no coffee is going to kill me

You deserve more than just the universe, so if you happen to make up your mind to leave my side, I will let you go. Even if it kills me, I will not hold you back. As long as it keeps that precious smile on your face, I will do anything. Anything for you.
[TRANS] RM - “always” Lyrics

always (2017)

Produced by RM
Arranged by Pdogg

One day, I opened my eyes
And I wished I was dead
I hoped someone would kill me
Amid this noisy silence
I live to understand the world
But why has the world never understood me
No, it was just half of it
It was clearly going to hurt me
I miss me miss me baby
I miss me miss me baby
I wish me I wish me baby
wish I could choose me

Why am I this desperate
But still, it wouldn’t come true
Always (I lost my all ways)
Always (I lost my all ways)
Always (I lost my all ways)
Always (I lost my all ways)

If I meet God, I would tell him
That life is the coffee I never ordered
I would grab his collar and say
Death is the Americano that couldn’t be refilled
Are you sure that you are living
If that’s so, how can you prove it
My breath comes out when I inhale and blow
And the steam mists up the window
You are dead
You are dad, but you are dead
Dead dad you don’t listen to me
Dad please listen to me

Why am I this desperate
But still, it wouldn’t come true
Always (I lost my all ways)
Always (I lost my all ways)
Always (I lost my all ways)
Always (I lost my all ways)


This is a song that I briefly recorded at the beginning of last year.
I didn’t want the emotions I had when I was tired to slide by, so I recorded it
But fortunately I feel much better now!
Even though those emotions have gone, it’s still a waste to just throw this song away so I uploaded it.
I was going to modify and arrange it a little bit
But to leave the emotions as how they were that time, I didn’t.
Because when you’re sad, sad songs are the best consolation to you.

Happy 2017 ! !

trans © ktaebwi

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*Head turns at 180 degrees* Gimmie all the theories--

Chapter 15 spoilers ahead:

The new girl in Ch 15- I believe her name is Jieun Min- is probably going to get murdered next. And with all the rumors flying around of Bum becoming Sangwoo’s partner in crime, I bet that Sangwoo is going to force (or at least help) Bum to kill her. 

Jieun is obviously into Sangwoo- she calls him ‘Oppa’ (a Korean term loosely used to flirt with older males), sings a duet with him, goes on coffee dates with him, texts him regularly, and even says, and I quote, “Since I’m now wondering what you taste like. In a slightly different meaning…” (girl u thirsty me too tho) I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they start dating- it seems Sangwoo has a type (brown hair and a beauty mark… like his mom) She obviously doesn’t know Sangwoo’s a serial killer. Sangwoo might take advantage of that innocence, and after fucking her, drag her into the basement and murder her in front of Bum. Bc goddamn Sangwoo doesn’t know how to be fucking normal. 

Feel free to reblog this and add on if you have an further thoughts! 

You couldn’t look at me.

I was right there, and you couldn’t look at me.

Maybe it killed you to see that I could smile without you, that I could laugh with someone who wasn’t you. Maybe you finally realized that I could breathe and live, and that I didn’t need you after all.

Because at some point I got tired of chasing, chasing someone who was never going to come around. I was a fool, going back and forth playing your stupid, little game. The difference between you and I though, I tried to get through to your heart - I cared, I loved, and you didn’t. You could’ve let me in, you should’ve let me in, you needed to let me in.

But you made a decision, and your decision wasn’t me.

—  c.f. // “game over”

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ok but the way even tells isak he was at kosegruppa to meet him kills me because he's not like admitting to a secret or anything, he's literally just being like um duh??? isak how did you not notice that???

