no cooment

EXO Reaction to getting hate because their chubby gf

Here you go anon! I’m sorry for the wait, I’ve been thinking of how to do this one since I didn’t want to make it like the other one. It’s a little bit sad tho ): Love, Admin A~

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Chanyeol: “You won’t leave this room until you understand that what they are syaing is not true”

Kris: *Cheers on you* “Sweetie don’t be sad, they don’t know what they are saying”

Sehun: “I love you and that’s what matters. You are beautiful in the outside and inside”

Tao: *He listens to you sob and has an internal fight with himself for not being able to protect you from those mean cooments*

Kai: *Takes you to eat* “Everything is solved with food*
You: “Jonging but… me.. food..”
Kai: “Hey! I eat a lot too! You look perfectly fine!”

Xiumin: *He knows exactly how you feel, he tries to talk to you about it and tell you everything is fine* “You don’t need to listen to them Jagi… I chosed you, nothing will change that”

Baekhyun: *You’ve talked about this a lot of times but you won’t listen. He is trying to make you feel better but he knows it will be hard*

Luhan: *He ignores the hate and starts being al corny with you*

Chen: *He is frustrated, he wants them to leave you alone yet he doesn’t know what to do. He is totally in despair*

Kyungsoo: “Why are you even listening to them! I’ve told you many times you are beautiful!”

Lay: *You call him while he is busy, he gets worried and leaves to meet you right away* “Calm down! I’ll be there in 5 minutes”

Suho: *You are sad and he thinks you are blaming him, but you know it’s not his fault, yet he won’t listen* “I’m sorry Y/N”.