no coke only pepsi

So some lady walks into my store today looking confused
  • Her: what kind of drinks do you guys serve?
  • Me: we only sell coke products
  • Her: what drinks do you have that are no calories?
  • Me: bottled water and coke zero
  • Her: how many calories are in those?
  • Me: ...none😐
  • Her: ok can I have a large Pepsi?
  • Me: we only have coke products ma'am do you want a large coke zero?
  • Her: let me speak to your manager
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Relationship: Single af
Favourite Color: Black and Blue
Pets: None
Wake Up To: My little brother screaming
Cats or Dogs: hmmm definitely dogs
Coke or Pepsi: Coke Zero only or Pepsi Max
Day or Night: Night 
Text or Call: Depending on who but text most of the time
Lipstick or Chapstick: Neither
Last Book I Read:Dying of the Light
Last song I listened to: Secret Kiss by Aoi Shouta <3
Last Movie I Watched: Beauty and the Beast
Top 3 TV Shows: I don’t really watch TV….
Top 3 Characters : MIKAZE AI *screams*, Saeyoung Choi, Levi Ackerman
Top 3 Ships: Ren x Masato, Natsu x Lucy, Rei x Nagisa

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How I Write

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Is there a snack you like to eat while writing?

Diet Coke! Unfortunately, today I have only Diet Pepsi 😢

What time of day do you usually write?

I have high hopes pretty much every evening, but I get close to 90% of my words down on weekend afternoons (or the evening before a deadline, y’know, whichever)

Where do you write?

The library, usually. I used to have a desk, but then it *somehow* became an overflow bookshelf.

How often do you write a new thing?

I get an urge to start a big new project about once a month. I’ve gotten better about not actually following through on that, thank goodness.

Do you listen to music while you write?

I listen to a lot of theme park audio loops. If that sounds oddly specific, that’s because it is. This one is my go-to.

Paper or laptop?

I’ll often start out on paper, but I haven’t written out a complete chapter on paper in years.

Do you have a special pre-writing ritual?

Does swearing count

What do you do to get into the writing?

Mostly it’s just forcing myself to sit down and turn off Tumblr and Pinterest.

Do you have a reward system for word counts?


Is there anything else about your writing process your readers don’t know about?

Hmm… I don’t think so? 

I tag @thelettersfromnoone, @thewildwilds, @jennagill, @amysartiago, and (of course) anyone else who would like to do this!

anonymous asked:

Lmao about the water thing: I have friends that say coke and Pepsi taste the same and I'm like "coke from different parts of the country tastes different! The fuck you doing?"

Exactly, your in a different place where the ingredients may not get the same amount of nutrients or certain amounts of something so it’ll end up tasting different.

Coke and pepsi taste the same to me only because I rarely drink either together and me drinking soda in general is so far apart it just tastes the same

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I was tagged by @awellthoughtofusername (a while back - sorry!) to complete this questionnaire and I invite you all now to do the same. :) 

1. coke or pepsi: neither? the only soda I like is sprite.  
2. disney or dreamworks: disney
3. coffee or tea: tea but now I’m starting to get into coffee
4. books or movies: I love both but I my attention span is better suited for movies haha
5. windows or mac: I guess mac now since I have one (even though I still don’t know what I’m doing)
6. dc or marvel: marvel! their movies are better. not sure about the comics though because I heard those might be better in the dc series. 
7. xbox or playstation: Xbox
8. Dragon Age or Mass Effect: I’m sorry, idk anything about these.
9. night owl or early riser: def a night owl
10. cards or chess: chess is great but I’m no good. at least I stand a chance at a card game. haha 
11. chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
12: vans or converse: I’ve owned a pair of Converse before and I’ve always wanted some Vans. Honestly, I dig both their styles, as they aren’t too different from one another.   
13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: apparently, this is a Dragon Age thing, which I’m sorry, I cannot answer anything on.
14. fluff or angst: a bit of both ;)
15. beach or forest: forests
16. dogs or cats: I refuse to choose and further divide us between “cat people” and “dog people!” I love them both, gah dammit! …… *softly whispers* cats…..sorry, I love you too, dogs!
17. clear skies or rain: clear skies! but you can’t beat those cozy rainy days in.
18. cooking or eating out: cooking if I could cook well, which I can’t, so eating out. 
19. spicy food or mild food: spicyyyy
20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: how ‘bout we just say the whole period between Halloween and Christmas, eh?
21. would you rather be a little too cold or a little too hot: a little too cold, any day!
22. if you could have a superpower, what would it be: telepathy seems pretty cool, don’t you think? telepathy, it is!
23. animation or live action: live action
24. paragon or renegade: no clue, sorry!
25. baths or showers: showers but I wish I took more baths
26. team cap or team iron man: I need to re-watch civil war again to make an informed decision haha
27. fantasy or sci-fi: nooooo, I can’t choose.
28. do you have three or four favorite quotes? yes! fair warning: they’re all pretty sappy. haha 1) “It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.” ~Vincent Van Gogh 2) “I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.“ ~Anne Frank 3) “We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.” ~Martin Luther King Jr. 
29. youtube or netflix: Netflix (but why have they taken down Doctor Who??)
30. harry potter or percy jackson: HARRY POTTER
31. when you feel accomplished: immersing myself in meaningful work that keeps me passionate about life
32. star wars or star trek: star wars! but I’d love to get into some of the star trek tv series, too.
33. paperback books or hardback books: paperback - they’re cheaper! haha plus, I never touch the hardcover ones ‘cause those are really only for display.
34. handwriting or type: type! I love typing and I’m always trying to get faster (or just type for the helluva it ‘cause it’s fun). plus, my handwriting is just terrible. BUT as far as other people’s handwriting goes or the pure aesthetic of it all, handwriting is far better and more personal.
35. velvet or satin: errrr velvet maybe
36. video games or movies: video games are fun but movies all the way
37. would you rather be the dragon or own the dragon: totally own a dragon or two (or three) just like Dany!
38. learning chinese or learning spanish: BOTH but Chinese really since I suppose I kinda know Spanish already
39. what is the best concert you’ve been to? The Killers 
40. Would you rather be able to speak every language or be able to talk to animals? Speak every language, because I’m a linguaphile!
41. Be front row for your favorite artist and not meet them, or meet them but have lawn seats: lawn seats are fine by me, and more than fine if it means I can meet my favorite artist afterwards.
42. City or Countryside: I’m a city girl
43. Would you rather be a mutant, jedi, or wizard? Honestly, I’d love to be any of these, but for some reason the Jedi life is calling my name.
Okay, my question now (and because I’m pretty hungry): 44. fried pickles or mozzarella sticks??? :P