LISTEN I KNOW like even is such a shameless romantic and it? kills me??? he liked and wanted to be with isak for so long and now that they’re actually together, he’s going to be the kind of boyfriend who like surprises isak after school with fresh coffee and his favorite pastry just bc he knows isak had a quiz he was really stressed about that day, or who gets up super early so he can run to the market to get fruit (morning of, bc only the freshest fruit will do) to make the special strawberry sweet balsamic crepes isak likes as a surprise for breakfast. he’ll keep an extra pair of isak’s gloves in his coat pocket throughout winter bc he knows isak is always forgetting his, but he’ll also tease him about it and charge like a tax every time isak forgets and has to ask for them (one kiss for every use, three kisses for premium times. “oh really? what are premium times?” isak asks, and even winks and says, “any time i feel like it”). he’ll let isak have first pick of sides of the bed and he won’t complain when isak turns out to be the kind of person who can only sleep with one foot sticking out from under the covers, even when it’s fucking freezing in the middle of february and that foot sticking out might as well be the fucking iceberg that gashed the titanic for what it does to the lovely cocoon of warmth even could currently be sleeping under. he’ll open his new instagram with a shot of isak’s toothbrush next to the one even has started keeping at isak’s place next to each other on the sink and tag isak in it with a note about how getting to see this boy’s smile first thing every day is worth the killer morning breath. he’ll never stop drawing hearts in fog on any pane of glass that comes between them (which gets them in trouble at a museum once, and that’s why they don’t do museum dates anymore).

and, if they make it this far, he’ll get down on one knee proposal-style with a key in a box for when he asks isak to get their own place. he’ll make sure they’re together for every nye so that the first thing they start their year with is a kiss from each other. he’ll probably quote when harry met sally every time too, but isak cuts him off earlier and earlier each year bc there’s only so many times you can quote the same movie and have it be funny, babe, to which even replies that the limit does not exist. and every year isak groans and shakes his head, and every year he still lets even pull him into a thorough, sweet, foot-popping kiss as midnight turns over, and every year they break apart to their friends laughing and teasing and calling even the most hopeless romantic, and every year even’s just says, yes, bc like. yes? he is?? it is a truth of life and great film that love is beautiful, even when it isn’t, and at this point, after so many years, there is no truth more basic in even’s life than that he loves isak, except maybe that isak loves him too. of course he’s a romantic, given all of that. how could he not be.

AU where Andrew is an assassin sent to kill Neil and Neil keeps avoiding his attempts because of really stupid shit (he leans down to tie his shoelace when Andrew shoots at him, spills someone else’s coffee so he gives them his poisoned one as an apology, etc.) so finally Andrew decides he’s going to have to get close to him in order to kill him and ends up falling in love with him.

And when the inevitable, “I was sent to kill you” speech comes Neil’s just like… “Yeah, do you wanna go get something to eat?” and Andrew’s like… “I’ve been trying to kill you. Do you understand that? My god, I might kill you right now for being so fucking stupid.” And Neil just shrugs and says, “Everyone’s trying to kill me. It’s no big deal.”


I’d kill for a coffee…literally.“ & "I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet-willies.”


He released an audible sigh of exhaustion. Running his fingers through his damp hair as he sat his daughter over the counter and begun to open the cup bored as she giggled to something the TV had said few seconds ago.

"Daddy, When were done can we go play with Grant?” Rebecca asked, as she forcefully pushed her curly chestnut locks behind her bitty ears. Bucky didn’t say anything, if he was being honest he was probably sleep walking at the moment.

His wife had a rough Friday, so when she came back late at night to see her only daughter tucked in and asleep, with her husband in the princess bed, she relaxed into her own king sized bed hoping to sleep in.

“And then, can we have a sleepover?” Becca continued. As she swung her legs over the counter. Her dad turned around scratching his bare stomach as he looked over at the ruckus his daughter was doing.

“Alright, shhh.” Bucky grumbled, pulling his hair back with the elastic tie over the microwave. He didn’t know how that got there, or why it was even there. But he was happy he didn’t have to leave his daughter to go into the bathroom and risk waking up his sleeping wife.

Rebecca frowned, watching her dad as he brewed coffee without breaking the machine this time. She noted he wasn’t even listening to her, so she stood up, and carefully stepped over the sink and next to her dad, before popping a finger in her mouth swishing it around her saliva and digging her small finger right into her dads ear.

His screech was deadly. Coffee pot fell from
His hand and shattered on the tiled ground. As did his special coffee mug ‘Best dad ever.’ He pushed her away, as she fell sadly inside the deep sink. Laughing as the only thing showing from her body were her onesie covered legs.

Her giggles were erupting in a rhythmical chorus. While he grumbled picking up the shattered pieces of glass.

After her baby blues scanned the ground, she held her hands out hoping her dad would take her out of the deep sink. It was probably as tall as her. If not deeper.

Just as James put away the mop, he crossed his hands and started at her.

