no class today so decided to do some editing

hp theme blog aesthetics + make me choose edits

so earlier today i reached 500 followers!! I literally only made this blog a few months ago so i’m shocked that there are this many of you who follow me tbh!! anyways to celebrate i’ve decided to do some hp themed blog aesthetics + make me choose edits (because i want to practice my editing tbh)

what to do: 

  • must be following this ginny weasley trash (aka me)
  • reblog this post please!!
  • send me an ask making me choose between anything (an hp character, a ship, a class, etc.), or send me an ask with a  ❤ for an hp themed blog aesthetic! you can send me just a make me choose edit request, just a  ❤, or both!!
  • just an fyi, i’m currently doing homework so most of this will be done over the course of the next week (the edits especially) but i’ll try to answer a few of the asks tonight and then i’ll tag you in the edits if you request!! 
  • (p.s. blacklist ‘faith rates’ if you don’t want to see this!)

aesthetics format under the cut 

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