no crystal stair

Redamancy [THREE]

Author: b0blegum

Pairing: CEO Yoo Kihyun x Reader

Rating: G

Genre: Romance, Drama

Status: On Going

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Words: 3.2k+


He was so broken and afraid of Love. Never thought he would return one’s love in full anymore.

a/n gif credit to owner | Okay, so in this chapter there won’t be a ‘Kihyun cornered the reader’ or Dominant!Kihyun. Because the focus on this chapter is on Kihyun’s past and started from this chapter there’ll be some angsty scene in.

It was 2 pm when you finished packing and your stomach was having a little concert since you haven’t eaten anything since the morning. Well, you weren’t really the type to eat breakfast but you had never skipped lunch. Except today. You had to skip your precious lunch time to stuffed your luggage with the things you’d carry to Yoo Kihyun’s penthouse. He didn’t specify on what kind of moving he asked you to do, so you only took the basic things with you and left everything as it was in your apartment.

It’s ridiculous you know, moving into your boss’ penthouse just because you carelessly saying things you’re not supposed to say. There were plenty of ways to punish you for that. Cutting your monthly salary or fire you even, but instead, he chose to moved you to his residence.

Slipped into your favorite pair of espadrilles, you checked the time one last time before you finally dragging your heavy luggage out of your apartment and locking the door.

Bringing the heavy luggage plus one handbag really put you into an uncomfortable position that you finally decided to call a cab to take you to the Gangnam area. As expected, where all the koreas rich live.

The sky was bright that afternoon. You paid for the taxi bill and slowly marched into the lobby where you had to tell the people behind the desk where you were going to.

“(Y/f/n), 54th.” You simply said after they greeted you.

“Oh, Mr. Yoo’s guest?” She asked as she put a smile on her face for a second before she was back to the screen. Typing something you didn’t know. “He is indeed expecting you, Ms. (y/first/n).” She smiled again. “You have luggage with you, Miss?”

“Yes. One.” You said, hesitantly.

“Alright. You could leave your luggage here. We will take care of it.” She smiled and printed something to give to a man who stood meter away from her and came back right away.

“This way please,” without hesitation, she guided you to the private elevator that is used to access the penthouses only.

“Fifty-four.” She repeated as he pushed the floor number and both of you waited until the door closed and sent you to the desired floor.

Couldn’t lie. You were so nervous that you couldn’t keep your finger for not tapping the back of your other hand and you keep biting your lower lip harder as the number on the small screen above changed, getting closer to the 54th floor.

“Here we are.” She made way for you to get out first.

You were greeted by a spacious lounge. A rounded table with a beautiful flower arrangement separated two leathered seats. Perfectly polished marbled floor that reflected anything that was laid on it. A painting of a black vertical line on a dull-white color canvas hanged on the other side of the wall across the seatings, giving a calm side in contrast to the strong luxurious interior design.

A small clicking sound took you back to where you were. In front of the main door.

“You may come in, Miss. Mr. Yoo is waiting inside.” She told you, gesturing you to just coming in to your boss’ extravagant residence.

As she told you, you stepped in carefully and closed the door behind you. Another unusual sight pleased your eyes.

His penthouse was as big as your apartment times ten and that was only the first floor. All tiles were all marble. The beige one. You stepped down the five-step stairs with crystal clear glass railing. Another exquisite sight pleased your eyes.

Two long L-shaped couches enough to fit all your family members were positioned across each other with two rather identical coffee tables standing in front of each couch. All of these were placed on a wide brown carpets and a gigantic wood structure laid behind them floor-ceiling high.

That was not all, though. A jet black grand piano was set diagonally facing the glass window that spread out through the middle part of this floor, delivering the beauty of park fifty-stories down.

You took a step closer to the window and was admiring the beauty when a voice of someone’s coming closer brought you back to your purpose of coming here.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” He stepped down from another stair you didn’t know exist, yet.

Before you hesitantly nodded to his rhetorical question, you noticed something on him had changed and you blinked rapidly when you finally found out.

It was his hairstyle and his complete head-to-toe style.

His hair was pushed back neatly, revealing his flawless forehead and thick, beautifully shaped brows. He didn’t wear those expensive suits and shoes, instead he had a plain white long sleeves tee, black pants and a white slipper on. He looked… too casual and too ordinary.

“Hey? Were you even listening to me?” He furrowed.