Okay, y’all, it’s your turn now! Looking forward to reading each and every one of yours!!

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Birthday: May
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: In a long-term, open relationship
Favorite Color: Pink
Pets: None
Wake up time: Depends when I have class. I’m really bad at motivating myself to get out of bed (especially because I am a night owl and tend to stay up late). Currently, I’ve been getting up around 11 am
Love or Lust?  Love 
Lemonade or Iced Tea? Iced Tea.
Cats or Dogs?  Dogs, but I do love cats (sadly I am allergic)
Coke or Pepsi:? Coke, only as a mixer for alcohol XD
Day or Night?: Night
Text or Call? : Text!!!!!!!!
Met a Celebrity? Yes
Light or Dark Hair?: Light. It’s a dark blonde/light brown in winter, lighter in the summer (sometimes as light as golden blonde). Thinking of dying it sometime soon but I might be too chicken!
Short or Tall? Slightly shorter than average, I think.
Chapstick or Lipstick? Chapstick for daily use, but I do love wearing lipstick.
City or Country? City!
Last song I listened to: “Welcome to The Madness” (Anyone surprised?)

I tag: @kalakagatha @foxfireflamequeen @sanjerina @machinewithoutfeelings @meijiatron @squatchland @chocolatechiplague @evening-radio
And anyone else who wants in on the fun :)

marxten  asked:

5, 7, 13, 17, 22, 30, 44

aaaahh thank you for the ask that I only just now saw!! (sorry!)

5. Coke or Pepsi? I actually don’t really like either, but I’m currently obsessed with orange soda 

7. Best Friends? The ones that have a tumblr are @mymotherisworsetganyours @delta-7, @loverofsquares, @thematticus, and @get-dunkd-on!

13. Height? I’m 5′1 and a half >:)

17. What do you love? Hugs, having friends that are kind and understanding (bless you all for putting up with me), success in what I do, fiercely beautiful things, Lord Henry Wotton, being told about myself, adventure and adrenaline, death, dying, and being dead

22. Nicknames people call you? I have a pseudonym but no nicknames anymore

30. Watch the movie or read the book? Read?? the book??? ????? (unless it’s one of those shitty viral YA novels, in which case the movie might be better) 

44. Selfie? for some godforsaken reason I can’t make this photo smaller so here’s a giant blown-up photo of my face when my technology has the audacity to do anything other than exactly what I want it to

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i have 10 minutes before i need to get ready and i’m going to try to do this whole thing in that time because i need to stop putting these off so I’m GETTING IT DONE

Birthday: 10/15 

Gender: f

Relationship Status: catch-22

Favorite Color: red, orange, yellow

Pets: if i leave a can of tuna out at night maybe i can attract one of the neighborhood cats or a coyote,

Wake up time: it’s either ‘eyes snap open at 6 am’ or ‘someone check her pulse’

Love or lust: rea🅱️my tags 🅱️

Lemonade or iced tea: tea but only green and only sweetened

Cats or dogs: :c

Coke or Pepsi: coke

Day or Night: both have their moments

Text or call: do not call me ever. if you need to call me then text me first saying you’re boutta call me or you will ALWAYS kiss my voicemail

Met a celebrity: met a celebrity? not physically

Light or dark hair: on who? me? dark

Short or tall: TALL always tall

Chapstick or lipstick: stain

City or country: I’ve seen dirt once or twice but nothing major. seen a cornfield once

Last song you listened to: dirty laundry-ATL

Rules: Answer all questions, add one question of your own and tag as many people as there are questions. 

