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A Snipers, a Soldier, and a Fangirl: Part 6

Prompt: Sometimes life sucked. You’d found that out early in life. An embarrassing incident here, an anxiety attack there, and voila an introvert was born. And to be completely honest you were okay with that fact. Being introverted was not a bad thing, it allowed you time to do the important things like, obsess over fictional characters, or write, or work, or study, or geek out in general. It was a simple life, but it was a good life. THen the impossible happened, you got sucked into a fictional world that wasn’t actually fictional, and found out two of your favorite characters were your soulmates. You weren’t sure if you were lucky, or just crazy.

AN: So for the sake of this plot I’m following the movies not the comics, because it makes my life easier. Also time/ story lines are about to go askew, so prepare yourself! Basically I’m playing puppet master with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Reader X Clint Barton X Steve Rogers

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

  The next several days are filled with turmoil. There’s more than one screaming match, and more than a few expletives. You stay on the outer edge of everything during that time. Steve ends up in the thick of it; fighting with Tony and arguing with Fury. Meanwhile Clint becomes like a cat.

    He likes to wrap himself around you, cuddling you to his chest or cradling you in his lap. The two of you watch as Steve stresses. “This can’t be good for him,” you mutter on day number three of the insanity.

    Clint gives a noncommittal grunt. You’re sitting on the couch, with Clint’s head in your lap, and your fingers running through his hair. You smile down at him, “He’s ninety-seven Clint, the stress could kill him.”

    This time Clint laughs and Steve’s head swerves in your direction. He raises an eyebrow and you smile, “We were just talking about you.”

    His lips quirk, “And that caused you to laugh?”

    You pinch your thumb and your forefinger together, “Only a tiny laugh.”

    Steve excuses himself from the ongoing meeting of Fury and his trusted inner circle. They don’t even notice he’s gone. Slowly, Steve lowers himself to sit on the coffee table, Clint opens one eye and smirks, “Are you done being Captain Anal?”


    Slowly Clint sits up, “We’re not going to fix everything.”

    “We can try.”

    “And when this war blows our way?”

    “We fight back.”

    “Not all of us are fighters.”

    Both sets of eyes slide to you, and Steve sighs, raking his hands over his face, “Clint . . ”

    “Then there’s the fact that we haven’t even taken her on a date yet.”

    Steve stills, and your eyes flash back and forth between them. When he doesn’t say anything, Clint continues, “We found our soulmate Steve, and so far we’ve spent very little time with her, and yes the world may be ending but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to stop and smell the roses.”

    You watch Steve sag, and quietly you say, “It’s okay Steve. I understand.”

    He shakes his head, and runs a hand through his hair, “I waited too long once before. I’m not going to make the same mistake twice.”

    Clint smiles, and wraps an arm around your shoulder, “Good now that we have that settled, Y/N why don’t you change clothes, give the captain time to shower, and me time to make a reservation, and we’ll go.”

    You raise an eyebrow in question, “Just like that?”

    Steve smiles, “Just like that.”

    You hesitate, “Are you sure?”

    They answer together, “We’re positive.”

    “Okay.” You slip away from the room, pecking both of them on the lips before taking the elevator down to your guest room. And that’s when you hit your first hurdle. You stare at the duffle bag filled with nothing except jeans and tee-shirts, and frown.

    While you’d bought a few dresses on your shopping trip, you hadn’t brought any with you. You hadn’t seen a need. You’re three minutes into trying to figure out what to do when a knock comes on your door. You open it to find Natasha standing there with a garment bag, “You should love me.”

    You smile at the woman, “Give me a reason.”

    She holds the bag out to you. In it is a tea length, black dress. It’ll hug your curves in all the right places. Your eyes flicker to her, “It was only a matter of time before they took you out, so I grabbed this when Bruce and I made a quick run to the base yesterday.”

    You smile, “Thank you Natasha.”

    She smiles, and closes the door as she walks in behind you. She sits on the bed and talks while you get ready. It’s frivolous stuff right up until she asks, “Have the three of you talked about sealing the bond?” You freeze, right in the middle of zipping up your dress. Natasha smiles and finishes zipping it for you, “I’m guessing you’ve done some reading.”