“Uh,” you shook your head to bring you back. “Sorry?”

“You weren’t, huh?” He scoffed. “Your room is downstairs.” He made his way to the couch and crossed his legs with one arm stretched out. “But before you go see your room,” he paused. “I want to make few things clear.” Eyes fixed to yours.

You bit your lower lip. Anticipating of his next sentence nervously.

“One, you don’t live here for free.” Your eyes opened wider, thinking of how much bills you should pay him for rent. “No, i won’t make you pay rent with money,” he said as if he read your mind. “You just have to make me breakfasts.”

Breakfast? Is he serious? Would making him a breakfast covered all the electricity and water bills?

“Two,” he took something and put it on the coffee table before him. It was a phone. “Throw the one you’re using. You’ll be using this instead. It only has my number and Mr. Kim’s number, my driver and don’t you dare to keep your old phone or save any numbers without my consent.”

You looked at the phone and him. He didn’t say anything when your eyes met and so did you. Inside you really want to say a lot of things, curse him even, but you know it’ll only make things worse, so you just held it in, for now, at least.

“Three.” His eyes stared at you with an intense gaze. “Never go to my floor.”

Your mouth slightly ajar, about to asked him a question but he left faster than those words could slipped out of your mouth. He walked rather sleepily to his floor with one hand massaging the back of his neck once he reached the very last steps and disappeared along with a thudding sound of a door being closed.

“He is one hell of a guy.” You rolled your eyes in full annoyance.

Walking back to the stairs to head to your room. Another stunning view caught your pair of curious eyes. It was an indoor-outdoor swimming pool with a tiny square grass-lot placed in the middle of  the indoor part with a tall tree planted that reached out to the ceiling on Kihyun’s floor. A jacuzzi was placed  at one end of the indoor swimming pool with a tiny fountain that made a calming sound that filled entire floor.

Lastly, you finally found the kitchen and the dining area close to the stairs to your floor. The kitchen was too clean that it is impossible to tell people that it has been used before. There were no stains of oil or burned area as far as your eyes could see.

Six chairs circled the wooden dining table. A vase of handpicked flowers was set in the middle of the table. Behind was a wine rack, connected to a bar table with four stools available to seat on.

Forced to ignore the beauty of this penthouse, you walked down the stairs to find a lounge. Another expensive looking couch was making an appearance, along with its partners; a coffee table and a flower arrangement.

You brushed off the thoughts of wanting to have yourself a quick tour and quickly headed to the only door there was. But before that, you turned around as you just realised something.

His house was so big, so full with expensive furnitures and decorations, but why did it feel so empty?

Everything was put right where it belongs. Paintings, vases, flowers.

You blinked.

Right. There were no pictures at all. No photographes. Not even a single one.

You gave it some thoughts for a bit before you turned the doorknob to revealed another spacious room which has the size of your entire apartment and this was your room.

A marbled partition with a table attached blocked your view to the floor-to-ceiling glass window that ended the room. You walked in further and found your bed was placed right behind the partition. It was a king sized bed covered in the softest bedding material you ever touched.

Still in awe, you rushed to find the bathroom. Your eyes filled with excitements when you saw both bathtub and shower in one bathroom. This felt like staying in a five-star hotel, but… different.

Went back to the bedroom, you threw yourself onto the bouncy bed and just stayed there looking at the ceiling until suddenly your stomach continue to making that ugly orchestra song.

“Right, i haven’t eaten lunch yet.” You stood up and headed upstairs. “I saw a fast food restaurant around here, i think i should go and order some take away.

Still memorizing where were the exit, a heavy voiced successfully startled you.

“Where do you think you’re going?” You turned around to see Kihyun already in his full working attire.


“I have a site visit today.” Looking away and biting your lip, you just hummed in your thoughts. “Go change your outfits to something more… work-appropriate and meet me at the lobby.” He walked passed you towards the entrance door. “Now.” He ordered.

“Mr. Yoo. I am sorry for saying this, but isn’t the site visit actually on Monday? Now is Saturday.” You said after thirty minutes gathering up your courage since you left the penthouse.

“It was on Monday. I changed the schedule.” He said, busy typing something on his phone.

“Would you mind to perhaps notify me beforehand if you have a change of schedule, so i could maybe re-schedule another appointment that could be at the same time with the one you re-scheduled?” You asked which invited him to send a glare to you. “I– i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to–”

“I’m sorry. This one is unexpected, but i’ll tell you beforehand next time.” He said before he focused on his phone again.