I was tagged by @hobbitsetal. (Thanks by the way, this was fun.)

Coke or Pepsi: Coke, mostly because it’s the only soda what I drank growing up.
Disney or Dreamworks: Disney
Coffee or Tea: Yes
Books or Movies: Books
Windows or Mac: I don’t really care
DC or Marvel: Marvel
XBOX or PlayStation: PlayStation
Dragon Age or Early Riser: I don’t really know what either of these are, but Dragon Age sounds fun.
Night Owl or Early Riser: I’m very much a night owl.
Cards or Chess: I like chess, but there is a lot more variety with cards.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Are we talking cake (chocolate) or ice cream (vanilla)?
Vans or Converse: Converse
Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: What are you asking me?
Fluff or Angst: Angst.
Beach or Forests: Forests. I love trees and I hate sand.
Dogs or Cats: Both.
Clear Skies or Rain: Clear skies.
Cooking or Eating out: Cooking.
Spicy food or Mild food: Spicy food.
Halloween/Samhain or Solstice/Yule/Christmas: Christmas!
Would you rather be a little too cold or a little too hot?: A little too cold, since I hate feeling hot.
If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: Water powers. (Think Percy Jackson)
Animation or Live action: Both
Paragon or Renegade: I’d like to think Renegade, but I doubt I’d really qualify for either category.
Baths or Showers: Showers.
Team Cap or Team Iron Man: Team Cap.
Fantasy or Sci-Fi: Yes.
Do you have some favorite quotes: “Not all those who wander are lost.” -J.R.R. Tolkien and “All that we see or seem, is but a dream, within a dream.” -Edgar Allan Poe. (OK, these are from poems, but I really like the poems)
Youtube or Netflix: Netflix
Harry Potter or Percy Jackson: Percy Jackson
When do you feel accomplished: When I’m able to help someone understand something that they had been struggling with. 
Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Wars. 
Hardback books or Paperback: Paperback, they usually take up less space.
Handwriting or Type: Handwriting
Velvet or Satin: Satin.
Video games or Movies: Movies.
Would you rather be the dragon or own the dragon: Own the dragon.
Learn Chinese or Learn Spanish: Spanish
Would you rather be able to speak every human language or be able to speak to animals: Speak every human language.
Be front row for your favourite artists and not meet them, or meet them but have lawn seats: Lawn seats and meet them.
City or Countryside: Countryside
Be a Mutant, Jedi, or Wizard: Jedi.
Fried pickles or Mozzarella Sticks: Probably mozzarella sticks.
Vampires or Werewolves: Werewolves
Pizza or Pasta: Pasta
Watch a movie at a cinema/movie theater with the excitement of the premiere or wait a few days and watch it later more relaxed: A few days later, because I talk to myself during movies. (I live near a drive in movie theater, so it doesn’t bother anyone else.
Who is your favorite band or singer: I don’t even know.
What is your favorite fruit: Grapes.
Fuzzy socks or slippers: socks.
Dusk or Dawn: Dusk
Travel through time or Travel through alternate universes: Travel through time.
What’s the first book you remember reading: Bony Legs by Joanna Cole. That book legit gave me nightmares as a kid.
Deep space or Deep sea: Deep sea.
What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?: I had someone tell me that I was really quiet, but when I did speak it was well though out, articulate, and showed wisdom. 
Would you rather have everyone love your favorite boot/series but deal with the discourse, or have practically no one else like it?: I’d rather deal with the discourse, because I love it when people have these huge metas or interpretations on things that I didn’t even notice.
hobbitsetal’s question: Do you have a Character Type that you fall for, and if so, what?: I love characters that love to learn, and want to share what they know and teach other people.
My question: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

