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Reaction #6: His reaction to you kissing his neck

SeokJin (Genie):

“If you keep doing that Jagi, i’ll just have to show you what i’m capable of.”

Yoongi (Yeon Ki Min):

“Didn’t I tell you if you keep doing that i’ll have to punish you.”

Hoseok (J-Dope):

“Jagi, why don’t we finish this..but in the bedroom.”

Namjoon (Monie):

“Babygirl/boy you don’t know what you’ve just done to daddy.”

Jimin (Christian Chim Chim):

“Baby I promise i’ll get you back for this.”

Taehyung (Jack):

“Come with” *He tightly grabs your hand and walks you to the bedroom*

Jungkook (Justin Seagull):

“You’re turning me into a bad boy right now y/n, and because of that we’re gonna have to solve this problem.”

A/N: I do NOT own these gifs but credit to those who do! Meanwhile i’ll just be over here sweating, enjoy!

I’ve seen another friend on here lose control over, and credit for, some writing they did that went hyper-viral. Their work blew up and crossed over into Twitter, where it was attributed to the wrong person ad nauseam. and it really hurt that person deeply. They spent a ton of time and energy trying to get the credit they deserved. and because their work was floating around unattributed, they lost significant marketing and professional development opportunities. I don’t ever want to see that happen to a friend again. Or to anyone.

Give people credit for their creations. Never divorce the content from the attribution. Always provide a link to the source. Hard-working people create the content you enjoy.

No Sleep Till Brooklyn, Part 3

Heartmate Series: Steve Rogers x Reader

Characters: Steve Rogers, Deadpool, Falcon

Warnings: language, violence - Deadpool’s in it guys, it ain’t PG.

A/N: This is my take on the soulmate trope. It’s not necessarily an AU, because technically heartmate is canon in the Marvel world - at least with Wade’s comics.

Summary: You’re a mutant turned mercenary, working with the best merc around - Wade Fucking Wilson aka Deadpool. You are also someone who doesn’t believe in the whole heartmate crap. How could two people solely be made for each other? Steve Rogers is Captain America,  Avenger extraordinaire. Call him old fashion, but he believed in heartmates and knew he had one out there. The two of you cross paths one day and things get set in motion. Can Steve get passed the jaded wall you built or would things just crash and burn? And will Wade Wilson finally learn to put the seat down after taking a piss? Who knows.


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Here comes more MONSTERS!! ~⭐

TRG and Re:vale edition!! :3c These monsterfluffs were an absolute pleasure to work with (well TRG gave me a bit of trouble because of their theme but-) it was a fun little challenge ´v`

[I7 Monsterfluffs]