Well, a sorry from his mouth was unexpected.

Looking away outside after that quick agreement, you hold your stomach tightly so that the orchestra couldn’t play at the time you didn’t want them to play, for example, now, when you were in a car with your boss.

But unfortunately, the tickets were sold out and the band started to play to pleased the audiences. You looked down as you tried to reduced the sound by pushing your stomach, but that just didn’t work.

“You’re hungry?” Kihyun put down his phone and looked at you in an emotionless expression.

Shyly, you nodded and gave him the smile. He turned his gaze away to the rear-view mirror to meet Mr. Kim’s eyes.

“Take us to 503 first.”

“Alright, Sir.”

It only took Mr. Kim ten minutes to drove you both to the restaurant Kihyun appointed. The waiter who quickly recognized Kihyun, guided both of you to the table on the corner, most closest to the tiny garden at the terrace.

“What would you like to have today, Mr. Yoo?” She asked politely. Kihyun fluently put his order. “And for you, Miss?”

“I… uh,” your eyes scanned the menu.

“She’ll have the same as me.” Kihyun interrupted. His eyes looking at you while his finger tapping the table.

After repeating the orders, she left immediately, leaving both of you.

“Excuse me for a while.” Kihyun stood up after awhile of silence between the both of you.

While waiting for the foods to come, you looked around the restaurant and noticed a woman looking at you with an uneasy look on her face. Avoiding her gaze, you chose to look over the menu once again.

“Hey,” a feminine voice startled you that you almost threw the menu to her. “I’m sorry to surprised you,” she laughed awkwardly. “But… are you…” her eyes narrowed.

“Am i… what?”

“Are you Mr. Yoo’s…lover?” She asked carefully. Your pupils dilated at her last word.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, you aren’t? Oh my God. I’m sorry, it’s just, he always brought his lovers her— oh my God, my mouth!” She slapped her own mouth. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you. I’m sorry.”

And then she left. You saw her leaving the restaurant and with a confused look, you turned your head to found Kihyun already sitting in front of you again.

“Did something happen?” He asked calmly.

“That wom–” You quickly shook your head. “No, nothing happened.” You smiled.

It was a tiring night for you. Right after you finished your late lunch, you spent the whole four hours at the site Kihyun was going to build his building on. It’s told to have 40 stories and is made for residential purpose.

Accompanying him to the site-visit, made you learn one more thing about him. That he is a very hardworking and a nice man. He would checked on each workers there and asked if they need anything in order to made the work faster and more convenient.

But enough the talk about him and his work. Since the mysterious woman approached you on that restaurant earlier, you couldn’t erase her words from your brain. That very sentence she said keep replaying in your brain like it was your favorite song.

“So did he really date his secretary?” You asked yourself. Random thoughts were starting to fill your brain since you couldn’t go to sleep.

“Whatever. Not my business anyway.” You blinked rapidly and headed out your bedroom.

Taking a glass from the counter and poured some cold water, you heard the door being clicked closed. Slowly you took your glass with you and waited to see what was that.

From afar, you could see a shadow walking closer. You couldn’t see properly because all the lights on the entryway were switched off.

Scared, you hid behind the counter table.

A footsteps were coming closer and closer until it passed the kitchen. It was a man wearing all black from head to toe. He made his way carefully to the couch and bumped himself.

He took his cap off and ruffled his own dark hair.

“Mr. Yoo?” You whispered silently. Confirming yourself.

You heard a drawer being pulled and that he took something from there. He stayed silent for a while before he put that something back in and pushed the drawer closed.

Stood up, he wore back his cap and headed to his room.

“What was he doing at 3 in the morning out there?”

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I can’t think of a title yet, but anyway, here’s my contribution to small-yet-awesomesauce Trollhunters fandom! Very much inspired by @kurekoo underappreciated Troll!Jim art. I hope you enjoy!

It doesn’t normally take too long to get used to places, but in Jim’s position in Trollmarket, understandably, it’s a whole different story. A place like this would take a thousand lifetimes to even remotely begin to adjust to, but fortunately for him at the tender age of just sixteen, he’ll have a better chance than most.

