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Sterek AU: Falling in love with a cold blooded assassin like Stiles Stilinski was never the plan. Just sex, Stiles had said the first time they fell into bed, just this. But life rarely goes according to plan and Derek found himself too close to the point of no return, too close to getting his heart irreparably broken. When he decides this needs to be the end for them, the end of a life of always second guessing Stiles and inevitably getting hurt, he’s expecting Stiles to just walk away, to keep going with his life as though Derek was never in it. Love, after all, had never been part of the deal.

As it turns out, they’re both good at breaking the rules, at least when it comes to each other.


So sweet Kim porter takes her girls on a girls trip #motherhood 👧🏾👧🏾👧🏽👩🏾🌞

Egy lánynak ne mondd, hogy milyen szép. Nem fogja elhinni. Tájékoztasd arról, mennyire szereted a szemét, milyen gyönyörű haja van. De ez nem sokat számít. Inkább túrj bele a hajába, fogj rá a combjára, simogasd. Ebből fogja érezni, hogy tényleg tetszik neked. Fiúk, a barátnőtök nem fogja kényelmesen érezni magát mellettetek, ha nem érzi, hogy tényleg élvezitek. És ezt nem a szavaitokból fogja érezni, hanem a cselekedeteitekből.

Sterek AU: Stiles’ first mission working with the FBI includes one alpha Peter Hale, the trafficking of very dangerous and very illegal species of Wolfsbane and the Alpha’s nephew who just so happens to also be Stiles’ ex boyfriend Miguel. (When “Miguel” told him he worked with plants, Stiles probably shouldn’t have assumed he meant regular flowers.)