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A Princess Deserves Her Beauty Sleep (G.D)

A/N: It’s late where I am, but I got this request so I figured it’d be quick to post before I go to bed :) enjoy my loves 💜


Word count: About 1000

Warnings: Nothin but cuteness and fluff :D


Your eyes fluttered shut as your fingers skimmed along the keyboard in quick movements. It was becoming a lot, trying to balance college, your job and keeping up with your schedule. Your sleep schedule especially, you didn’t even remember the last time you shut your eyes for over twenty minutes. Your boyfriend Grayson, was becoming concerned with you. He noticed the little things, like how you dozed off mid-conversation, the slight redness of your eyes and how you seemed unaware to anything that was going on.
Of course he used this to his advantage sometimes. Occasionally snapping his fingers in your face causing your body to jolt right up out of shock. You’d slap his chest gently and curse him out, his loud snickers being the only thing that was keeping you awake.

You brought a hand up to muffle your yawn as you finished up typing your essay, which was due the next day. A long sigh left your lips as you shut your laptop, satisfied with the way all your hard work came out. Grayson walked into the living room, flashing you one of his award-winning smiles as he sat down besides you. “How’s the homework going?” He asked you and leaned forward to set his phone down onto the coffee table. “Hmm?” You hummed and your eyes fluttered open once again. Grayson raised an eyebrow in amusement and chuckled softly. “I said, how’s the homework going?” He repeated and you nodded. “Just finished my essay. I have to edit some other things but they aren’t due yet..might as well get them out the way-”
“Babe. Stop.” Grayson placed a hand over yours, stopping you from reaching forward to grab your laptop once again. You gave him a “Seriously Gray?” look and retracted your hand, sitting up against the couch. “Just take a break. Why don’t we watch a movie or something?” He suggested, his hand searching through the couches folds in search of the TV remote. “Why do that when I have a bunch of assignments to catch up on, Gray?” You replied and reached for your laptop again. “As your boyfriend I believe you deserve a break. If you don’t then you won’t get anymore cuddles.” Grayson threatened and you pouted, your hand coming back to rest in your lap as your eyes shifted from his to your laptop. “It’s either me or school.”
“My education is pretty impor-”

“Well, no more cuddles for you!”
“Wait Gray! Please I’m sorry! I’ll take a break!” You pleaded as Grayson scooted all the way to the other side of the couch. “That’s what I thought.” He smiled to himself and returned to his seat besides you, his hand reaching for the remote lying next to him. “Don’t push it.” You murmured as you rested your head against his chest. “Hmm, what was that?” He asked teasingly as he flicked on the TV, switching to a random channel. “Oh nothing.” You plastered on a smile and Grayson laughed.

About 8 minutes into the show and you were already dozing off at random moments. Grayson shook your shoulder and you sat up, knuckles coming up to rub the tiredness out of your eyes as you looked at him. “Lay on my lap.” He suggested. You didn’t want to argue so you complied, flipping your hair to one side as you laid your head down onto his thighs. You found this to be quite comfortable as he began to run his fingers through your knotted tresses. Murmuring a soft sorry whenever he tugged on it a bit. He grabbed the blanket that was hung off the side of the couch and draped it over your body. You smiled in response and your eyes shut, you felt this blackness come over you. Like a blanket, but not a blanket of warmth but a blanket of tiredness making you let out a small yawn. Your eyes grew heavier and heavier, and the feeling of Grayson softly caressing you didn’t help push that feeling away, only antagonize it. But this time you let it happen, and you were drawn into a dreamless sleep in the lap of the man you loved.

Feeling the familiar way Grayson held and lifted you, your eyes fluttered open. You squinted at the light and looked up to see Grayson carrying you to your shared bedroom. “What’re you doing?” You whispered and wrapped your arms around his torso as he gently kicked the door open. “My princess deserves her beauty sleep, and she’s not going to get that by sleeping on the couch.” Grayson pulled back the covers of the bed and gently set you down. He grabbed it and threw it over your body, leaning down to press a loving kiss to your temple. He pulled away but you grabbed the collar of his shirt with a burst of energy. “Thank you..” You murmured softly and he smiled. “Anything for you.” He leaned forward and gave you a tender, sweet kiss. You released your grasp on his shirt and he walked back towards the door, his hand grazing the light switch to shut it off. “You know I’d probably sleep way more comfortably if you were here cuddling me.” You hummed and cracked open an eye only to see Grayson walking back towards the bed. He gave you a cheeky smirk and crawled under the covers besides you, spooning you as his hands traced the sides of your face lovingly. “I love you baby, now get some sleep. You deserve it.”
“Mm..and I love you.”
You snuggled up against his chest and your eyes fell shut, the only sounds being heard were your shallow breaths and Grayson’s steady heartbeat. It lulled you to sleep, the rhythmic beats in time with each breath he took, it soothed you and calmed you. Maybe more than it should’ve, but that wasn’t a bad thing.


