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Get Out's Ending Was Originally a Lot Darker


Speaking with ScreenCrush, the director recalled the finale’s original, dire tone, which saw Chris either slain or incarcerated by police, rather than saved by his friend. The ending was originally meant to speak to the false notion of a post-racist world:

In the beginning when I was first making this movie the idea was, ‘OK, we’re in this post-racial world, apparently.’ That was the whole idea. People were saying, ‘We’ve got Obama so racism is over, let’s not talk about it.’ That’s what the movie was meant to address. Like look, you recognize this interaction. These are all clues, if you don’t already know, that racism isn’t over. […] So the ending in that era was meant to say, look, ‘You think race isn’t an issue? Well at the end, we all know this is how this movie would end right here.’

Peele ended up walking back from the ending when, during production, the national discourse about race changed dramatically in the wake of the shootings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown:

It was very clear that the ending needed to transform into something that gives us a hero, that gives us an escape, gives us a positive feeling when we leave this movie. […] There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the audience go crazy when Rod shows up.

earlier today i was thinking about an au where ladybug and chat noir didnt know each other in their civilian lives

like, an au where adrien never went to public school and him and marinette had never even met before

sure, marinette knows about garbiel designs, but she doesn’t know the blond she sometimes sees in magazines is his son, and adrien somewhat recalls a certain girl winning some of his father’s contests, but they are in no way friends or know of each other much at all other than a moment’s glance

imagine them both keeping their identities secret and all, and they both have a suspicion that they might know each other in real life, but plot twist when they accidentally reveal their identities someday (or decide to) and they actually have no idea who the other is

so they get to know each other as partners first before they know of their civilian identity and get to learn a bunch of new things about their best friend. there’s no awkward barrier or nervousness (after the first day of course) and they have such a strong friendship formed already that they just click immediately and become practically inseparable

(marinette makes up an excuse that they met at one of gabriel’s design contests and had been keeping up with each other online to avoid suspicion)

idk i should be doing hw right now feel free to expand on this if you’d like

Turtles man

Aria: “I can’t bury Ezra” | Death confirmed?

A guess most of you have already read my theory about Wren killing Ezra. If not:
- Post theory
- Video theory

Well, after watching 7x20 promo I think it’s pretty confirmed that it will happen: Ezra will die.

Everyone thinks that Aria says: I can’t marry Ezra. 
But if you put subs, it says: I can’t BURY Ezra.

And look at Spencer’s face. The girls’ faces.

They all look sad, trying to comfort Aria. If she’d said ‘I can’t marry Ezra’ they’d be trying to convince her, telling her the good and happy moments with him and with smiles and all that. But no.

And here we have Wren shooting someone. Look at the background, the walls and the door.

It’s the same wall and door as the one Aria opens.

So….yes….. Goodbye Ezra.

But don’t be so sad, we’ll have first a nice and beautiful wedding.

Please read if you are in BBCSherlock Fandom whether you are into Sherlock ARG theories or not - another perspective.

Okay, I have been at work all day but last night I had a discussion with someone who runs a blog about ARGs and it was very helpful. He may be reading this, I don’t know but if so, thanks - not naming so he doesn’t get spammed with questions. I will be paraphrasing from the conversation we had.

From his perspective, A Sherlock - The Lost Special ARG is happening right now whether it is BBC official or not. A fan-run ARG is still an ARG. We are playing something even if it is just amongst ourselves. 

It could be something well organized or it could be poorly designed but either way, it still “exists” so maybe the shaming/calling out people who believe in playing it can stop.

However, he also said that when games leave too much ambiguity and room for massive faulty leaps in logic and that goes unchecked, that’s not a well designed game, games where it isn’t clear if they are happening can be harmful for folks who struggle with reality in the first place and can also leave people (like random sitemasters, twitter accounts, etc…) open to harassment if they accidentally get caught up in it. So this is something to consider if the current level of ambiguity goes on for more than just the first few weeks. It could be a “real” game, just not a very good one.

People not interested in playing, reading ARG stuff can stop reading now if you want - just wanted those concerned/annoyed with the whole thing to consider this perspective.

So now here is what we have to consider - 
Is there a cohesive fan-run ARG happening? What is really a part of it? What is actually gamejackers or trolls?

-the lost special instagram?

-the lost special troll page?

-The “Contact” Twitters/The “Contact” accounts here on Tumblr?

-The “moles”/anons who send coded messages?

-What else might be? (looking for replies here)

If it is an official BBC Sanctioned game there are obviously a lot more things to consider - that can be a separate post if anyone wants to make it but I think most of us already know what pages/accounts/etc… would be the first places to be looking for clues since we have already been doing that the whole time.

Additionally, Once in the ARG mentality we find ourselves wondering about every unusual thing we come across, any site that seems strange or account that reminds us of Sherlock. These things are certainly worth considering but with caution.

One question he said everyone should ask - as a general tip for those new to playing - is “If this thing is *not* part of the game, what is the risk?” are you putting yourself in physical danger? Giving out personal information? Identity theft risk? Throwing money away or leaving your credit card open to fraudulent charges? And so on.

Another thing to consider is tempering your expectations. Which is to say, would you still be interested in playing if it isn’t an official game that actually culminates in a Lost Special/4th episode? In other words are you cool with the real ARG being the friends we made along the way? I don’t mean to take sides one way or another but it is a good question to ask yourself because it may affect the way you approach things.

I think these are important things to consider so I would appreciate a reblog/tag if you have followers who post in the sherlock arg tag or if you have followers who speak out against it/have concerns.
Also, if reblogging, totally feel free to TL; DR it for your followers, I’m not great at brevity. Thanks

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The Watcher (Joker x Reader)

“Your life changes after a bank robbery sends you into the arms of Gothams most dangerous criminal. Little do you know, he’s had his eyes on you for awhile.”

Requested by Anon: “Can you write an imagine where the reader is black and is a loner who doesn’t get out much and is very shy and nice and unbeknownst to her is being watched by the joker who’s formed a slight obsession with her can you also make it so he’s actually been in her apartment before but she has no clue how they meet can be up to you and what transpires after they meet can be up to you just make it romantic and cute but not over the top thank you so much ❤😘”

A/n: This took me FOREVER to write xD I hope I did alright. I didn’t want to go too far with it and end up with something offensive. I’m still too inexperience for this stuff, I’m sorry. But I decided to split this into two parts, the second part is done already and it’ll be posted tomorrow probably.

Warnings: Death of Hostages, violence, gun shot wounds.

The sound of vibrating and the chorus of your favourite song blared through out your apartment, pulling you from your deep sleep. You quickly silenced it and let out a sigh. You’d been so happy when you downloaded that song as a ringtone, and now you were starting to hate the very sound of it. Guess all good things have to come to an end eventually. You pulled your ass out of bed, groaning from how groggy you were. It was your first day off and you wanted you wanted to do nothing but sleep the day away. Unfortunately there were a lot of errands you had to run. So sleep would have to wait.

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My Pantheon of Children


Named after the greek goddess of the hunt, she’s an 8 month hold ferret. True to her namesake, she’s an accomplished mouser, and loves to hoard toy arrows! She also loves to steal my wallet and hide it under the tv. She’s got a cautious yet adventurous personality; she’ll look before she leaps but once she leaps she’ll go as high and far as she can. Her favorite game to play with me is tag. 


Named after the greek god of prophesy and the goddess Artemis’s twin brother. 8 months old and the perfect foil to his sister. He’s a rolly-polly cuddle bug, super chill and relaxed. He loves nothing more than to find something crinkly to chew on and box to play in. Together they love to wrestle and play tag. He also likes to just flatten himself out like a pancake and take in the scenery. 