“I was-”

“I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet-willies.” Bucky choked. As he grumbled. His daughter just gave him the deadliest scare he’s had since the 90’s when he thought Steve had finally ended his life in one of his brawls between the alleyways. "Instead, your sitting time out.” Buchanan stated, he was angry. But his daughter was carefree, taking it lightly to sneak up on her dad. Number one rule in the Barnes household- “Do NOT sneak up on Bucky.”  The only rule that was ever laid in the house.

Watching his girl lower her head, he pointed to the infamous corner. The time out corner. Right beside the house door and the coat closet. He pushed her out of the clean skink. Watching as she wobbled there in shame. Her hair covering her whole face. Just as Becca made her way to the corner, his wife came down from the stairs.

“Good morning.” Bucky mumbled, returning to cleaning the counters from the overdue coffee stains. She hummed, stepping behind his bare muscular back and placing a heated kiss.

“Didn’t see your yesterday.” Bucky continued. As he washed his hands, his wife wrapped her arms around his waist and followed his every step.

“Saw you asleep next to Bec, thought I should leave you, both of you looked so peaceful.” She Whispered over her husbands warm skin. “Why is Becca in the time out corner?”

“Don’t mention it.”

“I want coffee,” She stated once Bucky turned around and wrapped his arms around her, giving her a sweet lingering kiss over her forehead. “I’d kill for a coffee…literally.” She begged, nudging her husband telling him to make her one. “If only my husband-”

“I broke the stupid pot.”

“God Dammit Bucky! Again?”

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All the JayTims I wrote in 2016


Brothers’ Best Burgers 

Secrets, Secrets, Santa


Green Suits are a Staple

Beauty and the Bat Beast

Down at the Laundromat

Under Covers

I Don’t Want to Hear it

Going Hunting

Cave In


I Didn’t Say I Liked You

It Doesn’t Mean Anything

Is There Somewhen

Eat Your Heart Out, Ethan Hunt


“You’re okay, Tim.”


In Which Tim Gets Sent to Military School

“Do you hate me too?”

Secret Admirer

Top Vs. Bottom


A You Almost Died Kiss

Jason and Tim Watch Pretty Little Liars

Craving Coffee

Harry Potter AU

There’s a Dog in the Cave

A Kiss That Shouldn’t Have Happened

Should Have Listened


It’s Dangerous to go Alone

R2-D2 Dress

“What the hell happened to you?”

“If you die, I’ll kill you.”

Fumbling Flirtations

Comparing Scars

“Why do you even care?”

“He’s not breathing!”

Lacey Bits

Call Me Tim

I’ll Miss You


The Good Table



A Wish About Stargazing

A Wish About Weddings

A Wish About Mornings

Signs as Ghost Stories Dub Quotes
  • Aries: "The number you have dialed is no longer in service. HEY! MAYBE IF THEY PAID THEIR FUCKIN PHONE BILL YOU COULD CALL AGAIN!"
  • Taurus: "Go get me coffee. Be my bitch."
  • Gemini: "God, you are four of the ugliest fucking kids I've ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes on. I can't wait for this bitch to kill you."
  • Cancer: "I'm a sexually frustrated fourth grader!"
  • Leo: "Leo! Leo! Leo! Leo! Gawd damn it! Gawd damn it! Gawd damn it! Gawd damn it!"
  • Virgo: "Dad calls her whore but I like to call her mom."
  • Libra: "But then if everything was already reversed, which world would be the real world? Would it be the mirror world or this one? Maybe the reflection we see is real, ever thought of that? Isn't that just freaking you out? I mean, seriously, isn't that just whack crap? Huhehehehheh. I'm playing with your mind, man! And you know what the wierd part is? I'm not even high! Not one bit! Completely sober."
  • Scorpio: "Remember kids: say no. To everything."
  • Sagittarius: "Tamomi? Aint no Tamomi girl here living here, so what?. Get your crack head ass head into some rehab, I aint got time for this bull–"
  • Capricorn: "You know what i hear? I hear the sound of you shutting the fuck up!"
  • Aquarius: "Once this bitch kicks I'm moving to Vegas."
  • Pisces: [Keiichirou incoherently screaming]
EXO reaction to doing the paper kiss game with you and the paper fell

jonginswcw asked:Can I request an EXO gif reaction when you do the paper kiss game with EXO and the paper fell? Thank you ^^

Xiumin- “I would like to have more kisses like that…”

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Luhan- “Maybe this is the time to tell you.. I really like you and was wondering if you would go out on a date with me”

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Kris- “What just happened?…”

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Suho- “ I didn’t accidentally drop the paper just to kiss you”

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Lay- “I hope that kiss doesn’t make us awkward and maybe could lead us somewhere”

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Chen- “Maybe we could kiss more over a coffee date?”