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I moustache you a question
  • 1. Tell me a random fact about yourself
  • 2. Does your name suit you? What would you change it to if not?
  • 3. Do you consider yourself a likable person?
  • 4. What’s the one outfit you wish you were allowed to wear every day without shame?
  • 5. Imagine what you would be like if you were the opposite gender. Would you be the same?
  • 6. Tell me about something that upsets or concerns you.
  • 7. What’s your favorite type of fabric?
  • 8. What’s your favorite part about the stars?
  • 9. Can you play chess?
  • 10. In seven sentences or less, plan your funeral.
  • 11. Would you rather live a fast paced short life or a long and slower life?
  • 12. Is there life on other planets? Are they more or less intelligent than us?
  • 13. What movie/book character could you conceivably see yourself portraying? (either by appearance or personality, your choice)
  • 14. What’s your favorite type of shoe?
  • 15. What was the smartest decision you made in the past 10 days?
  • 16. Are you happy with you last haircut? Dramatic change or just a trim?
  • 17. Would you know how to use a VCR, record player, laser disk, 8-track, rocket launcher?
  • 18. What’s something you wish you still believed in?
  • 19. Pet a kitty or play with a puppy?
  • 20. Who was the last person you said goodbye to? Will you see them soon?
  • 21. Would you make a good parent?
  • 22. What was the last reckless thing you did?
  • 23. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  • 24. You’re going somewhere real fancy; design your dream dress, car or venue.
  • 25. Are you an attention hog?
  • 26. Do you consider yourself artistic? What was the last thing you drew either way?
  • 27. Is your room messy now? Is it normally messy?
  • 28. What’s your favorite brand of chocolate?
  • 29. How comfortable would you be with a stranger hugging you?
  • 30. When was the last time you cried tears of happiness?
  • 31. Do you love snow or hate it? What do you do on snow days?
  • 32. Could you honestly see yourself married within the next 8 years?
  • 33. Do you regularly read the newspaper? (online or paper)
  • 34. What’s your favorite kind of bread?
  • 35. What personality traits do you wish you had?
  • 36. Would you be willing to relocate far away for a job or a loved one?
  • 37. What’s your perfect Saturday morning?
  • 38. What’s your favorite Disney movie?
  • 39. How many people have you kissed romantically?
  • 40. What’s a TV/movie/book moment that is guaranteed to make you cry every time?
  • 41. Have you ever run away from home or at least strongly considered it?
  • 42. What would you do if your celebrity crush appeared at your door right this moment?
  • 43. What are you like when you’re angry? Is your anger red hot or icy cold?
  • 44. Would you consider yourself a passionate person?
  • 45. Have you ever purposely hit someone?
  • 46. Do you have a good relationship with your mom?
  • 47. Are you superstitious? About what?
  • 48. When was the last time you danced? What’d you dance to?
  • 49. Would you choose Coke or Pepsi products as the only soda for the rest of your life?
  • 50. What’s your favorite phrase/word in a foreign language?
  • 51. Do you think you would make a good leader for your country?
  • 52. Weather wise what do you prefer? Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall?
  • 53. Do you have someone you love more than you love yourself?
  • 54. What was the last thing you wrote?
  • 55. Have you ever encountered something you couldn’t explain? Something paranormal?
  • 56. What’s your phone ringtone?
  • 57. What’s your favorite school subject?
  • 58. Have you been to any concerts? Did you enjoy them?
  • 59. Are all four of your grandparents still alive?
  • 60. What are the pros and cons of having you as a friend?
  • 61. Are you prone to nightmares?
  • 62. Do you have a song you love and could listen to on repeat forever?
  • 63. Any good scars? Tell me their stories.
  • 64. Tell me a little bit about a political / social issue you strongly believe in.
  • 65. What’s your earliest memory?
  • 66. Do you have any weird body quirks? (Roll your tongue, double-jointed)
  • 67. Can you describe your writing style? Your drawing style? Your style?
  • 68. What’s something you’re passionate about that no one else seems to like?
  • 69. Silver or Gold?
  • 70. What do you do when you’re excited?
  • 71. What time do you normally go to bed / wake up?
  • 72. Close your eyes, point in a random direction; tell a story about whatever you’re pointing at.
  • 73. What do people call you? (nicknames and such)
  • 74. Do you have dimples? Do you think they are cute on others?
  • 75. What’s the furthest away you’ve ever traveled?
  • 76. About how many pairs of shoes do you own?
  • 77. When was the last time you were in church?
  • 78. What position do you sleep in?
  • 79. Can you dance? If yes, what style do you prefer? If no, describe your awesome skills which no one can appreciate.
  • 80. What is your favorite full album?
  • 81. At what age do you think you will die?
  • 82. Do you spend a long time getting ready in the morning?
  • 83. Do you have a Y in your name?