Chloris and Boreas 

Chloris, the green one, is named after the Greek nymph who represented spring and flowers, her name means ‘greenish yellow’. She was a foundling and not very trusting.  She’s missing a few fail feathers, but whether that’s from her old home or from being outside, I have no clue. Budgies are social birds, so I got her a friend, Boreas. He’s named after the Greek personification of the north wind. He’s a little more trusting and brave.  Their wings have been clipped but they’re getting stronger every day and hopefully once they molt we can work on some flight time! 


Probably my post popular pet after that one post took off. He was once the last betta in the store because he was dully and ugly. I overheard a woman saying she was going to purchase him and keep him in a mason jar, promptly lied and pretended I’d already planned to get himself. It worked and now I’m sold on proper betta husbandry. He’s named after the Greek river god, and his favorite thing to do is to hide in his ironically placed mason jar hide and try to fight the moss ball in his tank. I *think* he’s a rose tail, but who knows. 


Hades is foundling ball python, about two months old, and named after the Greek god of the underworld. Apparently he’s a butterball morph, and I feel like that more or less describes his personality. He’s an easy-going snake who likes to sit back (or, rather, stand up) and observe the world around him. He’s a voracious eater and has never missed a meal or a strike! His favorite thing to do is stretch out in his tank in the evenings and watch what’s going on in the living room. 


The Brazilian rainbow boa, about two years old. Named after the Greek personification of the sun. He’s quite a long little noodle, even at 2 year old! I haven’t been able to measure him, but at 435 grams, he’s about four times as big as Hades. The rainbow effect comes from the way his scales form a prism and reflect light. He’s a very good eater so far (he’s a new addition!) and he lives to burrow into his substrate and hide. 


Named after the ferryman of the river styx, this rosy boa is my smallest snek. The care sheets about rosy boas say they’re very slow moving snakes. LIES! This dude is inquisitive as all get out, and can’t hold still to save his life once he’s out of his tank. Once in his tank he likes to burrow into the substrate completely hiding his body, except his little nose poking out. 

easter eggs and clues

So after learning that there are numerous easter eggs in Villainous I decided to go through the episodes thoroughly on youtube and let me share with you what I found. I’m not including anything I’ve already seen a post about unless it’s significant. This is more of a “hey look at all of this” rather than a theory post.

In episode one you can see the mansion’s address on the bottom right corner of the test card:

on the walls of ep 1 I noticed these (the blueprint i saw on someone else’s post actually):

(under cut)

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ok so to procrastinate more than I already have, here are some Lance teaching Keith to swim headcanons based my tags on @yaxxm  ‘s post because I teach swimming and people are ridiculous.

  • Keith literally has no clue how to swim. closest thing to a pool he ever entered was his bathtub
  • Lance literally not remember NOT knowing how to swim, which occasionally impedes his teaching because it’s so obvious and ingrained in him that he doesn’t know how to describe how to do it
  • this leads to Lance moving Keith’s body for him when they get past the basics of “how to float and not drown” so he knows how it’s supposed to feel which isn’t awkward in the moment but afterwards both are like “I can’t believe I touched his thigh like that?? what am I doing I’m going to D I E” and “Lance…has very soft hands when he moves my arms and hands??? I want to just regular hold his hands this is T O R T U R E”
  • Anyway Keith is literally that dude who just stands at the shallow end gripping the wall for dear life that every lifeguard ever tries to telepathically prevent from going anywhere else or put on a damn lifejacket
  • Once Lance gets over “I can do something Keith caaaaan’t” he actually offers to help and is a good teacher for the most part
  • Keith is a horrible student
  • He not only is slightly terrified of the water but also way too stubborn to admit it and take actual advice that actually works (keep your chin up you doofus)
  • They are in like. rib deep water. Keith can obviously stand. Keith instead insists on clinging to Lance like a frickin’ koala. Lance almost bruises with how tight his arm was being gripped.
  • First lesson: how to recover from a float. not even the float. just the recovery. literally putting your feet under you and standing. in water. you can stand in. which is where they are.
  • that’s a lie first lesson is “walk around where you can touch without panicking”So they end up holding hands and walking around the pool for like. half and hour. that was all they did that day just. hold hands. in water. 
  • they were both internally screaming the entire time because they were hoLDinG HaNdS
  • eventually, they think he has it (spoiler: he doesn’t)
  • commence backfloat practice and it’s ok but then Keith DOESN’T LISTEN and tries to bring his knees to his chest (seriously why do people do this???) so he starts to sink so he flails and the subsequent neck clinging and cheeks being pressed RIGHT TOGETHER as Lance literally picks Keith up out of the water to calm him down are his own fault.
  • It’s a funny position because of the koala-ing so Lance had one arm under Keith and one all the way over his stomach and they end up chest-to-chest when Lance gets Keith standing
  • there is blushing because swimming and swimsuits and clinging means there’s a LOT of skin was touching there.
  • And their faces had been PRESSED AGAINST EACH OTHER. 
  • they do not acknowledge this at all. 
  • Lessons are over for the day. Lance reconsiders his life choices and tries to figure out how he is going to survive Keith clinging to him in the pool every day.

I was kind of expecting something else. Idk when they said people should anticipate this comeback I was like 👀👀 then I saw the teaser and was like alrighty lol. But I like this new sound.

But I absolutely love this eerie concept because I love horror. I know BTS is going to deliver because they always do. I am super interested after reading a post on KA and the information that was given got me interested to see how this is gonna play out.

Okay so mid way through reading the post on KA (kpop amino) for the second time I started putting things together as I read.

Okay so I was informed this is revolving around yet another book “The ones who walk away from Omelas” because we all know how BTS is with books. 👀😏

The book is about a town that everyone is happy and no one has any regrets or guilt or displeasure, but they have a child locked away in a basement that they all go to look at once in a while to be reminded of how good their lives are but they cast the childs discomfort aside because that would allow them to feel guilt and ruin their happiness. But some of the people from the town walk away because they cant be ignorant to the sacrifice of one for the happiness of man. It talks about a carnival which is why theres broken down carnival rides. It’s about the world being ignorant to the suffering of others to maintain their own happiness and lifestyle, but some people will refuse ot ignore it.


Also it revolves around a horror movie called “The Vacancy” (which was underneath the Omelas sign)
*I am legit excited because I love horror movies and the plot of the movie has me shook asf*

Well you can clearly see that Yoongi is in a hotel. But he’s not alone (ofc) as seen in the teaser.

But did you notice how it never showed them outside all together? Only 3 of the 7 members were outside. Both times the sign was shown.🤔

Also in Yoongi’s scene did you notice it still only showed 3 of them?

I had already noticed a clue because 3 of them (Yoongi, Jhope and Namjoon) are in front of a sign that said Omelas which means (the ones who walk away) which could mean Tae, Jimin, Jungkook and Jin are dead. Which from my understanding people think Jin has been dead since the I need u era. The reason I also assume Jimin is dead because from the post I read the shoes signify death. 👀👀

If you watched and paid attention or go back and watch the shoes have to do with Jimin.

So I’m like legit confused and intrigued with this story.

I know BTS fandom is about to go buy this new book that this revolves around lol.

I just can’t believe all those weeks I spent building my hopes up and seeing all the clues pointing towards ace Raphael weren’t for nothing and I wasn’t let down and disappointed and Shadowhunters actually came through and turned a “headcanon” of an author who couldn’t be bothered to actually include aroace rep in the books into a real canon asexual character while other shows (*cough* Riverdale *cough*) are erasing characters that were already ace in the source material I mean can you believe how great this is

Silver Theory

Okay so last night I was way too tired to really post about all this, but now I’m wide awake. So let me start by saying that the things I post on here are just my theories, so don’t freak out or anything because nothing is confirmed. I know I probably confuse a lot of you because I always have different theories, but I honestly can’t help it. Silver was the very first character that I truly believed was Harley. Then I started to see Lee showing lots of characteristics of Harley, and it made me kind of doubt that Silver was. I didn’t doubt Silver because of Lee, I doubted her because she wasn’t posting about Gotham and she was no longer on the show and there were no hints of her coming back on the show or anything. I’m honestly conflicted because I truly believe either Silver or Lee is Harley. It’s a really tough choice because I absolutely love Lee (Morena), but I absolutely love Silver (Natalie) too! Honestly, I will be happy if either of the two is Harley. A lot of people wanted reasons that she could possibly be Harley, and now I’m awake enough to answer. Just be warned, this post might be a bit long.