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Baekhyun- “That kiss wasn’t bad”

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Chanyeol- *This is Chanyeol who got surprised by the kiss in his mind*

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D.O- *D.O is happy for the rest of the day and the beagle line is thanking you since they did something to D.O that would probably get them killed* 

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Tao- “Can I have one more kiss”

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Kai- “That was…..really….good”

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Sehun- *Cute little maknae is shy*

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So this was originally supposed to be cute fluffy yoonmin but then it somehow ended up with tongues, them both with swollen lips and Jimin with hickies and tbh I’m not even surprised because yoonmin are killing me right now (and the amount of yoonmin smut I’ve read over the past few days is unholy…I should probably go to church or smth)

And when did my sketches become so gross omfg xD

I’ll eventually get around to polishing this up, but I’ve gotta get back to commissions heh~


Rory x Reader

Requested By Anon


“That was the worst lesson yet.” You groaned and Benny chuckled.

“Yeah but it was pretty funny when you drooled on Erica.” He grinned when you shook yoru head.

“Why didn’t you wake me up, she’s going to kill me!” you whined and slowly stopped when Rory hurried up to you.

“Hey (Y/N) I got you some coffee, you were falling asleep in there.” He carefully handed it to you and smiled as you sipped it,, humming appreciatively. “You’re cute when you’re sleepy" 

“You think so?” You asked and Rory nodded franticly.

“I wanted to get you a blanket and a pillow but Benny said not to.” He told you and went to run off again. “I can get you another coffee at lunch if you want.”

“Thanks Rory but I’m good for now.” You told him and he suddenly vanished.

k but imagine Dan trying to do his daughter’s hair for her first day of school and Phil walks in halfway and says, “Dan what in the world is that she can’t go to school looking like that” and Dan says, “Phil its a braid okay everyone wears them” and Phil pushes Dan aside and accomplishes the most perfect French braid anyone has ever seen and Dan is shocked and silent and Phil goes, “my mum said it would come in handy someday” and walks out with his coffee mug in hand

Just watched my kettle explode right in front of me. There was a spark, a bang, and then boiling water everywhere. Literally I was just about to pick it up when the damn thing blew up, which is either great luck or horrible luck. I have no idea what I’m going to do about tea/coffee for the rest of the night and tomorrow, besides put on a brave face and suffer through my caffeine withdrawal with grace.

Ah, well. It’s a £5 kettle from Argos so really I should have expected it.

RIP my brave kitchen appliance, we made many a good cup of tea & coffee together. You served me well, right up until you tried to kill me.

Bucky x reader

Shout out to @thefandomimagine for letting me write an imagine on her latest Bucky imagine.

Imagine being the person Bucky took the bike from and seeing him later.

“I’m gonna find him and kill him,” you told your bestie on the phone.

“Your over reacting,” she replied.

“He literally took the back from under me,” you exclaimed.

“No I understand that but are you really gonna kill him.” She asked.

“As long as she doesn’t have a scratch he can live,” you said taking a sip of your coffee.

“Well I have to go. Have fun killing,” you best friend said hanging up the phone.

The waitress brought you your food and you grabbed your book from your bag. You were reading your book and looked up at the door every time someone walked in. Then you saw him. You put your book down and got up from your table. You walked over to him and his friend and sat down.

“You,” you said looking at the man with long black hair.

“Excuse me,” he asked looking at his friend.

“You took my bike,” you told him.

He looked at his friend then you then his lap. He looked back at you and gave a sheepish smile.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“If I don’t get her back you will be sorry. And if she has a scratch you better sleep with one eye open,” you said walking away from his table.