    “A little.”

    “You’ll have to seal it soon.”

    You don’t meet her eyes, as you swallow the lump in your throat and ask, “Why?”

    “The connection needs to be sealed or it can dissolve.”

    You turn your head, “Dissolve?”

    “The soulmate bond, the marks, they’re a choice. While most people choose to love their soulmates seal the bonds, others choose not to. The more time they spend apart the more the connection fades, and so does the mark, until it’s gone.”

    You stare at her, “As we …Am I …”

    She shakes her head, “Not yet. You are however at a disadvantage, because they have to spend more time away from you because of missions. You need to spend more time with them. Build the connection. I’m not saying it has to be tonight, but …”

    You look at the floor, “You know it’s funny, I’ve known them for all of two weeks and the idea of losing them …”

    She gives you a small smile, “The feelings that come along are genuine, just so you know. The soulmate bond just kind of intensifies them.”

    “Is that how it is for you and Bruce.”

    Her eyes snap to you, “How do you …” it hits her a second later. “Of course. For the most part it is. Bruce is hesitant because of his green problem.”

    “Do the others know?”

    She shakes her head, “No, and Bruce and I prefer it that way.”

    You give her a small smile, “I understand, it stays between us.”

    She gives you a small smile before slipping out of the room. Giving yourself one last look in the mirror, you grab a wrap and head down stairs. You find your boys waiting for you. They’re both dressed in slacks, button down shirts, and blazers. They smile at the sight of you, and you smile back.

They each offer you an arm and you take them. You walk out, onto the streets of New York City and smile at the busyness of it all.  As the three of you walk hand in hand down the streets you take in the sights, and listen as Steve tells you about different memories around the city.

You end up at an Italian restaurant. It’s a little hole in the wall place and you fall in love with it. The food is warm, and tasty, and the conversation is even better. They each tell you about their childhoods, and you listen intently.

And then you find the tables flipped, “So what about you?”

You smile, “What about me?”

Steve chuckles, “What’s your family like?”

“Mom, dad, and I’m an only child.”

“Good childhood?”

You shrug, “Finance wise, it was comfortable. Family wise not so much. My parents’ marriage was riddled with affairs, so I swore off dating until I was done with college. Too much drama.”

“What did you go to college for?”

You smile, “Business, actually. I took over my grandmother’s book store about a year and a half ago when she passed.”

Clint smiles, “You really love books, don’t you?”

“Books were a better reality. They weren’t filled with an unknown unless it’s a cliffhanger, and the only betrayal you feel is when the author kills off your favorite character.” Steve smiles at that, and the conversation drifts to the differences and similarities between your two worlds.  

You don’t realize how late it’s gotten until you realize you’re the only customers left, and it’s time for closing. Steve pays, and you head back out onto the streets. It’s a bit cooler than when you left, but it feels good.

As you walk Steve wraps an arm around your shoulders, and Clint wraps an arm around your waist. You’re three blocks from the tower when the first explosion hits. You find yourself on the ground, covered by both your guys as two more follow.

You’re pulled to your feet seconds later, and you’re moving into a run. You hit Stark Tower at a run, and the minute you slide through the doors they lock behind you. You’re met by the sight of SHIELD agents with guns. For a minute you’re worried that they’re Hydra, then Fury steps out and you sag in relief.

His tone is hard, “Hydra made a move. We’re officially on the world’s most wanted list. It’s time for a tactical retreat.”

“All together?”

He shakes his head, “Scatter. Radio silence until I make contact. If you need to make contact before that, go old school. Tony, Pepper, and Happy have already left on one quinjet. Widow and Hulk are in the wind. Thor has taken off to find Jane. You’re the only ones left. Get your asses to a Quinjet, and hide.”

Clint stares at Fury, “And you sir?”

“I’m going to say hello to our guests.”

He nods once, before he takes your hand. You find the elevator unoccupied and you’re grateful for it. The three of you go to the flight deck to find the quinjet, and Maria Hill there waiting. She offers a terse smile, “Your things have been loaded along with arms and ammunition. I even managed to get some groceries in there. Lay low. Do not draw attention.”