Reason number one: She can change her personality on a whim.

When she was with Bruce she made herself appear to be kind and timid, etc. But when she was alone, or with Theo and Tabitha she was cold and self-confident. But she’s not completely heartless. She can be nice when she wants to be. Like for example, when she thought Bruce was being tortured she was screaming for them to stop. She also tried to stop Theo from killing him. So she can be manipulative but she also still has a heart. Harley is kind of the same way. She’s a bad guy but she still has a heart. If I remember correctly Harley and Ivy saved a little girl that I think was getting abused. I honestly don’t remember it that well. So both Silver and Harley can be mean, but also still have a heart.

Silver’s personality when manipulating Bruce.

Silver’s true personality.

Reason number two: Her character in the show doesn’t match the one in the comics AT ALL.

Silver in the comics isn’t related to the Galvan’s in any way. She is also supposed to be one of the first people to figure out Bruce is Batman. Silver is known to be a seductress in both the comics and the show.. well Silver in the comics seduces Bruce for sexual reasons. Silver in the show seduces Bruce to manipulate him for her Uncle. Two totally different reasons. I know in the comics she is supposed to have this off and on relationship with Bruce, but Bruce strictly told her “Silver, I don’t love you. I pity you.” And I think he even said, “I have no feelings for you what so ever.” Or something along those lines. So I don’t see them getting back together (Not that they were even really together in the first place.) Go look Silver St Cloud up, you’ll see her comic version and TV version doesn’t match at all.

Reason number three: ‘You may have already seen Harley as a person that you thought you had met and known for a long time.’

Silver hasn’t shown a crazy side yet, as far as I know, but from what I remember Harley doesn’t start acting crazy until after she meets the Joker (Jerome). Even though she wasn’t on there but seven episodes (same amount as Jerome) we still knew her character for a while. I think they could have meant this in a variety of different ways. Like maybe the character that is going to play Harley has been on the show a long time (Like Barbara and Lee), we just didn’t recognize her as Harley. Or maybe the character was shown a few times (definitely more than an extra, but maybe less than a regular) and we didn’t recognize them as Harley (Like Silver).

Reason number four: ‘The person is somehow connected to the Joker Cult World.’

Her and Jerome haven’t met yet, but I actually see this as an advantage. Both Jerome and Silver were working for Theo, but it never showed them meeting because Theo killed Jerome before they had a chance to. Silver was connected to Theo and Tabitha, as was Jerome when he was working for them, therefore she is connected to Jerome. Which would mean she’s connected to the ‘Joker Cult World’. So she is indeed connected.

Reason number five: She is still alive.

The last time we saw her was when Tabitha pushed her out the window to escape Theo. Ironic, huh? Considering Joker pushes Harley out the window in the animated series. Anyway, we don’t know where she went or what happened to her after that. All we know is she is still alive. We don’t see her anymore after that episode.. although we do see Tabitha again. She more than likely went to School somewhere, and slept her way through it like Harley did. She could be an intern right now for criminology. The point is she’s still alive. The writers could have killed her off, so why didn’t they? Most likely so they could bring her back.

Reason number six: Little Minx

Let’s not forget that Alfred called her a little minx.. and what does the Joker call Harley a lot? “You clever little minx.”

Reason number seven: Harley’s appearance in the finale.

The writers said Harley is appearing in this season’s finale and is gonna be the launching point for Season four. Once again this could be taken in different ways, but the way I took it though is Harley is gonna appear, like she’s gonna show up in Gotham. The only person we’ve seen on the show that could be Harley, that could just show up is Silver. I think it was Ken Woodruff who said Harley’s appearance in the in the finale ‘is gonna be crazy’. I’m not positive if it was Ken that said this, but I do know it was definitely one of the producers that said it. Silver coming back could be crazy.. Honestly who knows what the writers have up their sleeves.

Reason number eight:Daddy’s Little Monster.
On Harley’s shirt in Suicide Squad, it says ‘Daddy’s Little Monster.” Well it just so happens that Silver’s in an episode of Gotham called ‘Mommy’s Little Monster.’ This episode is the one that Silver’s true colors are revealed for the first time. It kind of reminds you of Jerome in a way. In his very first episode, he was acting fragile and innocent. Then he shows his dark side, his true self, in the interrogation room. Silver was acting like the sweet girl next door type, then as soon as she and Selina were alone she showed her dark side, her true self.

Harley’s Shirt in Suicide Squad.

The list of episodes Silver is in.

Jerome acting innocent.

Jerome showing his true colors.

Silver acting innocent.

Silver showing her true colors.

Reason number nine: She fits

If the show was to stick with Harley’s real appearance and the age thing and all that, Silver would match the most. She has blonde hair.. she doesn’t have blue eyes but I really don’t think that matters anyway. Also she is younger than Jerome, just like Harley is younger than Joker. I know a lot of people are dead set on Harley being younger. I think she was maybe sixteen or seventeen in Season two and Jerome was eighteen. She may be younger than that honestly. Season takes place a year after Jerome’s death. This would make her character either seventeen or eighteen, and Jerome nineteen (or twenty) give or take.

Reason number ten: Just imagine it

Seriously, just imagine it <3 I can picture her and Jerome being partners in crime like Joker and Harley, and Jerome making her distract/manipulate people with her seductiveness, while he steals or something. Silver is an excellent manipulator.. if she manipulated Bruce for her uncle due to fear, imagine what all she would do for Jerome due to love.. because we all know Harley is crazy about Joker. As I already stated above, she’s younger than him, and though I don’t think that has anything to do with it, she’s very manipulable. She proved that in season two, following her uncle’s every command. A lot of people think Harley needs to be someone who can be manipulated easily. Well Silver definitely could.

Reason number eleven: Foreshadowing or coincidence?

Like I said in a recent post, I believe that the show gives us hints and clues. Like the fact that Silver was introduced the very next episode after Jerome’s death. That once again makes me think of Joker and Harley. For me, when I think of Harley I automatically think of the Joker. And when I think of Joker, I automatically think of Harley. They’re a package deal in my eyes. But of course, I think of Joker first because he’s the leader. The more dominant one in their relationship. So for them to introduce Jerome first, and then introduce Silver the very next episode after Jerome’s death, really seems like a clue. Also in Silver’s last episode, she said: “That’s show business.” Both the Joker and Harley are famed in the Batman universe for their showbiz-style roots (Stole that, but it’s true). Also the fact that the writers decided for her true self to be revealed in the episode ‘Mommy’s Little Monster’ makes me think it’s another clue.

This picture reminds me of Jerome.

Jerome (Joker) putting on a show for his cult (followers).

A clue in my opinion.

Reason number twelve: Natalie and Cameron giving clues.

