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You know, ive been thinkin' how Keanu feels if his lover calls him Daddy🔥🔥

Or…. better yet, imagine John Wick?

It was probably said as a joke at first; You were being a brat, poking fun at John for being so serious all the time.

Suggestive Gifs below (And mild Daddy Kink drabble): 

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Fill: (20) Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

Title: Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls (French Girls Counseling)

prompt 20: Artist!Jon AU! He draws Sock a lot because of his clothes and his facial expressions and it’s a good way to get Sock to shut up for five minutes, frozen in a ridiculous face or floaty pose. His sketchbook is filled with drawings of Sock now and people always ask who he is.

Pairing: Jonathan/Sock (friendship?)

Words: 713

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merry christmas! (its still xmas eve for me but whatevs.) i wanted a nice length christmas scenario, and who better to star in it than my bias?

chanyeol/reader, 1222 words

He’s too festive for his own good.


You woke up on Christmas Eve with a lack of heat. Your boyfriend was currently missing from your bed, and you groaned and flailed your arm around to be sure he was really missing. He was. You rolled out of bed, still incredibly groggy, and shuffled out of your bedroom to go find him.

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