You walked back to your table and eyed the bike thief the entire time you were there. When you finished your food, you walked back to the table and sat next to the thief. “Give me your phone,” you ordered. He took his phone out of his pocket and handed it to you confused. You put your number in his phone and texted yourself. “Now you can call me when you have my baby,” you said placing the phone on the table. You got up from the table and walked out of the dinner. Bucky’s pov “I like her,” he said laughing while taking a sip of his coffee. I shook my head at him and sipped my coffee. I picked up my phone and saw her number. ‘The person you stole the bike from aka (y/n)’ was the name she put in my phone.

After lunch Steve and I walked back to the tower. Before we even go into the tower Steve proclaimed that I have found the girl I stole the bike from. “Really, is she cute,” tony asked. “She’s scary,” I told him. “What,” tony questioned. “ he needs to fix that bike fast or she said she would he would be sorry and he better sleep with one eye open,” Steve said slapping my back. “I’m going to the garage,” I said walking past them. I walked into the garage and saw the bike in the center of the room. It looked pretty bad so I get to work on fixing it. ~time skip~ Your POV You couldn’t get that guy out of your head since you saw him last week. You’ve been waiting by your phone since. Not because you wanted him to call you. But you wanted your bike back and to talk to him. “Stop he stole your bike,” you told yourself out loud. “But he is really cute,” you replied to yourself. “Your talking to yourself again,” your bestie said walking into your apartment. “I found the guy who stole my bike,” you told her. “Really,” she asked. “Yes and he is going to call me when he is bringing it to me,” you said laying on the couch.

“So you’re waiting for him to call?” (bff/n) asked. 

“No,” you said in defense. 

The phone started ringing and (bff/n) ran to grab the phone. 

“Is this the cute guy that stole (y/n)’s bike who she can not stop thinking about,” she asked answering the phone.

“Omg I’m going to kill you,” you said tackling her to the ground. 

You sat ontop of her and grabbed the phone from her. 

“Hello (y/n) speaking,” you answered the phone. 

“Hey its james,” someone said threw the phone. 

“who,” you replied. 

“The cute guy that stole your bike,” he started.

“Oh hey,” you said embarressed. 

“Im working on your bike right now. I should be done by tommorrow,” he said. 

“Okay just call me when your done with it,” you told him. 

(bff/n) was making kissy noises while you were talking so you got off her and threw a pillow at her. 

“Bye,” you said hanging up the phone. 

“I am going to kill you,” you said throwing more pilloe at her.

“You already made that threat,” she said sticking out at you. 


You woke up to your phone going off. You shot out of bed and looked at the time on your phone. 6AM. 

“Hello,” you answered groggly. 

“Sorry i woke you but it’s James. I fixed your bike,” james said from the other side of the phone conversation. 

“Ugh its 6 in the morning what did you do work on it all night,” you asked sarcastically.

“Yes,” he replied with a serious tone. 

“O my goodness james. Why,” you asked finally waking up. 

“It was the least i could do,” he yawned. 

“Get some sleep and call me when you wake up,” you ordered. 

“I can’t sleep until i give you your bike. Can you meet me at Avengers Tower,” he asked groggily. 

“Yea and i’ll bring coffee,”you said hanging up. 

You got out of bed and threw on a pair of sweats and some old sweatshirt. 

“Where are you going this early in the morning,” (bff/n) questioned you as she drank her morning coffee. 

“James called me and has my bike ready,” you replied streching. 

“Okay have fun,” she told you as you grabbed your coat.. 

You walked out of your apartment and hailed a cab once you got outside. 

“Where to,” the cabbie asked. 

“Any coffee house,” you told him. 

He started the cab and drove you to the coffee house two miles away. 

“Can you wait her for me please,” you asked the cabbie.

“Sure thing ma’am,” he replied. 

You got out of the cab and walked into the coffee house. The barista greeted you as you walked in and asked you what you wanted to order. You orderedd two coffees and two large scones. Once you got what you ordered, you walked back the cab and told the driver you wanted to go to Avengers Tower. 

“Here and thanks,” you said handing the cabbie money. 

You walked to the front door and knocked. 

“Good morning miss how may i help you,” a voice said. 

“I am here to see james,” you told the voice. 

“Ah yes mr. Barnes has been expecting you,” the voice replied opening the front door.

You walked in and saw James sitting against the wall. You walked over to him and sat next to him. You opened one of the cups of coffee and put it by his face. He inhaled and opened his eyes. 

“Thanks,” he said taking the coffee from you. 

You two just sat there and drank the coffee, James took the scone you offered him and thanked you again. 