Okay, so last night Natalie posted a gif of her and Cameron at the Vanity Fair. Her caption was ‘Jerome & Silver take over? Thank you @vanityfair​ for a beautiful night xxo @cameronmonaghan @gothamonfox’. Several things caught my attention on this post. First, as far as I know Cameron and Natalie have never met before. Like I said, as far as I know.. I’m honestly not sure. Maybe they have met before and we just didn’t know it. They never posted about the other, took pictures together, or anything. It’s like they didn’t know the other existed (figure of speech). I remember stalking both their accounts a while back and if I remember correctly neither of the two were following each other on their social media accounts. Then one day out of nowhere, they’re at the same event together, and they’re taking goofy pictures with one another and mentioning the other in tweets. Natalie is now following Cam on both Instagram and Twitter. I’m not sure if Cameron is following her or not, but still. Another thing that caught my attention was she used ‘Jerome and Silver’ instead of ‘Cameron and Natalie’. So I take this as a clue. On twitter Natalie posted a gif of her and Cam at 3:52 am, where they’re both acting like she’s punching him. Her caption says the same thing as her Instagram post. Then Cameron tweeted her back at 1:21 pm,  which was another gif of them, and his caption was 'Was fun! Grats on your good news!’ This caught my attention as well. They’re all of a sudden having contact with each other, she used their character’s names instead of their real names, and now Cameron congratulated her on her 'good news’. So I decided to do some digging, which wasn’t really digging considering it was her next post. On February 18, she posted 'big news to come!!!! xxo’ Honestly I think that news is her coming back to Gotham and becoming Harley. And the fact that she told Cameron about it, someone she’s never met before and isn’t close to, makes me really think it’s Gotham related :) Also Nat is following Maggie Geha (Ivy) and we all know Harley and Ivy have an off and on romantic relationship. She’s also the right age to date Jerome, date Ivy, and be part of the sirens. I know Selina and Silver hate each other right now, but maybe over time Selina will get over what happened and them become friends. Silver only threatened her and manipulated Bruce because Theo made her, I think I remember him saying 'I need you to ensure that no one else is whispering in his ear until I make my offer.’ This was before she went to Bruce’s and threatened Selina. She was only doing what her uncle asked her because she is afraid of him, and also because her family is all she has.

Reason number thirteen: Natalie has what it takes.

From my knowledge, Natalie is very flexible. She did a back bend on the red carpet, and she also does Arial Yoga. Harley is obviously an expert gymnast, and I believe Natalie can pull that part off. A lot of people don’t want her to be Harley, because they don’t like her character, Silver, but that’s what makes her such a great actress. It’s easy for people to like characters, but it takes someone really talented to make the audience hate their character. I believe Natalie could be the perfect choice for Harley. She has the looks, she’s younger than Jerome, she’s practiced gymnastics (from what I can tell), she matches up with all the things the writers have said, and.. let’s face it, she and Jerome would look so hot together! I still love Lee with all my heart, and I will be thrilled if it is her, but honestly I think I want Silver to be Harley just a tad bit more. I swear I’m not hating, because honestly I love Lee and I also love Jerome and Lee’s chemistry <3 But Silver was the very first person I wanted to be Harley, and now that I’m seeing clues again, I’m really hoping she is.

She was wearing five inch heels while doing this.

Aerial Yoga.  

I know this post probably doesn’t make sense , but these are just a few reasons why I think she’s Harley :)  If you don’t like the idea, that’s fine, but please be respectful is all I ask. I think it’s either Silver or Lee.. I would honestly be happy with either. Oh, and please don’t stop watching the show if it doesn’t turn out who you want it to be. I understand how it could be upsetting, but this is a show, and if you liked it before, don’t let something so little make you stop watching the show. We are Gothamites, we don’t love the show because of ships.. even though they are a big bonus. If everyone was to stop watching shows because something didn’t turn out the way they wanted, then there would honestly be no shows due to low ratings. Like if Barbara was to become Harley, it would take a lot for me to get used to the fact, or at least warm up to it, but I wouldn’t stop watching the show over it. Just be reasonable guys :) <3

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For the chat post thingy could you do: ''Oh my god! You stepped on Mrs Buttercup's tail!'' :O :O Like I really wanted to give you something challenging but my brain isn't cooperating today and just spews forth useless phrases like this. So Mrs Buttercup it is :'D

Oh maaaaan! :D Honestly, this was already quite the challenge! I had no clue what to do with it! :D
But you can always send me a line you deem challenging, when your brain is cooperating again ;) I’m curious to see what it would be ^^
Thanks for Mrs. Buttercup! :) :)

Harry: Oh my god! You stepped on Mrs. Buttercup’s tail!

Draco: It was an accident!

Ron:  I didn’t know you guys had a pet.

Harry: We don’t.

Ron: Wait, what am I missing here?

Harry: She will never bring over biscuits again!

Ron: Guys, who is Mrs. Buttercup?

Harry: Our next door neighbour.

Ron: I thought Professor McGonagall was your next door neighbour.

Draco: She is.

Ron: And you call her Mrs. Buttercup?

Harry: Only when she’s angry. Otherwise we just call her buttercup.

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Aria is A - Full Theory :)

hey guys, so i tried convincing my friend how aria is A but it was really hard since there isn’t exactly one post joining all clues and theories about why she is A so i did it based on these 2 amazing blogs: aria-is-a-pll & killerariaisa. i know perhaps aria isn’t necessarily the big A, but i think she could be deeply involved in this in some way, because after everything i found, i know she HAS to be involved.

okay onto the point: i’d like to point out the cast and crew have already told us how there are no coincidences in rosewood, therefore every single thing might be a clue. YET i do understand some things are exaggerations which is why i wont mention these super elaborate and minimal details, i’ll be more broad. so i went through all of these blogs, it took me over a week and went through SO many posts and clues and here are my favourites. OKAY SO I KNOW THIS IS LONG BUT HOPEFULLY ITS WORTH IT AND ON SPECIFIC SCENES I ADDED A LOT OF PICTURES AND TRIED MAKING THIS INTERESTING.

disclaimer: i came up with quite a few of these on my own but also got many from the blogs i mentioned above and eventually when i was too lazy to go watch the episode, i stole their pictures. anyways onto the actual point-

first of all, possible motifs:

- A’s big motif has NOT YET been shown but we’re supposed to sympathise with him/her/it/bitch but here are some suspicious things that lead me to believe aria might have a reason

- reasons aria might want to hurt the girls, ali kept threatening to expose her dad’s affair, forcing her to tell her mother (even though A got to her first) and aria is known to be really defensive and aggressive when it comes to her family (watch her conversation with ezra in 1x04, she gets really annoyed with him for assuming things about her family SHE LITERALLY STORMS OUT OF HIS HOUSE hating him because she says he called her a child BUT HE NEVER SAID ANYTHING LIKE THAT??!??!??!??! aria r u cray cray bc wtf bitch u dont leave some hot guy hanging alone bc u dont know how to handle ur shit)

- other than that, ali and aria had the weakest relationship in between the 5 of them: em and ali had an affair, ali “helped” hanna deal with her eating problems and kept spencer’s drug problems a secret… but aria? we know n o t h i n g on that friendship (other than the affair - which brings bad memories to aria) which again is sketchy af.

- we came to the consensus aria is a hella jealous person, am i right too right?

- also, whoever A is, they definitely have mental issues because they are doing such terrible things. aria was the only one of the girls who already had a mental record when she went to visit dr. sullivan (it is assumed, check this to understand why), she had already seen therapists before. also, we never know what she did in her one year in iceland, maybe she was in a mental clinic for all we know. and we already know mike deals with mental issues/anger problems and has to take medicine, and byron’s brother committed suicide and also had mental illness. i feel like aria might be like her family and have a mental problem, so many people have said she might have a double personality and it does make sense considering her family records. 

- credits to this post. it has come to our attention how the pig aria has is very important in some way??? even marlene king told us to beware of the pig so EH something’s up with lil piggy. it is known that pigs help people with mental disorders, or people going on with a lot of stress and stuff in their lives. if aria is A, she must have a mental disorder, right???