He’d become familiar with the basics down here, the three rules practically ingrained into his subconscious now, yet human curiosity is one thing that no rule could control, especially if it involves incandescent green geodes abandoned on the floor outside the gyre station. Seeing that there was nobody around besides Blinky, who was at least twenty steps ahead (much larger steps than Jim’s, it’s worth noting), he reached down and picked the rock up, shoving it deep within his jacket pocket before catching up with Blinky, who was surprisingly oblivious to a bright green rock set against the shadowy stone floor.

“I heard it through what you humans call the grapevine that you have an important set of exams coming up soon, is that correct?” Blinky’s question forced Jim out of his fascination with the rock.

“Uh yeah, huh. Thanks for reminding me about that.” He replied caustically.

“Now now, Master Jim, these are important times as far as I’m aware! You have to keep up your appearances in school so you must take this seriously. Take a week off, study hard and the results will show! Argh! and I will take care of things down here.” Jim took Blinky’s word as gospel, and with a reassuring pat on the shoulder, he got sent off back to the surface. “You know where to find me if you need anything!”

“Likewise, I’ll see you later!” Jim shouted down to him as he ascended towards the portal. Argh! Would likely visit Toby at some point in an evening, so it isn’t as if he’d be completely devoid of the troll company he’d become acquainted to.


Unsurprisingly, the house was empty. Slinging his satchel over the bannister he took the stairs two at a time, striding into his room and crashing onto his bed with a sigh, a sigh at the realisation of exams the following week. He swore to himself that he’d study - “but only after I figure out what this lump is. Who needs Spanish anyway?” He took out the rock, still emitting its vivid green hue, bright enough to cast its own shadow. Placing it on his desk, he took a step back and just stared, and stared, for what felt to him ten minutes, but what would realistically be about two. At a loss, he sent a photo of the peculiar rock to Toby, before catching sight of him across the street.

He opens the window, and shouts onto the quiet suburban street below: “Tobes, check this out!” waving him over. Moments later they were mirror images of each other, gawking at this rock as it laid idly on the wooden desk. Toby eventually breaks the silence,

“It’s a rock, Jimbo.”

“Is that an opinion, or an expert opinion?”

“That’s my opinion. My expert opinion would be ‘it’s a glowing rock’”

Jim responded with nothing but a stern, piercing glare.

“Look, I don’t know what it is, okay? But green and glowing… I don’t like it. Would Blinky know what this is?”

“I suppose, but he’s got enough on his plate at the moment at the moment, seeing as you practically destroyed his collection of books. But it doesn’t matter, it looks neat enough, I’m keeping it.”

“That was the word juice! And you’re in on that too, you know, giving it to me and all.”

“Yeah I guess,” he says as he moves the rock from the table to the shelf on the wall behind him, oblivious to the fact that the glowing was enough to leave a jet black scorch mark on the table. “You ready for the prueba de la fatalidad?”

“No. I don’t suppose you have any more of that-”

“You’ve ruined one library, you’re not going to ruin the school’s too! Just read a damn book like a normal person would.” He chuckles to himself as Toby rolls his eyes to the back of his head as he leaves,

“You’re a butt, Jim!” Toby shouts from the street.

“Love you too, Tobes-” he heads downstairs to take a glass of water, picking up a ragged old Spanish textbook on his way back. Chucking the textbook onto the table, he returns and opens the book to where he’d left a sheet of paper as a makeshift bookmark, on the section to do with past participles.

“Oh boy, What a great way to spend a weekend! Neck craned over a book, learning a language I’ll never speak,” He utters enthusiastically through gritted teeth as he pushes himself back on his chair to stretch out, resulting in him spinning around a few times. “Okay then, past participles.” Neck craned over the textbook, he studies the wrote and the writ, occasionally stopping to make notes and take a sip of water, sometimes contacting Toby on the backhandedly named ‘puberty-patrol phone’, to which he received nothing but radio silence.

An hour or so later, as warm spring sunlight was beginning to curtail, he’d ran out of water, only this was much later than when he ran out of will to continue revising cooped up inside. Taking the glass from beside the book, he begins to head for the kitchen for a refill. Still in Spanish revision mode, he mutters to himself as he notices a peculiar, prickling sensation from within his arm.


He appeared to be walking with a stoop and a right handed lean, enough to throw him off balance slightly. The more he thought about it, the more he began to notice it. He pivots around awkwardly to leave his room with new intentions. Water could wait, this, whatever this was, seemed more urgent.