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You know, ive been thinkin' how Keanu feels if his lover calls him Daddy🔥🔥

Or…. better yet, imagine John Wick?

It was probably said as a joke at first; You were being a brat, poking fun at John for being so serious all the time.

Suggestive Gifs below (And mild Daddy Kink drabble): 

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hii honey, its me! could you write a justlex fic where they're on a school trip for three days and they have to share room and bad, and they both have a secret crush for each other? 💝💝💝 (sorry for my english, hope it's clear hahaha)

This is so cute I needed this. I hope you like it😘

“There’s only one bed.”

“I can see that.”

“Fuck you, Standall.”

Alex rolls his eyes. “Your vocabulary range always astounds me.”


“Why is it all sexual?”

There’s silence after that and Alex turns to find Justin still staring at the room, cheeks flushed slightly. “It wasn’t sexual until you made it that way.”

“So you admit that it is sexual and it’s because of me.”

Justin punches him in the shoulder.

Alex smiles, setting his bag on the ground and turning to drop onto the bed as Justin pulls his own bag strap over his head. “Do I have to sleep on the floor now?”

The school had decided to actually take them all on a trip, and an overnight one at that. Alex had been extremely tempted to skip it, but Hannah and Jessica had nagged him for weeks, and he’d given it. He just didn’t tell them that it had been Justin’s ‘come on, Standall, it’ll be fun’ that had ultimately made his decision.

He’d still been nervous about the overnight part, and when they found out rooms and partners were designated, he knew he’d been right to be.

Boys with boys and girls with girls of course, because anything else would be inappropriate. Yeah, right. Clearly, the teachers didn’t pay much attention to their students.

Hannah and Jess had been paired together, as had Sheri and Skye. Of course, Clay had been paired with Tony. Jeff and Tyler had been paired, leaving Monty with Zach, who only managed to stop being so pissed about it because it was with the taller jock.

Which only left Alex to be paired with Justin, feeling like this was a terrible idea.

Justin throws his bag on the bed, narrowly missing Alex’s side. “It’s a double bed, no one has to sleep on the floor.”

He avoids Alex’s eyes, and the blonde realises he has been since they got here. He aims a kick at the jock’s knee, tapping it lightly and Justin’s gaze finally lands on him. Alex gives him a wide smile and watches as Justin slowly mirrors it. “Hey, it’s gonna be fun, right?”

Alex can’t tell if his smile falters or he imagines it, because in an instant it’s back in place, and he’s nodding. “Right.”

It is fun, Alex has to admit that. They’d taken them to a theme park, and even with Alex’s stomach things, he’d always had a good one when it came to amusement rides. It helped that as soon as it had come into view, Justin’s face had lit up entirely, and he hasn’t stopped grinning since.

He’s been like an overexcited child all day and Alex is surprised it hasn’t exhausted him by now; but he latches onto Alex’s arm and gives him a pleading look, eyes wide and shining.

“We gotta go on the ferris wheel before we go.”

Alex raises his brows but smiles softly. “Sure, let’s go.”

What Alex doesn’t expect is for them to get on the ride, and for Justin’s grin to drop as soon as they’re a few feet from the ground.

They’re almost at the top when he looks around them, his hands tight around the bar in front of him, knuckles white. “We’re uh, we’re pretty high.”

Alex smirks. “You say that like it’s new for you.”

Justin doesn’t reply, and it’s the silence Alex needs to realise he’s breathing a little too fast. His brow furrows and he reaches out to touch the brunette’s arm. The shift jolts the carriage slightly and Alex watches as Justin squeezes his eyes shut.

Realisation dawns. “Dude. Are you scared of heights?”

He leans forward so he can look at him better and the carriage shakes again.

“Alex,” Justin snaps. “Stop making it move.”

Alex holds his hands up in apology, holding back a laugh. “I’m not trying to, it does that itself.”

That’s exactly what happens, then. This time, Justin reaches out to grab Alex’s hand, squeezing his fingers tightly between his own.

The blonde frowns slightly, squeezing back. “Hey, it’s not that bad, is it?” Justin tugs on his hand in response, and Alex shifts closer to him. The older boy presses against his side, and doesn’t move again until the ride’s over.

Justin’s back in his good mood when they get back onto solid ground and they merge with the others again.

When it’s finally time to go back to their rooms, his smile doesn’t disappear this time. He rifles through his bag lazily for something to wear to bed as Alex stands just inside the doorway, stomach churning.

Justin realises his stillness and looks back at him, brow furrowing in concern. “You okay? You look kinda sick. Was it the rides?”

Alex shakes his head no. He does feel kind of lightheaded, but it definitely wasn’t the rides.

Justin walks towards him, his expression growing more concerned. “It’s not your, stomach things, is it?”

He shakes his head again and forces a smile. “I think I’m just tired.”

The worried look doesn’t entirely leave Justin’s eyes, but he gives a soft smile in return. “Get some sleep then.”