- travels to iceland right when ali disappears. if one of my besties dissapeared i would never flee the country (makes you look guilty to the police – need friend support. also, it dosent seem like she made any friends in iceland either, maybe she spent too much time alone… thinking, planing things like for example, being A)

- often seen texting or writing in her journal and we cannot see who she is texting or what she is writing about (pay attention to this, it happens, A LOT)

- always needs to know all of the girls’ secrets and gets easily freaked out when she realizes they haven’t told her something. (in episode 1, she was the one who brought up A with the other girls in ali’s funeral which made them discover they all got the texts, its almost as if she wanted all of them to find out about A and share it with each other)

- often see time gaps in scenes with aria where suddenly it’s nighttime and we don’t know what’s she’s been up to

- only liar who wasn’t visited by alison (she was only hallucinating — possibly has to do with their friendship that has something sketchy/wrong about it)

- aria regularly just magically shows up at the right time, perfect timing (example, saving spencer in the sauna/shower and to witness hanna eating the pig cupcakes)

- hasn’t always had her “friends” interest at heart (example she turned down jake’s offer to help with finding hanna’s mom an attorney, when she desperately needed one – also didn’t want mike to tell the truth about mona even if it was going to help hanna and ali to not go to jail)

- often very dubious when A is supposed to have done something to the girls (example when they were in rosewood and she didn’t realize that she wasn’t holding hanna’s hand but a statue’s hand)

- very often the one to lead the girls to find A clues in strange place (example, finding wren’s prescription pads in spence’s bag, finding the lipstick in spencer’s dresser or buying that snow globe from santa)

- lucy hale was the first person to be casted in pretty little liars. first person to be casted is THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON since everyone casted after them is basically MADE TO SURROUND THEM and they need to find the right person to match with her.. why around her????? because she’s the main chArActer????? (ye m8)

- not to mention, how would A know absolutely everything going on in the girls life if one of them wasn’t directly linked with him/her/it/bitch? i know they have minions and people working for them and ways to get information but EH this way kinda hAS TO BE ONE OF THE GIRLS *coff coff* aria

- “aria can’t be a she wouldn’t hurt herself” WELL MAYBE SHE ISN’T. like for example in episode A pins aria to the wall and steals mona’s laptop (i cba to find the episode rn im lazy) maybe that didn’t even happen. as marlene said, it all has to do with perspective. maybe she just used that as an excuse to say she lost mona’s laptop so she could have it for herself, it gives her access to the laptop and she can say A attacked her, but was anyone there to see that happening or is this just A, i mean, aria’s imagination? (picture below is not my picture)

- “Everyone will freak out because it’s so clearly in every episode,” he added, while laughing. “When it’s finally revealed, you could literally go back to season 1 and knowing who it is, you can be like, ‘Oh, wow. Whoa. This has been here all along, and I never noticed it,’ which is, I think, brilliant.” - Keegan Allen. THIS MEANS WE KNOW A, so all the theories of A being a character we have not known yet can’t be true, and also the way he speaks leads us to believe it is one of the main characters… ARIA MAYBE?

- lastly, aria is writing a book in which the villain possibly wins, i’ll mention more about this later as well when she talks about the book but perhaps the book is an allusion to what she is doing to the girls???

lets talk about aria’s traits and how they are much like A’s (thanks to THIS post which i changed around a lil):

- artistic (we have seen a painting painted by A as well)

- great liar (been said multiple times, the girls all agreed she is the best liar out of all of them)

- good at sneaking around (like dating ezra)

- again, she is protective/hella defensive when it comes to her family (montgomery family has never been hurt as bad as the other liars’ families – i’ll go more into this later. and, as mentioned before, she seems like the kind of person who would do anything for her family – this could be part of the motif – all the girls suspected their families but aria really didn’t. she accuses melissa and etc but when it comes to the information garret risked his life to tell spencer about byron, she never even directly confronts him. really aria??? #baddaddy)

- violent tendencies and loses control sometimes (like trashing dad’s office after she found out he was having an affair and trashing ezra’s apartment after finding out he was the one having an affair with ali – wow aria someone doesn’t deal well with affairs?)

- mysterious (SO MUCH)

- knows how to hurt people (in 5x11, mona told aria: “you know right where to put the knife and you’re not afraid to twist it. alison underestimated you” bloODY HELL CAN U BE LESS DIRECT MONA??)

- vegetarian (we’ve never seen A eat meat)

- she likes to be in control (A is all about controlling everyone)

- loves music and plays the piano, and so does A

- loves photography much like A

- horror movies and B&W movies (A gets some inspiration from them and A likes black and white films too)

okay now i’m going to be citing some specific examples in chronological order:

1x01 - starting with the obvious, i started suspecting of aria in episode one simply because her name starts with A, which might sound ridiculous but hey what if A stands for aria and not alison. there are no coincidences in PLL, so why would they chose a name with a.. really? also, the liars and we have already come to the conclusion that A is a hell of a narcissist, so what better than sign stuff with your own name (while being discrete?)

1x01 - does this even need any explanations at all??????? they said they chose lucy’s because she is the one who did the SH better but its pretty obvIOUS SHE DIDNT (look at that its totally not centered. she has the worst shh ever, its totally to the right side. SORRY LUCY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH but u have to admit thats a terrible sh) so like why would they use it???? because perhaps aria is SHHHushing people because she has a s(hhhh)ecret? [rhetorical question - the answer is yes]

1x01 - we have been told the pilot is a important to understanding a lot of stuff and this conversation in between the girls might not mean anything but it might as well, i just find really interesting this is the first scene and what spencer says-

spencer: careful aria, take too much and you’ll tell us all your secrets

secrets???? spencer wtf r u talkin about??? i dont keep secrets?!?!??!?!! not like im threatening ali’s life or anything LOLOmskajhjfld

1x05 - aria was feeling down because of her argument with ezra and so she stayed home all day wearing A BLACK HOODIE. hm okay this wouldn’t be as suspicious since its just a black hoodie, but notice how it has a bunch of white paint sprayed all over it. and on the end of that episode it shows A opening a can of white paint to paint rosewood’s sign…. does this mean aria is a??? she was the one painting the sign?? she sure was alone all day, maybe not as home as the girls thought. (picture below is not my picture)

1x06 - we always get creepy A scenes on the end of every episode but in the end of this episode its simply mike and aria watching tv together.. hm.. suspicious? why…? is it showing A in another point of view maybe?

2x02 - in the hallway mona calls aria “hey, big A. wait up!” and aria looks back. wow thats interesting aria, my name is dominique and if someone called me “big D” i would never look back if i never heard that nickname before… right? well then i guess she did, notice how she even rolls her eyes once she hears mona say that. v interesting aria, v interesting.

2x25 - on this episode, they made a huge deal saying A was going to be unmasked but the only person who physically got unmasked was aria, which is very interesting. (not my pictures either)

and also, aria’s dress was SOO similar to the movie black swan, which is a film that deals with a mental disorder. could this have to do with the fact that maybe she was dealing with one? we’ve been told the outfit is important so this could be something really signifying her mental issues.

3x02 - [emily says something about the night she was drugged and woke up by alison’s grave which was dug up and says it to the girls and aria instantly defends herself saying something v interesting]

aria: but honestly i don’t think you remember anything clearly from that night. when we picked you up you kept calling me arlene

WTFFFsdfdasdFHDSjkfaljkfhkAlsdhfksd. A = charles = feminine version of arlene = arlene = aria = A = fuCK

3x04 - when hanna tells aria she’s going to tell caleb about A it was all very sketchy, look at the convo:

hanna: so i decided to do it. my mom’s out, i’m gonna tell caleb tonight. i refuse to let A play this divide and conquer.

aria [with the surprised face above]: what time is he coming over?

hanna [she gets a text]: hey that’s probably him i’ll call you back

and right after it goes to this scene of aria which she looks guilty AF and hanna gets a text threatening her not to tell caleb about A. seriously aria can you make it any more obvious?