“So you fixed my bike,” you asked yawning. 

“Yea, its good as new,” he replied yawning. 

You placed your hand on his shoulder and yawned again. 

“Good now i don’t have to hurt you,” you said falling asleep. 

Squire's Cafe

A/N: Christmas gift for @entersomethingcleverhere CARLA. who is so totally awesome and asked for fluff. This is as fluffy as I get. It’s along the same lines as @so-caffeinated ‘s Five Times Someone Totally Got Mayor Queen and Felicity Smoak’s Relationship Wrong so go check that out after reading this. Cause it greatly inspired this. 

I’ve always loved 3rd person POV’s of ships, because it’s like how we view our OTP individually. I’ve never written one so this was a challenge and I had lots of fun writing this. The biggest thanks to @writewithurheart for betaing this and giving me all her knowledge of coffee shops in Christmas. 


 Note– Billy Mchands does not exist in this story. Neither does Evelyn’s betrayal. Instead, Prometheus took Evelyn and killed her instead.


Ally hates Christmastime.

It’s not that she hates Christmas, she in reality loves the holiday. She loves the lights that line the shops on Center Street, the old fashioned light poles wrapped with garland and red ribbon. Even the horse-drawn carriages come out to play, jingling up and down the historic square of Starling– now Star– City.

In the middle of all the festive buildings is the highlight feature– the City-County building, a renovated 19th century mansion that is also known as Mayor’s Office. She loves all the old buildings, but especially this one and even more especially at the holiday season. All the turrets get covered in soft yellow lights, and the place feels like a palace. The fountains in front refract the light, making the whole place glow.

Ally works the coffee shop kitty corner, in between the two busy streets of Center and Broadway. During the rest of the 11 months of the year it’s quite busy, enough to turn a large profit, and keep Ally on her toes.

However, when December strikes, all hell breaks loose. This is why she hates Christmastime.

First off, they have extended hours in December. Normally, they’re open from 6am to 6pm. She can handle a six hour shift at a busy cafe. But the manager decided that in December, the store should open at the Goddamn time of five am. And close well after 10pm. Ally tends to work closer to 12 hour shifts than her typical 6. That fact alone makes her threaten to quit every Christmas.

To make matters worse, they’re always short staffed around this time. Most of her co-workers are students at SCU, and her boss lets them take days off for finals. Then they leave Starling (Star City, Ally still isn’t used to the change) and go home for the holidays. That means that there is more work for her to pick up the slack. And slack there is.

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Caught In The Act|| Kai Parker x Reader x Alaric Saltzman Imagine (REQUESTED)

anonymous:You alarics daughter and he is always trying to keep you away from kai but one night he fomes home to you and kai having sex on the couch? Love your writing by the way!!

{Credit to gif owners}

WARNINGS: sex (well kind of), protective farther, sexual frustration, mentions of daddy kink.

Masterlist // Send In A Request 

“No dad, no one is here, only me” you sighed, getting annoyed by his constant phone calls every 15 minutes.

“I’m just checking” Alaric said, running his hand through his hair. “Dad, Kai is not going to kill me or whatever you’re thinking. His actually nice to me” you said, turning the coffee machine on.

“Did you lock the doors?” he asked, making you roll your eyes. “No dad, I left the doors wide open” you sarcastically said. Making her dad sigh. “Don’t get all sassy with me. I’m just protecting you” he argued. “Dad, as much as I’d love to chat with you, I have to go my coffee is ready” you said, not waiting for him to answer, you hanged up. He will ring back in another 15 minutes.

You let out a sigh. Pouring coffee into your cup. You brought the cup to your lips, drinking it slowly.

“Daddy left you all by yourself” Kai teased, standing right in front of you. Making you drop your coffee mug. Coffee spilled all over the floor.

“Don’t do that kai” you groaned, grabbing a tea towel. “But it was fun, you should of seen your face” kai chuckled, as you gave him a death glare. Walking into the living room.

“Kai, what are you doing here?” you asked, as he followed you around.

“Well, a little birdy told me, you were here all by your lonely self and since I’m such a great boyfriend, I decided to see you” Kai said, winking at you. As you just raised your eyebrows at him.

“What birdy?” you asked. “Okay, I overheard Alaric talking to Damon, but still I’m a good boyfriend” Kai said.