Clint nods, as Steve escorts you onto the jet. He makes sure you’re strapped in, before strapping in himself. Clint takes the controls, and you’re in the air a minute later. It’s several hours before Clint puts the controls on auto pilot and comes back.

You’re feeling more than a little numb, and you haven’t said anything. Clint takes a seat on the unoccupied side of you. Quietly you ask, “Shit just hit the fan, didn’t it?”

Steve smiles, “Big time.”

Clint nods, “Could be worse though. We could have been completely unprepared.”

You scrub your hands over your face, “I should have said something sooner.”

Clint wraps an arm around you, “You didn’t know, and when you did you said something. You gave us a start, and a contingency plan.”

Steve nods, “We’re better for it. That being said … we have a fight ahead of us.”

Clint refuses to meet your eyes, “We signed up for this war, you didn’t. If you want we can put you in the wind. A new identity all of it. In time the mark and bond will fade.”

Your heart stops, “Is that what you want?”

There’s a sigh before Steve says, “The right answer, the unselfish answer would be to say yes. To set you free and make sure you never see a day of this fighting.”  

You smile, before taking one of their hands in one of yours, and quietly you say, “Be selfish.”

Clint looks at you, “Are you sure?”

You nod, “For better or for worse, we’re in this together.” Clint smiles at you, and you lean over to kiss him. You lean your forehead against his before he kisses the tip of your nose, and then you turn and kiss Steve. When you pull apart he kisses your forehead. And sitting there, wrapped in the arms of two men, you take the biggest chance of your life, “I think we should seal the bond.”

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@tarteauxfraises and i were charging our phones in the hotel lobby and fuckin clint mcelroy just sits down next to us at the computer station ???

we talked to him after silently debating about it for like 5 minutes and then as soon as we sat back down griffin materialized. so many Boys here

Renner’s place is a Frank Lloyd Wright–style number built in 1964, set deep in a canyon in the Hollywood Hills on a quiet cul-de-sac with no cell service. It sits on its own man-made plateau, with no houses on either side, his nearest neighbors are actors Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, who live down the hill. But you can hardly see their house through Renner’s thick pines and 30-foot tall bamboo.

“I’m not too big on city views. So instead I’m just surrounded by these old-ass trees.”

Renner calls his house “the Nest” — first because it feels like being in the treetops and second because it ties in to Hawkeye, the avian, bow-and-arrow-toting comic book hero he plays in Marvel’s Avengers movies.

Bake-Off: End

This is a little shorter than I wanted but it says all I need it to. Thanks for this challenge @yourtropegirl

You get the phone call from Clint six hours later. At first all you hear is Natasha screaming on the other end, then Clint manages to get a word in.

“We did it! We did it!”

“That’s great! Wonderful job you guys!” You cheer into the phone, Steve gives your hand a squeeze and you grin up at him.

You’re not allowed to post your Stark Bake Off Champions until after your episodes air a month after the actual bake off.

Your business dips slightly when Stark first opens but quickly rebounds and your numbers stay nearly the same.

Clint and Nat have moved in together. They’re an adorable couple, he’s the happy go lucky side of their relationship and she’s the more serious of the pair but it works. They work. Really well, and Lucky adores Nat, who more puts up with the two dorks she’s inherited.

You and Steve spend more and more time together. You’re not living together yet but if things continue they way they are you don’t think that will be far off. Bucky, of course, takes full credit for the two of you even getting together. Which you have to give him.

It’s not until six months later, that you actually ask him. You’re laying on the couch with Steve, Marty on your stomach and your head on Steve’s chest. You’ve seen him at his worst, waking from those horrible nightmares, and he’s seen you at your worst. The Wedding Season. Your busiest time of year.

“Steve?” You say softly from where you’re contently leaned against him.

“Yea Doll?” You love the way his voice rumbles through you, and god you love when he calls you Doll.

“When I was in your shop earlier I was reminded of something that I’ve been meaning to ask you about.”

“Hm?” He prompts so you roll over to look at him.

“Why don’t you have cupcakes at your shop? I know you can make them, I know they’re good.” His face breaks into a grin and you look at him expectantly.

“You really don’t know?”

“Steven. If I knew why you weren’t selling cupcakes I wouldn’t have asked.”

