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“CL is a bad leader, she never put the group before herself”

Well let’s see,

- In 2009/2010 an America CEO really liked her and 2NE1 but paid more attention to her. Despite getting offer to debut in U.S. she stayed with the group.

- In 2011, there was a deadly earthquake in Japan. CL instead of going to the lobby like everyone else, she ran up flights of stairs to get Dara. She said if they were going to die, she would want to die together.

- In 2013, only her solo performance was scheduled but she brought the other members for a surprise performance

- She revealed she had been offered roles to act in Hollywood but turned them down because she wanted to focus on 2NE1.

- She began writing and composing songs in 2013. The songs she composed were for her solo album but she gave her best songs for 2NE1′s last album “Crush”

- CL had planned to go to Jeremy Scott’s movie premiere. It would have been a great opportunity for her to meet new people and make connections but she cancelled it to hang out with Dara and take pics of her.

- At mama 2015, she was scheduled once again for just a solo performance and for the second time she brought the entire group as a surprise.

- Now she revealed she put her solo album plans on hold and was in korea working on their group album instead. 

So next time you wanna lash out at her and her leadership because you are upset, do remember that she has put the group ahead of herself many times. Don’t blame her for something YG did.


2NE1 x boastfulness

2NE1 Reaction to: Making Out With You

i know that minzy left 2NE1 and while i 100% respect that and wish her solo career well (she deserves it, having gotten no real recognition from yg imo :/) but she will still be a part of my reactions! :) 

Bom: would take a playful approach to making out. kisses would be shared in between a conversation, maybe about her complaining that chanyeol ate her pudding again. she’ll pout and then kiss you, making out to relieve her frustration. suddenly, she’ll pull back, having remembered another thing that annoyed her, only to be interrupted by her own gasp: “poong poong has been here the whole time?! his innocence has been ruined!” and she’ll refuse to carry on until his head it turned away or he’s hidden somewhere where he can’t see what you’re doing together

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Dara: making out with sandara would be really cute imo. she’d start off with adorable, sweet pecks that slowly grow more heated. she uses more lips than tongue or teeth. and she’s the type to tickle your sides, just for fun or to make you laugh into the kiss and she’ll swallow the sound, smiling at the feeling of your laugh against her lips

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CL: a confident and passionate type of kisser. well, only after you’ve done it a few times. the very first time ever that you two make out, she was shy and giggly. but now she knows what you like, what turns you into a moaning mess, what makes you hungry for her. so now she takes the lead, smirking against your lips whenever you moan. “is it that good, baby?” she’ll ask cutely, as if she can’t tell. her hands will roam all over your body, aiming to give you nothing but pleasure

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Minzy: every so often, she would break away from the kiss to take in your flushed, panting appearance. it makes her feel powerful, to know that she can leave you so destroyed. “i’m good, aren’t i?” she’ll smile only to end up screaming as seungri walks in to ruin the moment, doing it 100% on purpose asshole

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What's CLS?

Combat Lifesaver Course! 

You’re right; it should be CLC. But we use Combat Lifesaver because reasons!

The army finally figured out that it was more efficient for multiple soldiers to have basic medical skills and that by doing so it greatly reduced battlefield fatalities. All soldiers are taught basic CLS, meaning application of splints, pressure bandages, tourniquets, etc, as well as procedures for evaluating the state of a casualty and marking their casualty card for when a medic gets to them. The card is marked with any treatment we’ve given and any injuries we know of.

Stuff they really drill into our heads for CLS:

• It’s important to annotate when a casualty is wearing a tourniquet or else Bad Things.

• take the supplies from the medkit that the casualty is wearing, not the one you’re wearing.

• Recovery position

• AVPU (alertness test)

• Don’t remove an impaled object

• How to insert a Nasopharyngeal airway

Stuff like that.

We maintain our certifications yearly by attending courses and completing tests, including mock runs of casualty care, all of which were administered for us by medics. Maybe @ginger-wuv has input to share?

Anyway, at any given time, an active duty soldier with a medkit should be able to at least start stabilizing a casualty while they wait for a medic. The exact abilities and practical knowledge is of course dependent on the soldier themselves.


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The Confessions of a Cl/exa Shipper

Dear followers, I had a Cl/exa shipper give me his/her perspective on the 307 fall out as well as the CL vs BC debates that have been circulating in our fandom for a year. This person’s perspective was so refreshing to me and very relatable, so I wanted to publish his/her confessions for the fandom to see. 

This person still wishes to be apart of our fandom. They are seeking people who are open to his/her view, and they are also seeking to move beyond the ship war discourse for season 4. 

Leave your thoughts on this post and let them know if their story helped give you a new perspective. I, for one, am tired of the ship wars and I want to be openly friends with people w/different ship preferences, so I want to work at making things inclusive when I can. Anyone else willing to help me out? 

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Reaction (2NE1): When their girlfriend’s ex wants her back

CL: “Well, I’ve got something for them.” *flips them off* “You’re mine, and they aren’t getting you back.”

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Bom: “They want you back? That’s good for them. I also think it’s fun to want stuff you can’t have.” 

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Minzy: “Jagiya, I hope that you told them to screw off. I don’t want to lose my baby.” 

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Dara: “I will cut a bitch. Tell them to leave you alone.”

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