no color without him

Things you SHOULDN’T do to Bodhi Rook 

  • leave him out of Rogue One merchandise
  • desexualize him because he is a man of color without an obvious pairing in canon 
  • simplify his character to nothing more than a cinnamon roll
  • whitewash him in fan art 

 Things you SHOULD do to Bodhi Rook 

  • love and appreciate him?????

what’s better than this guys being pals

Im supposed to be writing but im going out soon and had to put makeup on to look like a somewhat decent person and ended up taking selfies so hi

he’s gone okay? let him go. i know that his laugh was the soundtrack to your summer and when he kissed your lips you could feel fire in your stomach. but he left, he’s not coming back. you don’t know why and you probably never will. thats part of what hurts the most. the silence. maybe if he had yelled or at least said goodbye this pain would be a little less extreme. but you can’t change any of that now. you cant make him come back just like you couldn’t make him stay. and thats okay, that isnt your fault. your soul is to big and encompassing, not something he ever knew how to handle. I’m sorry that everything feels heavy on ur shoulders now that he’s gone. you don’t deserve how the world turned blue, you deserve to see this life in all the color it can offer. but you should know that this world can be just as colorful without him in it. you will be okay without him. it’s hard to see it now but letting him go is the best thing you can do. I know you loved him and I’m so sorry he didn’t recognize the immensity of your greatness. but baby you are more beautifully complex than the deepest oceans and it’s not your fault that he prefers puddle jumping. so I know it’s hard and your allowed to miss him but it’s time to move on, to make room for someone that will appreciate everything you are.

He goes from Angelic Princess to Sass Demon in 3 panels flat…

A present for my Absolute Best Ever Friend™, @laumatsu !(*˙︶˙*)☆*° Ily Lau!! Happy Birthday!!!!!! <<33

Bonus Devil wallpaper:

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my bearded dragon will NOT STOP scratching on the glass and glass surfing and I just have no clue what’s wrong??? He’s in the right size tank, his temperatures are perfect (I checked) he just pooped yesterday so he’s not constipated,his tank is clean, he’s been fed crickets today and has a salad, i’ve taken him out and let him roam around….and its not just today, he keeps scratching and bumping his nose everyday for WEEKS even though I do all of the above mentioned stuff for him EVERYDAY, and I cannot figure out whats wrong and why he’s stressed and its stressing me out 


One Day & Thank You

Garrus gets pranked, how did he ever manage to get so far without realizing it was the wrong color? Especially when it makes him look like he just murdered a hanar and tried to wear it as a hat.

I always thought that their clan markings were more like tattoos than just simple face paint. Turians seem way too dedicated for their markings to be temporary.

sandanzuki  asked:


OK, I know what you’re thinking: Why would I draw Marx as a butler?

But I have a better question: Why NOT?

Look, I’m sorry but I’m going to appreciate this man in everything BUT his usual armor. Unless… someone actually wants me to draw that…Anyhow.

Might I say, he makes one fine butler, though. I’m not marrying him in my Invisible Kingdom file, but I can still appreciate the curly prince.