no converses wat

Beginnings to conversations.

Dutch/ Nederlands
Hallo! Wat is jouw naam? Mijn naam is Shyanne. Aangenaam kennis te maken. Ik ben 20 jaar oud. Waar kom je vandaan. Ik kom uit Californië. Vaarwel! Een fijne dag!

French/ Français Bonjour. Comment t'appelles-tu? Je m'appelle Shyanne. Enchanté. J'ai 20 ans. D'où viens-tu? Je viens de Californie. Au revoir! Bon journée!

English Hello. What is your name? My name is Shyanne. Nice to meet you. I am 20 years old. Where are you from? I’m from California. Goodbye. Have a nice day !

Italian/ Italiano Ciao! Come ti chiami? Mi chiamo Shyanne. Piacere di conoscerla. Ho 20 anni. Di dove sei? Sono di California. Arrivederci. Buona giornata!

Spanish/ Español ¡Hola! ¿Cómo te llamas? Mi nombre es Shyanne. Encantado de conocerte. Tengo 20 años. ¿De dónde eres? Soy de California. Adiós. ¡Ten un buen día!

Swedish/ Svenska Hej! Vad heter du? Jag heter Shyanne. Trevligt att träffas. Jag är 20 år gammal. Varifrån kommer du? Jag kommer från Kalifornien. Hej då. Ha en bra dag!

Vientnamese/ Tieng Viet Xin chào! Bàn tên gì? Tên tôi là Shyanne. Hân hạnh được gặp bạn. Tôi 20 tuổi. Bạn đến từ đâu? Tối đến từ califonia. Tạm biệt. Chúc một ngày tốt lành!

Talking With My Friend About Supernatural
  • Friend: Oh my God, I am in LOVE with Dean!
  • Mind: I like Sam and Cas better, but Dean is awesome too.
  • Mouth: I love Dean too!
  • Friend: Him and Jo are perfect together! I love them so much!
  • Mind: Ew.
  • Mouth: Nice! I don't like them together too much anymore, but I used to like them a lot.
  • Friend: That's cool. Hey, you know what character I really hate?
  • Mind: I wonder if it's a demon or an angel.
  • Mouth: Who?
  • Friend: Sam.
  • Mind: *short-circuits*
  • Mouth: O - oh. Why?
  • Friend: I can't stand him! He's so selfish and stupid! He ruins the whole show! I wish he would just die so I could just watch Dean. The show would be so much better off without him.
  • Mind: . . .
  • Mind: wat
  • Mouth: wat
  • Body: wat
  • Police officers: wat
  • Official mayors of various cities: wat
  • Innocent sea creatures: wat
  • The world: wat
  • Distant planets: wat
  • Alternate dimensions: wat
  • God: wat
  • Lucifer: wat
  • My entire existence: wat