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I find it disturbing how Kpop groups go though years of training and preparation, spend months at a time without their families, miss out on sleeping to improve themselves, only to be criticized or torn down by either their own fans or others because they don’t fit into their category of perfection.

Being a fan doesn’t mean you’re entitled to say whatever you want so stop putting so much pressure on Kpop groups, stop tearing down those who aren’t your favourite and please if you don’t have anything respectful to say then don’t say it

With All My Heart - Part 4

Word Count: 1852

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. I feel like this is just bad and I’m sorry. 

Comments and constructive feedback always appreciated

With All My Heart Masterlist

You woke up way too early for your liking the next morning. The day was going to drag by, which you hated, but there was no way you could get back to sleep. You dragged yourself out of bed and to the living room, grabbing a quick breakfast and throwing yourself down on the couch, trying to find something to do.

You decided to check Netflix when a thought came to your mind. If you were going to be spending more time with Jensen, you should probably watch his show. You scrolled through until you found Supernatural and pushed play, starting at season 1 episode 1. As soon as you saw him you couldn’t help but laugh. He was so young even his voice sounded like a baby. It didn’t take long though before you found yourself completely sucked in until your phone started to chime.

Jensen: Hey. Helping Jared took longer than I thought. You still wanna come over?


Y/N: Yeah, right after I finish this show on Netflix. Text me your address.


Jensen: K. Bring a bathing suit and extra clothes.

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Moving Business Part 4

Originally posted by qweentae

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Mafia!au

Warnings: Angst, um Violence? Taehyung swears a lot?

Summary: Part of you actually wanted to believe being around Taehyung meant you were going to be safe but after the one and only time he let you out. You slipped from his grasp but not the way you had intended.

(Credit to original owner of gif)

Part (1) (2) (3) (4)


When you woke up in the morning, you were met with Taehyung’s bare back sitting upright and you smiled warmly and sat up,while wrapping your arms around him causing a deep chuckle to emit from him “Well good morning to you too.” He breathed in his raspy morning voice.

You felt somewhat guilty knowing your plan to escape was falling through just because you simply loved him so much. He turned his head slightly and you smiled at his tired face but you gave him a kiss anyway and he turned his whole body and pulled your onto his lap and you giggled as you remembered when you guys would do this when you were younger.

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Jeremy Jordan Audio List

I love listening to Jeremy, especially his live performances on Youtube. I decided to make audios (mp3s) of those videos and decided I would share. I may add more on later and I’m free to take requests! 

Below are the links to the mp3s separated by folders. Feel free to share and download! Be sure to credit! Intended for personal use! 

Disclaimer: I do not own the videos these was made from and there is no association with Jeremy Jordan. 

Youtube Playlist:  Jeremy Jordan

Audio Files 

Various Show Performances

Duets with Ashley Spencer

Duets and Compilations


For @jeremyjordanismyjam and @jeremymichaeljordan

Thanks for making some great things and having a great JJ blog! 

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Carmilla fanart collage

I did something using toodrunktofindaurl, ninakarena, sir-kir, valentinemichaelsmith, bibinella, bevsi, felitomkinson and romans-art illustrations. 

Please, respect their work. They’re important

Link to every fanart:

I do not own anything, please, if your art is there and you wnt it removed, ask me and I’ll do it.