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You know when, although it’s really cold outside, the sun is shining right in your eyes, blinding you, and you’re like, “Yes! Summer, I can feel you! I really can!” That’s what kind of day it is over here :)

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When You’re Sick (BTS)

No this isn’t a request, but it’s v topical aha. I had the most hideous fever last night: I had cold sweats, shakes and my fucking fingernails turned blue lmao. I took the day off school and I am a lot better. This was all I could think of when I was ill last night, BTS. So, here were are (story time over).

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Rap Monster:
You’d have to quickly put a halt to his obsession with googling symptoms. As soon as he was about to tell you that you had some form of terminal cancer, you meekly asked him to just get you some cold meds. He apologised and went out as quick as he could - tripping over the front step on the way. He would pick carefully, most likely even asking the counter assistant to help find the best remedy. In the end, he’d return with a selection and with the promise of take away being ordered.

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(and suddenly my sickness is cured)

You all know that he’d be the absolute best in situations such as these. He’d have a cool, calm head which would hide the worry he would have over you. You’d try to convince him to go to practice that day but he wouldn’t have it. He’d already be fixing up the remedies he grew up with and coordinating your meal plan for the day. He’d stay by you all day. When he wasn’t being your own personal carer, he was cuddling you whilst watching movies. He’d stay with you until you got better, despite your protests.

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(he’s so greasy but he’s so hot boii canunot)

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Imagine introducing Steve Rogers and Thor to EDM

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“Here, try this one,” you yell over Right On Time by Skrillex.

Thor and Steve jump at the loud noises and the deep voice repeatedly saying “right on time”.

“How is this music!?” Thor yells over the music.

“Shush! Listen to the beat drop!” you yell just before the bass drops, causing you to dab.

“What was that?” Steve asks, judging whatever it is you just did.

“I dabbed,” you reply.

“You what?” Thor asked.

Steve turns down the music.

“So, do you like it?” you ask them.

“There weren’t even any instruments,” Thor laughs.

“It just sounded like power tools and yelling,” Steve adds.

“You two really are old men,” you pout.

“Well, that doesn’t mean we don’t like it,” Thor says, not wanting to upset you.

“Yeah, exactly,” Steve agrees.

“So, you like it?” you ask hopefully.

“I don’t know if we’d go that far yet…” Steve chuckles awkwardly.

To commissioners: as my financial situation improves, all your payments are going to my savings to help me move out by (ideally) the summer. Thank you for your constant support <3

GUYS, I figured out why it’s called Let’s Play! It’s all the letters of their names!!

Eyy it’s Geoff
Too cool Michael
S’ Jack

Probably Jeremy
Lindsay (again)
A Ryan


Feeling really disappointed because someone (an account I really like and have followed for a long time before this) took my gif and uploaded it without permission or credits :(

I uploaded 2 gifs from that set over here, and one on my own Twitter.

Even sent the account a message, but it was ignored… (´_`。) Can’t send a direct message either because the account doesn’t allow it.

If anyone has any pointers for me regarding this, I’d really appreciate it. 

mort-ician’s headcanons and art of younger Belcher kids are so cute so I just somehow doodled over some of those. (Credits for all headcanons here as well as the design for tiny Tina and Gene goes to mort-ician, consequently. I’m so sorry, I’d have done more and in more detail I guess, but I ran out of time and energy for the time being.^^”)

Gene tries to eat everything as a baby. If you aren’t watching him he’s sticking something new in his mouth. 

When Louise is born , Gene had a hard time saying Louise so he called her Lou Lou for a while.

Of the three of them, Louise cried the most and the loudest.

On Tina’s first day of kindergarden, the whole family walked her to school. Gene carried her backpack for her the entire time! (he was a little upset when he found out he couldn’t come to school with her) ( i made a drawing of this )

(I know it only said ‘a little upset’. I took waaay more artistic liberties than I should’ve. He… Probably got over it though. XD)