3x13 - dressed up as daisy bunchanan from the great gatsby on halloween. she is perceived as very innocent when in fact, under the surface, she is evil and stabs her friends in the back. aria is there a special motif behind your costume???? (picture below is not my picture)

3x17 - A helps aria. aria had been telling the girls how she really wanted to tell ezra that he had a son but she told maggie she wouldn’t. YET the next day spencer gets a text from “aria” saying they broke up because she told him about his son, and because of this provoking text spence confronts ezra and ends up telling him about the kid, assuming, of course, that he already knew. not even maggie is upset at aria since she knows aria didn’t tell him, and neither are the girls annoyed or surprised at her going behind maggie’s back or nothing of the kind. same thing happened when she was going to tell her mom about her father’s affair in season 1, but A told her mom before. these are meant to look like bad things revealing secrets but really its the exact opposite, they are HELPING aria, she didn’t have the courage and writing it anonymously takes the blame of her but still gets it out there, PLUS she can tell the girls she was harassed by A and make it seam like A was a bitch to her. ARIA UR A FUCKING GENIUS.

4x19 - EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. in this episode EZRA AND ARIA HAVE A REALLLLL interesting chat in which aria talks about the book she’s writing:

ezra: what are you thinking?

aria: you don’t wanna know

e: try me

a: im thinking that its sunday night and i still have a lot of homework to do

e: creative writing homework?

a: okay you are gonna like this one when i’m done. it started as this one thing and it just turned into something completely different.

e: how did that happen?

a: well i had this hero, but hero’s arent what they used to be anymore, so i got fascinated with the villain

e: does ur villain loose in the end?

a: not sure, sometimes the villains win *shrugs*

ezra: sometimes

WTF DID ARIA JUST TELL US SHE’S WRITING A BOOK IN WHICH A VILLAN WINS???!?!? i have heard this could be an allusion that the reason she is being A is she is writing a book about it n shit, it makes sense because so many times we see her writing things we have no idea what they are about. and look at aria’s face with a small smile when aria asks if the villain wins.

4x22 - also very important, one of the most interesting scenes in all of the show is when aria finds out about ezra’s true identity and how he used to have an affair with alison. aria is THE ONLY ONE who read the book and she BURNED ALL HIS RESEARCH. the liars were so into finding A and ezra was a lot closer than they were, if i were aria i would totally look at the research and see what he knows that we don’t, try and know more about A.. that is, if i wasn’t a.. of course. after she talks to him, in the beginning of 4x22 they all get together so she can explain about the ezra situation and the conversation goes exactly like this:

aria: he has a theory though

emily: and what is it?

aria: he thinks that one of us did it

spencer: you are kidding right

emily: well know we know its a work of fiction

spencer: which one of us is he trying to pin it on?

aria: i didn’t get that far

spencer: you didn’t think to ask?


OK THIS CONVERSATION IS SO SOSOSOSOOS SKETCHY. RIGHT AFTER THIS ARIA COMPLETELY CHANGES THE SUBJECT, they accuse ezra of being A and she immediately defends him and starts talking about how he used them and how she was hurt (notice that like about 1 episode after they’re already together again!! if someone was using me to write a book on my missing best friend WHY WOULD I EVEN WANT TO LOOK THEM IN THE EYE AGAIN?!??!! oh wait. i wouldn’t) liKE WTF can u be less discrete about not wanting to talk about it???? by completely changing subject she NEVER TELLS US WHO EZRA SUSPECTS. which leads us to believe that he suspected of her. ezra found out aria was a, YET since he is in love with her, he joined the A team. now they cover up for each other. #relationshipgoals later they (ezra + aria) just say ezra had a suspicion on ms. dilaurentis but we know that he had a suspicion on one of the girls. perhaps so into his research he found out ms.d was the one who burried ali and so aria and him decided to just pin it on her.

anyways here is a pic to keep u guys entertained and bc hanna is literally me during all of this aria bullshit excuse to not say all ezra knows, because trust me, ezra kNOWS (A lot)

5x04 - marlene king said “key lime pie. that’s a big spoiler, key lime pie!” what i found from this post is that in 2x12 is the first time we hear about pie when mona/toby get that pie in the dinner in which toby is called, pretty eyes. anyways im going to jump this part you can read about it on that blog post, and cut to the point. pie is only mentioned again in 5x06, when aria is checking her email and there is an email from telling her about some upcoming pie promotion. in the next episode (5x05) aria brings ezra some pie from “paula’s π ” shop. and they say:

ezra - you stopped by paula’s?

aria - that’s key lime

ezra - why pie?

aria - why not pie?

hM convo’s about key lime pie after we heard thats a big deal?? looking suspicious dearies. (picture below is not my picture)

5x04 - from this same episode other than the pie email (which you can see on the screenshot) there is something v suspicious, an email from harvey…… fence install?!??!?!?! it says "i would like to go over the material options available for the fence project we have been d[iscussing]” do U MEAN ELECTRIC FENCE??????? do u mean the fence surrounding the girls by the end of the season on A’s dollhouse?? WHAT FENCE PROJECT WOULD ARIA BE WORKING ON?!?!??! btw electric fence would probably be ur best material option aria! but i think u figured that our yourself, right A? i mean.. aria!

(picture below is not my picture)

5x07 - I THINK EDDIE LAMB ALREADY KNEW ARIA GUYS maybe from when she went to radley to visit bethany on the reading program??? they had this convo in 5x07 which again is hella sketchy, look:

eddie: hey there. you are the new volunteer?

[she nods and immediately looks away]

eddie: i mangled it didn’t i?

aria: what

eddie: your name. on the badge.

aria: oh, no you got it right. [looks away again… REALLY ARIA? i thought u were the loving and caring one y u bein such a bitch??? thought y'all needed to GET CLOSE TO E.LAMB???]

eddie: did you volunteer for the reading program last year?

aria: nah no this is my first time here.

eddie: i feel like we met before

aria [looks hella worried]: i dont think so


when she says she didnt volunteer last year this is his face, he arches up his eye brows which is a surprised kind of reaction, as if he didn’t believe her.. look. and then after he leaves aria does a sketchy face, again. aria my dear i love you so much but u rlly gottta stop with ur sketchy faces if u dont want me to suspect of u dearie.

and right after this weird convo eddie disappears. LITERALLY DISAPPEARS. GONE. suspicious timing much? notice that the exact same thing happened to mona. she found out aria was the one who killed shana and BOOM killed/gone too! someone’s trying to cover their tracks and keep people’s mouth shut heh?

5x08 - when aria is trying to find out about bethany when she is working at radley she talks to this one girl who was bethany’s friend and who has her sketchbook, idk the girls name but they had a V WEIRD CONVO.

girl who idk the name: why you so into this sketchbook? was she a friend of yours

aria: no i never met her

NOW THE THING ABOUT THIS SCENE IS ARIA’S RESPONSE. her body language. when she says she never met bethany, she avoids eye contact and looks down, (sign #1 of lying) then TURNS AROUND to avoid even seeing the girl at all (sign #2??) and she even crosses her arms (its said that when people lie they cover vulnerable parts…. her boobs maybe? LOL sign #3 here) so MAYBE SHE DID KNOW BETHANY. why else would she volunteer at radley?? so whatever she found out she could see if she wanted or not to tell the girls perhaps??? i think bethany is a big part of the A mystery and i think aria might actually know her since she looks like she’s lying this scene.

5x09 - hanna is being framed by A to look like she was hitting on zack because A left a note in his pocket flirting pretending to be hanna. since he was living in aria’s house it would have been very easy for her to put it in his pocket. she was already mad at hanna because she told sidney that the girls were in NY when shana was killed, and since aria killed her, she is VERY worried this information will come out. and also again, A is HELPING aria because its making her mom get rid of a cheater, and if it were A.. she’d most likely let the relationship flow and to later see ella, and consequently aria, get hurt… AM I RIGHT?

5x14 - this one is pretty self explanatory again, credits go to (x):

5x21 - we have come to the conclusion A is all-knowing BUT when spence was in london there was no way A sent a minion with her. as soon as spence calls aria and tells her she found the blood, aria gets an a text. how would A know spencer had found the blood on her bag if aria is the only one who knew? as soon as she leaves the phone with aria she gets this text… ERHM how would A know??