Panic abruptly set in, this was no pins-and-needles situation, it was definitely something more unusual, and something this unusual could most certainly not be human. Trollmarket would - hopefully - hold the answer to Jim’s predicament.

Grabbing his bag from the bannister, he races unsteadily down the stairs and immediately into the garage, crashing into the empty paint tins and other detritus which lined the far wall. Leaping onto his Vespa, he kickstated the motor and began to set off, only after he’d realised that he’s neglected to open the door. Letting the moped crash down with a metallic din on the floor, he reached down and opened the door with his left hand with urgency, not wanting to risk excessive use of his right. With a now clear path, he mounted the moped and restarted his journey, correcting his balance constantly as he attempted to adjust. Being a Saturday, the streets were quiet, which fortunately meant no obstacles for Jim to have to avoid. The bridge was now within touching distance, rounding the sharp corner into the drain, albeit with a much wider turning circle, he was propelled down the concrete slope to the wall, riskily riding sidesaddle to speed the dismount process. With no regard for the moped, he let it continue at speed, crashing into the wall with a tinny peel which echoes along the drain.

The speed was too hard to handle for Jim as he trips over his own feet, sending him to the same fate at the Vespa; a concrete faceplant, Dull pain sets in as he lay dazed and stinging on the floor. The speed at which he’d impacted the wall has split his forehead slightly, sending a small trickle of blood running down the side of his head, which he briskly wiped away, but what he felt came as a shock to him, enough to snap him out of his dazed state.

“What in the-” The texture of his hand felt like it had turned pebbly, almost chiseled. His bag still over his shoulders, Jim grabbed the crystalline horngozzle and picked himself up off the floor. Still slightly pained, he began to roughly trace out the semicircle to open the portal, however, his usually precisely scribed portal had, understandably, become a jagged mess of an arc, something which closely resembled the work of a five year-old with a worn out paintbrush. Not that that mattered, it would still open. Placing his hand on the space in between, the concrete shattered, revealing the dark spiral down into the caves.

Frantically dashing down the crystal stairs and onto the cobbles of Trollmarket, he clumsily searched for a familiar face among the crowds which towered over him like living monoliths. Eventually he blindly, and literally, ran into Vendel, who responded with disgust.

“Goodness! James Lake, do you not have eyes?”

“Vendel! There’s something majorly wrong happening about now, look.” He reveals his hand to Vendel, who retorted swiftly to keep everything surreptitious.

“Come with me.”


Here is a poem from poet, activist and ancestral warrior Sunni Patterson. This is for us. This is for the Ancestors. Enjoy it. Feel it.

“We have not always found comfort in killers.
We have not always found solace being rocked
in the bosoms of those who silently pray
and openly destroy.
No, not always have we mistaken mimicry for mastery
or pretending for knowing
or enslavement for freedom.

But across my memory —-
across my memory marches millions -—
bold, regal, resilient, confident —-
unshackled feet stumping up spirits
to guide us through this fickle material world.
We like sun and moon folk,
universal souls praying our prayers,
singing our songs:
Eshu, Ogoun, Shango, Yemaja, Oshun, Obatala, Oya,
Damballah, Ayida Wedo, Loa, Nkongo, Olodumare and Yami.
We know all of you by name.

We are people of beginnings, of culture, of strength.
Not always have we given into the empty threats
and scare tactics of the powerless ones.
Not always have we allowed the blood of our sons and daughters
to color the streets while we’re walking asleep,
marching to the beat of that siren song.
They’re still wearing their sheets,
with nooses in reach,
showing their teeth and smiling, it seems.
But I hear in the breeze
in the rustle of the trees
and the dangling of the feet,
they say, please, don’t let them ever forget.

You see, not always have we suffered from amnesia.
Not always have we forgotten how to conjure up spirits,
ancestor wisdom,
fix up a mixture,
spiritual elixir,
ancient traditions.
We, like magicians,
god-like vision, we -—
we are people of sight.

So, no, not always have we fallen
for this okie doke
or inhaled the hazardous smoke of the manipulators
or been satisfied with crumbs for meals
our hands have prepared.
Hughes said life for us ain’t been no crystal stair,
but at least the steps are there
to push us up higher,
teach us how to go beyond the destroyer’s disguises,
look them in the eyes and be able to see.
Because what’s surprising when you know the nature of a beast
and especially when they’ve shown the same face for centuries?