  • 84. If there someone on the internet you wish you could meet? What would you do together?
  • 85. Do you tell everyone how you feel or bottle up your emotions?
  • 86. What job did you want to have when you were younger? Has it changed?
  • 87. What makes the best Pizza topping?
  • 88. Big wedding, small wedding, court house or elopement?
  • 89. If I gave you a free cup of your favorite drink, would you eat a spider?
  • 90. What’s your opinion on carrots or the economy of your country?
  • 91. Could you see yourself as a soldier?
  • 92. Favorite president?
  • 93. Do you get sick often?
  • 94. Righty or a Lefty? Are there some things you can only do with your opposite hand?
  • 95. What’s the pattern on your comforter? What do you have on your bed?
  • 96. In poem form, describe your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • 97. What’s something you’d like to do but are too afraid to?
  • 98. How do you normally style your hair?
  • 99. What’s your current desktop background?
  • 100. Do you get on better with your mother or your father?
  • 101. Have you ever fallen asleep in class?
  • 102. How’s your vision? Do you need glasses/contacts?
  • 103. What’s on your desk right now?
  • 104. Would it be worse to lose an arm or a leg?
  • 105. Do you shop second hand?
  • 106. What’s the longest book you’ve ever read that you enjoyed? How long did it take to read?
  • 107. Would you make a good stripper?
  • 108. What’s your favorite smell? Bring back any memories good or bad?
  • 109. Do you read manga? What manga?
  • 110. So you’re crushing on someone, do you approach them or wait for them to make the first move?
  • 111. If your survival depended on it, could you kill someone?
  • 112. What’s that one song that you always get stuck in you head?
  • 113. Are you afraid of getting shots?
  • 114. Have you ever wish upon a star? Has it ever come true?
  • 115. What’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without sleep?
  • 116. Have you ever been hurt by someone you loved/trusted?
  • 117. Who was the last person you gave your phone number to?
  • 118. At what time do you function best and are most alert?
  • 119. Have you ever seriously injured yourself or been really sick?
  • 120. What kind of computer do you have?
  • 121. What’s your dream dinner? Can you cook it yourself?
  • 122. Are you a leader or a follower?
  • 123. Do you find people over the age of 50 attractive?
  • 124. What language do you wish you could be totally fluent in right now?
  • 125. Have you ever stolen something?
  • 126. Do you know the story of how your parents met?
  • 127. Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?
  • 128. What would you do without the internet?
  • 129. Mel Brooks or Monty Python?
  • 130. What sports team do you usually root for?
  • 131. What’re some words that you consistently cannot spell without help?
  • 132. What’s the one thing that makes you laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME?
  • 133. Darwin’s Origin of the Species or the Bible?
  • 134. Describe your unique taste in music.
  • 135. Do you get on well with your parents?
  • 136. What’s your favorite cartoon?
  • 137. What are some movies you love so much you could watch over and over?
  • 138. What would you consider comfort food?
  • 139. Can you recite all of Bohemian Rhapsody?
  • 140. Would you consider yourself competitive?
  • 141. Who was the last person you spoke to in person? How long ago was that?
  • 142. Are you someone who feels guilty a lot?
  • 143. Do you have any tattoos? If not, what’s one you would consider getting?
  • 144. When was the last time you felt you looked beautiful / handsome / pretty damn fine?
  • 145. Any vices you’d like to share?
  • 146. Only child or siblings?
  • 147. When you go out, what do you normally have on you?
  • 148. If you could live in a fictional world where would it be and why?
  • 149. Are you good at keeping secrets?
  • 150. What stores do you buy clothing from?
  • 151. If I handed you a 9 mm handgun, would you know what to do and how to use it?
  • 152. Write a short poem about Cheese.
  • 153. Do you think you need to lose weight?
  • 154. What’s your favorite TV theme song?
  • 155. Do you snore/droll/sleep talk or walk?
  • 156. Describe your best friend, what makes them the best?
  • 157. Did you sleep well last night?
  • 158. Do you have keys, what do you have on your key ring?
  • 159. What other names did your parents consider before they chose yours?
  • 160. Have you ever been in a serious accident?
  • 161. Favorite historical era?
  • 162. Do you take notes electronically or hand write them?
  • 163. Describe what you’re wearing right now.
  • 164. Give your ten year old self advice, what would you tell them?
  • 165. What’s your favorite kind of dinosaur?
  • 166. Who was your first crush (cartoon, celebrity or real?)
  • 167. Do you believe in rock and roll? Can music save your mortal soul?
  • 168. Are you a good liar?
  • 169. Any stuffed animals?
  • 170. Ever cosplayed? As who and did you do a good job? Also where were you?
  • 171. What do you think about Beethoven?
  • 172. What’s your favorite flavor tea / coffee / whatever?
  • 173. If I triple dog dared you, would you do something stupid?