5x21 - another sketchy thing happens when they visit cyrus in the hospital and he writes something down, which aria says is “carjack” and hides the note with her barely giving hanna a chance to see it, only later the paper falls of her pocket and hanna actually gets to see it and says its “varjack”and look at aria’s face in the second picture when the paper falls of her pocket.

5x23 - the liars get the brilliant idea (thank god spencer) to text varjak’s number since he/she hasn’t been picking up the calls and instead of replying back, varjak calls aria…. excuse me what???? why t f would u call aria varjack???????? how do u even have her number? perhAPS U HAVE MATTERS TO DISCUSS????? and aria never picked up the phone, probably/maybe because if he/she heard her voice they would start speaking about things she definitely didnt want to get discovered. it makes sense right?????? so she never picks up the phone so varjack understands its not safe to talk and puts on a creepy french song. IT MAKES SENSE RIGHT??? pls tell me im not crazy this makes sense right?

5x23 - got these screenshots from this post but really, why is aria SO WEIRD in 5x23??? aria and ems go to mona’s house but no one picks up the door and aria gives up and suggests they should go shopping?!?!?! excuse me aria ur two best friends are sitting in jail and you wanna go shopping?! YOU DONT EVEN SHOP.. LIKE EVER??


5x24 - aria did not want mike to say the truth about how he knew mona faked her death which would get ali and hanna out of prison and not get them into as much trouble as they were on. it already didnt make some sense because that could have been information that could have gotten ali out of jail, or got the police into digging more instead of believing they found the killer. she said she was protecting him because he could have been charged for not saying this information before BUT aria should totally prioritise the truth, specially because mike would be charged with A LOT less than ali or hanna, and as i read somewhere, it seems like she might be protecting A. right after comes the package with the tongue that she made mike get and open it, its like mike was supposed to see the package (since it creeped him out) but it was meant for her so like its like aria made it on purpose so that he would see everything… also, she probably tipped off the prosecution about this in order to damage jason’s credibility, since she’s the only one who would have benefits in doing so. #sneakysneaky

5x25 - lastly, one of the official pictures promo pictures for season 5 finale you can clearly see how focused the light is in AM…. aria montgomery maybe?? [again, rhetorical question!!!!] and the fact that there is a < and 3 on top of the AM letters actually make me think it stands for aria because aria is known to be the caring one and <3 means heart so… caring… heart….? ARIA again. #allroadsleadtoaria

anyways if you read this u the real MVP, haha. congrats.. really. i have never ever written this much… ever. so yeah, let me know what you guys think and if you found another suspicious thing on aria since i’d love to know! thanks for reading,

- D (more known as domi)

anonymous asked:

wait... Dan will change his name in the new video? Where did you get this Information from? I''m confused ._.

Why are you thinking Dan might change his username? Have I missed something?

little clues and hints that were still pretty damn obvious from dan himself, much like the ones he dropped about the move. full breakdown below, but forgive me bc i’m going to be copy pasting from some posts i’ve done on this topic a while ago (so if you’ve been here for a couple months you may already have seen most of this): 

first, in his 2/7 live show, dan broaches the topic of regretting his user name and wanting to change it two separate times. at 44:02 he wraps up a story about how people have been misspelling it and then says: “it’s the worst. it just makes me hate everything. i’m like okay i know a whole important funny ironic part of my story is that this was my yt account when i was 13 and i just kind of kept it or whatever and .. same time i really regret that—you know people, everybody has used the youtube feature where you can just change the display name to something so i feel like i should just do that at some point … you can just change the display thing like—so I should at some point when i can be bothered.” this is the first time he explicitly mentions regretting dinof as a user name and wanting to change it. he then repeats it at 57:53, when someone compliments his tumblr queue and he says he needs to change his layout which he says is an item on “dan’s long list of 2017 changes. right up there with danisnotonfire.” so again. he explicitly stated TWICE that he wants to change his youtube name and that it’s on his list of things to do in 2017.

the following week, during his 2/14 live show, he mentions a new video idea for a danisnotonfire video for the first time at 44:51. he says “i have an idea for what my next one will be. i don’t know–i’m trying–i’m trying to get something like organized so i can like do something and be like, ‘POW, here’s a video.’ and i think it’ll be funny. if you’ve heard me moaning about some things that’s been kinda like an ongoing issue in my professional life, you might have an idea. which could be quite funny. i’m deciding whether to name it something which i think is hilarious but might–some people might be like ‘you motherf–’ but we’ll see …” and then he goes on for a bit about how he should use trashy clickbait titles more.

these instances together are why i and many others assumed that this video idea would be about him wanting to change his youtube user name and make a video about how consistently people fuck up their formatting/spelling of the dinof name. the bit about the idea for naming it something hilarious (which he mentions after a different ramble about how he should use clickbait titles more often) is why i thought he was probably planning on calling this video something like “the end of danisnotonfire.”

THEN in the 2/21 show, dan talks about an important video idea again here, and this time says this about it: “i have a very, very cheeky idea for the next danisnotonfire video, um, which might be a long time coming. especially for the people who watched the–i don’t know. i don’t know if i’m ready. it’s a big deal, and also not, and also quite funny. and that’s another one, if you love cringing and just looking–if you love laughing at my life being turned into a joke  you might enjoy that one. we’ll see, maybe it will be the video after next.”

this is the one where everyone freaked out and thought he could be coming out, and a whole range of other suggestions. while there’s no EXPLICIT confirmation that this latter video idea is the same one as he mentions in the 2/14 show, it just makes the most sense that it’s a continuation of the same concept. “cheeky” because of the clickbait title.  “long time coming” because he’s been complaining about his user name for, like, years. “especially for the people who watched the–” probably was him about to say for ppl who’ve been watching the last few live shows where he hints so heavily at this idea. “a big deal, but not,” because, quite literally, it both is and isn’t a big deal for him to change his user name. “cringing” and “laughing at my life being turned into a joke” because he views people fucking up the user name as intensely cringe-worthy. 

the very next liveshow, however, on 3/7, things get a little bit derailed. dan makes two interesting statements: 

first, when someone asks him at 34:43 about filming for dinof he says: “i was gonna make a video and then i didn’t, so that kind of ruined my plans. and then i decided to do another video so i filmed like half of it, and now i’ve got to do the other half of it and then edit it …”

so he pretty clearly states that an existing video idea (almost certainly the one he’d been talking about for a while) has been pushed to the back burner. for whatever reason, he decided against going through with that video and started filming a second one. we can reasonably conclude that the second one that he had done half of at that point was isg 9, and that the idea he’d been teasing for nearly a month was shelved for the time being. 

a little bit later in this live show, at 36:36, things get even more confusing bc dan is complicated like that. someone in the chat asked him “what about the rebranding video?” and he said: “there is no rebranding vi–. honestly are people still–? rebranding is a meme. there is no rebranding … make it sound so dramatic. everything’s the same. just with more attractive graphic design. but let’s see how many months it takes for me to change my youtube banner …”

confusinggggg. my thoughts about this comment are that dan has a specific understanding of the term “rebranding” and doesn’t think that a change of his user name would constitute a rebranding. dan also perceives that a lot of people misuse this word and therefore seems to dislike using it. he talked about the word being a form of “advanced humor” in this segment of his 12/20 live show last year. he suggests in this clip that the term is supposed to be a joke but too many people misunderstand it to be something a lot more serious like a change in the genre of content he and phil might make. in short, he doesn’t think “branding” or “rebranding” apply to serious things but he feels like a lot of his audience DO think that 2017 is going to bring a serious rebrand, by which he means a change in CONTENT. 

dan is correct in stating that the terms ‘branding’ and also ‘rebranding’ have become incredibly confusing because some people do use those words as a joke (like ‘drop the thicc branding’ even though thicc is obviously nothing to do with their ‘brand’ or their genre of content) and then many people also use it seriously (like phil changing to be more sexual in recent months is him ‘rebranding’ away from his innocent image). 