So you tell me,
what’s the difference between two sisters in New Orleans
shot point-blank in the back of the head,
and two women bound in their car in Baghdad?
Or government-sanctioned killings in Kenya,
and a sister held hostage in a house in Virginia?
Or poverty in Haiti, poverty in Jamaica,
rape in Rwanda or rape in Somalia?
A sweatshop in China or one in Guatemala?
Or small pox and blankets, syphilis and Tuskegee,
formaldehyde and FEMA, ethnic cleansing and Katrina?

I recall within a speech Dr. King made us aware,
he said injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.
So they can spare us their drama, huh?
We got the heart of them field working mamas.
We carry the torch of that ancestor fire.
So with every fiber that flutters in our being,
with every find that comes from our seeking,
with every hearing that comes from our listening,
and every sight that comes from our seeing,
we must be faithful, strategic, victorious and free.”

Don’t quit

I got more bills then a politician has haters, man I’m hungry in these streets but ain’t nothing in my refrigerator.

I step out on faith to only fall on my face, the devil stay busy; can I really run this race.

I’m conflicted, restricted and depicting on the choices I made, the walls are closing in and I start to feel slightly betrayed.

Langston Hughes was right! Life really ain’t no crystal stair, I feel like I’m drowning and gasping for air.

But when all is said and done and the smoke begin to clear, I brush that dust off because I will persevere.

The strength of a million slaves are imbedded in my soul and my skin is tough like that of black coal.

Hold me down?… No not me! Because I’m anchored to God like the tree anchored by the sea.


The red hoodie

Hi! Me again, sense you liked my last fic, i thought I would contuine it.also, I know I wrote it, but I submitted it to you, would you be ok with me putting it on my AO3 account? Also, I’m on my phone so my typing is horrid. I wanted to explain a dumb joke I had in the last one,because when I reread it it didnt make aense much. During the small movie date, Kevin mentions a ’ Benjamin lumberjack’ that was a joke about benedict cumberpatch. Well, now onto the fic!


Odd. That is how Kevin would describe what he was looking at as. Odd. A gaint woman craved into the side of a cliff holding a house in its hands, and it sat next to the was odd for sure. He knew jamie delivered the mail our here, but when Kevin helped, jamie ahd already delivered by then, so he didnt know until now were the kid lived.

Oh yeah, the kid. Steven was his name. He ruined everything Kevin worked for. Kevin grinded his teeth together and pulled at the purple acarf on his neck.

The scarf Jamie gave him the first day the hung out together.

Kevin took a breath and kept a hand on the scarf, it reminded him why he was here in the first place.

Kevin was here to apologize.

Its not like he did anything wrong. The kids tricked him when he only wanted to dance, and they became obsessed with him after he beat them in a car race, but they had to ruin everything. And if Kevin wanted jamie back….

He had to play like he was the one at fault.

“Forget it kev, jamie isn’t worth this….” He told himself as he walked closer to the building he saw the little girl -Connie was her name (and no he didnt stalk her…he just followed her when he happened to see her walking to the beach.he needed to apologize anyways so…not stalking) -walk in a few minutes ago, so he knew they were both there. 

“He is just a drama queen, someone who is obsessed with you. You dont need him, he is not worth telling these brats sorry too..“Kevin muttered to himself as he climbed the stairs and stood at the screen door.

"Who are you kidding Kevin…jamie is worth everything…” He slowly knocked on the screen door. From his place on the deck, he could see. A kitchen, couch, a weird crystal pad, and stairs going up to what looked like a bed that the two kids sat on and watched tv. The curly hair boy yelled"coming!“ As he hopped onto the couch and ran to the door smiling.

He wasnt smiling when he saw who it was.

"Keviiiiiin…."he hissed at said boy.

"Hello to you too kid.” Kevin returned the greeting. Connie came down the stairs when she heard who it was. Glaring at the taller boy through the screen, she balled her fists and put them on her waist.“and what are YOU doing here?”

Kevin met her eyes with ease and crossed his arms.“look I came here to tell you two something. I rather not tell you but I have to.” The two kids shared s look them returned their gazes at Kevin.

“So…what do you need to tell us?” Steven asked. Kevin took in the breath and looked out to the ocean, thankful for the view into blue nothingness.


Silence filled the air.

