no dawn


Chaol rocks up in TOG7 acting like the Suriel with his new knowledge.

Chaol: Oh you didn’t know about Maeve?

Everyone else: Know what?

Chaol: Oh it’s really important news. You must know.

Everyone else: Then tell us. Get to the point Chaol.

Chaol: It’s big big news.

Everyone else: Just say it.

Yrene: Godsdammit Chaol I’ll just tell them. Maeve is a Valg queen.


So, @worldofsarahjmaas are we going to see a map of Wendlyn anytime soon?

my mom’s convinced that im gay because im “agressively supportive of them” tho im straight and now she keeps telling me that she loves and accepts me no matter what and it doesnt change that im still a piece of failure and a bag of dissapointments