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“There.” You withdraw your hand from the young boys forehead and smile up at who you think is his mother. “He’s going to be fine.”

The woman sobs in relief and takes your hands, kissing them softly. “Blagodaryu vas, angel. Spasibo.”

You smile softly and kiss her hands in return before dropping them. At moments like these, you’re grateful to Natasha for teaching you her native language, plus some more. “Dobro pozhalovat.’” And with that, you stand up to go find someone else on the lifeboat who needs urgent care. When you get to your feet however, the world blurs in front of you, and you would have fallen if it wasn’t for a purple and black blur catching you. 

After a couple of seconds, the world comes into focus again, and you step out Clint’s arms to lean against the railing briefly. “Thank you.”

He looks at you concernedly. “You can’t keep this up for much longer, (y/n). Even I can see you’re fading.”

You smile softly at him. “I’m a healer, Steve. It’s what I do.”

“Costel?” You spin around to face a small blonde woman sitting in the corner of the lifeboat. Her eyes are frantic as she looks around at her fellow survivors. “Costel!”

“Ma’am,” you step forward and kneel in front of her, “ma’am, you must calm down. Uspokoysya,” you say soothingly. She leans back once again, and you smile softly at her. “Who is Costel?”

“My son,” she replies, voice shaking with fear. “I was last with him at the groceries, but we got separated.” The woman dissolves into sobs, and you quickly take her into your arms. You look over your shoulder at Clint and nod at him. He sighs and nods back before taking off and away from the boat to find the woman’s son.

You gently push the woman away from you and take her head into your hands. She is displaying obvious signs of of shock, so you gently place your thumbs on her forehead and begin to work some of your healing power into her mind. “What is your name?”


“Ah.” You smile as you see her begin to visibly relax as your power begins to work through her mind. “And where do you live, Zrinka?”

She’s about to respond, but is cut off by the sound of a lot of people on the boat screaming. You stand up and whirl around, trying to find what they’re all looking at. Steve stands by the edge of the lifeboat, and you rush forward to meet him. The ground shakes yet again, and you barely keep yourself from falling. “What’s going on?” you yell over the noise.

He’s squinting against the sun, and you watch as he points upwards. “Ultron.” Your heart sinks as you look at the Quinjet being flown by the enemy you naively thought was dead. You jog off of the lifeboat and onto the destroyed street of Sokovia, looking to your right to see where Ultron is headed. 

You gasp. “No,” you whisper before screaming: “Clint!”

He turns around to face you with who must be Costel in his arms, and you point frantically up at the Quinjet bearing down on him. Just as you do, the jet’s guns open fire, and you scream as it passes over where Clint and the child stand before veering off to the right. You take off towards them, and you hear Steve do the same behind you.

But when you get there, instead of seeing a dead teammate, you see a car flipped on its side, and a body riddled with bullets.

You don’t hear what the male Maximoff says before he falls over onto his side. Gasping softly, you rush the last couple of steps over to his side. Clint lays down the little boy and joins you at Pietro’s side, and Steve does the same. “Steve, put pressure … anywhere,” you order. “Clint, get htat boy out of here. 


“Now!” you yell. Clint is taken aback by your sudden abrasiveness. You’ve always been the cool-headed one on the team. He backs away and picks up Costel, taking him with him to the lifeboat. Steve’s gloves are quickly getting covered in blood, and you lean forward and press your hands down on Pietro’s chest.

“He’s fading,” you yell. You grimace at the uncomfortable pull in your chest as you let your energy flow into Pietro’s barely-living body. You’ve never felt this pull before, but it immediately tells you you’re nearing the end of your energy. 

“(y/n),” Steve mutters, glancing at you quickly. “We have to go.”

Tears blur your vision, and you press down harder on Pietro’s chest. It seems like some of the wounds on his chest begin to close, and the pull in your chest grows stronger. “No.”

“(y/n).” Steve sighs. “He’s going to die. We have to get out of here so we don’t to.”

“No!” You scream, slamming your hands down on the ground. Your tear-filled eyes meet Steve’s worried blue ones. “I’m not letting anyone else die today,” you state determinedly. 

And with that, you push one hand down on Pietro’s chest and one on his head, letting your thumb rest in the center of his forehead. Your eyes flutter shut as you push all of your energy into saving the newest avenger’s life. You feel the tips of your fingers grow cold as the icy energy flows out of your body and into Pietro’s, and you open your eyes to see blue light flowing out of your fingertips and into his forehead, closing his wounds.

And you continue to let that energy flow until there’s nothing left.

Steve gasps when the blue light surrounding the three of you suddenly disappears. He looks at you just in time to see your eyes roll back and you crumple to the ground. “(y/n)!” he yells, scrambling around the young speedster’s still motionless body to kneel next to you. He pulls you into his lap and rips off his left glove with his teeth.