The screen door opened and Steven pointed to the couch.“you can take a seat,"  althought it sounded like a request, Kevin caught the undertone of a demand. He walked in and sat on the couch, watching the two stand on the other side of the low table, looking at him.

"Why are you apologizing now? And you’re apologizing to the wrong person.” Connie stated, Kevin watched as the two kids took hands,did a short dance, then glow.

Stevonnie stood in front of him.

“Alright….I’m listening…jerk.” Crossing her arms, she stared down Kevin with eyes he couldn’t meet this time.

“I said I’m sorry, alright? I…was a jerk like you said.” Kevin hated saying this, but he knew he had too. He remembered chas had lines like this, were he had to act out of character and sound like he meant every word. Maybe Jamie could have taught him some acting after all, now he just needs to use it.“I invaded your personal space at the rave” use words they said before, when they tattled to jamie,“ I wanted to dance but you didnt want to. I’m sorry. During the race I…got upset. And claimed you were wrong when I was in the wrong instead…so I’m..sorry. Can you er….forgive….me?” It physically pained him to say these words, it really did. He pulled at the purple around his neck. He would take any pain if it meant he could be with Jamie again.

“You think its over just like that? You made me really uncomfortable at that rave and you were a jerk to a lot of people in town at the race aswell. Why do you want to apologize now? After so long why now? It doesnt make sense…” Stevonnie had a softer tone now.

Kevin,sighed.“would you believe me if I told you?” He didn’t see any other choice but the truth, he really didn’t. He put his head back on the couch and put his hands on his face.“ The truth is, if I don’t apologize to you, ive lost the one person i care about more than myself.”

He was silently insulted by the gasp that followed.“you care about someone more then yourself?! I didnt think that was possible…” The disbelief was audible in Stevonnie’s voice. Kevin lifted his head to give a glare.

“Yes, it is possible, and I wouldnt apologize to you if I didnt have to, but it is the only way he will even talk to me agian."He stood up and pulled still his scarf. This was pointless, they wont forgive him and he will never get jamie back."forget it, im leaving.” Kevin walked past them to the door

“Ill forgive you.” Stevonnie said as he reached the door. Kevin froze in place at the surprise of those words.“if you do one thing…”

He should have seen the catch coming.


“Couldnt I write, I dont know, cards saying I’m sorry’ instead?” Kevin questioned as Connie and Steven set up a microphone on the theatre stage.

“Nope!” Came the overjoyed relpy, followed by giggling. Kevin held a microphone as people began to take their seats in the foldable chairs. He saw a lot of familar faces, which is common in a small town,like beach city, but many were of people he was mean too. He saw the French fry guy who can’t dance, and the pizza twins. He saw sour cream, the one name he knew in the crowd and didn’t hate, and a guy named buck, who took his role of chas. The blonde donut girl and tall bean pole were sitting next to each other. He saw the mayor in a chair and remembered calling him washed up once. Kevin’s eyes scanned over the people until they rested on a fluffy haired mailman within the crowd. Kevin looked at Jamie’s confused face starring at him. He pulled at the scarf agian, it was slowly turning into a nervous habit. If he wanted jamie back, he had to do this.

One thing was for sure though…

These kids were evil.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” Steven announced, doing jazz hands.

“Kevin has something he wants to say to all of you! Without further a-due…” Connie jazz hands too.

“Kevin!” They jazz hands at Kevin before running off the stage..

Silence fell over the audience as Kevin stood there, just holding the microphone and pulling at his scarf. 

He didnt want to do this, he hated this. Why should he have to do this to be forgiven? It was unfair to embarrass him like that…

But from the crowd, Kevin saw jamie give him a smile,,the smile jamie made when Kevin was nervous about his lines during rehearsal. A smile jamie had for Kevin that told him he would be ok, even if he messed up.

Kevin missed that smile almost as much as he missed Jamie’s smile when he saw Kevin wearing his scarf.

Yeah…Kevin had to do it.. It was for jamie after all.

“Hi I’m…im Kevin.” Wonderful opening, Oscar worthy, really.“ I know uh..dumb way to start.but uh..I’m uh…sorry? I guess? Look im still figuring out how to say this..I was a jerk to…well to everyone really…and honestly? I don’t care if I was a jerk, but I…I see now that if I’m not…less of a jerk…I don’t get the person i care about, ill always be second best…when I am the best.” What? Kevin is still Kevin, you think he isnt going to brag?“look what I’m saying is…I am sorry…for all the mean things I have said, and all the mean things I have done. I’m..working on being better….” Kevin,began to take off his was his favorite one. It was red and comfy, never too hot, never too cold when he wore it. Plus, it was very fashion forward.