  • 174. Have you ever done something against your parent’s wishes?
  • 175. Have any posters in your room? Of what?
  • 176. Last book you couldn’t put down.
  • 177. Describe the last dream that you remember.
  • 178. What’s your favorite book written in or before the 19th century?
  • 179. How do you take your eggs? Scrambled? Over Easy? On toast?
  • 180. Quick! Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind…. Now!
  • 181. Thus far, what would you consider your best year alive?
  • 182. What’s something you’re embarrassed to admit you like?
  • 183. Have you left your room today?
  • 184. What’s your real life OTP?
  • 185. Do you enjoy pickles?
  • 186. Would you rather burn or freeze to death?
  • 187. Name something you studied in school that fascinates you.
  • 188. What is the capitol of Maryland (no cheating)
  • 189. One person you could imagine murdering? How would you do it?
  • 190. What’s something completely irrational that you’re afraid of, and not ‘the dark’ or ‘heights’ something really weird that scares the living daylights out of you.
  • 191. Do you collect something? If not, what would you consider collecting?
  • 192. Do you love spicy foods? How hot can you go?
  • 193. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
  • 194. Hold your breath for as long as you can… how long was that?
  • 195. Who are your role models? (real or fictional)
  • 196. What’s your favorite holiday?
  • 197. Do you still live with your parents?
  • 198. What would you do if I punched you? Would you punch back? Cry?
  • 199. Tell me something funny. A joke, a family anecdote. What do you find funny?
  • 200. What’s something you feel guilty about?
  • 201. Did anything interesting happen on the day of your birth?
  • 202. What’s your favorite type of flower?
  • 203. Do you have a pen pal? Tell me about them. If not, would you like one?
  • 204. Your favorite luxury item?
  • 205. What is your morning routine?
  • 206. Have you ever broken any bones, which ones?
  • 207. Your house is burning, you only have time to grab three items, what are they?
  • 208. Do you have any embarrassing habits/secrets you can’t quite kick?
  • 209. Do you feel like a grown-up?
  • 210. Have you ever been rushed to the hospital?
  • 211. Tell me about your day so far.
  • 212. What would you do if you were a werewolf?
  • 213. Are you an insomniac?
  • 214. If you could recommend anything, to anyone, to watch right now what would it be?
  • 215. Have you ever had alcohol? Do you like it?
  • 216. Can you recite a poem by heart?
  • 217. Are you good with children?
  • 218. Do you read comic books?
  • 219. What’s the weather like there right now?
  • 220. Write me a short story with you as the hero.
  • 221. What are the different sides to your personality?
  • 222. What do you do or say that is uniquely you?
  • 223. What’s the longest TV binge you’ve ever done in a row?
  • 224. Do you think we should continue to explore space?
  • 225. What Disney Prince or Princess best describes you? (You can combine a few if needed)
  • 226. Are you better at math or at writing?
  • 227. List three things you don’t like about your personality and what you can do about it.
  • 228. Have you ever watched porn?
  • 229. Are you a nice person?
  • 230. Do you know who Arsene Lupin is?
  • 231. What is the wind speed velocity of a coconut laden swallow?
  • 232. Describe color to someone who is blind.
  • 233. What century suits you best? Would you better off in another time?
  • 234. When was the last time you rode a bicycle?
  • 235. What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?
  • 236. Is there someone you really don’t like for no real reason?
  • 237. What would you do if you found out you were adopted?
  • 238. What would you do if I said I was from the future sent back to save you and hurry now we must go or the monsters will find us?
  • 239. What’s your least favorite vegetable?
  • 240. What does Carpe Diem mean to you?
  • 241. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
  • 242. Have you ever touched a giraffe?
  • 243. Do you believe world peace is possible?
  • 244. Would you rather be a squid or a koala bear?
  • 245. Who raised you as a child?
  • 246. What political party do you most identify with?
  • 247. What’s something you think you do well? And don’t you dare say nothing; you know there’s something you do that you’re proud of.
  • 248. Are you good at imitating animal noises?
  • 249. Last fictional character you cried over? What about them made you cry?
  • 250. What happens after we die?
  • 251. Sci-fi or fantasy?
  • 252. What would be your superhero name?
  • 253. Do you pray?
  • 254. Describe your first kiss or, if you’ve yet to have it, your ideal first kiss.
  • 255. Do you take any vitamins or pills?
  • 256. Have you ever been in a fist fight?
  • 257. What was your favorite childhood game?
  • 258. Do you believe we should keep or abolish the penny?
  • 259. When was the last major turning point in your life? Did you choose well?
  • 260. What’s your go to stress reliever?
  • 261. What’s your favorite board game?
  • 262. Is the hokey pokey really what it’s all about
  • 263. What’s your theme song?