At that moment, Pietro shoots upwards, gasping for air. He glances around panickedly before his eyes settle on Steve and he relaxes a little. But then he sees your motionless, ashen-faced form laying in Steve’s arm. “Iisus Khristos,” he whispers, “what happened?”

Steve lays his glove-less hand on your throat, feeling for a pulse. But he finds none. He curses and leans back, tilting his head to face the sky. “She’s gone.”

(1) Thank you, angel. Thank you.
(2) You are welcome.
(3) Jesus Christ

your love will be safe with me

pairing: Clint Barton x reader 

summary: Clint and reader are best friends. But is that all they are?

word count: 1200ish

warnings: light, blink and you’ll miss it angst + f l u f f 

a/n: This is a little something for my love @buckysberrie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAR!!! I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR BIRTHDAY AND YOUR FICS!! 

Title from Re:Stacks by Bon Iver.

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“I didn’t even realize you were slowly moving in until I noticed your stuff’s kind of… everywhere.” Clint motioned around the bedroom, directing a pointed stare your way.

You quirked a brow. “Is that a problem?”

He shrugged. “Not really. What man doesn’t want to live with their hot best friend?”

You snorted. “Please. You love living with me.”

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i didn’t liveblog the new episode last thursday but i just listened to it fully and honestly what a mood that griffin gives a compelling monologue about eternity and life and suffering and emotion and then they immediately go into jokes about paul blast 3 and who let the dogs out

doesn’t that just sum up TAZ so well

Sometimes IRL I forget that things like “godtrash” and “the Sunchips place” aren’t terms that everyone around me is familiar with.  And I say them, and get strange looks, and I’m just left thinking WELL IF you would watch THE BEST YOUTUBE SERIES EVER you would UNDERSTAND me, now wouldn’t you.

(Seriously.  The other week my sister asked me what my afterlife would be like and I said I’m never dying.  But then as I was walking off I said “I’m going to the Sunchips place” and she stared at me like I was loopy.)


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What they want: all the Avengers, mutant adult female, “Bucky if you don’t give me that back right now I will tell everyone about Bucky Bear.”

It was relaxing day for the Avenger, Fury had given them all a few weeks off to relax and just bond.
Wanda and Vision sat on a small love seat chair happily chatting away with each other about new ideas for their date they been wanting to go on. Sam was arguing with Bucky beside Steve who was trying to figure out why he was always in the middle of arguments with them two. Bruce was being annoyed by Tony who wouldn’t stop bugging him about his ‘little promblem’ he’s been wanting to see if he could make the ‘big man’ come out by simply annoying him but Bruce simply ignored him drinking his tea and reading a science book on the galaxy. Pietro was just speeding around the room which annoyed Natsha to the point were the red headed assassin thought about shooting him in the leg. Thor wasn’t there because he was with Jane in Asgard. While’s Clint sat on the playing around with his drum sticks.
Bucky who had decided to leave the petty argument with Sam came over and sat down by the (h/c) haired member who had recently joined over 2 months ago.
Why she was there?
Well you see (y/n) had a gift or mutation is what most would call it she could shot blue power balls of energy out of her hands and electrocute you. Her powers were siminaler to Wanda’s yet different. Bucky decided to be a annoying little shit and changed ths channel on what the (e/c) eyed beauty was watching, her head snapped in his direction “Turn back” Bucky simply smirked and ignored her comment. “Turn back now Bucky in warning you.” She threatened, Bucky turned forward her and smirked “Or what.”
The (h/c) haired female took out her phone and unlocked it going toward her photo album and clicked on a certain picture of Bucky sleeping. She leaned over and whispered in the ex winter soldiers ear ““Bucky if you don’t give me that back right now I will tell everyone about Bucky Bear.”
Bucky never moved any faster in his life than at that very moment he turned back to her show throwing the remote back into her lap and walked off.

Clint: It’s New Jersey. There are La Quinta inns outside of state pens that are nicer.

Kate: Oh yeah, Mr. Brooklyn? This where you and Jay-Z tell me Brooklyn is the greatest place on earth?

Clint: Okay, one, I don’t know who that is, and two, shut up, Brooklyn is great, New Jersey is a punch line, and you are a kid and don’t know what you’re talking about.

Kate: How do you live in Brooklyn and not know who Jay-Z is?

Clint: I know who Jay-Z is; I was just prentending. For effect.

- Kate Bishop with Clint Barton (Hawkeye (2012) #7)


I love the way the guys use their natural instincts in this scene.

Cap makes a makeshift shield to protect himself, Tony grabs a screwdriver and uses his engineering brain to take them down, Clint uses his aim to throw Steve his shield to support him and Natasha grabs a gun she taped beforehand because she is prepared like a god damn professional.