Alex gets changed while Justin uses the bathroom, then they switch. When he comes back out, the lights are off except the lamp on the empty side of the bed, and Justin occupies the other. It leaves it so he can only make out the main lines of the jock’s features, and they all look soft and smooth under the orangish glow.

His heart speeds up in his chest as he eases himself under the covers, flipping off the light switch as he goes. He settles as close to the edge of the mattress as he can get while keeping all of his body on it.

There’s not even a minute of silence before Justin speaks. “Standall, you’re gonna fall off the bed.”

Alex stiffens. He doesn’t move any further from the edge. He can’t. Further from the edge means closer to Justin, and in the dark in this bed he’s not sure what that would do to his head. “I’m not five years old, I’m not gonna fall off.”

The absence of that last bit of light makes it a lot harder for Alex to see the other’s face, and it calms him a little. It also means he can sense the smirk more than he can actually see it. “You fell off the bed when you were five, didn’t you?”

Alex scowls, even though Justin probably can’t tell. “Everyone falls off the bed when they’re a kid. Asshole.” He shifts slightly, and his body tips backwards, over the edge of the mattress.

He lets out a yelp, preparing himself to hit the ground but an arm catches around his waist and it never comes. Instead he’s cushioned on the soft mattress with Justin’s arm slung over his waist, hand pressing into his back to keep him there.

He’s pulled him so far into the bed that they’re on the same pillow, on Justin’s side of the bed, faces inches apart. Alex can see him clearly again; his lips are pulled up in amusement but there’s an emotion in his eyes Alex can’t figure out. It makes him squirm in the boy’s hold, and he can feel heat creep up his neck as he realises just how close they are.

“I have my own pillow,” he breathes, hands falling on Justin’s chest for lack of anywhere else to put them.
Justin’s eyes dart between his and he grins. “I have another one you could try.”

Alex is about to question him when he’s pulled forward again. Within a second Justin’s able to maneuver them so he’s lying on his back with Alex’s head on his chest, arms wrapped around him.

His heart speeds up in his chest, but it’s somehow soothing. The arms around him are protective and he can feel Justin’s warmth through his shirt under his cheek. A pleasant feeling runs through him as Justin starts to trace patterns on his arm and he allows himself to relax, sinking against the jock and thinking he might actually get some sleep.

His eyes are just about to close some time later when Justin shifts under him.

He looks up curiously to find a mixture of annoyance and apology in his blue eyes, and he shifts again. “My arm’s starting to fall asleep.”

Alex can’t help but let out a laugh and he lifts himself up so Justin can pull his arm from under him. He settles back onto his own pillow and watches the brunette as he shakes his arm to get the blood flowing again.

He turns onto his side when he’s done and looks at Alex with a pout. “Why’d you go so far?”

“Where else did you want me to go?” Alex laughs again.

“You’ll fall off the bed again.”

“I didn’t fall off the first time!”

“Yeah but that’s ‘cause I saved you,” Justin smiles and nudges him with his foot. “Just turn around.”

Alex has the urge to argue, but Justin’s eyes are gentle with tiredness and his smile’s soft, so he complies. He flips onto his other side and almost immediately feels a weight dip the mattress behind him, before Justin’s arm falls back over his waist.

They’re spooning.

He’s sharing a room alone with Justin Foley, they’re in the same bed, and they’re spooning.

He suddenly finds it hard to breathe.

Then Justin pulls him back against his chest, hand flattening over his stomach and breath light on the back of his neck. He presses his face against Alex’s bleached hair, nosing at it lightly and Alex melts a little.

He’s had feelings for the senior for a while, and he’d always hoped they were returned but never fully let himself believe so. Now, though, he allows himself that hope, pressing back against him as Justin tangles their legs together.

Justin presses a light kiss to his nape and whispers.

“The ferris wheel wasn’t so bad with you, Standall.”

sorry this might be shitty, I had to get if finished because I’m apparently banned from technology tomorrow. There’s a hint of more ships in here this time because I kind of ship everything and don’t really know what this is tbh I’m sorry

Fill: (20) Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

Title: Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls (French Girls Counseling)

prompt 20: Artist!Jon AU! He draws Sock a lot because of his clothes and his facial expressions and it’s a good way to get Sock to shut up for five minutes, frozen in a ridiculous face or floaty pose. His sketchbook is filled with drawings of Sock now and people always ask who he is.

Pairing: Jonathan/Sock (friendship?)

Words: 713

(1 of 3)

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merry christmas! (its still xmas eve for me but whatevs.) i wanted a nice length christmas scenario, and who better to star in it than my bias?

chanyeol/reader, 1222 words

He’s too festive for his own good.


You woke up on Christmas Eve with a lack of heat. Your boyfriend was currently missing from your bed, and you groaned and flailed your arm around to be sure he was really missing. He was. You rolled out of bed, still incredibly groggy, and shuffled out of your bedroom to go find him.

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