“You know my dad will kill you” you said, cupping his cheeks. “Well, babe, your dad doesn’t scare me and his not here” kai said, his lips closer to yours. You pulled him closer to you, until your lips touched.

“god, I missed you” kai breathed out, breathing heavily. Pushing you backwards until. You fell down on the couch.

Kai moved on top of you. His hands roughly taking off your clothes. As you took off his.

His hands grabbed your boobs roughly, fondling them.

Without any warning he penetrated into you. Making you gasp. Your hands gripped his shoulders tightly. As he thrusted into you roughly.

“Do you want daddy to go faster?” Kai asked, pulling you closer to him. “Yes, daddy” you moaned. Making Kai growl.


“What the hell is this?” Alaric yelled. “Oh, god, dad” you squealed, falling off the couch. Quickly putting your clothes on. “Great your real daddy is home” Kai sighed. 

“It’s sex” Kai answered, smirking at your farther. Making no effort of getting dressed. Clutching the throw rug over his torso

“I think I know what sex is. What I mean was why did you decide to plant yourself on my daughter?” Alaric shouted.

“Your daughters no saint Alaric” Kai said, looking over at you and smirking. You quickly looked back at your farther, as his fist made contact with Kai’s face.

 “Kai” you gasped, as he chuckled, looking up at your farther.

“Stay away from my daughter you dickhead” Alaric yelled. Ready to punch him again. You quickly stood in front of Kai.

“What’s going on?” Jo asked, looking between the three of you.

“Your fiancée, doesn’t like that I’m with his daughter, romantically” Kai spoke, his hand wrapping around your waist. Making your dad shake with anger. Jo’s hand slipped into Alaric’s pulling him away from you’s and out the door. Making Kai smirk.

“I’m not leaving her alone with him” Alaric said, trying to go back inside. Jo used her magic to stop him. Making him groan in frustration. “Jo, let me go, she’s my daughter. I can’t lose her to a sociopath” Alaric said.

“Please Alaric, the more time alone he is with her, the more his not out to cause chaos” Jo said.

“Bullshit. She’s part of his plan. I can feel it” Alaric argued.

“He loves her. Somewhere in his sick twisted mind he feels something for her” Jo said. But Alaric wasn’t believing it.

“Yeah it’s called sex. His using my daughter for his sexual needs” Alaric shouted.

“I need a drink” Alaric grumbled, walking away from Jo…



“Let’s finish what we started” Kai said, picking you up, your legs wrapping around his waist as he layed you back on the couch again…

“I should’ve looked for you.”

Warnings: Cursing, death

Pairing: Carl x Reader

Requests: Hey! I absolutely loved “You left me to die.” I don’t know if you’re gonna do a part 2 or not, but you should consider it! I just found your account and I already love it! :-)

Do you think you could do a second one of “you left me to die”? Like one where Daryl gets out and asks y/n to go with him and she does. And he takes her to hilltop where they all reunite in tonight’s episode???

Please can there be a second part to “you left me to die” :)

Words: 570

(This is probably the best I could do in 40 minutes. Will edit!)

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Part 1

You sat still on the bench, your hands wrapped around a mug full of dark coffee. The taste was distinct in your mouth, but it kept you calm and placed. Thoughts were flying across your mind, did Negan really kill Glenn? Did Carl really miss you? Did Negan really care about you or were you nothing but a pawn to him? There was a large commotion as Negan sauntered into the cafeteria with Lucille high upon his shoulder. A young man with fear in his eyes was shoved into the middle of the circle, meeting Negan. “So. My friends. Fuckin’ amigo’s. It seems. That we have a little bit of a situation here!” Negan raised his voice and walked around the man, “Seems that this fucker. Was taking OUR supplies and getting ready to go on the fucking run! Now. I don’t tolerate rule breaking, that shit is extra plus not fucking okay. So I’m gonna let my dear friends here vote. Do we bash his head in, or throw him to the walkers.” Shock evaded your eyes, Negan was tough and brutal but not this cruel, you’ve never seen him like this. Everyone was shouting out answers to beat his head in and you held your breath. Negan’s eyes scanned the crowd before stopping on you, he raised his brow and stretched his arm out so Lucille was facing you. “Y’know. I would usually do it but today, Lucille is feeling the touch of someone else. (Y/N). Get over here.” Your eyes widened as you shuffled forwards towards him, Negan leaned forwards and whispered in your ear, “I can’t have my best gal going soft. Can I?” You took the bat from his hands and pleaded “Negan please. Don’t make me do this.” The man’s lip trembled and his eyes were full of fear. Negan rolled his eyes and whipped out his pistol putting the barrel to the back of your head, “I think you’re gonna do as I say. That’s fucking what. Or should I go get Carl and bash his head in instead?” You faced the man, kneeling on the ground and shook your head. “I’m so sorry.” You raised Lucille in the air and smashed it down on his head. A sickening crack filled the room as everyone cheered out. “Thatta girl. Get Lucille out and fuckin’ do it again!” Crying out you continued to kill the man on the ground. “Just like I did to that fucking Chinese man and the red head,” You froze, blood still splattered on your face “He was right. You killed him! You killed. Glenn.” Dropping Lucille you pushed past the Saviors and into the court yard