Woo Jinyoung Mafia AU
  • you tied your hair up carefully, making sure to smooth down any flyaway hairs
  • your boss was very particular about everyone looking perfect, and as you were the “face” of the Lotus Spa and Hotel, you were no exception
  • you worked as a receptionist for the Lotus Hotel, hired for your kind and hardworking personality
  • of course, you knew that the Lotus Hotel was a front for the much darker, much more illegal activity that went down behind closed doors, but your boss had promised you that you would be safe at all times
  • besides, he’d added, the hotel wasn’t a place for blatant fighting or shooting, it was a place where important deals took place– nobody would be stupid enough to endanger a worker of the 101 on 101 turf
  • at the time that you’d been hired, you’d desperately needed money, so you took the job
  • it was your third month working night shifts there, and nothing had happened yet to make you think that it was an unsafe place to work
  • “welcome to the Lotus Hotel, how may I be of assistance?” you parroted as someone stepped up to the desk you sat at, glancing up from the forms you’d been staring at quickly
  • when you saw the man standing there, your breath caught in the back of your throat
  • he was handsome in a strange way, with curling hair, lithe body clad in a crisp traditional suit
  • “yes, I believe I made a reservation for one of the conference rooms?” he asked with a small, charming smile, one that almost seemed too charming
  • “May I have your name?” you asked politely, typing away on your computer to distract yourself from your racing heart
  • “Jinyoung,” he replied, picking up one of the business cards bearing your name and hotel phone number from the receptionist desk, playing with it absentmindedly between his fingers
  • “I have the reservation right here,” you said, reaching over to take the credit card he’d slid over to you 
  • “wonderful,” he’d replied with a smile, meeting your eyes
  • you blushed at the eye contact, your eyes darting back down to the computer screen in front of you
  • “here you go, thank you for choosing the lotus hotel,” you chirped, handing him his reciept and credit card back
  • “it was my pleasure, dear,” he replied, tucking his credit card back into his wallet
  • he met your gaze as he shoved his wallet back into his back pocket, pausing before picking up your business card, tucking it into his breast pocket
  • “i’ll be around,” he said with a small smile, sauntering away from the receptionist desk towards the back conference rooms
  • as you watched him board the elevator, you placed a hand over your chest, trying to calm your racing heart– what had just happened ?
  • the next time you saw jinyoung he strode up to the reception desk confidently, sending you that smile that made your heart speed up
  • “reservation for the conference room,” he said simply, sliding over his credit car
  • you nodded, quickly pulling up the reservation
  • “has your day been treating you well?”
  • “huh?” you looked up sharply, surprised that he was asking you such a question, “oh! yes, my day’s been alright. you?”
  • jinyoung smiled down at you, accepting the receipt from you, and you shivered a bit as your fingers brushed against his, “getting better.”
  • that night was the first night when something related to the 101 had happened while you had a shift, as the news informed you
  • you briefly wondered if jinyoung had gotten home safely, and you even briefly entertained the idea that he was maybe in the 101 himself
  • however, you dismissed the idea– there were hundreds of guests at the Lotus that night; jinyoung surely wasn’t the one who was involved
  • a few months after that incident, you were asked by your boss to take over one of the maids’ night shift, as she’d unexpectedly had to go home for the weekend
  • once your boss offered to pay you double for the hours, you accepted, tugging the cleaning cart behind you as you headed up to the fourth floor where the regular maid normally cleaned
  • the rooms ranged from very clean to utterly disgusting, and you were pretty sure you’d never seen so many used 
  • you carefully pushed your cart into the next room, frowning at how messy it was
  • sighing, you got to work, first re-making the bed and then picking all the clothing that was strewn across the floor
  • you went over to the table in the room, noticing a large duffel bag
  • you were just trying to straighten it when you noticed something metal tucked underneath it
  • carefully, you nudged the bag away, and screamed in shock when you saw the pistol lying there, dropping your spray bottle of cleaning fluid
  • “what the hell are you doing in here?” you heard someone snap, and you screamed again, this time in surprise
  • clutching your head, you turned around to face jinyoung, whose eyes were wide as he took in the scene
  • “(y/n)?” he asked, walking over to you quickly and shoving the duffel bag back over the pistol
  • “m-mr. woo,” you stammered out, eyes huge as you tried to process what had happened
  • his hair was messy, all over the place, curling into his now narrowed eyes, his suit slightly rumpled
  • “(y/n), i thought you ran reception?” he asked gently, obviously not wanting to startle you again
  • “i-i’m covering someone else’s shift,” you managed to stutter out, still clutching your chest in shock
  • “ah,” he nodded, heaving a sigh and taking a seat in the large chair, hand going up to loosen his tie, “no one bothered to tell you that this room was off-limits?”
  • your eyes widened again as you looked over at him, “no, nobody told me anything,” you quickly knelt to collect the cleaning supplies that you brought, “i’m really sorry about this, i’ll see if maybe the hotel can refund you? or give you a free stay or something, I’m really, really sor–”
  • “(y/n),” jinyoung interrupted you, eyes boring into yours intensely
  • you blushed, realizing that you’d been babbling