Bajillion Questions Meme

Rules: Answer all questions, add one question of your own and tag as many people as there are questions!

Tagged by @1enzo (really wow you? Tagging people? A rare sight indeed)

1. Coke or Pepsi: only good soda is Dr Pepper

2. Disney or DreamWorks: I don’t know I’m not huge on movies but probably disney

3. Coffee or Tea: TEA

4. Books or Movies: books I guess

5. Windows or Mac: Windows

6. DC or Marvel: I honestly couldn’t tell the difference

7. Xbox or Playstation: Playstation

8. Dragon Age or Mass Effect: I haven’t played either at all

9. Night Owl or Early Rise: I love being up early so much it is so peaceful?? But?? It is never early enough for me !!

10. Cards or Chess: don’t know how to play chess but I hate cards so much

11. Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate

12. Vans or Converse: I don’t have either but if I had to converse prolly

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash or Adaar (dragon age): English please

14. Fluff or Angst: depends on series, character, my mood

16. Dogs or Cats: dogs but why not both

17. Clear Skies or Rain: somewhere in between honestly

18. Cooking or Eating Out: cooking. I am miserable at it and it is always disgusting but at least I know who made it and what went in it

19. Spicy Food or Mild Food: depends? Like ya wouldn’t want a spicy cucumber?? But spicy salsa is quite good

20. Halloween/Samhain or Solstice/Yule/Christmas: neither

21. Would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: hot. Used to be the other way around but now I hate cold

22. If you could have a superpower, what would it be: read minds because not only would it be funny as all hell it would also tell me how others think of me. Although…at times I suppose it could be sad
23. Animation or Live Action: animation

24. Paragon or Renegade (Mass Effect): uh I am american

25. Baths or Showers: showers because I actually get clean unlike a bath, which are just Depression Pits for me

26. Team Cap or Team Iron Man: iron man

27. Fantasy or Sci-fi: it depends I can either hate both or love both

28. Do you have three or four favorite quotes? If so, what are they? Idk guess I’ll pick a few outta my ass

“It’s better to be hurt than to hurt others”

“This world is shit as always”

“Deceive your other self. Deceive the world. That is what you must do to reach Steins Gate. Good luck. El. Psy. Congroo.”

29. YouTube or Netflix: netflix costs money so youtube

30. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson: I haven’t read either except like 1 percy jackson book

31. When Do You Feel Accomplished: when I can look back at my drawings and not completely hate them

32. Star Wars or Star Trek: never got into either

33. Paperback Books or Hardback Books: paperback

34. Handwriting or Typing: typing like bc my handwriting is bad I can’t read it

35. Velvet or Satin: satin

36. Video Games or Movies: video game

37. Would you rather be the dragon or own the dragon: own

38. Sunrise or Sunset: sunrise

39. What’s your favorite song: ??? Idk I guess I’ll go currently?? But even then idk….like yeah I got nothin

40. Horror Movies, yes or no: sure

41. Long or Short Hair: short

42. Opera or Theatre: ….idk…like theatre is more entertaining but could you imagine how rich and beautiful you’d feel going into a huge opera house?

43. Assuming the multiverse theory is true and that every story ever told has really happened somewhere, which one of the movie/book/tv show/game/etc worlds would you pick to travel to first: steins gate bc that way I could travel to other timelines from there and also smooch okabe

44. If you had to eat only one thing for the rest of your life what would it be: legit nothing if I had that option

45. Older guys/girls or younger guys/girls (I guess you can change this to your preference): (ok this is from a platonic way for me ) i can’t stand children and I can’t stand adults if you’re not within like….4 years of my age I am probably afraid of you idk why

46. If you could erase any show from TV history, what would it be: f//am::/ily g/:uy (i really don’t want that showin in the tag and fans seein it)

47. Singing or Dancing: LISTENIN

48. Instagram or Twitter: Instagram
49. Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit: only read the hobbit and I personally couldn’t stand it like…went in through one ear then out the other

50. If you could create either a sequel or bring back any tv show/movie, what would you choose: Uhhh ?? Idk

51. Who is your movie/tv show character that you are looking up to and why? Nagai Kei I guess? I see myself in that lil fart and it makes me realize that just because I’m an ASSHOLE…it doesn’t necessarily make me an…asshole (this is hard to explain point is I love nagai)

52. If you were ever convicted of a crime, what would it be? Suicide lol

53. Anime- subbed or dubbed? Depends

54. City or countryside? city

55. What book have you read over and over? I rarely do repeats of anything. Never reread a book.

56. What is your personality type? I haven’t checked on since I was like 12 or 13 I’ve got no clue but I should really take the test again

57. Would you rather change a moment in time or have a glimpse into the future? Future so if it looks undesirable, I can finish myself off right here and now without WAITING to see if it’s really worth living for

58. Is there a popular series that you just can’t get into?:like stuff that I actually TRIED getting into? Yeah code geass

59. Dream job?
Graphic novelist!

I’ll add:
60: Strangest dream you can recall?

I tag: @pengwenno
@rock-candy-planet @kichy-mau @yosugayhomomura

Don’t do it if you don’t want! I just really like to know dreams ngl

And foreal who listens to the tag amount rules

When BB goes to the military 5

Military: well that was a failure. Now onto Taeyang, T.O.P, and Seungri. To prevent fatality, lets go one by one.
YB: can I go nude?
Military: no
YB: lol then no
T.O.P: can i insta my trip?
Military: of course not.
T.O.P: then bye
Seungri: can i have a coke?
Military: uhhh… I think we only carry pepsi
Seungri: can GD hold me?
Military: physically no.
Seungri: then no
Military: god.
GD: i got it.
GD: if you don’t run the course, I won’t write another song for eight years.
BB: yeah but that’s normal
GD: I’ll make us perform Fantastic Baby at the MAMA’s. Again.
BB: shit
YB: *runs course fully clothed with a scarf*
T.O.P: *leaves phone on ground*
Seungri: *holds self*
Seungri: I’d love a pepsi
Military: how?
GD: control ‘em with fear

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17th February


Relationship Status:
I live with my bf

Zodiac Sign:

1 sister

I want 2 cats but our landlord doesn’t like animals so we can’t have any. Neighbour cats count? I love them.

