling Elizabeth that he got the hot girl.  I have never seen anything more sexier and more wonderful than that.

and she smiled into that kiss is the cherry on the top of a Sundae.

Guess you guys won’t mind me put some more smooches here…

“ I see your intelligence services haven’t penetrated our legal system. ”

That’s not funny for Elizabeth tho.

You guys really need to stop ambushing me like this…

Is it the kind of attitude that you are having when asking for someone’s help?
I know Gina is doing her job and trying to help her source, a.k.a. Viper, but uh, she still won’t be on my Christmas cards list tho.  (guess won’t be on Elizabeth’s list, neither.)

By the way, I guessed there was a moment that Elizabeth was tended not to “save” Viper, or at least not in her priority list.  But Nadine kind of talked her out of it, tho.  (Got to praise Nadine here, seriously.  Because if it were me, I probably will let that guy stay right where he was.)


I didn’t expect to see them fight so soon, to be honest.

I get that Henry was angry about the whole situation but it’s still not easy for him to reject Elizabeth even though he knew he is the key point of the whole deal (involve a man’s life, for God’s sake), which made me admire him much more.

And, when their kids all showed up in the kitchen during their fight, it’s amazing that Elizabeth could still told them that they are discussing something important and please go back to bed, instead of yelling at them and making them the unfortunate punching bags.  

(Let’s being honest, it’s never been easy to think clearly and being reasonable when you are fighting with someone.  All the more reasons I see Elizabeth McCord as my role model.)

“ Even Elizabeth the Unethical has her lines. ”

“ I compromise my ethics every single day in this job! I don’t have time to worry about my decaying moral fiber. ”

And it’s really, really tiring.

So it’s a peaceful day, thanks to the state of department.

(another beautiful scene of this episode)

“ As long as you’re here, you’re my guy now. ”

You already have an army here, Ma’am.

Elizabeth McCord being domestic is my favorites.

“ What are we doing?”
“ Losing our minds. ”

It’s not easy to be self-aware, you guys already did quite a good job here.
(Still, the whole conversation about Flint Summers is hilarious.)

“I’d quit this job in a heartbeat if it threatened what we have.”
“That’s not gonna happen.  But if you’re asking me to be the man beside the woman? I’m in. “

How I wish men on the world are all willing to be a man beside their women and always support their loved ones. 
(That’s too much to ask, I know, but one can hope, yeah?)

Things I adore about this episode:

-The parallels between international affairs and the McCord family business (parenting is counted as family business, isn’t it?)

-Henry made omelette for Allison (Sucker for a man who cooks)

-The “ don’t give away Latvia ” kiss

-How Elizabeth got the information about Viper’s secret level (Being a CIA analyst for 20 years is no kidding.)

- “ Who says you have to be a bad boy to get the hot girl? ”  Probably my top 5 favorite lines of this show so far.

-Elizabeth and Henry’s fight (Yes, I do like it, not that because I am a sucker for couple fighting, but for that they could always find a way to work out.)

-Henry defended for his own ethics and integrity.

-Elizabeth and Henry, being the ever-ordinary parents, worrying about their adolescent daughter.

-” Everyone is someone else’s guy, until they’re your guy. ” that was excellent, Nadine.