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Former Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield to be charged with the manslaughter of 95 people at the Hillsborough disaster

Duckenfield was the South Yorkshire Police (SYP) match commander at the FA Cup semi-final when ninety-six Liverpool fans were killed and more than seven hundred others were injured.

He faces the charge of manslaughter by gross negligence of all but one of the fans. Former SYP Chief Inspector Norman Bettison will be charged over alleged lies in the aftermath while four others will also be prosecuted.

Last year, new inquests into the disaster at the Liverpool v Nottingham Forest match in Sheffield concluded the fans had been unlawfully killed.

For legal reasons, Mr Duckenfield cannot be charged over the death of the 96th victim Tony Bland, as he died fours years after the disaster, prosecutors said.

The Crown Prosecution Service must apply to the High Court to lift an order imposed after he was prosecuted privately in 1999, which must be removed before he can be charged. Then it’s time for the scumbags to rot in the prison cells they should have been in for over a quarter of a century.