Wake Up Time:
6.20 AM weekdays, 8-10 AM weekends

Lemonade or Sweet Tea:
Sweet Tea

Day or Night:

Coke or Pepsi:
Coke but only Zero and only sometimes, I don’t like soda.

Calls or Texts:
Text, I hate talking on the phone (phucking phobia)

Met a Celebrity:
A few musicians from my country.

Smiles or Eyes:

Country or City:
City! I love how crowded they are, but you’re still can be lost in yourself. I lived my first 17 years in a small village and I really hated it, no matter how beautiful it was. Sad but true, I’m a city person.♥

Last song I listened to:
Theory of a Deadman - Hurricane

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About Me

Tag 10 people you want to know better! I was tagged by the lovely @paperdragonfly !

Birthday? September 20th

Gender? Female

Favorite Color? Periwinkle (i’m aware i’m an asshole at least I didn’t say blood orange)

Pets? Luna & Rain

Wake up time? My alarm goes off at 6:30am but I don’t get up until around 7am.

Love or lust? Both!

Cats or Dogs? Both!

Coke or Pepsi? Cherry Coke only

Day or Night? Day

Text or Call? Text me if you call me I’m going to assume something is wrong

Met a celebrity? I met Our Lady Peace and Les Stroud (Survivorman) although he isn’t really a celebrity….

Light or Dark hair? For myself, light!

Short or Tall? Tall?

Chapstick or Lipstick? Chapstick

City or country? City

Last song listened to: By Your Side by The 1975

I tag: @karasunovolleygays @kagayam-a @thefairymagiduelist @calnumadtex @mooifyourecows and anyone else who wants to do it! Also if I’ve tagged you, don’t feel obligated, it’s only if you want to :)

@princessjimmynovak replied to your post: Gimme your top 5 favorite things to drink!…

Cherry coke is seasonal??? That’s awful. It’s the only kind of coke I drink ��

Yah we have very limited flavours for pop here compared to the US. =( We get seasonal flavours of Coke and Pepsi but all year round it’s only the regular flavours plus all the diet/reduced sugar alternates. We also can’t get Barq’s cream soda and Mountain Dew flavours aside from the regular citrus are all seasonal. I also just learned that there is A&W cream soda?????? I LOVE CREAM SODA. But I am like limited to Crush, grocery store brands or Jones.

Right now carbonated water and carbonated juices are becoming super popular. We probably sell more San Pellegrino at work than we do regular pop. To be fair though where I work we carry a lot of import candy/beverage so we really cater to those people.
Tag memes!

Time for me to finally do the tag memes that I’ve been given over the past few days~

Rules: tag 10 followers you want to get to know better
Tagged by @narikopathfinder thank youuuu!

Birthday: 31/1
Gender: You tell me, then we’ll both know
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Favorite Color: Gray
Pets: God, where do i start? 2 cats, 2 rats, and reptiles
Wake up time: Ehhhhh unless I’ve majorly fucked my sleeping pattern, it tends to be anywhere between 10.00-14.00
Lemonade or Iced Tea? Iced Tea.
Cats or Dogs?  I LOVE BOTH but I only have cats, sooo…
Coke or Pepsi:? Coke
Day or Night?: Night
Text or Call?: Text! Please don’t ever call me unless it’s necessary; I’m hard of hearing and that’s a nightmare
Met a Celebrity?: Nope, I don’t think so
Light or Dark Hair?: Dark brown, literally one shade lighter than black
Short or Tall?: Medium…? 5'6"
Chapstick or Lipstick?: Lipstick
City or Country?: Mmmm… Difficult question. Too hard to pick, they both have pros and cons
Last song I listened to: Like a River - Bishop Briggs

Favorite Characters
Rules: tell me your favorite character from 10 fictional works (shows, movies, novels, etc.) & tag people!
I was tagged by fellow shitbangers @evening-radio and @burning-broadripple

Captain America (Marvel): C'mon, what’s not to like about him? The man has a heart of gold and had no qualms about showing it, even when he was little and repeatedly got the shit kicked out of him for it.
Near (Death Note): 300% adorable, I would love to do an Escape the Room with him or something. Plus, he’s straight up and I appreciate honesty, even if it’s something I don’t wanna hear.
Yuri P (YOI): What’s not to like? Angry blonde boys are my weakness.
Mello (Death Note): Look up.
Alois Trancy (Kuroshitsuji): Again, look up.
Bucky Barnes (Marvel): I just want to hug the poor guy. Let Bucky be happy 2k17
Cubone (pokemon): Does this count as a character? Again, he needs lots of cuddles.
Nathan (Misfits): He’s an absolute wanknugget but he would be absolutely hilarious to have as a friend, so.
Ciel Phantomhive (kuroshitsuji): That boy is COLD af and I love it. Also his fashion sense is truly beautiful.
Shaw (Person of Interest): Badass. Queer. Hilarious. So fucking good looking. Loves guns. A perfect 5/7

I tag EVERY ONE OF YOU. Or… whoever wants to do it…