“Doll. I don’t sell cupcakes because you sell cupcakes.” You blink at him causing him to laugh. “Did you really not know?”

“Why? Why would you do that for me?”

“Because I love you.”

“You do?”

“Yea.” He affirms, those bright eyes searching your face.

“I love you too Steve Rogers.” You tell him before leaning down and pressing your lips to his. You do.

Oh god you love him.


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"Hide me hide me hide me" Clint said in a rush diving behind you on the couch. "What did you do now?" You asked the giggling archer. "I may have played a slight joke on your boyfriends" your eyes widened as you said "WHAT?" about that time you heard the soldiers in question holler "CLINT" when they came into view you saw the streaks of Orange and black in their hair. You blocked Clint with your body but glanced back at him "explain" he grinned and said "they fell asleep and it washes out"


Fall Monday™

“Is that my sweater?” Bruce asked and cocked his head, when Clint slinked into his lab. The sweater he wore was too big for Clint. Bruce loved his sweaters wide and comfortable, made of soft wool or fabric. And apparently, Clint liked them, too.

“No?” Clint said, but when he looked down at himself he blushed violently. “Okay, maybe.” He had a scarf around his neck as well and sniffled a bit.

“Are you okay?” Bruce wanted to know, removed his goggles and came over to him. Sweater, scarf and wool socks, that didn’t bode well. He placed the back of his hand against Clint’s forehead to feel his temperature. “Oh my god, you’re burning up!”

“No,” he shook his head. “No, I’m okay.”

“No, you’re not,” Bruce said. “You’re so not okay.”

“I’ve just a little cold,” Clint said. And as if to prove it he sneezed eleven times in a row.

“Come on,” Bruce said. He grabbed Clint’s arm and dragged him out of the lab, ignoring his indignant whine.

“I’m okay,” he sniffled.

Bruce shoved him into the elevator, a brow raised at his comment.

“Really, I’m okay,” Clint whined.

“Clint, you’re wearing my sweater and a scarf, not to mention the thick, knitted socks. You’re so not okay,” he said. The elevator stopped at their floor and Bruce led him to their apartment and to the bedroom.

“I like your sweater and my throat is a little sore,” he wailed.

“You only wear hand knitted socks when you’re sick,” Bruce said and pointed at Clint’s feet. Clint looked at them before he had to sneeze again, this time fourteen times.

“Yeah, you definitely sound okay,” Bruce huffed. “Come on.”

“Bruuuuce!!” Clint whined but followed him into the bedroom and when Bruce pointed at the bed he obeyed and lay down. Bruce tucked him in and went to the bathroom to get the medical thermometer and Tylenol.

“102,” Bruce said after taking his temperature. “You’re definitely staying in bed,” he said, gave him the Tylenol and some water. “Take that.” Clint opened his mouth as if he wanted to protest but a raised brow from Bruce stopped him and he took the pills, washed them down with the water and - with shaking hands - gave Bruce the empty glass.

“Are you going to stay?” he asked quietly and after a moment Bruce nodded. His work could wait till tomorrow and he knew, as long as he was away Clint wouldn’t stay in bed. He lay down beside Clint and wrapped his arm around him from behind. And when he kissed Clint’s temple the archer sighed and looked at him.

“Bruce?” he said quietly.

“Yes, Clint?” Bruce asked and Clint sighed again.

“I love you,” he murmured but when Bruce kissed him again, he was already drifted asleep.

“I love you, too, babe.”

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1/2 Taking Peggy and James to a haunted house. "Now if you two get scared me and daddy are right here" you said smiling at your twins as they walked ahead James next to Clint and Peggy next to Sam. Steve walked between the kids a hand on each protectively. After a few minutes you heard a loud pitch scream and the two of you took off at a run to find Clint on his back,Steve and Sam crying they were laughing so hard and your twins defending uncle Clint "it's not funny uncle Stevie the clown

2/2 Scared uncle Clint" you buried your face in Buckys shoulder as the kids helped Clint to his feet who blushed slightly and said “at least the kids love me” and walked off holding tight to the twins hands.

Clint is me though - Gen

Fall Monday™

Stark Spangled Winter Hawk Month Week 3 Round Up

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Inktober - Haunted 

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