You were in shock. You’ve never had to kill a living, breathing human before and now your hands were stained due to Negan’s relentless pushing. You had killed someone the same exact way your dear friend had been killed. You couldn’t be here anymore, not with this maniac on your heels. You were sat on the ground, your hands clasped and hung between your knees trying to calm your breathing. “(Y/N). (Y/N).” A voice hissed from behind the trucks. “What the hell. Daryl?!” His face was shadowed but he beckoned you forwards, “Negan is gonna kill you if he knows you’re out!” “I’m escaping.” You looked behind him to see another man with long blonde hair and a beard, “You’ll never survive. He’s gonna kill you. us.” Daryl shook his head and whispered back, “Come with us. You can’t stay here anymore, not with your family. Your real family. Come with us.” Your eyes dropped but nodded. “Okay. Let’s go.”

The doors of the Hilltop opened quietly as Daryl, Jesus and you crept through. Maggie’s turned to face you after hugging Daryl and turned to tears. You walked forwards and hugged her waist, “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry about Glenn.” She stroked your hair and leaned to kiss your head not saying anything. The doors opened once again. You swallowed thickly and turned to face Rick and his group. They stared back at you with a certain shock in their eyes. Carl’s eye met yours making your heart thump hard in your chest. “Carl.” You ran forwards to him and jumped to hug him. “I’m sorry. I should’ve stayed. I should’ve stayed here with you. He-he made me I.” Carl kissed your hair and hugged you closer, “It’s okay. (Y/N) It’s okay. I should’ve looked for you. I shouldn’t have left you.” You broke apart and smiled tearfully at each other. A hand touched your shoulder and you looked to see Rick. Carl reached down and held your hand tightly in his. “if it’s alright. I’d like to stay here with you.” Rick nodded with the tiniest of smiles and squeezed your shoulder, “You’ll always be one of us.”

KDrama List Update

This is a list of korean dramas I have finished watching. I’m posting this list so I can keep track of which dramas I start/finish in 2016. 

♦ Boys Over Flowers
♦ Flowerboy Next Door
♦ You’re Beautiful (2015)
♦ Playful Kiss
♦ Baby-faced Beauty
♦ To the Beautiful You
♦ Personal Taste
♦ Coffee Prince (2015)
♦ Prosecutor Princess
♦ Witch’s Romance
♦ Cunning Single Lady (2015)
♦ Master’s Sun (2015)
♦ Heirs (2015)
♦ Birth of a Beauty (2015)
♦ Emergency Couple (2015)
♦ I Hear Your Voice (2015)
♦ Pinocchio (2015)
♦ Healer (2015)
♦ Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)
♦ I Order You (2015)
♦ Hello Monster/I Remember You (2015)
♦ Flower Boy Ramen Shop (2015)
♦ High Society (2015)
♦ Fated to Love You (2015)
♦ The Greatest Love (2015)
♦ It’s Okay That’s Love (2015)
♦ Sensory Couple (2015)
♦ Cheer Up!/Sassy Go Go (2015)
♦ She Was Pretty (2015)
♦ Noble, My Love (2015)
♦ Oh My Venus (2016)
♦ The Village: Achiara’s Secret (2016)

The year refers to the year which I finished the drama in. Some dramas don’t have dates as I don’t remember when I watched them. >.<
Either I have a bad memory or 2015 was a good drama year.