following in this confusion, a lot of people then also used “rebranding” to apply to this potential user name change even though a user name doesn’t fall into any of the above usages. it’s not a change in content. it’s not a change in persona. it’s not a joke either. it’s just,,, a name change? is that branding? i suppose? but it’s more legitimately “serious business” branding than the term “branding” has actually come to mean to most people including, crucially, dan. this is why every time i’ve talked about this video idea i’ve intentionally tried not to use the term “rebranding” because i don’t think that’s what dan thinks it is and i don’t think the word has a very clear meaning anymore.

so…. in short. i think dan said “there is no rebranding … everything’s the same,” because when he saw that question he got more hung up in the fact that everyone seems to expect some sort of monumental shift in dnp’s content/careers/personas during 2017, and, to his credit, it has meant different things to different people (some people see their new flirtiness as a rebrand. some people think they will make some more serious content changes. some people thought, going into this year, that phil would “drop the amazingphil persona” altogether, whatever that means.) dan probably has seen many posts speculating about these much larger issues and calling them a “rebrand” and got upset that people expect something this dramatically different from them. in that moment, it is possible to me that he didn’t think about “rebranding” as being applicable to dropping his user name. 

therefore, taking all of these comments together and looking at them chronologically i think dan definitely wanted to change his user name and make a video about it, eventually ditched the idea and did isg 9 and the quizzes video bc they were quick and easy to do in the midst of everything else happening in their lives (which we now know was moving and a shit ton of prefilming for dapg for while they were on vacay), and also probably bc he thought it would be fitting to make the user name video his last video in his old room before starting to film in the new place. 

Holy Mother Of God

I don’t deserve this. You are all amazing people. I seriously don’t deserve this though. I don’t upload imagines frequently enough because I’m really busy, and you don’t deserve to be let down like that. I will try to make them more frequent, but I really am sorry guys. I don’t deserve all the support you give me, heaven knows that, and you mean the world and more to me, my go you mean the entire universe to me and I can’t believe that you all support me. It’s an amazing thought, so I will try to give back more. I’m in a really tough spot with my personal life right now, though it seems like I always am, but this blog makes me feel better, so I will try to devote myself more to in and indulge more in the joy it brings me, rather than look at it with a worried expression, thinking I’m not good enough, because if I wasn’t good enough, I wouldn’t be here. 

I want you all to know how grateful I am for you. I notice those of you who like all my posts, even the dumb ones that have nothing to do with the blog, and you give feedback. This makes me so happy you have no clue @pinkwitch21 @pamelaivy @king-wolfie @jazzyd123 @superwholockian309 and so many more. These are just the ones off of the top of my head

I also want to thank the blogs I have met and that have supported me through my journey, because it was a rough one but I made it this far already, who knows how much farther I’ll go. @cait-writes-stuff @memento-scribet @dc-comics-imagines @batboysaf @the-singing-canary @vanity-grayson @litbatboys @kori-the-cutie @king-wolfie … and to those I haven’t talked to yet, and wish to talk to in the future, I thank you for your inspiration to me because it has helped me become who I am today @maruthor @addicted-to-dc @jadedhillon @jcyfire @batsyfamhq @batty-imagines @batfamilyimagines @batfamimagines @batfamwritings @devon-writes-dc @batfamhcs @batfam-headcanons @dccomicsimagines @dc-imagine-central @batfamilyimagines @dcimaginesforever  @ace–jace and so many more!

Thank all of you for playing a HUGE part in my life, and making it something I’m glad to wake up and look over every day, even if it needs some work.

Love Always ~ Clen <3

What about a heads up...

… concerning future videos and the podcast?

Here it is: I am currently working “full steam” on my video-series “What About?” about photography. The first couple of episodes - two are already online here - are especially targeted towards beginning photographers - but don’t you worry, we will be going IN DEPTH in this as well.
And of course, I’ll be happy with trying to answer any kind of photography related questions. Either here or - if better done via video on my YouTube channel So please don’t hesitate to send questions.

Originally posted by officialajuniverse

Since these videos are all very short (5-7 minutes), I hope to be able to publish one video per week soon.
The podcast will be of course also mostly about photography, but is intended to cover a more broad spectrum of all creative “work”. And since (for whatever reason) some of my very old posts about photography on this blog got a bit of attention lately, I will probably even already start audio-podcasting in March (in case I got all the tech-side covered).

So… yeah… that just that you know what is going on ;)

P.S.: Since there were quite some questions about this lately, I will throw in a German episode in the podcast here and there. I have no clue whether there is some bigger interest about that, so if you are interested in a German podcast, then please drop me a note!

Also: If you’d like to be ON the podcast (pre-recorded and edited) with me (or be part of an “In Conversation” live-stream with Fern @qbn-scholar and me - the next episode is scheduled for February 25th, and you can find the last streams here), please send me a message. It would be more than a pleasure to be talking with you.

- Pete

Even more clues on Ezra?

Okay, even if A.D. is watching Ezra in the promo of 7x20, there are still many clues pointing at him for some reason. I’m just gonna post another one here.

In 7x19 we all noticed Alison writing all the names that she has gone by throughout the show and we also noticed one in particular: Emma Thorwald.

Some of you have already noticed that this name is from a certain movie from 1954 which is called “Rear Window”. I’m sorry for not giving you credit but I can’t find the exact post that I saw that so I’m just letting you know that the idea on the movie isn’t mine.

But, after reading that, and despite what’s going on in that movie, I noticed something very interesting in 7x19:

Rear Window is written outside the Brew and coincidentally Ezra is right below it. This must be a reference to the book that he was writing for Alison or something but still it’s weird to see these two together in one episode, especially when this scene with Ezra is right before the scene with the blackboard. And I just can’t ignore the fact that this might mean something otherwise why would they show it to us?

But then again, these might be clues on the real A.D. and they might just happen to appear in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or is it the right place and the right time? Just a thought…

Creepypasta #1066: I Work As A Private Investigator. Here Are A Few Of My Strangest Cases (Part 3)

Length: Long

Apart from domestic and missing persons, I tend to get a lot of cases from local businesses for things like fraud, making sure their employees are legitimate with their sick days, and running background checks on potential hires.

One of my more frequent clients is this quaint little antique store that sits in one of the less populated parts of town, silently minding its own business on a crooked and forgotten street corner. The couple running the joint may have a pretty sparse employee population, but they’re nothing if not thorough with those few workers they do have.

It was mid-autumn and shivering winds had begun to drift into town. We have very few trees up here that would deign to become dyed that calming autumn orange, but the few that would are beautifully eye-catching splashes of colour amongst a sea of pine green. The Tim’s residing under one such tree is where I was been called out by the aforementioned couple. I sipped my coffee, patiently watching the door for their arrival.

I greeted them when they eventually arrived and they settled down at my table without buying anything. I’ve worked with them before at this point and I knew better than to try to break the ice with small talk, so we got right into business.

They’d recently hired somebody to start working night-shifts at their shop. As far as I know they don’t get much traffic in the daytime to begin with, so why they thought they needed someone to run the register after sundown I’d no clue. It was what it was, however, and as per usual they don’t trust the kid yet.

I had already been hired to do a background check on this guy back when they first hired him. He was a good enough kid, from what I could tell. No criminal past, always seemed to go straight home from school. He never left the house much at all and when he did, it was usually just walks or grocery runs.

So the couple wanted me to sit outside the storefront on the kid’s first night working to make sure he didn’t neglect his post. I tried to tell them that not only would investing in a security camera be cheaper, I could install it for them to boot. They weren’t interested. I made a mental note but didn’t press things. They went on to tell me that they’d like me to run a mystery shopper type deal. Go in near the end of the guy’s shift, buy something, and test out how well the kid deals with customers.

Now, I’ve been inside the antique shop a few times before. Whenever I’m approached by the couple, I try to take as many measures as I can to avoid entering the establishment again. I was initially reluctant to accept this case for that reason. I was a little bit short on funds, though, so I took the case.

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