  • “it’s okay, i don’t mind,” he explained, “but given the circumstances, there’s something i need you to understand.”
  • you watched, cheeks growing increasingly red, as he carefully unbuttoned the top three buttons of his rumpled white shirt, tugging it down to reveal his collarbone
  • “oh.”
  • realization finally dawned on you as you took in the sight of his curling 101 tattoo, tangling with a couple other tattoos further down his chest
  • “ i’m telling you this now because clearly, your boss hasn’t informed you like he was supposed to,” jinyoung said, turning around and tugging his shirt off the rest of the way
  • you turned bright red at that, doing your best to avert your eyes from the bare back you were facing
  • “i-i’ll be going, then,” you rushed, shoving your cleaning supplies back onto the cart
  • “sorry to startle you, (y/n),” jinyoung called after you
  • “it’s no trouble,” you replied, bowing quickly, “sorry to cause such a mess.”
  • the next day, when you got to work, your boss greeted you at your usual desk and tossed a bag with the maids’ uniform at you
  • “you’re taking isobel’s position,” he informed you
  • you frowned up at him, “why? i’m not a maid?”
  • “woo jinyoung requested that you clean his room now,” he told you, “now hurry and go change. you’ll work every other day as a maid, but i still want you on reception for most of your time.”
  • you reached out to grab the uniform he’d tossed at you, getting up from your seat
  • on the one hand, you were pissed at your boss for being an asshole to you, but at least this way, you wouldn’t have to deal with actual people
  • jinyoung was gone from his room when you got there, and only arrived just as you were exiting the room
  • “you’re good at this,” was all jinyoung had said with a small smile, holding the door of his room open for you to exit out of
  • you settled into the switch fairly easily
  • the cleaning wasn’t difficult, and you found out quickly that maids actually got tips, while receptionists did not
  • jinyoung was always very charming and kind to you, which you also appreciated 
  • one night, you were working reception, and had hurried to the back room to replace the paper for the receipt machine when you heard someone ring the bell for assistance
  • “jinyoung?” you gasped, eyes widening as you caught sight of him
  • his face was bloodied, shirt dirty, and the way he struggled to focus his eyes on you made you think he might have been on something
  • “can you help me?” he slurred out, looking over at you hopefully
  • you rushed over to his side, draping his arm around your shoulder and helping him to the elevator
  • “what happened?” you asked, the silence of the elevator heavy around the two of you
  • “ambush,” he replied, blinking a few times to clear his vision
  • you helped him to his room, depositing him in the large chair quickly before hurrying to the bathroom, grabbing a washcloth and wetting it
  • “do you need to go to a hospital?” you asked as you started carefully wiping the tacky blood away from his cheek, jinyoung’s eyes drooping closed slowly
  • “m fine,” he replied quietly, “just some scrapes.”
  • you sighed, going back to wiping the blood away
  • once you were satisfied with his face, you helped him carefully take off his suit jacket and button-down shirt, trying not to turn red at the sight of his bare chest
  • “your tattoos,” you murmured quietly, reaching out to trail your finger over the curling ‘HF’, wondering what it meant
  • jinyoung reached up and curled his fingers around yours, holding onto it as you started carefully wiping the dried blood from his torso
  • “jinyoung, i need my hand back,” you said gently, trying to go to rinse off the washcloth
  • his grip just tightened, his eyes meeting yours
  • “stay,” he said quietly, cheeks turning a bit pink at his words
  • you sighed, taking a seat on the armrest of the chair
  • he leaned his head against your shoulder, tracing small patterns into your hand with his free one
  • “you know, i like you,” he mumbled, hold on your hand tightening again
  • you glanced sharply down at him, a slight frown on your face
  • “why?”
  • jinyoung pulled away, looking earnestly into your eyes, “(y/n), you’re perfect in every way i can think of and more.”
  • it was then that you realized how close he was to you, some thing you were growing more and more aware of as he drew closer to you
  • then you were kissing softly, his hand going back to tangle with yours, gently drawing you towards him
  • despite jinyoung’s rough, cocky interior, you realized, he had a gentle soul 

ty smols n tols yall always pull thru w the amazing ideas <3

You know when, although it’s really cold outside, the sun is shining right in your eyes, blinding you, and you’re like, “Yes! Summer, I can feel you! I really can!” That’s what kind of day it is over here :)

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Rant !

You know what , when an artist works on something and doesn’t put a watermark or tag on it , it does not give someone the right to steal it and claim it as their own. You know that edit of Dan and Phil from the roller disco that everyone says looks real ? Yeah that’s my edit and it got stolen from my Twitter and reposted over and over again on Instagram with no credit then on here. It’s heart breaking to see my OWN WORK get more notes on someone else’s page than it has on my own. Please be mindful of artists time and effort when you STEAL from them. This isn’t aimed at anyone in particular I’m just annoyed that it keeps getting stolen and reposted and I’m not getting credit for the effort and time it took. Want proof it’s mine ? Look bellow

It’s actually a FULL BODY edit that’s right. I have had enough of this shit and I WILL tag stuff from now on if people can’t learn to give credit. Sorry for the negativity it’s just getting to me.

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