no daddy no

Coming Soon

Alright guys, we have to call it for the night and send everyone home. Get some sleep and we’ll tackle this in the morning. There will be Dads. 

Please don’t attack anyone for this. If anything, chalk it up to this being our first game. Sorry we couldn’t get it to you tonight.

can y'all stop fucking blaming vernon and the rest of the dream daddy team. they’ve already published it and like us they’re waiting for steam to publish it, its literally all on steams part

If you are mad that Dream Daddy isn’t out and how you stayed up too late to play it and now have to go to work/etc tired tomorrow.

Tbh I don’t feel bad for you. You are an adult or at least someone old enough to have a job. You know what time you need to go to sleep. You know how much sleep you need to function. You are responsible for yourself and going to bed. A game isn’t more important than your health or real life and you should be in control of that.


I managed to finish this up while waiting for Dream Daddy to drop, and I hope this will help tide the rest of the fandom over too