“A few weeks ago…I was given this purple scarf…and I uh..I never gave a gift back in return for it…” Kevin saw Jamie’s look of surprise as he mentioned the scarf.“so uh..jamie if you..want” Kevin held the hoodie out off the stage towards the silent crowd. He looked off to the side. Kevin didn’t see the movement nor hear the footsteps of someone coming near him. He didnt look over until he felt a pull on his hoodie. He turned and his eyes met Jamie’s. Jamie came up to get his hoodie. As Jamie’s pulled on the hoodie a bit, he gave Kevin a brand new smile.

“Thanks Kevin, I really like your hoodie.” Kevin gently let go of the red hoodie and watched jamie put it on. Kevin was bigger than Jamie, so the jacket was a little long, but Jamie was cute nonetheless. Kevin now understood why Jamie gave such a cute smile when he saw Kevin wesronf his scarf. It was sweet to see someone wearing something you gave them.

“I like you.” Kevin,said into the microphone.

Who would have knows it could get even more silent?

Buck slid sour cream a ten as Jamie looked up at Kevin.

“Oh I like you too.” Jamie smiled, being the oblivious,person he most likely isn’t.

“Jamie if you make me sing a love song from a musical to get you to understand that my ‘like’,for you is a. ‘love’ I will throw myself into the sun.”

The crowd broke into soft whispers as Jamie blushed. Steven ran over and took the microphone.

“Ok so uh..who all forgives Kevin?” Slowly, hands began to go up around the audience, followed by some small comments,of 'i will forgive him c u s see this is cute AF'  soon everyone hsd forgiven Kevin and connie took the microphone.

“ok have a nice day! you can so leave now.”

Soon everyone had left and Kevin was left with Jamie.

“I apologized to everyone for you. Like you said, you dont owe me anything ,but I do love you.” Jamie was as red as stevens shirt.

“I…havent thought about you like that..”

Kevin sat on the stage and shrugged.“its fine, I figured you hadn’t, but now you can think about me and see if I’m the JD to your veronica.” He winked. Jamie blinked.

“Kevin, have you even seen heathers the musical?, Kevin shook his head.

Nah,just looked up some theatre couples and I figured it sounded romantic.”

“Yeah…we are going to my house to see exactly why they are not a good couple to try to copy.”

“Oh so I get a date already?” Its Kevin, if he doesn’t play cool, he will probably combust right now.

Jamie sputtered our a “t..thats not what this is"v before turning to walk away. Kevin grabbed the hood and pulled Jamie back, placing a kiss on his cheek. 

"Alright, alright, lets go watch heathers the musical.”

Jamie blushed all the way to his house as Kevin drove them there.

One thing w a for sure, jamie didn’t see this twist ending.


Annnnnnd done!,I know its shorter then the last one, but I figured it would be funny. Steven and connie, in my opinion, would totally make Kevin apologize to the full town because he was s jerk to the citizens in town a lot probably. Buck and sour cream had a bet going on if Kevin was into guys of not, cause he spent s lot of time with Jamie lately. Sour cream won. Yeah bur if you dont mind, I would like to post these to mt ao3?

Submitted by: @sockpansy

yO I REALLY LOVE THIS????? YES PLEASE? Kevin meeting up with Steven and Connie to apologize was my favorite part omGG. The rest of it was so sweet I’m gonna cry, and I nearly loST IT WHEN KEVIN REFERENCED HIM AND JAMIE AS VERONICA AND JD ASDFGGJKL. IT’S YOUR AMAZING WORK, OF COURSE YOU CAN POST IT.

Mother To Son - Langston Hughes

Well, son, I’ll tell you: 
Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair. 
It’s had tacks in it, 
And splinters, 
And boards torn up, 
And places with no carpet on the floor— 
But all the time 
I'se been a-climbin’ on, 
And reachin’ landin’s, 
And turnin’ corners, 
And sometimes goin’ in the dark 
Where there ain’t been no light. 
So, boy, don’t you turn back. 
Don’t you set down on the steps. 
‘Cause you finds it’s kinder hard. 
Don’t you fall now— 
For I'se still goin’, honey, 
I'se still climbin’, 
And life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.